Nursery Necessities

When you think of a nursery what comes to mind?  Cribs!  But there’s so much more to furnishing a nursery and the next set of items are essential to completing the look.

Peurobaby has been a favorite baby shop of mine since Aspen was born.  They have the best baby brands that include everything from natural and educational toys to organic clothing to ergonomic furniture.  I trust them to only offer me the top options available in the baby industry so when I was spending a lot of time in bed toward the end of my pregnancy I had no problem purchasing the rest of my nursery furniture online with Peurobaby. And an added bonus is that they plant a tree with every order made!

The nursery rocker or glider is KEY!  I spend so much time in the rocking chair in Aspen’s room reading to her and before that I used to nurse her in that chair.  It’s important that I have ample arm rest space, a comfortable seat that’s not too deep (otherwise it’s impossible to get out of) and is the perfect height for me to sit and snooze or relax if I get so lucky!  I bought the Como glider in Beach to complement the room’s artwork.  I also bought the matching gliding ottoman, we don’t have a matching ottoman in Aspen’s room and Jimmy said it was a “must-have” this time around.

Another nice touch to the room is the ABC rug.  It is an off-white color that complements the room and also incorporates Aspen because she loves looking at each letter as I read them off to her.  And circles are so fun for toddlers!  Best thing about this rug?  It’s washable! Throw the whole thing in the laundry!  Told you Peurobaby picks the best items.

The ultimate final touch to the twins’ nursery is most definitely the slide!  We have a large nursery so I knew it would be perfect to add this modern wooden toddler slide in white.  My twins will share a bedroom so I wanted to add something that made Aspen feel welcome in their room as well and the slide was a perfect choice.  It helped Aspen get used to the nursery before the babies were born and now she loves “helping” me in their nursery by playing on the slide.  Plus how chic does it look in there?!

    1. Mary, and you are a specialist in what?? Obviously in negativity and crap taste! How can a wall be wrong?? Not enough floral wall paper and porcelain doll shelving? Have a great day Moaning Mary!! Please pet all your cats for me!!! says:

      Erin Kellie

      1. Babies do not have great vision until about 5 months and can not see color and depth the way we can until the. Plus, the babies are mostly in their rooms for sleeping and changing so does it really matter? Her house, Her babies, Her choices.

    2. To each his own…. get out of the 50’s maybe… the natural look is actually beautiful…. it’s quite rude to express such a negative mindset on HER choice for HER son’s Room!!!

  1. I love the nursery. Such style and warmth. Lucky babies. Great job Meghan.

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