Ten Year Challenge

The Ten Year Challenge

I feel like this whole 10-year challenge thing has turned into really good looking people who’ve aged extremely well posting a #humblebrag about how damn good they look.  But you know what, when I think about 10 years ago I’m not thinking about how I looked, I’m thinking about what I know now.


Ten years ago I was living in Jackson, MS with my dogs Layla (who passed away three days ago) and Mozart and making the move to St Louis, MO.  I was homesick for my family and my hometown and more than realized I didn’t fit in with the Jackson locals.  My ex and I pinched every penny we had to purchase our $225,000 home when I was 24 years old.  I furnished it with Craigslist finds, I remodeled the kitchen myself (tool belt and all see the pic below!) and bought and paid off my first car, a Nissan Murano that I paid $18,000 for.  I worked as the Visual Manager for the first massive Forever 21 to open in West County Mall in St Louis and hired a team of 7 merchandisers to work for me.  I loved treating myself to a glass of wine at a local wine bar every other weekend when I had some extra cash.  My world was small but my heart was big.


I wish I would’ve listened to myself more because I was smarter than I knew.  But I was green and naïve.  My world would not turn out to look like my parents’ beautiful life and I wish I would’ve known that’s ok, it can still be beautiful but it will be my OWN life.


My number one lesson in ten years has been getting to know myself.  Does that sound lame?  Cliché?  Perhaps even boring?  Well it’s not.  Knowing myself has allowed me to find peace with who I am: embracing my strengths and acknowledging my weaknesses.   Loving my brain, respecting my opinions, being proud of my knowledge, happily asking questions and embracing my curiosity.  As a woman I cannot stress enough the importance of these realizations – because they are TOOLS.


You are stronger than you think, smarter than you give yourself credit for, and when you realize this you will realize happiness.


Stop comparing and start complimenting.  Stop listening to the noise and create your own.  That is what I have learned in the last ten years.  And with every wrinkle I earn between now and 2029 (which might be zero because, you know, botox) I know I will have earned with intention and not because I was sitting around waiting for life to happen to me.


Cheers to the next ten!



  1. I wash my face twice a day, and this Cetaphil is as basic as it gets.  It’s not too harsh and has a mild scent. Here’s a two-pack for $15
  2. I wear sunscreen DAILY, no matter what, even if it’s raining.  I like this Aveeno one because it’s also a moisturizer and for $12 I swear it’s kept my skin young.
  3. I added this Patagonia pullover because I’ve literally had it for ten years and it’s STILL trendy and in-style!  So even for the high price tag of $182 I’d resoundingly say it’s well worth every penny!


Here’s some more pics of me between 8-12 years ago that’ll either make you sneer and jeer or cheer!



  1. You still look amazing!! Though you still have age on your side! 😜. I’ll be 41 this year but I have grown a lot, have been married for 15 years (together with my guy for 21 years!), become a mom and I feel like my Face is aging gracefully. Life is what you make of it! Here’s to the next 30 years!

  2. I love seeing all your post and reading you blog!! You are so down to earth and I love it! Motherhood looks great on you!!

  3. I love this message! It takes a long time to find your voice, especially as a young woman in today’s world. Becoming a mom this past year has definitely taught me that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for! Love your blog!

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