A Love Letter

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my strong women and to the partners who honor us.

Did you read that? I didn’t say to our partners, I said to the partners who HONOR us. And if they don’t then throw that compliment back to yourself.

I woke up this morning with a self-love intention. I went to hot yoga and as I was taking my kids to school my best friend called to wish me a happy Valentine’s Day. She’s my soulmate by the way, and she reminded me that I gave her the most meaningful Vday gift she’s ever received and it was when we were in high school.

This warmed my heart.

Before dropping of my kids I dabbed some blessed essential oils on them and gave them love… it’s about them partaking in a ceremony where they get undivided attention and love in a little school drop-off VDay ritual.

This warmed my heart.

Hart was gonna pee his pants after 2 drop-offs so we booked it into a Walgreens bathroom. On the way out my sweet boy picked out squish mallows for his siblings.

This warmed my heart.

My steadfast man sent me a beautiful, intimate text.

This warmed my heart.

My dad sent me a photo of the sunrise.

This warmed my heart.

I put on makeup, did my hair, slapped on matching pants to Aspen’s, and told myself I love myself.

Then I thought of all of you, all of you incredibly strong women who make up the force that drives me forward every day. You inspire me with your grit and determination, your body leaves me in awe of all you’ve accomplished, your gentle kindness and compassion inspires me to be a better person. Woman, you are a quiet warrior. You are one important piece of the collective strength of the most beautiful gender, and this is my love letter to you. Let that self-love explode outward as you change the world by loving one heart at a time.

Woman, you warm my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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