An Update On Hart’s Progress

Hart is doing wonderfully.  He is hardly considered “delayed” in any of his milestones and is functioning right alongside other kids his age.  He runs around on the playground, he’s started identifying colors, he speaks in full sentences (sometimes), and finishes the ends of our nightly prayers.  He even started preschool this year!   A…

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A Staycation with 3 Preschoolers

The “mold situation” in my almost 100 year old home was becoming more and more concerning when the leak in the wine cellar turned out to be caused by the original cast-iron pipe (I googled this and found that these were mainly used in homes built between 1850-1900) – it had gone ‘kaput’ and the…

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How I Got My Bed Back

Aspen was just transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed at almost 3 years old when that snuggly little baby wanted to sleep in bed with me. She was so cute, my bed was big and lonely, and they don’t stay babies forever so I welcomed her in my bed. Then Covid hit and…

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Balancing Life: Thoughts From A Modern Woman

Balance? The never-failing question that comes up every time women get together.  Historically, women were the ones who did the laundry, raised the kids, cooked the meals, and kept the home spic-n-span while wearing a perfectly pressed dress with fresh lipstick and an enviable coiffure. But today’s woman also works, sits on boards, has a…

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My Life Lately…

As I sit here writing with my hot coffee, Girly Girl laying on the couch, the sound of silence pervades the home as I gaze at the endless span of mountains bursting through the three walls of floor to ceiling windows surrounding me. My current state of Utahn mountainous affairs is quite a stark contrast…

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