I’m Going on a Vacation

I’m embarking on the longest trip I’ve ever taken without my children since they’ve been born.  Thirteen days!  Do you know how long that is?!  It’s practically two weeks!  So we’re just gonna call it two weeks… why?  Because every judgemental Karen likes that best. Yeah, yeah, I already have a salty tone, and maybe…

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Dear Diary: A Note on Loving Myself

What does loving yourself really mean?  Does it mean you don’t have an addiction?  Does it mean you try to eat healthy or go through a few work-out kicks per year?  Does it mean you love your hair color as it is and never dare dye it? I don’t know. As we approach the year anniversary of our…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I wanted to put together some gifts ideas for you! Whether you’re shopping for a significant other, friends or family, below are some ideas that I think anyone would love! Valentine’s Day Masks If you’re going out for the evening, might as well have festive masks!  …

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Your 2021 New Years Resolution

I wanted to come here to write a blog about my expectations for the new year but that feels so passé, so empty, so “last year.”  Goals for the year don’t work anymore because now we know those goals can be stolen from us just. like. that.   I think of that funny tiktok (thank god…

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One Door Closes

They say all good things must end but I don’t believe that. After a terrible split from my ex-husband I learned how to heal.  I then met and dated a wonderful man: Christian. We laughed, went on adventures, made a long-distance relationship a thing of beauty, grew together, and then… well, we grew apart. I…

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