Hand Foot and Mouth Disease VS Disneyland

Aspen asked me what those dots on her hands were.

Of course, it was about 7am and I was running around trying to make breakfast, change a diaper (c’mon Hart, you can do it!), check my email, drink my coffee – you know, the regular morning rush when the kids all of a sudden want you to do everything for them at once.  So when I quickly checked Aspen’s hand and saw this “little dot” she was complaining about I saw a little white mark on her pinky finger and told her it was an old scar.  She’s a bit of a drama queen so it didn’t come as a surprise that she would complain about a non-issue.

As the day progressed Aspen kept mentioning these “dots.”  She was saying they were itchy and hurt, but it’s summer and the kids have mosquito bites so I slapped some hydrocortisone on a couple “dots” on her leg (I think they were actually mosquito bites).

Then onto the zoo.

We enter the cesspool of people and germs and saunter into the free summer concert area.  Damn, my kids are being whiney as hell.  Did I mention we are supposed to go to Disneyland in 3 days?  We had to leave the zoo after an hour due to poor behavior and as we are walking out I’m thinking “How am I going to do Disneyland two days in a row with three whiney kids who refuse to use a stroller or wagon and also insist on being carried?”  Simultaneously I’m miraculously managing to google this weird “dot rash” that I can’t stop thinking about and I come across a page when it hits me: These kids have Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

“The zoo wasn’t the cesspool, my family is the cesspool.” I cringe a bit with embarrassment and remorse as we exit as far apart from strangers as possible.

The next morning my kids are jumping off the wall at the pediatrician (Single mom: 0.  Three Musketeers: 1.) and she confirms what I already knew: the gross virus called Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (which should also have “Private Parts” in the name… let me tell you) has invaded my home and infected all three of my children.

Disneyland is cancelled.

And I’m trapped with these poor babies.  Quarantine PTSD is coming back in full force.

Thank goodness my kids weren’t severely affected.  They didn’t have fevers, and other than being a little whiney they felt fine, ate fine, and acted normal.  Hart and Aspen had sores in their mouths, Aspen had red “dots” all over her hands, Hart’s left foot and between his toes completely blistered but his right foot was fine, and Hayes had about 5 “dots” in total.

Their contagious stage lasted maybe 3 days (I think?) and we cancelled Disney and I got to write this blog (yay). 
Hart’s foot finally healing 

Aspen’s mouth lesions finally healing 

  1. ugh it’s awful and my son healed quickly but ended up losing all of his fingernails and toenails over the next few months as a result, so heads up. It didn’t hurt and everything grew back but it was terrifying watching a toenail just fall off.

  2. You handle it all so well and are such a great mom.
    Hoping recovery is moving forward.
    Disney will be waiting for you

  3. Yuck. I’ve heard of it, but my kids and grandkids never got it. A couple of them got Molluscum, one keeps getting it off and on, but that’s not as bad as what you endured. The kids will like Disney better when they are a bit older anyway. The dreaded 48 inch height rule keeps them from some stuff, which makes them cranky! I would save the money until they’re all that tall. Good luck!

  4. Good luck! It has to suck! Where did this crap crime from, never was around when I was a kid, only good ole chicken poc!

  5. You are such a warrior Mom. Mine are adults now, do you know where they caught it. You always get the not so fun times and he gets normal visits. Not fair, you need a big break. Keep head up, your awesome.

  6. I’m sorry that your children are all sick,
    I also have 3 children all boys grown
    But our are 10 years apart ,
    I miss having a young one
    I hope all of them get better soon
    Moms ,

  7. Aww, this stinks! I had it as an adult and I was miserable. I hope you stay healthy! Also, are you able to reschedule Disney and keep reservations etc?

  8. When my Granddaughter was 4 we took her to the Strawberry Festival in Florida, they had a Bouncy House and a Petting Zoo, it was a Hot muggy day and it had rained, long story short she got Hand, mouth, foot disease. Kids running into Bouncy House with no shoes on and sweating made a lot of children sick that day. We thought she was coming down with a Virus, when we took her to the Dr he knew right away what she had.. You got this Meghan sorry for all your Children getting it and missing Disney World. Take care😍

  9. Meghan,

    Please reconsider sharing this type of information about your precious children.

    They, too, deserve privacy – just as you do – and putting such things out there feels exploitive. I’m certain that’s not your intent. I also appreciate that you need content for your blog, as that (in part) helps support your family.

    You have many supporters, including here in St. Louis. I encourage you to continue sharing your family’s adventures, just at a higher level around your kids. Just a little “food for thought” from a fellow mother.

    Take care.

  10. My daughter had it about 6 weeks ago. Super mild, mostly the throat pain and lesions. A few dots on her palms too. I was relieved it was mild. But then this week her nails began to peel, about 4 fingernails total. And 1 toenail. So weird but I guess it’s a common symptom after HFM. I’m glad yours are on the mend ❤️‍🩹

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