A Mom’s Metamorphosis

Aging is a word only old people use, people like my mom. Why is it that when we are young we never think we are going to be the same age as our parents? We logically understand that this will happen someday but since we never pass them in age it’s hard to grasp that *gasp* one day we arrive to the day of AGING. plastic surgery

Ten years ago (Woah, remember when people used to say that?! People say that who have wisdom, experience, not people like me who are young n stuff. I digress.) I got implants. I had just gotten divorced from my first husband and sold my engagement ring for $5,000 (or something like that) and since that made my bank account rise to about $7,500 I decided I could more than afford a fresh new chest for $5k-ish.

I was 27, single af, and feeling hot with my new girls.

Enter history repeating itself.

Now I’m 37, single af, and with another used engagement ring on my hands.

My breast doctor (breast cancer is in my family and I’m vigilant) said my implants look great and I’d never have to change them out… but let me tell you a little boob size story: my natural breasts at age 26 were about a B so I got 320 cc’s of implants and went to a DD. (When I was nursing the twins I wore a G!). After getting my body back after babies I noticed I didn’t get my boobies back. WITH implants I’m back to my original B size in some stretched out skin, so time to upgrade.

When I was 27 people told me not to do it until after I had babies but I did it anyway and didn’t regret it for one second. Now people just nod and accept the fact I’m getting an implant exchange because it’s something it seems like many of my peers are also doing.

But that’s not all, folks. Because if one is under anesthesia and one has an excellent doctor then why would one not piggyback another procedure? Dr Niccole at Cosmeticare is known in the field for both procedures I’m getting so I am in the best hands so I opted for a very minor tweak to the tip of my nose.

I’m exactly five weeks post op and have gotten the go-ahead to begin working out and resuming all normal activities again. I am thrilled with my results and would do it all over again. Happy 38, MK, you deserve it.

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If you’re planning to go through a similar surgery, here are some of my tried and true favorites that helped me recover quicker and easier:

This 3-pack of sports bras are the perfect post-op bras! They zip in the front so they are easy to put on/take off and are extremely comfortable. I sized up to a large – they run a little small so definitely size up!

If you have not used this Boiron Arnica Medicine, you absolutely need to! It is a homeopathic medicine used for muscle pain and stiffness. This pack of 3 is only $13 and I promise it will save your life post-op.

I don’t know about you, but after coming up from anesthesia my digestive system doesn’t seem to work the same … if you know what I’m saying. I have been using this Natural Digestive Cleanser for awhile now, and it always does the most. Over 11k great reviews on Amazon!

Wearing an eye mask is one of my favorite ways to relax, and you will be doing a lot of that post-op so it is important to have one that actually makes a difference. I recently found this one by Drowsy and when I tell you I have never been more relaxed in my life, I am not lying!

Another one of my favorite ways to stay comfy and cozy during recovery is to stock up on all the robes and slippers! This robe is only $22 and it has over 30 THOUSAND great reviews. It also comes in several colors so why not grab a few?

I recently found these slippers, and they are great for post-op because they can be worn inside or outside and are memory foam! They come in several colors and have a ton of great reviews.

Staying hydrated is SO important but can be hard to achieve. I love adding Liquid IV to my water for added hydration and all of their flavors taste incredible which makes it easier to chug. that. water.

Thanks for reading about my plastic surgery journey! For more self-care and health tips, check out my lifestyle blog archives.

  1. Thanks for sharing – I like my B cups but I have a small frame and they suit me. Big boobs would probably embarrass me wearing certain things – with small boobs I feel like I can get away with wearing less 😂
    How did the implants shrink after nursing? I’ve been tempted my whole life to tweak my nose but afraid I’ll have a Jennifer Grey type outcome and I wouldn’t look like myself.

  2. I love these tips! I had my nose done last year and could have used the tip about the digestive system being irregular for a while. I love how transparent you are with your audience, which is so important when you have a platform. Congrats, you look great!

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