“Eat a burger.”

That’s what they say to me: “Eat a burger!” And that’s when they’re being nice.

“Honey, I’m so concerned for you. You’re too skinny. You really need to take care of yourself.”

“Not trying to overstep but are you okay? You’re so thin and it’s not cute.”

Let me break it down:

NO! I am not ok.

Within the last 5 months I have found out my son has a lifelong brain injury, my husband had a sexting relationship with another woman, my husband also betrayed me with his inappropriate relationship with a nanny, my husband filed for divorce via the tabloids, the police questioned my fitness as a mother, I took a new job as a podcaster, and I moved into a new home in California so I can devote family time to all of my kids during Hart’s therapy. Let me reiterate: all of this has happened within the last 150 days.


Despite all of this I am doing okay. No wait, I’m actually doing well. I’m living for my kids while trying to balance pushing for a career that I actually NEED for the first time since I got married.

Some days I want to scream (and I usually do), I get a lot of nerve-related pain that I am constantly trying to cure by releasing my emotional trauma (if you haven’t watched “Heal” then you need to, this is basically how I’ve started healing myself since my double cervical spinal herniations were diagnosed via MRI last April after reading a book by Jon Sarno), and my patience is tested by my kids who are adjusting to our new normal at their own pace and presenting as being extremely needy and whiney.

But y’all, I’M SKINNY.

I’ve always been thin.

For the record, I am naturally thin and I’ve always had a healthy relationship with food.

But right now, I am too skinny. I don’t like it. I won’t weigh myself because I’m scared to see what the scale says. When my clothes don’t fit I pretend like they do anyway.  But I’m not hungry. I know I should eat but I’m surviving on adrenaline but decaying on stress (did I mention what has happened in the last 150 days? And let’s just really lay it on by being in the thick of the holidays). When I have a free minute I am either trying to work, responding to something that every person in the world deals with (like dusting windowsills or cleaning dishes or calling my mom back or going to Target), or thinking about how I need to eat but I’m not hungry. I’m not hungry.

This is the first time in my life I’ve counted calories and it’s in the opposite way most Americans do so.

I eat breakfast every day. That’s easy. Lunch is hard because it’s an annoyance: a stop in the middle of the day when I’m on a roll. So when I eat lunch I really go for it – all the carbs and all the protein. I don’t snack – never have. Dinner can go either way. The kids are asleep so I have time to eat and I do but usually I’m not very hungry.

But I digress. I agree, I’m too thin. Acknowledgement is powerful and allows me to psychologically take back control. However, you hurt me when you mention it. I’m working on it. Please, sit back and watch me thrive despite my setbacks. The best is yet to come. (Including love handles…those are coming soon. Okay I take that back…maybe not love handles – let’s not get crazy – but some meat on the old bones…)

  1. Awww I love you Meghan especially for being the truthful you! I very much can relate to all the stress as a single mother. Your motivation definitely pushes me. You’re doing a kick ass job! I admire your strength

  2. Your are remarkable… really Meghan ..! Do you realize how many people you help by sharing and speaking your truth.

  3. I have to say I wasn’t thinking oh God she’s so skinny —- I’m a working mom , etc and when I do see your posts, I think … “ wow ! She so proactive and researched on her own what to do for her baby. “. Usually we just take what the doctors say and run with it. I think you’re amazing. Rock on and be well.

  4. You do you girl at your pace. Nobody is walking in your shoes but you. Take care of you and them babies. Ignore the dumb stuff.

  5. You may not think it and you may not feel it, but you’re doing great and you are a true warrior to still be standing after those 150 days!! One step at a time … you’ve got this!!!!

  6. You are beautiful inside and out. You are a powerful strong woman. And you are an AMAZING mother. This too shall pass and it will only be a chapter in your amazing book of life. Hugs to you.

  7. Meghan, I am built like you. During my divorce, I lost thirty pounds. 25% of my body weight. Then I came out of the storm stronger, happier and kinder. Just like you can and will.
    Then you just get hungry again. For living, not just managing and for food, for love (besides your love for your kids), for adventure.
    You’re stronger than you ever thought possible.

  8. I think you are amazing. I didn’t even watch your season but I wish I had because you are my favorite housewife. I follow you on insta and I am in awe of all that you do. Just know that you are in my prayers.

  9. Hang in there! You’re doing great!

    I’ve gone the opposite way you have-gained a tremendous amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time and it’s embarrassing and stings when someone says something about it. Trust me, I know. You don’t have to remind me, people. But I will get it back under control eventually.

    We are doing the best we can at the moment and that is what is important. Wishing you and your kids health and happiness and a very merry Christmas.

  10. Girl you do you. Make them babies your priority then your well being will fall into place. I stayed in a. Physical and emotionally abusive relationship about 10 years longer than I should have because of my 2 boys. It was my first marriage and his 5th. Should have seen it coming. 14 year age difference. I finally got the courage to leave while he was playing house through the week with the new girlfriend and coming home on the weekend to be a dick around us divorce was scary but once I got my groove back. I showed my kids life again. Laughter being silly, not walking on eggshells. They now have good memories of being raised by mom and they know the sacrifices that I made for them. When my oldest son got married in 2013. The song he chose for us to dance to was Celine Dion I’m everything I am because u loved me. Cried the whole dance. My youngest son got married in 2017. The song that he chose for our dance was Boys to Men. momma. Cried the whole dance. You got those Megan. As long as u have family and friends and fans you have strength and you got this I’m praying for you 🙏❤️ Taylor from Florida

  11. Megan I LOVE how real you are! I truly admire you and your strength … you are an AMAZING MOM!!!
    You won’t remember but I met you at a function before you had kids and you shared with me at the time that you were going to start the IVF process ( I also went through it) I’m the girl the terry dubrow fixed on Botched ( breast cancer survivor) I am a teacher here in S ca too ….. so as I watch you fight and do everything for your children it makes me love and admire you even more💕

  12. Don’t most people typically lose weight during a break up or divorce?!? You just didn’t have any “weight” to lose so you quickly became “too thin”. I think you are doing a hell of a job and being such a good role model for you kids.. everything will fall into place as it should and soon the thought of a burger and french fries will sound heavenly!!! Hang in there mama!

  13. Thank you for the realness of your blog. Everyone deals with things in different ways. I’m heartbroken that you have been put in this position. No one deserves what has happened. You are doing an amazing job putting your children first!

  14. I feel for you and all you are handling right now. I have been a single mom, terrible divorce and custody battles! Nothing more heartbreaking than fighting for your children.

    I don’t pretend to know your personal relationships. I have followed and watched you on OC for a long time. LOVE your personality and stories! but…reading between the lines, following others, I feel some resentment towards them!

    Praying you heal and move forward in whatever way is perfect for you…

  15. Well said. Love that you are standing up for yourself – even though you shouldn’t need to. You are one strong woman/mom/sister/daughter/friend, and I’ve always admired that about you. You stay true to yourself. I’m excited for your next chapter to unfold – including your podcast!

  16. You got this!! Love your honesty!!! Sending love, hugs and prayers to you all as you figure out your new normal!

  17. I lost 60 pounds during my divorce. I was and have always been on the bigger side, so some weight loss was not a horrible thing, but I lost weight because I was unhealthy. I lived on Dr Pepper and cigarettes. I forced myself to eat. I fed my kids and retreated into the garage or outside to smoke. I was so depressed, I was not caring for myself, let alone my children. It was one of the worst times of my life. My children’s father, in that time, was off doing his thing with his soon to be new wife and then ex. I suffered through until January 19, 2002, when I finally saw light again. I hope that you will see that light again soon. You will come out of this, stronger, smarter and lighter in the heart and maybe heavier in the hips. Good luck!

  18. First of all, you are doing an amazing job keeping it together and mothering 3 very different children. I am totally rooting for you! You will get through this tough time and better days are coming! I wanted you to know you are not alone. I have been skinny shamed most of my life for being naturally thin. After having children, luckily I held onto some lbs and I look healthy for my frame now. But I too was so sick of hearing eat a burger! When I am feeling stress and anxiety, they definitely drive me to have little appetite. It is not something I can control. I wish I was a stress eater lol! Love following you and wish you peace, comfort and joy always!

  19. Happy to hear your working on it. Stay strong for you, your children, and your circle of family and friends. #strongwoman

  20. I’m a stress non-eater too. Also naturally thin with not a lot of extra weight to lose. During my divorce I drank Ensures with meals or between meals to help up my calories. Ensure Plus is good. I felt weird since I was in the 20s drinking Ensure, but it helped. Good luck on your journey. You look like you have a really great support system.

  21. I commend you!!!
    It’s crazy how many bullies there are in this world!!
    Because of social media, people just can’t keep things to themselves.
    Doesn’t anyone remember “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”??
    Keep up the great front Mama!! It’s working.
    And cry all you want! You’re allowed!

  22. You are a brave and beautiful soul Meghan King (I’ll refrain from adding Edmonds because he doesn’t deserve that respect!). Keep fighting girl, you’ll come out of all of this one day and realize it made you stronger for all the right reasons.

    Eat a burger? Nah, but don’t forget that those babies need your strength so just eat something!!

    I’ve loved you from your OC housewives days and that tenacity you had back then is just waiting on the surface to be released!

    One day, one step, one breath … at a time!


  23. You’re doing awesome. Keep swimming. In the meantime remember to breathe and smile. Remember to smile even when it’s hard.
    Everything is going to be OK.
    Better than you can even imagine.
    God is on your side

  24. Aww, I lost weight a few years ago…in my case I was dealing with a disease that was wreaking havoc on my body and immune system, made me feel horrible and almost killed me. People ( who didn’t know the details, I’m a pretty private person) would tell me that my weight loss made my face look older….(I was under 30 at the time). It just adds insult to injury when you’re already at what you thought was your low point. Since you’re in California maybe you should try medical marijuana to help stimulate your appetite?

  25. You are standing STRONG, that’s what matters. If you were thinner and not thriving that would be a concern. It’s a season, it won’t last forever, but the strides will be there and in place. What is normal? A cycle on a washing machine my friend!!👌

  26. You’re doing great. Hang in and do this like you said, with grace. I was in a similar situation about 25 years ago, got left for a much younger woman with 3 kids, 12, 10 and 7, a house and full-time job. Fast-forward to today, my kids are all college grads, married and I have 2 grandkids. You can do this!!!

  27. Dealt with the same story – you are you forever and mean a lot to 3 littles —I don’t think he was inappropriate with nanny, ur just angry at betrayal and no new home – move on and focus on what’s important – think how Alison felt in 2014-

    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about! Pretty sure you think you know someone from just watching them on tv. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing! You have some nerve.

  28. Hey Mama, I’m a stress-non eater too, so I’ve been there. It gets better over time. You will survive you will thrive but it will take some time. Of course you already know all this but just knowing you have support and people rooting for you and your babies is helpful, you need time to grieve your unfortunate relationship situation and I hope people respect that. Most of all I wish you strength and positive vibes to get through it all and take care of your babes how you always intended as best as possible, us mamas have to stick together! ❤️

  29. Considering everything every thing you have been pushed up against, you’re doing great. No really. And the other side of this is going to be amazing. Just keep pushing forward every day. XO

  30. You are amazing for all that you are doing and how you are dealing with everything! Keep your head up and love on those babies! 2020 will be a better year!

  31. You are absolutely doing the best you can and honestly yes easier said than done but f❄️💜$ everybody they are not taking care of you and or your babies or financial needs and it’s not their/our/my business regardless of you being in the public eye gives no one ANY RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO SHAME YOU💜❄️🥰KEEP DOING YOU THE BEST YOU CAN 💜💜💜

  32. I noticed, but I would never say such a hurtful thing. I have seen what you’ve been going through. I’ve been through the heartbreak where you just can’t eat. Being naturally thin, you can’t afford it. But I get it. I think it”’s amazing what a go-get’r you are & you’re always smiling! your kids are lucky to have you. God bless 🙏

  33. I haven’t even noticed the weight loss. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You always look great. What I have noticed is your hustle lately. You wear me out. Lol

    Ignore the haters. They simply don’t matter.

  34. I can relate. When I was younger and had any sort of stress in my life I simply didn’t feel hungry. Also, if I was just plain busy I wouldn’t get hungry. I could easily lose 5-10 pounds and would be wearing 0s that would even fit baggy. I was also never a snacker but loved food despite being accused of being anorexic. Which I was not. I would always eat everyone under the table and people would wonder where I put it. It’s called great metabolism and even better genes. Well, that all changed after I turned 50 and now I look at food and gain weight. I now love to snack and still love food but the pounds are pulling on. I’m now a good 27 pounds heavier then I was 16 years ago when my husband passed away from ALS. Do I still consider myself thin? Not skinny but not fat. I no longer have my tight, flat amazing stomach that I did nothing to keep. I think my stomach is ugly but I still look pretty decent in clothes. I now wear 28s. I will never be a 0 nor do I want to be. I find it so sad that people have no problem telling skinny people you are too skinny or that you must be anorexic. As if those comments aren’t hurtful. Like they would be hurtful if you told an obese person how fat they were. Such a double standard. Like when I was super skinny one knows when we are too skinny when especially your 0s are hanging off of you. Stress can be very damaging to ones mental state. I am so sorry you’ve had to endure all the stress that contributed to your extreme weight loss. Things will get better (they ALWAYS do) and the weight will come back on. You know you have no choice because you want to be both emotionally and physically healthy for those beautiful children of yours. God Bless you and your family and I hope this Holiday Season brings you nothing buy happiness. Merry Christmas!! ❤🙏

  35. My heart hurts for you— us women…we need to stick together, and support one another. You are so strong! I can’t imagine how you are feeling but I hear you. You are human just like the rest of us and people need to understand that you also need time to heal and move forward. All the best to you and keep on with that pretty smile. Happy holidays!

  36. What you have gone through I don’t know if I could be handling the way you have! I hate that people say things like that it’s like asking a fat women how far along she is :(. Just know that there are some people out here pulling for you and your beautiful children ❤️

  37. Hi Meghan,
    Thank you for your honesty and openness. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a stressful time in your life. But remember you’re a terrific and loving mom, and you’re a good person! Stress will definitely affect your appetite, weight and mental health. It sucks when people share their negative remarks. You will get through this because you’re a strong woman. Sending you love! 💕💕

  38. Totally get it! I don’t personally because the good lord didn’t give me the “too skinny” gene. But he did give it to my husband. He also eats breakfast, but rarely lunch, and eats dinner. He eats McDonals, Burger King, pizza and pasta all the time and still was losing weight. Health good, just fast metabolism and rarely hungry. Any rate – we put him in BOOST PLUS – 360 cal per 8oz drink. He has them min 2x a day. Instead of a coke or coffee he has a BOOST PLUS. This gives him 700-1200 extra calories a day. It has def. helped. Easy, nutritional and tasty.
    Maybe it will for you.

  39. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL MEGHAN ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! you WILL be able to do all the things you need to do for yourself and your beautiful babies . Now is the time to be you and empower yourself! Never give up, we understand how you feel, we’re ALL supporting you doll xx

  40. I think your beautiful regardless I can only imagine what your going through. I did have twin boys and I was a single 23 year old mommy it was hard to say the least. I dove myself so overwhelmed I would literally sit on my garage floor and cry. My boys are going to be 25 on the 27 th of this month I miss them being small driving me crazy lol. I pray you get peace and continue to love yourself

  41. Been there…..very long ago, not on purpose either. People wondered if I was anorexic. No way. I was sad. Just went through a big break up, death of family members. I was already pretty small and that extra 10 or 15 lbs showed up big time. I remember back then, and this is 30+ years ago thinking ” You would never go right up to a larger person and ask why they looked that way, why is it ok to say to a small person?”
    You will be fine!
    P.S. No longer tiny……dang it.

  42. Meghan, I admire you in so many ways, I can’t imagine what you must be going through but I support you 110%.
    You are a strong woman, an amazing mom. Stay strong, you will get through this.
    Love you girl.

  43. Your transparency, your truthfulness despite, in spite, allows others to consider that path. It’s builds. It leads. The only thing we have is the truth. I made it thru 28 years of abuse by clinging to the truth like a life raft. It saved me. My sanity. My kids. You make me proud. Keep going.

  44. Oh my gosh Megan I just want to take you under my wing and protect you. A word of advice regarding eating. Do it even when you aren’t hungry because it is nourishing your brain! It helps you make the right decisions – for you and your family. So do it for your brain!! I had to learn a lot about this to help my own daughter a few years ago so I am saying this after years of my own researching literature . Forget those who think they have a right to comment on your body. You will figure this out. You are a strong and powerful woman! I wish the very best for you and your kids!!

  45. Girl, those of us who have been thru it understand. We are all proud of you. Keep being the amazing mother that you are.

  46. You are beautiful and doing the best you can. I don’t understand why people feel it’s ok to mention a person’s weight either way. I recently went through some hard times with my daughter. I have anxiety anyway but this made it worse. I couldn’t eat. I was never hungry. I wanted to eat so badly but I couldn’t. There were times I could chew the food but my body wouldn’t let me swallow it. It only increased my anxiety. I began to count calories too. I would be so excited if I could get 1,000 calories in me in a day. It was rarely possible. I finally decided to go to the doctor to get my anxiety under control. I never weighed myself either. I didn’t want to know. It would only increase the anxiety. When the doctor weighed me I cried. I was 113 pounds. My average is anywhere from 145-155. The medication has helped me and I’ve began to put on some weight which makes me feel better too. It gets better. You just continue to do the best you can.

  47. Meghan,
    My best friend has the exact same body type as you. When she’s stressed or under a great deal of pressure she is hurt not hungry. She’s 5’11” and the weight just falls off her if she skips a meal. Anyway, I have learned from her pain that people accusing her of being too skinny creates the same pain as calling out extra weight on someone.

    As for income…go back on RHOC! I loved you on it! That is good (and easy) $$$. Also, I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s brain injury. All we want is for our children to be healthy & happy.

    You are beautiful! Remember that the things you are going thru right now are only temporary. Hang in there. 😘

  48. So, I’ve got to be honest…I’m not an avid tv fan but do enjoy the housewives in my downtime (the drama is so entertaining!) Anyways, at some point I started following you, dont remember the reason as I dont follow many housewives. However, these last 150 days, I’ve only read about your personal struggles from the things you post. I dont care to know what media outlets say because Meghan, you are truly inspiring by how you are handling your self through every ordeal. The way you so blatantly say what you mean and mean what you say is PERFECT! I became a fan of you these last 150 days because you are raw, honest and growing from all the pain, being the best mother possible, and navigating your way into this new chapter in life. Kudos to you!

  49. I have GAINED 30 lbs during my divorce…I overeat when stressed. Now I have people saying I shouldn’t have “let myself go“ and now basically feel like a big ugly out of control failure. I keep saying how jealous I am of those who get skinny during divorce, but I think I’m now realizing that either extreme isn’t good and that everyone else’s “divorce diet” is just as hard for them as my divorce out of control wt gain has been. I wish we could all just treat each other kindly (as well as ourselves) and have more compassion for each other and our struggles.

  50. I lost 65 pounds in 4 months due to stress after a horrible delivery of my 3rd child. My husband was cheating on me and emotionally abandoned me. I was in HELL !!! I was soooo stressed. I pray for you because I know exactly how you feel and people just don’t get or don’t care!!!!! My son has autism so I feel youuuuu Megan. Screw ppl keep being an amazing mommy and pay ppl no mind. Love and light always.

  51. I think you look like a mom who loves her kids. I think you’re someone who knows her own body and is dealing with life and everything that’s been thrown your way. Hang in there, ignore the haters and know that there are better days ahead! Hugs from Michigan.

  52. Bless your sweet tender heart. This is a huge thing you’re going through. I hope you have counseling and help. As someone who has been through it, recovery from it is so hard. Prayers for tour family.

  53. When my sister my only sister was dying in the ICU January 2018 they said she would not make it thru the night, her husband put his coat on as I made due with what I had ahead of me sent for a bag my husband brought back with meds and all I thought I would need, her HUSBAND had the nerve to say to me why are you stating overnight yo which I replied “ did you not hear the drs? They said she will not make it they the night!!! She made it 21 more nights I was on 34 hours no sleep not one bit hungry the thinnest ever I get it! I lost her 1-23-18 @. 5:43 am my only sister shortly after losin our brother tragically less than four years before! I am now just starting to put on weight the drs wanted to admit me, adrenal is extremely powerful, as long as you have the energy and drive you go and you will eat those cheeseburgers! I am coping as I’m alone just my father and I , devote every ounce of energy to your babies in the blink of an eye they will be off to college! I never liked you on ThecHousewives and now admire your bitchy strive to survive and do with such strength! To those who tell you eat a cheeseburger tell them walk in my shoes the past 150 days and let’s see wheat have to say them! Gods Speed! Many women need you to keep it going and give us hope

  54. Hater will talk, just shake it off….you will come out if this stronger, you are doing great keep up the positiveness, the light at the end of the tunnel is just around the corner, keep it up hunny you are almost there!!!

  55. You are strong..you got this..you have too…..I’m proud of you…you had 3 beautiful, heealthy and smart kids…so you will succeed…i have faith on You…..so you got this…

  56. very sorry for all the emotional weight you are carrying. I see a great mom that is most likely dancing near the edge of the cliff every moment of every day. I feel bad that people have hurt your feelings. ❤️

  57. I think you’re doing amazing for what you’re going through. It takes time to heal and people need to realize that.

  58. Im sorry You are going through so much … I got divorced 10 yrs ago without child support or spousal support either… alone with two kids ages 8 and 10… having a big house and private school to an apartment and public school… it was hard and I had 3 jobs to cover everything by myself … so if it helps some of us had had it ever harder … now my daughter goes to college and works my son it’s a US marine and goes to college and works too… I have an awesome boyfriend and live is giving me a little of a break … so hold your kids tide and trust me few months from now you would say to yourself “ how in the hell I did it” … love girl you will make it through

  59. Oh Meghan,

    I feel for you and your trials and tribulations you are being put through. I wish that people know that eating a burger will not fix things. Time and love will. I pray that your world grows into more days of love and selflove and healing for you and your family. Wishing you all the best and if I could hug you I would give you the biggest hug. Hang in there mama you got this and will fight your way through.

  60. You are an inspiration to all women. Everything you are dealing with would put most women over the edge. You are raising amazing adorable children and doing what is best for them. Anyone that has a negative comment about what goes on in your world is weak and would never show as much grace as you do if they had to deal with half of what you do. You are making your family proud and most of all your children. When they are older they will be kids telling their friends how amazing their mom is.

  61. I’ve been through the same thing and know the feeling. It took years for me to love myself because I was scorned for so many years. I pretended to my friends, family and daughter that I was okay. I became depress and started forgetting about myself and weight in 90lbs. I had a cousin that would tell my to order 3 meals at McDonald and I would laugh but inside be dying.

    Megan I have been following you since The Housewife and you were my lease favorite due to the way your husband would treat you. Once you had Aspen and the boys it looked from instagram that Jimmy changed and was a family member man. Until you caught him sexting and being inappropriate with the nanny. (I believe you)

    Trust in God and yourself. This was all put in your path for a reason. You are now my favorite housewife because of how decidication to your children, especially Hart.

    Now I’m married to an amazing man who loves me for me and have two little boys. This thou shall pass. I’m praying for you…

  62. Thanks for sharing! I was diagnosed with PTSD at 14 and have struggled with stress noneating ever since. Please update in the future on how you decide to handle it as it seems to be a lifelong journey for me and love to see how others navigate through it.

  63. Hey there. For what its worth. You are a strong and beautiful women. People are always going to have there critical comments and the enemy always tries to kick us when we are already down. However your better then the comments. Your a great Mom who will go to all extremes for her children and you have an amazing destiny. Hold on to the good comments and the positivity over you and your children for the rest do your best to ignore. I have had a tug at my heart for awhile to let you know your story is very encouraging and by sharing even your hardest moments you have touched and inspired many. Sending Prayers, encouragement and the strength keep persevering.
    From one Mom to another.

  64. Why bother responding to the haters?
    Your an incredible mom, with the most adorable babies!!!
    Look at Hart now!!! He’s doing amazing because, you do whatever it takes for him.
    You look great and keep being you!
    Love from the Lou❤️

  65. You’re doing better than most of us could under the circumstances. I see you as a strong woman, one I admire deeply. Hang on … in a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year things will be okay. Just hang on. Sending you and your sweet children love and light.

  66. In one sentence you say “NO! I am not ok.” and the next you say “Despite all of this I am doing okay. No wait, I’m actually doing well.” Which one is it? I don’t want to say I hope you’re okay if you already are. Wishing you the best during this difficult time in your life. There is love and light on the horizon for you and your beautiful children.

  67. I am also naturally thin, and also under stress don’t feel like eating but have to force myself. It’s hard for most people to understand because people usually eat when stressed. Yes people will always make comments on how skinny you are. Just ignore and do what you have to.

  68. I get it. When i was going through hell i also lost a lot of weight. Just keep reminding yourself the pain wont last forever. You seem like such a wonderful mother. Those kids are so lucky to have you. I wish you the best ❤

  69. Meg::
    I actually think you’re doing fabulous !
    The kids are only this age once & will remember that their mom is and always will be there for them.
    That’s all that matters in real life.
    The rest, doesn’t.
    Stay Well & Rely on Those Who Haven’t Betrayed 🙏

  70. Thank you for addressing this and being so real!
    I went through 5 insanely stressful things earlier this year. All detonatedwithin 3 weeks and left me in a complete state of panic. Eating was the last thing on my mind. My stomach shriveled up in a knot and I lost 8kilos in 2 months… and I’m quite small.
    It was VERY visible, to the point I didn’t want to go outside to have noone comment because it was the first thing people would say. Itoo had to count calories to make sure I ate enough to stop losing any more. It sucked, I weighed myself every morning which set me into panic which made me not hungry which made me freak out.. and the cycle continued.
    After A LOT of work, therapy and again a LOT of work, Im now back up my 8 kilos, love handle s and all. I’m also in a great place right now and seeing your post touches a soft spot in my heart. Thank you for highlighting this.
    I love your attitude towards it all, despite it all you’re powering on and 100% agree. Acceptance is key! Being open and raw is key!
    Totally admire you girl!

  71. Meghan, nothing worse then someone commenting on your weight, I had the opposite since I was a child now 60 ,( overweight) just keep being you , open , a loving mum and always smiling
    I do not envy your every day challenges , cherish every minute with those little ones , they will get you through anything , I enjoy following you on Instagram and their smiling happy faces
    Have a lovely Christmas and hope 2020 brings you lots of joy and happiness 💜

  72. Go Girl!
    You are amazing and putting your kids first is commendable. I believe most people are in Awe of you. Fuck the haters or the ones that want to bring you down. You are a survivor and it shows. You have a great family to fall back on. Plus, you are a Nerinx Hall girl! We are survivors.
    MERRY XMAS AND WATCH FOR GOD’s blessings coming your way. Melinda H

  73. You’re an amazing mom and who cares what anyone thinks about your bony ass. You’ve been thru a ton of shit! Did I say you’re amazeballs???!!! You’re a fricken rockstar!!!

  74. I’m this exact same way. When I went through my unexpected divorce in 2009, which included breaking up a blended family of three children. THIS BROKE ME. I’m still recovery on how taxing this was on my physical body. I couldn’t eat much either. I lost 20 lbs quickly from a frame that didn’t need it. I received many hurtful comments about eating a burger or how skinny I was, bag of bones, men like curves and meat, etc. just as hurtful as telling an overweight individual negative things about their current size. I’m proud of you Meghan, with how you’ve handled these past 150 days. Keep pressing on. There’s many good things in store for you and your sweet 3 children. Rooting you on from afar. 🙏💗💪🏼

  75. Most people do lose weight while going thru a divorce, I did. I doubt most have the stress that you do, I know it’s easier said but hire a housekeeper and if you don’t already get a nanny. Take time for yourself or you will have a breakdown, see a therapist, get on some antidepressants, do what you need to so you can survive without losing yourself. Most importantly, pray, go to church, give it to God, He will see you thus!

  76. Great post! I am positive you are taking care of yourself considering all your circumstances. I am sending you prayers for your continued strength as you navigate through this new chapter. You were given a lot of challenges to deal with over the last 150 days. Considering all of that, I think you are doing pretty damn good! Wishing you peace and happiness! XOXO, Shelly

  77. Hey Meghan congratulations on stating your truth stress manifest in many different ways for different people. You can only do your best and your best is always good enough! Your babies are beautiful and you deserve better from a partner than what you have received. Happy Christmas to you all and I hope 2020 is a year of growth, health and happiness. Michelle xoxo

  78. Sad that you have to post this with all your going through
    I like you am going through. Marriage breakdown and I’m a stress non eater so my weight has plummeted
    Your doing a great job rebuilding your life whilst being there for your little ones your weight is nothing to do with anyone else

  79. Plus people forget how tall you are!!!! For goodness sake I’m barely 5 3 so every pound shows! AND your running after 3 toddlers all day!!! That’s like running a marathon. People never watched housewives!??? You were always very very thin. It was so cute when you were trying to show your belly when you were first pregnant. Look at Heather Dubrow she’s too skinny and no one says anything to her. Honestly I think she’s thinner then you!
    Hang in there, you’ll gain it back. God bless you and your little tribe ♥️

  80. I honestly didn’t even notice you being abnormally thin. I’ve always thought you were just thin anyway but going through my IG I saw this pop up because I follow you. Nevertheless, I’m not sure if you drink protein shakes or not but there is a high calorie protein powder on the market if that would be something easier for you to squeeze in for a lunch??? I believe it is a whey protein and comes in multiple flavors! Best wishes Meghan, you got this!

  81. You do what you need to do for you and your family. No one should judge you; they are not walking in your shoes and have no idea the stress that puts on you. Find your happy place in life with your precious children and just by happy. ❤

  82. You are an amazing woman doing an amazing job with what life has given you and lets face it you’ve been doing it alone since you conceived the twins and they were born. So proud of you. Stress makes me thin too. Anti anxiety meds work great for appetite but no mixing alcohol with it. Of course you know that. Praying for you and know that the best is truly in the future and you deserve the very best. ❤❤❤💞💞💞

  83. I am sorry because I really understand. Been there done that as they say and I support and admire you.
    This too shall pass. Hold your babies close because in the end they are the ones that will see you through. Xxoo

  84. You are a rock for your children and are doing it with grace and class. Your husband was a fool and shame on him. You are beautiful and putting your kids first. I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  85. Meghan,

    First of all, I KNOW what you’re going through…every single part of it and it SUCKS, it’s hard to be stressed out and worried all the time and second everyone handles stress different (I get depressed and eat or I get anxious and don’t) and if people want to judge without being put in your situation then shame on them, they have NO RIGHT. Finally, you ARE DOING A GREAT JOB…you can do this even when you think you can’t, you’re a strong woman and those babies are HAPPY, you need to give yourself some grace and love yourself and look at all the things you are doing, you’ve got this! I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and so much happiness and peace this coming new year.

  86. You are wonderful . Everyone manifests stress and grief in their own way ! You do you girl , however you get through the day is yours to decide . Keep soldiering on xx

  87. It’s so sad that you have to even blog this… I’ve always had an issue with people “thin shaming” others online. Because well let’s face it, it’s ALWAYS just online isn’t it? I mean, no one would ACTUALLY approach someone they don’t know, or even someone they DO know, and tell them to “eat a burger”. Only seems to happen online, people feel brave to say offensive stuff to others, keyboard warrior comes to mind. People have no tact, they’re flippant with their verbal diarrhoea. It disgusts me. That our children will also be exposed to this sort of wolf pack behaviour when they undoubtedly enter the world of social media. It’s scary. And I commend you for speaking out, being honest and confronting these rude specimens about their loose mouths. You’re human, do they forget that they’re speaking to a human being? If they know you so much to be concerned they should know what the past few months have been like and be more understanding. And quite frankly they should just mind their own business! You’re a strong woman and I’ve only just been following you for two days, but I can already see your strength (literally had no idea who you were until you popped up on my discover feed! I’m from England lol) hope you have a lovely Christmas with your children xx

  88. Meghan, I cannot imagine what you have been through, are going through, and will continue to go through! It is easy for us to sit behind screens and judge those that are so exposed in the public eye. My advice comes from personal experience. I had a traumatic pregnancy which ended in me delivering our son after he had died. It was so much to handle after the fight we had put up throughout the pregnancy, both he and I. I was sad. I didn’t eat. I drank most nights and then a week later I was in the ICU being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disease brought on by stress. It has completely changed my life for the worse. Make it a priority to take care of yourself! Your babies need their momma! You’ve got this!❤️

  89. You are one brave momma! Keep your family and your faith close. We may not always get what we ask for in prayer but we always get what we need. It is hard sometimes to wait and see what we needed but someday it will be clear. You are one terrific momma bear. Have a very Merry Christmas 🎄

  90. Well said ! Praying some peace over your life . Your doing better than most who have gone the smallest of things you have endured. Merry Christmas

  91. Such a powerful post!!! When you are in the public eye it seems that everyone wants you to be perfect and be able to react to life changing events with 100% grace and perfection. But let’s be honest-you are as real as everyone else and to be delt those cards and still have a smile says something!! Keep pushing through and be the best momma to your children as you can. Everything else will work out in the long run!! Xoxoxo

  92. I am so sorry people are commenting on your weight. I honestly believe saying you are too thin is just as rude as saying you are too fat. It’s something no stranger or anyone should be commenting on unless you asked for their opinion. Keep your head up you are a great mom. ❤️

  93. Everyone should leave you alone. I admire you. I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through. Everyone deals differently some people eat , some people aren’t hungry. Keep moving forward it’s all you can do

  94. You’re amazing and doing a hell of a job considering all that you have on your plate. You do you and forget those who speak against you.

  95. Meghan,
    I was a fan of yours on Housewives, and still am, and appreciate your honesty in sharing an extremely difficult stage of your life. Ten years ago, I was going through a divorce after 27 years of marriage, and was beyond devastated. I was always thin, but during that time I, like you, was not hungry, had to basically be forced to eat, and got down to 98 lbs. This was on a 5’7” frame. I ended up with a doctor telling me I had to gain 10 pounds or I would be hospitalized. I, like you, would get on the scale praying it to go up, but it was a battle. I remember forcing Big Macs down in hopes of gaining a pound or two. It took some months, but as I continued to heal and found myself in a better place, my weight slowly restored. I remember feeling hurt when people would comment on how thin I was, because it was truly out of my control. Stress has a way of eating up those calories, and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Fast forward 10 years, I am at a healthy weight, remarried to a wonderful man (who loves to cook! ☺️) and life is good. I wish you all the best in your new life with your beautiful kids, and know that there is happiness on the other side.

  96. Megan, I can’t imagine the stress and heartache you’re going thru right now. Most people, not all, will understand you are doing the best you can given the circumstances. What I see is a strong woman putting her kids first and handling all this shit (can I say that?) with grace and dignity. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Stop and breathe. Remember who you are. Adjust your mommy crown and keep moving forward. You’ll be fine and so will the kids. ❤️

  97. I’ve always liked who you are and what you stand for. You’re a brave woman for sharing your story. Your children and beautiful and you are an amazing mom. Better days are to come. Stay strong!

  98. You’re doing your best. Being a mommy is hard sometimes. And you’ve got so much on your heart.
    Love and prayers to you and your sweet little ones♥️

  99. You are beautiful and doing an amazing job! What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.. you got this and you need to continue doing you 🙂

  100. Meghan, I can relate to how you are feeling and how you look. I have always been thin too. And people say the most hurtful things. As a child I remember another student asking me, “what’s wrong with you, do you have AIDS?” People just assume it’s not hurtful to say things about our weight because most of America strives to be thin. It still hurts and makes you feel ugly, unattractive, and an outcast. I have learned to let it roll off my back. I know I eat and have never had to watch what I eat, good genes I guess. But it still dumbfounds me when people are like, “wow, you really can pack the food away.” Because secretly in my mind I think they are thinking it’s the first thing I have eaten in days. Just keep pushing forward Meghan and don’t let the people without manners or common sense bring you down. You are doing great and are still as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside!

  101. I also have the same problem and get so mad when people tell me I’m losing weight when I’m not trying at all.. just on the go nonstop. I know you will bounce back from this stronger and better.

  102. Meghan, I have followed you on Instagram and I have seen you go through so much. You will get through this too and can I say you are doing it with grace!! I never would have known any of those things were happening were you not your true authentic self! I don’t eat either when I’m stressed. My anxiety takes over. Maybe it would be worth trying CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) during this huge transition. Also orgain nutritional shakes save me. Just a few thoughts. Take care as best you can and try not to worry what others say.

  103. U should be proud of yourself ! I admired the strength you have during all of this and I think u r a fantastic mom ❤️ The BEST is yet to come for u !
    Don’t let the negative comments get u down 🤬 can’t please everyone 🥰 stay strong !!! U are handling all this with grace .. I am sure your family and friends r proud of u and your kids r lucky to have u as their mommy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  104. Mama- you will come out on the other end stronger and wiser. Everyone deserves love and respect and I’m sorry you haven’t found the right one…..yet. A year from now this will be a blip on your radar but the dust and drama you have left behind will take your breath away! You’ve got this.

    If you think you are beaten, you are
    If you think you dare not, you don’t,
    If you like to win, but you think you can’t
    It is almost certain you won’t.

    If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost
    For out of the world we find,
    Success begins with a fellow’s will
    It’s all in the state of mind.

    If you think you are outclassed, you are
    You’ve got to think high to rise,
    You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
    You can ever win a prize.

    Life’s battles don’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man,
    But soon or late the man who wins
    Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN!

    Keep slayin it as a mama and decent human being. Merry Christmas you and those adorable kiddos.

  105. Ignore the noise and soak in the good around you. I agree with another poster. You are a bad ass!

    Happy Holidays to you and your sweet children. 🌲

  106. You know-forget about the opinions of others. I’m a stress non-eater as well, and you just have to listen to your body! You’ll get there!! Hang on!!!

  107. I feel for you Megan I know what you’re going through I’m not hungry either 44 pounds since January due to stress… people tell me I’m too skinny, is something wrong, am I anorexic… eat fattening foods… people I know all this stop telling me.. when the time comes soon if my situation changes then maybe my appetite will but for now I’m not hungry…. you and I look like we weigh the same I’m 90 pounds and 5 foot 3 you probably weigh a little bit more cuz you’re taller but we’re the same…. I know you’ve gone through a lot…. people just don’t get it hopefully it’ll get better for you now that you’re getting settled in California and away from the cheater… enjoy your new life and your babies it’s a fresh start not what you wanted your life to be or how you planned it but it’s how it ended up now it’s just an adjustment

  108. I have so much admiration for you! As someone who is also naturally thin, I get it!! I also know how easy it is to lose too much weight without trying. People don’t seem to understand skinny shaming, but I do!!! It’s really challenging. Girlfriend, you’re such a good mama. Praying for you and your babies. You deserve a happy holiday and a wonderful new year, Meghan. Hang in there!
    Kelsey in Colorado

  109. Who cares! The only person you have to make happy is your children and yourself. Everyone else is just along for the ride. People are going to talk about you whether it is good or bad. You damn should give them something to talk about. Always remember, no ones happy if momma isn’t happy. You owe no one an explanation. They are just a bunch of bullies on a screen, I’ll be praying for you because I can’t imagine how hard things are for you. But always remember.. god picks his strongest battles for his toughest soldiers.

  110. I hear you. I’ve been there. What people don’t understand or don’t care to understand is, comments about how thin a person is are just as hurtful as comments about how fat they are!
    They don’t even think about the other person.
    We never know what a person is going through and it’s just never good to constantly comment on appearances. It’s shallow.

  111. You are doing amazing! I have twins who require therapy, but nothing like what Hart has to do (GoHartGo!). Work a full time job, keep a home and still try to be a great wife to a husband who is a huge help to us. So yes you ARE doing amazingly well! I had a point in my life where I too was to thin and no exactly how the “not feeling hungry” but yet you are eating! People say you are to thin, it hurts just the same as people telling people you are too fat (been there too, drugs trying to get pregnant really packed them on my small framed body). Yes, you are thin, but that is the last thing I see. I see a mom who is doing all she can for her family, taking care of their needs, and living this thing called life the best way at the moment!

  112. You are a strong woman and fantastic mother. I learned the hard way that we must “put the oxygen mask on ourselves before assisting younger children” or others. I’m overweight and had a heart attack at 50. I’m on a road to better health now and my children are 24 & 21. I pray that your life gets to an easier place. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. Pat yourself on the back. ❤️

  113. Megan I too have been struggling with gaining weight. I was put on a blood pressure medication that was poisoning my body. The company is being sued because some people were losing so much weight that a feeding tube was needed. My doctor still wanted me to take it until results from my blood work came back. I stopped taking it for a week and gained 11 pounds. Every time I would get weighed at the doctors, I would cry due to the numbers on the scale. It’s hard and some people think it’s as easy as eating a hamburger, if it was I wouldn’t be a stress ball. I’ve always been skinny, I went into 9th grade at 50 pounds! I’ll be praying for you while praying for myself. I know we will get to a healthy weight.

  114. Your a beautiful person and don’t listen to those crazy people out there!! I believe you can’t judge or comment on someone’s life till you live it!

    Love following you and loved you on housewives! Your so real and following your journey makes other women like me feel stronger because of your voice!!

    Happy Holidays xoxo

  115. Good for you! You are on your way to healing. You and your family are in my prayers for healing and strength. God bless you, Megan. 💞

  116. You are strong and transparent and human. Thank you for sharing your life with all of its highs and lows. Wishing you a merry Christmas with your beautiful family.

  117. I admire your perseverance. You are a wonderful mother. You will never regret all the love, energy and time you put into your children. Your children are handling the situation beautifully, they are all so happy. That’s a tribute to you. We are all pulling for you and cheering you on.💕

  118. Thank you for sharing, I remember going through something similar in 2004. My husband left, I became a single mom overnight, financial burdens fell solely on me and my weight took a hit. Despite the drastic weight loss, like you, I thrived. I credit my faith in Jesus Christ for that.

    Meghan, you are doing great! I will be praying for you and your beautiful kiddos 🙏🏻

  119. I can completely relate. I’m going through this at this very moment. Things are starting to improve but only with he help of anti anxiety medication. I’ve started to gain back the weight back and now the comments come from everywhere about how “sick I looked” and how I “looked like I was dying” I reply with “I WAS on the inside” my pants no longer hang off my bony 94 lbs hips and my breasts have filled in again and although these things r nice, it’s having my happiness return little by little everyday thats the best part. Wish people would notice that more instead of just a how I look physically.

  120. Being a single mom and having a full time job is grueling and exhausting (I’ve been there.) Love your kids and keep doing you. They are beautiful and I’ll be praying for your son and what his future holds for him. God is good and he will take care of you and your family. Hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas!!

  121. I so love your sheer honesty about yourself! I have a daughter with an eating disorder and let me just say that’s not it all what I’m suggesting you have but I understand the sensitivity around people mentioning food. We should all think before we speak!

  122. I get it! All of it. I’m also a non-eater stresser. I’ve always been thin and and fit. In fact I tend to increase my fitness as a way to cope when things are rough. Just do your best to take care of yourself too. If there is no you, your kids would be devastated. You are very important and the key to their survival. If something happened I’m sure they would be well taken care of, but their lives would be turned upside down. You are that important so please take care of yourself.

  123. I just found out I have iron deficiency anemia 18 months post childbirth. I had low iron during pregnancy. So I am not surprised that failure to take my prenatal vitamins have led to less along with an unhealthy diet and stress and heavy cycles hat cone every 26 days. Rapid weight loss, sunken eyes, pale skin, tired, irritated, a mess. Take 6 months to refill iron supply and I am just starting to recognize all this. My clothes scare me. The scale scares me. But now we work! With you all the way girl! Let’s get our health and strength back!

  124. I’m extremely proud of you. What you are facing is so hard. Applause!!!!! Support!!! Love!!! Hugs!!!!! What a shame your husband couldn’t live up to the man you thought he was when you said “I do”. He is a disappointment and clearly NOT made for marriage and is a selfish and self absorbed dude with no moral compass. I hope you have a bad ass lawyer. You are young and beautiful Meghan. I’m sorry this happened to you but at least you have time to find true love and to show your kids what a strong Mamma they have! Totally on your side girl! ❤️

  125. I’m so sorry you’re going through so much and all at once! I’m not a person who usually comments on a celebrities blog or posts, but I view you as a mom first and my heart aches for you. You are doing an incredible job and it’s so clear to me, you give your kids everything you have. I watch how you do your absolute best to make everything as normal and joyful for your family as possible. I know how draining it must be, but you are giving those darling children a huge gift! I wish I was your neighbor and could bring you dinner or entertain your babies! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  126. Life is hard and messy- we should all lift each other up instead of tearing each other apart. I’m fat, I’m a stress eater. I too am working on it. We all need to say , atta girl! Hang in there- brighter days ahead- and some not so bright.

  127. I think you’re beautiful inside and out! I could never handle the level of stress you’re going through! When I do get stressed, I eat and I hear the opposite comments. Like I don’t know I’m gaining weight. Sometimes I wish people would just zip it! It hurts! Keep doing you! I love you and your kids!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The best is yet to come!

  128. I appreciate your honesty! You’ve been through a lot in the past 5 months! You are doing a great job staying strong and raising your 3 loves 🥰 By the way, you’ve always been my favorite from RHOC! Hope to see you back on there soon 😊

  129. Meghan you’re beautiful. You’re doing a great job. Please don’t listen to other people. Just keep doing yourself and your children. You’ll eat when you’re ready and hungry. You’ve been through so much. My love and prayers are with you. ❤️

  130. You are beautiful the way you are. I’ve always had a fast metabolism and have been very skinny my whole life. Looking back at pics from then to now, I think, wow! I never want to be that skinny again. But when I’m stressed, I don’t eat. I’m not hungry.
    After I had my son, I honestly couldn’t eat for 6 weeks. I had to force myself cuz I really had no hunger desire. Most ppl eat when they are stressed. I’m the opposite. I’m always on the go and drive and work a lot as a mobile accountant. When I’m working, I have tunnel vision and will sit for 10 hrs at a time with no break cuz I “have” to get it done. When my son was 1, and we were only seeing 3-4 hrs of broken sleep a night, I started taking a daily supplement and it has changed my life–it has helped me so much! It gives me all day energy with no crashing, restful sleep, mental clarity, and it’s also eased my general back and neck aches and discomforts (30 years of scoliosis and herniated discs). It fills your nutritional gaps that you aren’t getting from food and is great for those on the go. It gives me so much better workouts at the gym and fills me up the first few hours of the day. 2 pills, 1 shake, and a patch in the first 20 min of your day and you’re done for the day. all 3 work together to make you feel better than you ever have. I think this would be great for you!! It really will fill those gaps and keep you healthy. Check it out if you want at Amber239.Le-Vel.com and watch the 2 min video and it tells you about what it is and does. I’ve been on it 4 years and feel 20 years younger! This isn’t just for those who exercise, it works for everyone! You can get it free too. I can say I’m no longer the 100# I always was. I have more muscle than I ever have, even in all the years I was working out before this product. I feel healthy and I know I’m no longer that “too skinny” girl everyone always saw before. Good luck! Just do you, the weight will come back when life settles for you.

  131. I am in the same boat as you. I don’t get hungry & I usually force myself to eat & that too is very difficult because it almost makes me what to vomit for force feeding myself. I have people tell me the same thing, you’re too thin. I’ve been to every doc you can imagine & had several tests from my brain to my pelvis to check for cancer, thank God I don’t. I have dealt with family issues over the last few years & like you stress doesn’t make me eat it does the opposite. I cry about it because I know how I look & how other people look at me – I’m not a freak & I just wish people wouldn’t say anything at all. It’s hard going through life with obstacles you don’t think you can handle, but as long as you’re trying (I tell myself this everyday), I know I’m making sone progress. It may not be the progress that everyone wants it to be, but I’m working on it. It’s baby steps, one day at a time. God gives us these challenges/obstacles to make us stronger & get through the day. I understand where you are & what you’re going through, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We can pray for one another & wish that together we can accomplish this & be the best we can be for the ones we love! It’s tough, but we will make it/survive it. My heart goes out to you & your beautiful kiddos & please remember you truly are NOT alone on this journey we call life! We may be strangers, but we can definitely pray for each other & know we can be there for one another even if it’s across the US! Once things work out you’ll be in a much better place & happier for YOU & the 3 beautiful kids you have. ❤️ Kenna from KY!!

  132. You’re doing an amazing job of trying to keep it together during a period of serious personal crisis!!! Each issue you’ve faced is huge in itself, never mind a series of them. And you’re managing all of this with small, very dependent children. I admire your strength and the fact that you’re making your kids’ best interests a priority. Circumstances are taking a toll on your health right now, but they WILL get better in time. I, too, suffered a personal crisis several years ago and lost too much weight. I had little to no appetite, but found that I could at least drink (sip on) nutritional beverages like Ensure or Slim Fast…just to take in some vitamins and sustain myself. Maybe you can give that or some type of nutritional smoothie a try. Keep hanging tough! ❤️

  133. I hate that you feel that you have to explain yourself. I think of things while I scroll but I have a brain and if I know it will hurt someone I keep my mouth shut. It’s the golden rule!

  134. I just want to hug you! I’ve been watching your story and You are so open and just put it all out there. You are so incredibly strong and your kids really got the best mommy!
    Keep doing you!

  135. Your fine! Your Beautiful! Your a mom who had a crap load put on her plate! Stress does make you loss weight! You have had a lot! And the person who was supposed to be standing by you , isn’t and certainly not making it better! But you see it! You recognize it! You’ve got this! Don’t let the trolls be another stress factor! We all have trolls! You being in the public eye have a thousand who feel they need to let you know what’s wrong with you or how your failing! Your not failing! You got this! My only advice? Take the time to have a Meghan only day!!! Spa, friends, dinner out! Just you no kids day!!!

  136. You look Beautiful, with what all you have had too deal with the stress alone is going to suppress your appetite! Hang in there girl, in time you will heal and become stronger then ever one carb at a time! Your children are so beautiful and have an amazing Mom! As far as your EX goes, Karma….Karma…..sit back and just wait it will happen!

  137. Sending you so many positive thoughts and prayers today! Megan, you’ve been someone I’ve followed from day 1 on OC. You’ve always stood for Honesty, Truth, Loyalty, and have shined through as a strong woman! We all have our weaknesses, and you’re doing Great! You will come through on top! I too struggle with a horrible marriage and find myself in the predicament of where do I go, what do I do, this isn’t healthy to stay, and tell myself to stop crying. It’s hard. I’ve lost a ton of weight, people saying where are you going? God bless you and your littles! I look forward to seeing you come out on top!

  138. Well said… Hang in there for you and your babies. It must be horrible to have gone through all of this in such a short amount time but I’m sure it’s harder being in the public eye.

    Stay strong ! You got this.

    Best of luck.

  139. You’ve got this! So many are cheering for you and the kids. I couldn’t imagine doing all you’re doing in the public eye. I have great respect for you. The best is yet to come.

  140. I was very thin and also got the comments too and people don’t realize how ignorant their being. It’s the same as calling an overweight person heavy. It’s picking apart someone’s physical appearance. You’re doing amazing and not even taking time for having that nervous breakdown you so much deserve, bc that’s what great Moms do, they keep going and that just shows you WILL get through this and be a better, stronger person when all is said and done. I wish you nothing but strength and better things to come for you and your family. Keep your head high, or that crown may fall 🙂

  141. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I know what you mean about the not being hungry as I’ve gone through a dark period in my life and lost almost 20 lbs in 2 weeks. You will be back! I’m so proud of you. I’m cheering you on Meghan. One day at a time and I can’t wait to listen to your podcasts!

  142. Wonderful explanation, even though you shouldn’t have to explain. My heart hurts for you but somehow you will get through this rough patch. Not now, but in the future I hope you find a partner who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

  143. People seem to think that it’s not hurtful to call others “too skinny” all the time! It’s just as hurtful and painful and shameful when you’re too thin as when you’re overweight but our society LOVES thin and despises fat….how about looking at someone’s heart…their kindness….their philanthropy? Geez!!!!

  144. I think you’re doing amazingly well for all you have been through. I commend you for holding your head high and for doing what needs to be done. I’m sure there are days you wish you could take a break or give up but as mommas we do not have that option. You are doing the best for your kiddos. Don’t pay attention to people skinny shaming you. You are a wonderful mom and you are strong. You will come out of this even stronger.

  145. You are an amazing writer! I love reading your posts. Keep your head up and don’t listen to the negative people out there. You are doing amazing considering all you’ve been through. Keep focusing on your kids and you will get through this healthier and happier!❤️

  146. You are such a strong woman! I love seeing you thrive amidst the chaos. Your kids are very lucky to have you (and you are lucky to have them too, I know I wouldn’t have made it through my divorce had it not been for my sweet little girl). I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  147. I just want you to know that you are an incredibly strong, beautiful and amazing woman! Not to mention the best mother to your three beautiful children! Hang in there! Better days are coming soon! Just remember that and have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your children and family!❤️

  148. You are beautiful and we all deal with our stress in our own way!!! Keep on being you and being an amazing mom to 3 cute kiddos!!!!

  149. Hey girl I have the same problem with my weight!! I also have always been thin and when life gets in the way I loose weight too!! Be yourself and don’t worry about people being rude!!!!

  150. Meghan,
    Glad you put this out there for everyone to see. I’d like to also mention you are almost 6ft tall so you can gain 10lbs and no one will notice but if you lose 10lbs it looks like you’ve lost way more. I know, we are the same height. I’ve been told to eat a burger before too. It’s so rude. I can’t imagine telling someone to eat or not eat food. You keep focused and moving forward. Your appetite will return along with a few ponds. Enjoy your children and the holidays!
    Your 5’11” sister in STL

  151. You are a smart woman and you are doing the best you can. Don’t let the negative get to you. Keep being strong

  152. Many prayers for you and all your family! Mommin ain’t easy and single mommin is downright mind numbingly hard. ❤

  153. Your are awesome I am like you naturally thin when something in my life stresses me out work – home or my kids get sick I loose weight too with every going on. Stay strong ❤️

  154. I find you super motivating & I know you got this. Keep moving forward, you need no ones approval or permission to do so!

  155. i hate that you have to comment for people on this. I know how you feel…and i’m the opposite..i’m still ‘too big’. Yet i’m not hungry..so i dont eat..so i have less than 500 calories a day…and my metabolism slows…and gets used to it and one day i have a ‘normal’ day..and i gain wait…and i’m just a single gal with aging parents and a high stress job.

    You are a mom..and it’s instinctive to take care of your kids first!

    So i will say you are doing an amazing job…and you deserve only good! Dont worry about the naysayers…just worry about you!

    Sending you peace in 2020!

  156. One amazing momma ❤ Can’t even begin to phantom what you are going through. But what a fighter you are, and an amazing role model for your kids. AND an inspiration to many mothers out there. Keep doing you. Lots of love to you and your little ones 😘

  157. I think you are an AMAZING WOMEN/ MUM AND WIFE!!!! You have been betrayed but you have never faltered in your love and devotion for your Children!!!! So what you are a bit slim, it doesn’t stop you being a mum, a daughter a sister and still a Wife!! Yes!!! you are living off your nervous energy, to make sure your children are not affected by this betrayal !!! We are all supporting you!!! You are doing an awesome Job !!!! Let the haters hate, hunni as I suppose they are jealous of you and your stature !’ Remember you are doing great!! Sending you love and hugs cxxxx

  158. I doubt you’ll ever see this, but I felt compelled to leave a comment anyway. You’ve certainly been through quite a lot in such a short period of time, and unfortunately most people have know way of even slightly wrapping their minds around it. I too am in the middle of a divorce, after finding out last year (when my son was 2 weeks old) that my husband was having an affair with a co-worker of ours. The toll that starting a new life (with little ones) while also trying to work through the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced, is indescribable. And, I didn’t have all of the other things happen that you have, so I cannot even imagine. I completely relate to what you described regarding eating–you barely have a free moment and when you do, most times food just isn’t high enough on the priority list. I constantly get scolded for the same thing. I’m certain that you will get through all that’s been thrown at you and will only be stronger on the other side. I know because I’m slowly getting there myself. Best of luck to you and those sweet little babies of yours!!

  159. Take your time, Sweetie! You didn’t even mention the chaos in our country right now which is affecting everyone this year! We are all fighting something and I for one commend you on your ability to keep the plates spinning. Here’s to a better New Year for us all!

  160. Meghan,
    Bless your heart. You have definitely been dealt some serious blows lately. I’m so sorry!!!! Hang in there, you’re doing great it. know it has to hurt when things are said about you. People can be so freakin rude! Always in your corner!!! 😘

  161. Meghan, I’m old enough to be your mom but I can totally relate to this thread. I too have been in this boat a number of times in my life where I couldn’t force a morsel of food down my throat if my life depended on it and it did. I also am an non eater when I’m under tremendous stress and it is just as hard as being a binge eater under stress. Divorce and losing both my parents over an 18 month period of time threw my life into a tailspin. I constantly had everyone telling me I had to put weight on and why didn’t I drink milkshakes or eat some fries. The more they pointed out my being skinny the more self conscious I became and only served to exacerbate the situation. In time as you well know this too shall pass and you will start to eat and feel good. I think you’re doing great all things considered, you’re a fantastic mama, your children are very lucky to have you.
    Truly what doesn’t kill us, does most certainly make us stronger.
    Ps I spend my time now dieting. 🤣🤣

  162. I’m 6ft tall, Scandinavian , very similar build to Megan. I do not eat when I’m stressed and losing 5lbs on me makes me “scary skinny” according to my friends. I’m genetically very tall and thin.
    I’ve recently had a ton of health issues and as a mom to 2 children, it’s so hard to keep yourself happy for them and keep their routines normal, especially when you are in so much pain mentally and physically.
    Sometimes in the thick of the mess, it’s hard to think about yourself.
    Keep leaning on your faith, God will help you and won’t fail you. You are a good mom and doing the best you can. It’s so incredibly obvious that you put your kids first and there is. Nothing wrong with that right now.
    You will heal mentally and physically, it will just take some time.
    Tons of blessings to you Megan,.Do the Bible study by Angie Smith called “Seamless” or watch the trailer for it. Angie will guide you, it will really help you right now, it definitely helped guide me.
    Praying that angels keep surrounding you and embracing you with love and light.

  163. Let me first start by saying, I think you have always been beautiful! I never saw you as too skinny & perhaps that is because I see how you are truly holding shit together with class & Grace. Mothering three children must be hard, but add a divorce, a job & a child requiring extra needs – LOOK OUT! I say you do what works for you. I’m sorry people have acted upon their thoughts & said “eat a burger”. That’s not helpful. Stress looks different in every person. I can relate to the “skinny” when I get overwhelmed with a long term stress. I’m a control freak, so to avoid the “skinny” stress, I have learned to set boundaries, put myself first & focus on asking for help. Otherwise, I’ll get sick again. As you said, stress decays your body, mind & spirit. Do whatever you need to do at this time in your life to keep you & your three beautiful children well. Set boundaries with the outside comments/voices & trust that you will come out on top very soon! You are all in my prayers!

  164. I’ve been there. My Mom died, my baby was very ill, and no diagnosis was the right diagnosis. I was in a horribly abuse relationship. My Dad was a drunk. My kids were 10 yrs 4 yrs and 8 months. I was 29. I. Was. Too. Skinny. I too was not hungry.
    Constant remarks, constant criticism. The icing on the cake was being called into the office of the administrator for the facility I worked in and spoke to about my weight . I asked him if he called the fat girls in ( yes I said it). I refused to go for drug testing. My work performance spoke against this.
    I pressed on. I got better. You will too 💕

  165. Keep on doing what makes you happy and at peace. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. You have had too many struggles in a short amount of time. Take care of you or you can’t take care of the beautiful little ones. ♥️

  166. Do you. Keep your head up. Life is hard and doing it alone with Littles just makes it more difficult. I’ve been told the same (your so skinny) as I’m going through a divorce but my kids are healthy, I’m getting to a happy place and I’ll get there. I want to look at them and say, have you been through a divorce with a 1 and 3 year old? Please tell me when you have the time to put yourself above your kids. And how did that work out for you!
    Anyway, I think your a great Mom and keep doing you!

  167. Oh Megan, well said!!! I’m so glad you responded to the negative Nelly’s! You are so gracious and I hope that this too shall pass. I’ve always admired your intelligence and tenacity on the HW’s. You’re an inspiration. Thank you

  168. Meghan; you are a strong independent woman
    & mother! I know it’s hard but don’t let them get you down ~ you do you and you’re doing a fantastic job!! I’m sorry you have to go through all of this but you will be better and happier when you are finally able to put all of this behind you. And when you finally get the cheater out of your life and only see him when you he sees the kids (hopefully that will happen). He will pay in the end for all his mistakes he can’t run from those no matter how much he wants to bash the mother of his kids!
    Hang in there ~ you can do this! Happy holidays!

  169. The Divorce Diet – anyone that has been through an emotional trauma like this (not always a divorce) is familiar with it. For those making insensitive comments, good for them – they can’t relate and they haven’t been through it.

    For those of us that have traveled this road – we know exactly what it is, see what you’re going through, and recognize that there’s no need to call attention to it with well-meaning commentary. As my mom (RN and head of the Surgical floor at MoBap) told my best friend when she tried to give me a well meaning lecture as I was enduring the same blindside betrayal on a public (friends/family/social media – certainly NOT blogs/headlines/entertainment news)…

    “She will be fine. She won’t starve. Her body won’t let her. She’s not suicidal, she’s surviving. Her body and subconscious are prioritizing in an effort to move through trauma. Let it.”

    I get it Meghan. Just know that there are plenty of us out here that do.

  170. Meghan,
    Nothing but love being sent your way your post made me cry. Seven years ago with two healthy children I went through a divorce caused by an affair so I cannot imagine what it’s like with all the other things that you have going on. And I toO dropPed a lot of weight I have since found it:). Don’t let anyone tell you how to get through this and I’m proud of you that you stick up for yourself. I wanted to eat I just couldn’t even take a bite I physically could not even put a scoop of yogurt in my mouth. So I understand where that part is coming from. You will get through this anyway that you can and there will be moments that you are very proud of and moments that you wish hadn’t happened but it’s OK because you will get to the other side and you are doing an amazing job

  171. I can completely relate. The enormous stress, coupled with depression and the responsibility of taking care of your dear children would wreak havoc on anyone. Not only does it kill your appetite, the constant nausea makes it almost impossible to eat. A temporary anti-depressant will help. I wish you all the best. Hugs.

  172. So sorry people are stressing you out more by mentioning it.
    Some or I Hope most are really concerned.

    You will get your appetite back in time. I’ve. Been at the bottom of that barrel when my daughter died

    No one walks in your shoes! Pretend your in a beautiful ocean and “”just float”

  173. Wow what a crock of shit! You have mental issues clearly. You do a lot of talking about what your husband has done to you, but let me tell you what you have NOT DONE, besides eat a burger.
    You first need a slice of humble pie! It takes two people to make a marriage work and fail and throughout this entire process are you claiming that you are perfect?
    It may not take two people to cheat but it certainly is a problem if you are alienating your significant other you can’t claim pregnancy and children the whole world has those things going on.
    I see your husband rooting for you on social media and every article you do nothing but slam him.
    It’s so funny to hear you say you have to go to target aren’t you the same girl who has had like 20 staff at one time I know you keep firing them all but you act like you are one of us!
    The one thing I will say is that if Jim did nothing right he definitely gave you the lifestyle that you think you are accustomed to!
    Where is the other nanny the one that was teaching your children Spanish was he inappropriate with her as well?
    You are as fake as they come you never talk about your past failed marriage you act like you are some struggling woman that was abandoned when you call the cops on your husband what do you expect them to do? Stay? Doubtful!
    Just so you know you were just a girl from Missouri and you were given everything and I think you took it all for granted! I think it’s sad and pathetic that as a mother you on none of the alienation with his other family members and you act like you are holier than thou it’s extremely unattractive.

  174. I too suffer from severe nerve pain in my face after my Mom passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago. We were the best of friends and now life is supposed to go on??? Yea, tell that to my heart and my new friend nerve pain. I’m also a very busy hairdresser and I talk usually 10-12 hours a day. It hurts like hell, never ever felt pain like this in my life. I pray for you and your beautiful children to come out of this hell much better and stronger!!! ❤️🥰

  175. Lolz at the Terri comment. I was kinda thinking the same thing! How about you come clean with how many housekeepers, nannies etc that you have fired. Even the people that come into your home and do free work for you say that you are a condescending disrespectful person.
    Who were you before Jim Edmonds?
    You were divorced from a guy that you seem to of gotten a Nissan and the prenup was your idea you and your fathers you did a whole episode on a reunion about how important it is to let everyone know that you were not after Jim‘s money.
    So why would you stay if you are not going to forgive this man? Why would you continue to put bad press out about the father of your children that the kids someday will have to read and what happens to Sutton and Landon I wanna hear if you’ve even reached out to them at all?
    You have put on enough of a façade for people. You’re not perfect. I hope the press start to take to the many many people you have fired just because you’re a spoiled brat!
    I don’t condone cheating but I also do not believe there was anything inappropriate with the relationship with the nanny.
    You just need a storyline to try to get back on the housewives but Word on the street is no one wants you on the housewives you were already the most boring RHOC character there was! Again REAL housewives. Not liars who point the finger around the room!
    Look in the mirror.

  176. You are strong and showing strength for so many who are facing the same issues or any issues. My prayers are with you and your family. Keep your beautiful smile strong.

  177. Prayers for You and Your Beautiful Babies! I can’t imagine your hell however I do understand it as our family has experienced several deaths, birth of twins with health problems and major surgeries and then me being diagnosed with breast cancer. If I had half of your strength I would be proud. Make up and getting dressed nice hasn’t been a desire for a year and a half. You keep being You and destroy those online bullies! Again, I am going to pray for you and your babies. You Got this Sweet Lady!

  178. You’re doing great mama! This too shall pass… you are an intelligent, loving, caring and beautiful person. You will go in to bigger and better yhings and you have a lot of people behind you.

  179. You are truly an amazing beautiful woman/mom ! Keep being you ! Hugs to future happiness and success in your new home, career and lufe.the 💜

  180. Please keep writing tour blogs on your recovery in your eating. I’m dealing with a very similar situation where I’m constantly stressed, working, doing housework or schoolwork. I also find it difficult to find food appealing at most times, and having the constant feeling of needing to eat but not wanting to is such a challenge. Weighing myself is also very rare, but as an 18 year old woman I find myself weighing less than I did my freshman year in high school. I really appreciate listening to someone who deals with something similar and knowing I’m not alone. Please continue to write about your progress and what you might do to help you through it physically and mentally. Thank you.

  181. Girl, you don’t need to explain to all these people the ‘why’. It truly is no one else’s business. You keep being you. Take time for yourself to destress and everything else will slowly fall back into place, including your weight. We’ve all been there in some way, shape or form. Ask for help if you need it. I’m sure those babies wouldn’t mind a little extra grandma time 😉

    This post was truly raw and I applaud you for that. I can’t imagine what being in the public eye does for a persons well being.

  182. I think you are handling everything with such grace. I’m not so sure I could do it. I admire your perseverance despite what has happened. Shame on your soon to be ex husband. Your love for your children is enormous! You’ll get back on track and be better than ever. Take care.

  183. You are so strong and beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Praying the holidays will be wonderful for all of you and may you have the best year ever.

  184. Omg we all are fighting our own battles. This hit too close to home. You are such a good mom and women. Thank you for being an inspiration and standing up to those bully comments. Us Moms are doing are very best.

  185. I’m so sorry Meghan. I can’t imagine how stressful all of this is. I’m just so sorry. But I know you’ll be ok because you are strong. And I always think you look cute, no matter what size. Xxoo

  186. You deserve support and friendship….no criticisms here. Thank you for your raw honesty and sharing your struggles and successes.

  187. I love you and your strength and honesty. I can’t wait to see you happy and healthy. Going through this and having to do so publicly has to be so awful. I experienced something similar years ago. I ended up with mono because I too was so busy trying to keep all the balls in the air:) I will continue to pray and send you positive energy and look forward to seeing you eventually make it through. And you will. There is some other plan for you. Some other person for you. But most importantly You are for you. I am so proud of you. I am not the only one. You got this!

  188. Meghan,

    I understand the pressures of life. Please do not take what a say as criticism.

    My husband has had many health issues over the years. I have been the major bread winner most of the time. Working forty a week on my feet as I work for one of the local grocery stores. I have two beautiful girls which I would have to take care of as they were small like your children.

    I know how tired you are. I know the stress of making sure everything is perfect for everyone other than yourself. Working long days and long nights getting little sleep.

    Meghan, stop trying to have the perfect life. Basically just stop. Take an hour, maybe take a day. Have the baby sitter sleep over and feed the kids, bath the kids and just keep them busy. Just one day or just one hour.

    I was lucky to have family take my kids when my husband had a bi-polar high due to a surgery. It was a dark very ugly time in our life. Most people would have divorced after what I went thru with my husband. I stopped and got a hotel room for a night. I had dinner alone and got to sleep after days of no sleep. Then I went back and started cleaning up our life’s. All our life’s! My youngest had mutism and refused to speak with her father. Due to the fact his face literally changed from the man she knew to someone she didn’t know.

    Now he has Parkinson’s , Crohn’s, high blood pressure, diabetes and bi-polar. Parkinson’s is new. I hear it gets bad, really bad. So I am getting the information to deal with all the things that come with this new normal.

    We celebrated thirty years together. It’s not perfect but we are still together. My girls are happy and my youngest is in grad school. Funny thing she studied communication. She is like the mayor of the city of her school.

    Maybe just let your kids be kids. Let them play, go to pre-school, make friends. Let them eat junk food once in awhile. Maybe all of you can have some junk food.

    I am sorry it’s so long but I have a lot to deal with and so do you.

    Sending love, peace and happiness to you and your family!

  189. I just love you And how you address everything that is Negativity said about you! You are a rock star! Hang in there Momma! I was a single of Mom of two young kiddos at one point and I struggled too.. there would be days I only ate a cookie or two… but I was able to still function and be a Mom to my boys! There is a light at the end of that dark tunnel! I promise!
    Emily, STL (Festus MO)

  190. I wish all the best. You are on a hard road,mama! I’ve had health challenges-with one of my three kids too. My dad was very sick at the sane time. It sucks, ur drains You. Stress you s a killer so make some time to take a hot bath with Epsom salt, a glass of wine, a book. Do some gentle stretching . The weight will come when your stress dies down.
    Merry Christmas & a happy New Year 🎊 filled good physical &! emotional health for you abdvyir precious family.
    Deborah Goldstein

  191. You are surviving and you are doing a great job. Don’t worry about what people say or think. Unless they have walked in your shoes, they have no room to judge. I’ve been where you are. Mine was 20 plus years ago. My kids are grown, I have grandchildren, and I have my own home and job. I am independent and happier than I ever was married. You will be in my shoes some day and you will read about someone going through what you did so many years ago and you will know that they will survive just like you did. Good luck!

  192. I would never judge you Megan. I’ve followed you for over a year and have seen your courage, selflessness, mostly love for your babies.. thete is a light at the end of this phase. Sorry you have to go through this mess. You are a strong person that’s why I follow and will continue to cheer you in.. u can do this we’re w you all the way.❤️

  193. Dear Meghan, I completely understand and know what it’s like to be harped at over stress induced weight loss. Your life plate is full of feelings that few could manage. I wish there were easy answers, but there are none. You will survive this and Jim is the loser in this situation. His day is coming and he will be sorry for his poor choices. Chin up, you got this.

  194. Meaghan I’m so sorry your going through all of this it is too much for anyone. You appear to be handling it well because you have to. I wish you the best, I know you are a great mother to your kids. I wish you and your family the best❤

  195. We all have problems and stress but if you don’t take care of yourself first and foremost, who will be there for your children? Self care, mama.

  196. You continue being the best version of yourself and the best mom for your children. You will always come out on top.

    Jim is a straight up loser to put you and your children through this, as well as his other children who have become apart of your life. He thinks of no one but himself.

    I am so sorry you are going through this, and I know it is a cliche, but Meghan, you will definitely be stronger and better off when it’s all said and done.

    Sending prayers to you and your family. 🙏🙏🙏

  197. You’re beautiful- Take care of you and the babies and don’t worry what people you will never meet think
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  198. GOD BLESS YOU for your honesty! So sorry to hear about the 150 days. Keep the FAITH, keep FIGHTING & HOPE for better tomorrows. I have many medical problems (last 28 years but this has been really rough year) & find comfort in reading scripture, 60 Days of prayer, Joyce Meyer & books with Daily scripture & write up. May those be helpful. I’d love to checkout “help” bc i have bulging & herniated disc throughout spine. I couldn’t find just searching that way if U COULD PLZ PROVIDE ADDITIONAL INFO THAT’D BE GREAT. May u and ur family be blessed & happy having TRUE PEACE & JOY! 🤗

  199. PS: So AWESOME your turning a negative comment into something positive, proactive. Just read a couple long winded not nice comments after I submitted my first comment. Just so sad how people THINK they know everything going on in someone else’s home & heart. Blessings & prayers your way.

  200. Drink Ensure. It will give you the calories and nutrients you need, without filling you up or stressing you out.

  201. I completely feel and understand you when everything in your life as you have known it has fallen apart in a very, very short period of time, and others…AKA EVERYONE…just plain ‘ol doesn’t get it, and just plain ‘ol doesn’t understand.

    Others to Me: “You seem really anxious.” “You have been seeming sad and depressed every time I see you, talk to you, etc.”

    Me: “WELL…my best friend of 20 years, who just so also happened to be my ex of 16 years, died suddenly and unexpectedly in January 2018 (He has multiple lifelong serious health problems, which were supposedly stable at the time, and had been as stable as they could have been and as they had been for some months prior to this.), I bought my first house EVER in April 2018 (and so I subsequently moved in July 2018), my 16.5 year old dog had to be put to sleep in August 2018, my “healthy as an ox” 12.5 year old dog also died suddenly and unexpectedly overnight while at my vet’s office in September 2018, I had my first seizure EVER (And a grand mal one at at!) in September 2018 (1 week to the day after my 12.5 year old died without warning. MDs said that my seizure was most likely stress-induced! Hhhmmm, imagine that!), I was put on leave from my job (By my MD) because of said seizure, I got engaged in December 2018, my fiancé had a life threatening accident in January 2019 in which he was on life support for ~3.5 weeks at which time he suffered a major setback and MDs determined that nothing more could be done and that he was brain dead, and so his parents removed him from life support at which time he died 1.5 hours later, in February 2019….OH! AND…My fiancé’s mother came by my house 2 days after my fiancé, her son, died…I thought to get his Army medals to pin in his “Dress Blues” for his funeral…at which time I graciously let her into my house, the house that my fiancé, her son, and his dog, were living in (With me obviously, since like I previously mentioned, it was/is my house.)…only to realize ~10 minutes after she left my house that she had taken my fiancé’s dog with her without my knowledge nor my permission…and this was for good! This was AFTER she told me that I should keep his dog because that’s what my fiancé would have wanted, and because “it would be good for you,” according to her!

    Me Again: “SSSSOOOO…YES I am ANXIOUS! YES I am SAD! AND YES! I am VERY, VERY, VERY DEPRESSED! Congratulations Sherlock!

    Things like that (You losing weight, my anxiety and depression, etc.) just goes to show, and really just proves to others (Not like we need to, or needed to, prove anything to anyone anyway) that what has happened to us, really affects/affected us, that the things that were involved or were at stake were things that really mattered to us, were things that we really cared about, were things that were very near and dear to our hearts…it’s just validation…validation to all of the naysayers and to anyone and everyone who may have very questioned us, or our thoughts, or our beliefs, or our true feelings.

    It’s just unfortunate that situations and instances like ours, are the things that finally, actually solidify these things of ourselves that we hold/held near and dear to our hearts to others.

    I say in response to others when they comment to me about something in regards to that, or they something to me along those lines, “If I wasn’t anxious, or sad, or depressed, during and/or after all of that, then THAT IS WHEN you should question my true mental health and my true state of mind…THAT IS WHEN! Because I would worry about anyone who wasn’t feeling the way that I felt, and the way that I am currently feeling, after any and all of that, because they would be the ones who have truly lost their minds and are in true need of mental health help!

  202. THIS. I could have written every.single.word. I’ve been following you this year because unfortunately I keep finding myself in very similar situations – infidelity, young children, health issues, custody, humiliation, etc. And I would eat two burgers if I could. It’s just not that simple. It helps to know I’m not alone in these struggles. All on our own time. Here’s hoping 2020 brings happier days for both of us. You have a beautiful family and I applaud you.

  203. I love your honest, direct, approach !! Your complete and total vulnerability to be open with your life struggles is so fresh and humbling. Despite all you have had to endure in the last 150 days …

    You don’t know me but, it’s important for me to tell you this because I’m cheering you on!!!
    I suffer with a chronic swelling from cancer treatments… for the past 19 years ago,Im so thankful I survived cancer … but deal with this illness as a result,
    you inspire me to push through all I have to do to manage the swelling,
    I look forward to the day ALL your dedicated and hard work pays off for your sweet son, and u find the true love of your life… because THAT will happen. Because you are AMAZING!! God Bless u and Merry Christmas

  204. You are one strong woman Meghan!! You are also keeping it classy while you were betrayed by your husband AND NANNY!!! You welcomed her into your home, trusted her with your babies and you treated her like family. I don’t know how she could walk into your home and pretend to be your friend meanwhile she was betraying you and being inappropriate with your husband! She is awful and I tell ya it would take me so much to keep my mouth shut bcuz I want everyone to know the details of all that they did! But you are a sweet, amazing mom and person who is just trying to survive and keep your kids happy. I can’t even imagine how hard this has to be and how bad it hurts.
    I have loved you since RHOC I just love you and your babies!
    You are going to get through this, just stay amazing and strong

  205. Sorry your husband a puke n did that to u but it wasnt you hes just a greedy puke n im sorry men like that make us look bad just hang in there u got this

  206. Hang in there girlie, you’re doing the best you can. You’re in survival mode, just like so many of us can relate to. Hugs.

  207. Hang in there Meghan. Through this tribulation, you’ll be refined and your kids will see how you were able to get through this. God won’t let you go.

  208. May God bless you and keep you now during your hard times and forever. You have fans that are true fans rooting for you. Don’t like the negativity override the well wishes sweetie. Take care XX

  209. Madam,
    I do not know you and have never heard of you before a Foxnews story about you, but if I can give you some advice. I also have gone through a lot of things, car accident, divorce, loss of a leg, very good friend having a stroke among other things. The only way that I am able to have a lot of joy in my life is because I know the Lord Jesus Christ. Please find a Calvary Chapel Church and go have a talk with the pastor about what you need to do to come to Christ. Just being good does not get you into Heaven. I will pray for you. If you would like more advice, you can get my e-mail from whatever company runs this site.

  210. Hi Meghan

    I have been on that side before and yes it’s very hard at first but in 6 months from
    now you are going to be in such a better place and you are going to look back and say: who is that? Keep doing what you doing. Love those babies ❤️ 🙏🏻


  211. I think it’s really difficult for people that struggle with their weight to comprehend how people like us can’t eat when they are stressed. I went back to school full time with a 3 year old that was diagnosed with a tic disorder, and lost 5 pounds in a week. I dropped down 2 sizes. People need to mind their own business and just support you. I love your Instagram stories. Your kids are adorable and I think you are doing a great job as a mother! And you are really funny.

  212. Meghan, wow what a 150 days!! Hopefully the stress level goes down and the kids stop whining and your ex husband is compliant, supportive and helpful during your Co parenting journey! You are a great woman in all ways , I admire your strength! Also I love watching Hart’s progress and I will listen to your podcast! Sending love♥️

  213. Your strength is amazing 💪🏻How lucky your kids are, growing up with you as a role model ❤️
    I’m cheering for you! Big hug from Oslo,Norway

  214. Just when I think I couldn’t like and admire you more…….given what life has thrown at you, you are doing amazing. You hear that? AMAZING! I believe in you!

  215. You act like you are the only person in the world who Has bad things happen to them. Seriously you counted the days? How about both parents being diagnosed with terminal cancer within a month of each other? And your brother dying three months later? And then finding out that you have MS and can’t have children?

    You are the biggest, whiny-assed baby on the face of the earth. Do you know how many millions of women have had their children diagnosed with cancer or a terminal illness and their husbands leave them? Do you know how many women have had their husbands cheat on them?

    All you ever did on TV was go on and on about how many mansions you had (they were Jim’s), and which mansion you were selling this week. You went on and on about all your designer clothes and your designer purses and your diamond rings. You sounded like such a stuck up snotty bitch. And now you want everybody to feel sorry for you because you are truly shocked that you’re cheating husband cheated on you! I tried warning you numerous times before you married him that he would cheat on you. Both you and your sister told me that you and Jim were “soulmates.“ What a bunch of bullshit!

    And your old Instagram account “thatsister“ clearly showed that you and Jim were together before he split with Allison. And you’re still surprised that he cheated on you? Just goes to show what a neurotic moron you are. And that big diamond ring you were always Flonting around was not your original engagement ring. Jim proposed to you on a boat with a rose gold diamond ring which you obviously swapped for a bigger diamond. And now you’re complaining about having to get a real job?

    In more than one of your Instagram posts or your blog you have mentioned more than once that you do have four nannies. When someone called you on that recently you fought back and said you don’t have 4 nannies. What a bunch of crap.

    I’m so happy that Jim got 50-50 custody with you. Hopefully you wind up with no child support. I know there was a prenup and I’m thankful he had it.

    I also remember on more than one occasion that you mention that you had mental health issues with depression. Honey you have more than issues with depression. You need to see a therapist for your narcissistic behavior. And yes, you do need to eat a burger….or 10.

    35 and soon to be twice divorced! Couldn’t happen to a more unstable human being! I’ve been married longer than you’ve been alive. I knew how to choose my husband wisely, and how to keep our marriage happy. You couldn’t even make it through three years before you felt that you had to “find each other again.“ You can find Jim cheating and you can find yourself in a psychiatric wing!

    You think you’re hot shit and you are not. You are a typical whiny, self-centered millennial.

    1. If any one sounds crazy it’s you. How about sympathy and not being an ass hole. Who knows the whole story, but while you sit there on your high horse the rest of the world goes on. I’m sure you felt better after writing your post though. Getting your 2 cents in. Go you, you sound like a real winner.

  216. Very well said. Juggling 3 kids is difficult. Juggling 3 kids when one is special needs is monumental. I wish your husband would step up to the plate, he knows you need support, right?
    Loved you on RHOC. You rocked.

  217. It’s called the Divorce Diet, after my first marriage & once I finally left, it wasn’t just pounds that came off, it was sizes that I was going down in, losing inches it seemed like overnight. Meghan, keep your eyes looking straight ahead, and dont look back. It’s not easy being a mother to 3 very young children, divorce itself takes a toll on you anyway. It left me realizing that I had lost a part of myself because my husband did everything to try to keep me miserable throughout the separation, divorce, & until they were of age. Including not properly taking care of the kids to intentionally putting them in harm’s way, to where my youngest fell and busted her bottom, and was hospitalized but he never let me know til she was out and time to bring them home. I rebelled in alot of different ways trying to cope raising 3 children under 5 yrs old. He wouldn’t pay child support, he honestly would hit where it hurt. Keep your chin up, life can be long, but it will be a blink of an eye, and those babies will be growing up. Put everything you can into them. Show them what a badass mother is, struggling is hard, but doing it with 3 mouths to feed is definitely hard. Make time for yourself, but you & those kids will thrive. Dont worry about what other people say about you. That’s their stupid ass ignorant opinion that has nothing to do with you. What people think about you is none of your business, they are gonna think it regardless and theres nothing you can do about it. Just live your life, and leave it between you & God about who you choose to be. Things will improve, the kids won’t be always so needy, and whiney. Just pat yourself on the back and tell yourself your doing the best you can. You are not living to anybody’s standard but your own. Keep your head held high, I’m praying for you. XXOO

  218. I’ve always had the same comments. I have drank ensure, tried to bulk up…generally for other people. I too don’t eat when I’m stressed, I too focus outward instead of inward and people just love to comment on my physical appearance…an added stress. The last thing I want to do when someone tells me to eat is eat!

    Do you, live within these emotions, refuel however your body demands. Time will not heal, but time will allow you to do the work necessary to heal.

  219. I really needed to hear this 🙌🏻 Thank you for being so open and vulnerable, especially at a time of difficult transition. It’s brave and I applaud you! I am going through something similar (minus three little ones who come before myself, again props!) and I hit a low point with it this week. I dare to say, bullied on a date… my first one since escaping an abusive relationship, over being too thin and “having no tits or ass”. Yes, I miss them too, but I’m not working so hard to get back on track with my health and happiness to look good for the benefit of others, certainly not to appease a man. I think there should be a universally understood rule: whether it’s from care or concern, or a lack of both, DON’T MAKE DISPARAGING REMARKS ABOUT WOMENS BODIES, EVER. It’s not ok, it never should be. You keep rocking sister! You are truly beautiful and inspiring ❤️

  220. Hey! I hear you and someone who’s always been thin and very tall I agree. Shaming for being too thin is just the same as shaming someone for being too big. I went through a similar disaster of a divorce a few years ago, also young like you and I lost over 6 pounds in 4 days. It’s hard. When you do eat solids you just want to throw up. Only thing I could muster were protein drinks and smoothies. Like you mentioned I didn’t get on the scale. But one time I took a long look after a shower and I just cried. You’ll bounce back emotionally and physically. The natural weight will come back. You have it worse with the public setting and also with very young children. Give yourself a break- you’re thin but not too thin. This too shall pass.

  221. You go Meghan!!! I am a stress not eater also…at 5’11” I too during a divorce went down to I better not look at the scale too….it will slowly get better…And may I just say you are much better off…My blessing to you and your children….you are still my favorite and glad you are keeping up your blog and look forward to your podcast!!

  222. I get this – the same happened when I went back for my nurse practitioner degree – people thought I was on drugs! I was like, “I’m working full time, school full time, a VERY needy (and unhealthy in hindsight) relationship, and food is just too much sometimes.”🤷🏻‍♀️ I liked going out to eat at times because then I could actually EAT. I get this soooo much – you are fine Meghan! You keep going and keep being a fighter! God Bless!

  223. You’re doing great Mama, hang in there and all the pieces will fall back together, including your normal appetite. Self care and healing are crucial in situations like this but in time, and in between the balance of being a great Mom and career women. Have faith, pray and lean on the one we can always relay on and he will come through 🙏
    Praying for you and your family <3

  224. I can totally relate! Naturally thin, but lost a lot of weight amidst a divorce, new baby and new career. I would love to put on weight, but like you, when stressed and busy…I don’t have much of an appetite. All of this is compounded by the criticism of others which does nothing but further damage my dwindling self-esteem. Nevertheless, current trials build strenth & resilience; ultimately pushing you toward your greater self. This too shall pass, and you’ll have a great level of appreciation for your growth….literally and figuratively!🙏🏽🤗

  225. Dear Meghan, your post caught my eye a couple(?) weeks ago bc of a news headline, of all things! I’d never heard of you although I’ve heard of Real Housewives at some point, even though I’ve never watched it. Well, I am a “real housewife”! I’ve been, by God’s grace alone, married for 39 years and I’m the mother of 8 children and my heart goes out to you. I have been praying for you and your very difficult circumstance. Thank you for your transparency and truthfulness during this hard time. After reading some of the many well meaning comments, I want to tell you that you CAN’T do this alone and in your own strength but there is great hope! I want to point you to the only One who you can trust bc He is ever faithful, all-powerful, unchanging, good, lovingly kind, all knowing, compassionate, holy, and the list of attributes continues! This is the God of the Bible, the Prince of Peace. We cannot imagine Him. He can only be truly known in the Scriptures, with the help of the Holy Spirit, by those who earnestly and prayerfully seek Him there. The God of the Bible is our only hope and He is in the business of rescuing people and giving them a true purpose in life—that is, to glorify Him for His greatness and goodness and enjoy Him forever! I can’t expound all this in such a small space but please know I’m praying for you and if you wish to correspond, I’m available. Much love!

  226. It’s not okay for people to comment on a persons weight, ever. I am sorry that you feel like you even need to explain yourself. You are AWESOME, you are doing a great job and you are a great mom! Hugs!

  227. It has taken me 10 years to understand that following my son’s brain injury diagnosis I needed to be treated for PTSD. I did not have the added stress of a move, a new job, a disloyal husband etc. You are dealing with profound issues. You are so courageous to share your struggles and pain. Remember that caring for a special needs kiddo is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. Do everything in your power to stay in the light and to stay physically and mentally healthy. Girl, you are doing everything right. Keep it up and keep sharing your journey!

  228. Hi, I am naturally thin and have been all my life.I was always made fun of because of this. I’m still a little insecure about it and I’m 42. I also lose my appetite in times of stress or depression. When people would comment on my weight it would make matters worse and start the stress cycle all over again. I hate that people think it’s acceptable to comment on a thin persons body. (Not in a complimentary way) When my father passed away I was in an abusive relationship and I was probably at my thinnest. I got out of that abusive relationship and was on the road to healing. Like someone else posted I used Ensure with meals for extra calories and when I wasn’t hungry at all I would just drink the Ensure. It was better than nothing at all and it definitely helped. Once you start to feel better your appetite will come back. Also, I somehow came to the realization that everyone’s opinion didn’t matter to me. So that bit helped as well. You’re doing the best you can! You can do this and you WILL get through this!! God bless you and your children. <3

  229. You need Jesus! March yourself into a good bible believing church. Fill yourself with God’s love
    – I enjoy the Calvary Chapels throughout southern california.

    God has so many promises. – Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart♡

  230. Maybe if you don’t want people commenting on your weight, you shouldn’t post almost naked pictures of yourself on Instagram. You just want attention and are trying to stay relevant.

  231. You are beautiful and everything will work out.im thin myself and don’t like it. So yes we are working on it so I can feel better about myself and it will all work out for us!! You inspire to not give up and I thank you sooo much!!! God bless you Megan😘😍❤️

  232. I too am to thin and I know it, I don’t need other people to tell me that. I take as you look like Shit! I am 5′ and weigh 88lbs I haven’t always been this thin, I was a chubby child and a chubby teen leading to Adulthood. My weight has gone up and down all my life so when I weighed 105lbs I was estatic!! I woke up 1 morning in 2008 and I weighed 140lbs imagine how I felt, I have a very small frame so it looked like I weighed at least 160lbs totally embarrassed I tried every Diet out there my Dr prescribed Adapex (diet pill) NOTHING worked!! Fast forward 2018 I woke up and I weighed 100lbs elation and euphoria set in! I finally felt attractive for the first time since 2008 and swore I would never get over 100lbs again in my life. 2019 brought unexpected devestating times and I didn’t cope well, I had given up Alcohol in 2008 and proud to say I didn’t take a drink but I buried myself in my husband’s illness and worked 12hrs a day. Fast forward 2021 I weigh 88lbs right at this moment in time, Grief and Stress have changed me I don’t know who I am anymore I was the Social Butterfly , now I Don’t leave my house because I Can’t get over the Loss of my Husband, he got sick in August 2019 and suffered at the hands of some pretty incompetent Drs and Nurses. My Husband passed away in January 2020 after spending 6 months in 2 different Hospitals with a STAGE 4 BEDSORE. I am beside myself with grief because the louder I screamed the more incompetent they became I watch him suffer so badly it rips my heart out he weighed 63lbs when he died. He had worked the day before he became so sick I had to call 911 that was September 4th, 2019 he Never came home again. I have a good relationship with food and people always say Eat a burger I will but the pain I feel keeps me in a constant state of PTSD. Stress and Trauma are the reason I’m think so if you know me don’t tell me to Eat because I do Eat!
    I love your Blogs and the honest and raw emotions that you speak of you and your confidence are Goals that I hope to Achieve in the future.


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