One Door Closes

They say all good things must end but I don’t believe that.

After a terrible split from my ex-husband I learned how to heal.  I then met and dated a wonderful man: Christian. We laughed, went on adventures, made a long-distance relationship a thing of beauty, grew together, and then… well, we grew apart.

I think people come into our lives for a reason and Christian was no exception.  With him my soul reawakened my dormant adventurous spirit and I remembered what it felt like to love myself and be loved.

Writing this makes me feel a flood of emotions as I replay our relationship highlights in my head.  I wish things could’ve been different in many ways but alas, things are the way they are…  just as we stood together just a short time ago, we now stand apart.

I wish nothing but an abundance of love and happiness in his life and I know he wishes the same for me.

You see, a beautiful love can exist – and then cease to exist – after a terrible storm and things can still be okay.

This is life, these things happen.  So I put on my big girl pants, take a deep breath, take a little time to mourn, take a lot of a time to reflect, and take forever to smile back on a beautiful experience of growth.  And tomorrow the sun will rise again.

So must all good things end?  Nah, girl, I’m just getting started.

  1. I am sorry that the relationship didn’t last. A loss is a loss and you deserve a better life. It is never easy; you have made tremendous efforts and progress. Congratulations on your beautiful new home. Your forever love will make his way to you and value every bit of you. Much love for you and your children. You are blessed.

  2. Written so beautifully. Distance is hard, kids and dating is hard and life isnt always perfect. Congratulations on the new home and a fresh start!!

  3. Hang in there, there is a season for everything. You are strong! Focus on making your new house a home for you and your children. You got this!!

  4. You are to be admired. You have been through so much and you are such a great Mother . You got to experience love with Christian and you are celebrating that. Not everyone we are with has to be our end all be all . When the time is right a man will appear. You are so vulnerable, honest and open . I am in awe of you at such a young age . Being older I wish I could have been more like you! Celebrate you!

  5. This made me cry. I to we through a traumatic divorce a few years back, i felt like like my world collapsed right before my eyes. I lost myself, i didn’t feel like i was worthy of love or to be loved. I was 30 no kids ( wanted them badly) was a step mom in my first marriage which made it all that much more difficult to walk away from something that was so toxic for years but stayed mostly for his kids. Now I’m 35 re-married to the most amazing man in the planet who accepted me with open arms, and all my beautiful flaws. We just had our second baby boy! Life and people and things do all happen for a reason. Im a living proof of it! I love following you watching your journey, seeing what a honest, beautiful and inspiring mother you are! ♥️

  6. Oh man, I really liked you two together! C’est la vie.
    Congratulations on the new house! You’ve got a great life ahead with a new house for you and your kiddos to build memories! ♥️

  7. Sorry for you that it didn’t work out, but I sort of felt it wouldn’t, and I don’t know why . Maybe he wanted a less public relationship, maybe he wasn’t ready to be a Dad, maybe he didn’t want to deal with your ex, who knows. Or maybe YOU weren’t ready for this particular man at this particular time. I’m old enough to be your granny, but when I was in high school, I wasted six years on a guy I thought I’d marry….even when he kept cheating, I held on, until the last time, when it hit me that he would always be a cheater. I moved on – FINALLY – and found the best one six months later. We’ve been married together for 42 years. He was never Mr. Handsomest or Mr. Rich or Mr. Perfection, but he loved (and still does!) me for me, and that’s all I needed. Don’t look, and he will show up when you decide you don’t need that right away!

  8. I just wanted to let you know, how this G mama is SO proud of you! All that you have been through. Running everywhere to get help for precious Hart❤️ While still going beyond every measure, to make sure the other littles KNOW you love them! The Sorry way your x did you. I’m 60. & I’ve seen a lot. Been through a lot. But hun, I’ve never witnessed so much for one person. I truly admire you, you have handled everything with such class & grace! Congratulations!on your new home!👏 Happy Holidays!🌲 sending love & light from this G mama from Alabama ❤️

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience, you are a shining star in this world and such an inspiration to so many!🙏 I wish you and your beautiful children all the best❤️

  10. If has been so fun to see you grow through all your life experiences. You are an amazing woman and mom!! Wishing you a life of continued growth and blessings.

  11. I love this! Thank you for being gracious and vulnerable. You have really become someone I admire- the way you walk through the pain of divorce and a breakup with love and hope. My therapist told me once- sometimes we have to let go of what we grasp on so tightly to have free hands to accept something even better. I know that will happen for you! 💕

  12. “There is no such thing as wasted time” – wishing you and he the best as friends who can cheer each other on from afar. Such good vibes this is. So very proud of you!

  13. So proud of you I love watching you on IG it seems like yesterday you had the twins the house you abd your x were building and now you are still moving on you are so strong ❤️ And your children are so beautiful bc of your beauty inside and out ❤️Abd girly girl too I am a believer that things definitely happen for a reason ! Stay strong I love your new home you are close to your roots and they will help you through the good times and the bad ! God bless you ! You are truly a strong woman with great family values !! Bravo 🙏happy holiday 🌲enjoy your beautiful new home ❤️

  14. You have such an amazing story. This was one chapter, one love filled, adventurous chapter. You’ve grown and the next chapter will be that much more amazing. You got this girl!!!!

  15. You go girl and yes you are just getting started, don’t know you personally but so proud of you and the person, you have become for yourself and your kids!! You go mama bear!!

  16. You are an amazing beautiful strong lady. You got this. That special someone is out there. It will happen when it is suppose to. Stay strong!

  17. You will find love, honestly, when you least expect it, I know I did. You’re on the the right track Meghan, you have a good head on your shoulders, plus you’re very smart! Stay on course, continue to be the awesome mom you are, and good things will come. You are blessed.

  18. Sounds like the perfect first relationship post divorce. I hope you use this time to grow, heal and figure out what your part in your relationships has been. Trust me, I went their that 2 years ago! The work is worth it!!

  19. What a beautiful message. You put yourself out there to love again. You’re a great Mother and Love comes & Go but you’ll love again. God Bless You.

  20. I have followed you and admired you from when I first saw you on housewives of the OC I wish you much happiness wherever your journey with your 3 amazing children take you. Life is a beautiful journey filled with up and downs as I too have experienced heartbreaking despair losing 3 babies thru IVF one dying inside of me and having to have Mia removed. My husband and I never tried again for a baby but we rescued a fur baby 8 years ago. He is our world. I hold my head high knowing I can handle anything in life weather good or bad, I believe you are the same too. Keep doing what makes u happy and be so proud of who you are. Take care. God bless. Christina.

  21. So true! You deserve it. I admire your strength and honesty. It’s refreshing. You will find your person likely when you least expect it. You are strong and your kids are being raised to know that which is the best lesson you can give them!

  22. One of the best lessons I learned from my divorce and dating again is that beautiful connections aren’t as unique as we’re made to believe and not every connection is meant to last forever.

  23. Thank you for sharing you thoughts and feelings. It’s nice to hear a positive account of an ending relationship. I have chosen to find the good in each of my relationships that have ended and to see the growth I gained by having that person apart of my life. Wish you the best and continued happiness.

  24. As they say there is a season for all and some people come in to our lives for a season and some for a lifetime. Your knight will appear , one that is in the same life phase. Keep the faith!

  25. I admire all that you do and I am really happy to see you much more differently than the Real Housewives where you were first introduced to us. Your a great mom and I love how you love and express that love to your children. There is so much waiting for you for your life, for your ❤️. Congratulations you deserve all. Sincerely

  26. What a beautiful person you are! Meghan I pray God wraps his arms around you and gives you beautiful peace!🙏🏼❤️

  27. I felt like my own relationship was coming to an end reading this.
    I wish you nothing but happiness

  28. Good for you Meghan!! I hope that Christian showed you how your own relationships don’t have to be toxic and you deserve the best! I know you have your parents as an example, but truly it takes someone showing us that we’re worth it to believe it sometimes!

  29. That was so beautiful and insightful! You inspire me to live life again. I lost my husband of 23yrs a few months ago and moving on has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I don’t have small children at home my daughter is grown with a family of he er own. I have always been a strong independent woman but as I sit here I try to find the strength and courage to move on with my new life without my soulmate. I try to find the joy in the little things that always comforted me. I enjoy reading your blog and how you found the strength to move on with your children and to be the best Role Model and Mother possible. You inspire millions of Women like me to get up and grab life and just Live! Thank you! I look forward to your new chapter as well as my own!❤

  30. I followed you here on IG going through your troubles with your now ex and the horrible pain he put you through! I’m a mother of a daughter that went through the same hurt you did!! Her pain was my pain but like you she has two beautiful children that she HAD to go forward for!! I saw you pick yourself up and do what you had to!! I was so happy for you and prayed you would be the strong girl you have become!! I am so very happy for the great things that have happened to you and will continue to happen with your faith in God and belief in your self! Great job Megan!! I’m so happy for you & the best to you!

  31. So sorry Meghan. You are so strong and deserve the best. Your forever relationship will happen when the time is right. Looking forward to your next adventure with this new house. For now sending hugs and prayers.

  32. Hey at least you just got a pair of earrings for this one! 🙂

    It was nice meeting him at Halloween and I’m glad it was amicable. Now onto the next adventure!

  33. Thanks for writing this. I am going through an awful divorce, he also had an affair. I have 2 beautiful children out of the marriage but I am hurting, feeling, and healing all at the same time. I admire your strength and honesty. It gives me hope that one day soon I will be happy again and feel loved by someone again.

  34. That’s a bummer! You two seemed great for each other and we were rooting for you guys. Maybe another time exists for you 2. You seemed so happy with him.

  35. I have to say this was a great quote. I also got divorced when my kids were small too. Always been challenging and I had no family here so alone to figure out single mom life. Bought a fixer upper as my therapy and built equity to move my kids to. Better neighborhood and life. I always would hear my family and friends say you are so strong. Honestly I wasn’t aware there was another choice. Like you I met a great guy who awakened my soul. Made me feel alive again and remind me I could love again. It was also long distance. That was on and off for 8 years. It ended with love and respect also. I admire your strength and rooting for you! You are right… love your self first!! Value your support system and live will find you when you least expect it.

  36. Thank you for writing this. I feel like I was meant to read this. My husband and I are separated after 11 years together and I’ve been completely heartbroken. I’ve been struggling with leaving my room most days. But I’m just trying to take each day as they come. Your words are truly inspiring, and for that, I thank you.

  37. You’re an amazing writer. I live in OC and loved watching you on the show. I wish you the most fulfilling love (when you’re ready) and the utmost happiness and all things beautiful. You’re inspiring!

  38. That’s right! You’re just getting started! Focus on those kids! They are your life. Nothing is more important than their well being. Romance and Love will come your way. But first. Heal and raise those babies. ❤️

  39. Glad we have Instagram just to be able to ” follow” you ❣ LOL YOU are an inspiration Meghan, your parents must be so incredibly proud of you !!! You are so genuine and have your priorities straight. Congratulations on your new home- it is beautiful. God bless you and your precious babies.

  40. Wow, what more could ya ask for. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever and it you’re
    both in agreement. You are an inspiration and your parents have got to be incredibly proud of Meghan.
    You’ve got your priorities straight and are such a genuine person. Congratulations on your new home, it is beautiful !!!!! God bless you and your precious babies ❤

  41. Wow Meghan such beautiful words and you truly are a beautiful soul inside and out . You truly are inspiring and continue to be inspirational to other women who follow you.
    I’m sorry things did not work out between you and Christian, it is sad however everything happens for a reason. Some wonderful stories on here that are happy and sad, ’however all are full of hope and love for the life ahead.

  42. Megan, praying you will be blessed with the best life has to offer! Enjoy your babies, your new home and find your new path! Your story will open as it needs to! Sending you love and strength.

  43. So sorry to hear that Meghan. I truly think you are a strong and amazing woman. You have a lot on your plate and always seem to have a sense of humor. Enjoy your new home and your beautiful kids. True love will come to you when you least expect it. Enjoy the time now to focus on yourself until that love comes along.

  44. Love this. A stepping stone. Just saw your exes terrible IG stories complaining of his own children’s fingerprints on the fridge and dirty “tenants”…. uhhhh his kids are his tenants?! You’re clearly healed and mature in this whole situation. Proud of your journey.

  45. Keep doing you Megan
    That’s where the phrase we live and learn comes from….you have so much life left to enjoy you just wait and see. . Love you and your family

  46. I needed to read this today! I was in a toxic relationship and lost all confidence in myself. Slowly learning to love myself again. Cheers girl!

  47. As a man reading your articles
    I would be SUPER HESITANT to engage in a relationship with a woman knowing full well it will eventually be published on the internet (good or bad) for all to see.
    Just something for you to consider.

    Best wishes

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