Aura-splaining: Why You See Aspen So Often On My Feed

The other day I posted a photo of Aspen and asked myself, “I’m always posting pictures of Aspen more often than Hayes and Hart, why is that?”

I know I’m not playing favorites but I felt guilty with my realization: am I actually playing favorites?

I did a mental deep dive and realized this:

All people are unique in the energy give out and the energy they attract. Just as I am interested in fashion and fiction my best friend is interested in dogs and politics. And playing to the camera and conveying that eagerness through the lens is also a trait not everyone possesses (nor wants to possess). Which then lends to a larger conversation about our collective society forcing that instagram life on a large portion of individuals who want nothing to do with Instagram and therefore feel left out or odd… when really they are just their own badass and unique selves. But I digress…

I started learning about auras a few years ago when I became friends with Mystic Michaela. She opened up my world to a whole new way of understanding (and celebrating!) the unique traits of all of us. I’m a little woo-woo but if you aren’t, please bear with me. Auras are just another way of describing energy or “applying IQ and EQ to intuition” as my logical best friend describes it when I’m ‘aura-splaining.’

Hart is mainly blue. He’s a feeler and empath. He is close to a select few individuals but kind to all. He is gentle with animals and wary of new people. Hart cannot turn off his empathy and absorbs everyone and all their feelings therefore he needs to be cautious with allowing others into his world because people can drain him.

Hayes is mainly green. He’s driven by logic and how things work. He observes people and engages in all activities. He derives satisfaction from figuring things out. He can be in a group of people without feeling drained because he doesn’t absorb others’ emotions. He is often in his own world and never tries to compete against anyone but himself.

Aspen is mainly pink. She is like a Disney princess: she loves all people and absorbs their energy. She wants to make things better. She is smart and stubborn and loves aesthetics above function. She wants everyone to feel loved and included. Every occasion is cause for a celebration. This child has never met a party she didn’t want to attend and learn everyone’s name. She is resilient, happy, and dramatic.

When I think about all three of their auras I can better understand why it’s always Aspen I’m posting and why I shouldn’t worry about trying to be “fair” with posting all three of my children equally: because Aspen WANTS a part of the camera. She knows that someone will be looking at the photo whether its close family or 1 million followers, she knows she looks good, and she knows she wants to make people happy through her happiness. Sure, she doesn’t consciously understand this, but that’s where I come in as her mom. That’s where all the years I spent learning and understanding auras (aka energy) and how to apply this knowledge to raising my kids comes in to play. And that’s where I know not only to not feel bad by posting Aspen the most, but moreover I’m respecting each of my children’s energetic needs by posting Aspen the most.

Aspen’s pinkness oozes through the camera whereas Hayes and Hart simply do not care as the camera doesn’t invigorate them as it does to Aspen.

Other pinks include Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Cardi B and Dolly Parton. All of them believe in love stories, are loyal, work their butts off, and care about beauty and aesthetics. They all love a fairy-tale ending. And they are all criticized and reduced for their love of all things beautiful and must go up against a world trying to reduce their intellect and drive because of their child-like way of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. The resilience they must possess to continue being true to themselves is astonishing.

So when you see another photo of Aspen now you know that I am committed to celebrating her authenticity just as I am committed to Hayes and Hart’s authentic selves.

For more information on auras and how you can learn your own color and your children’s colors please visit @mysticmichaela or write me a note describing you or your child’s interests and mundane hobbies and I might be able to help you out too!

  1. My children post divorcing their father are completely different then the one there during. Babies auras change in relation to divorcing our husbands. Their father’s.

  2. I would love to know my aura. I am empathetic and sensitive. I don’t like being the Center of attention . I like to have order and know what is happening around me. I don’t need to discuss I just need to know.

  3. Meghan,
    Thank you for sharing this about your children. I absolutely love @mysticmichaela. I am 💛🌀and have had 2 readings from MM. I would like to thank you, because of you, I was able to become involved with MM and she and her podcast and FB and her husband Scott have literally saved my life. Thank you for bringing her on the Housewives. I adore you and your family. Christy.

  4. Meghan, Than you for sharing your stories and children with us. You are an amazing Mom and inspiration to all single Moms. You are doing an amazing job setting a good example for your children. Peace!

  5. I’m not sure why you blocked me and removed me from your subscribers on Instagram. I’ve done nothing but defend and support you against those who hate on you. You’ve actually responded and “liked” many of those comments. Your jackass of an ex husband and his daughter both blocked me for defending you when they were bagging on you. If that were the case in this instance I could fully understand but again I’ve never done anything to harm you or posted anything that wasn’t in your defense. So despite the fact that I’ll no longer see your posts or be allowed to follow you for whatever reasons you found to block me I wish nothing but the best for you and your children.

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