Amazon Holiday Deals and Sales Must Haves

Who has time to shop in stores?! Not me!  You are all keenly aware of my love of Amazon, especially since I had the twins and I have lost any and all free time, yet my needs have only grown.  But with Amazon Prime everything is fast and easy, and because I’ve become such an efficient Amazon shopper, I’ve learned to become a pro at Amazon Fashion and finding the best items that I love sharing with you.

For example, one of my staples in my fall and winter wardrobe is my leopard print duster cardigan.  I can easily jazz up some leggings or cozy up a pair of jeans.  Leopard is so hot right now, but you know what’s hotter?  The price! $29 find right here!  Or my leggings that I LIVE in… leggings are a part of my daily mom uniform (as you can see on my blog by clicking here) and I purchase them all on Amazon so they arrive quickly.  My current fave are these affordable leggings by Core10. And finally my winter coats:  I found all my coat needs from a packable vest to a thick down coat that I like to call “Canada Goose’s Cousin” on Amazon when I did this blog.  I told you I’m an Amazon Fashion loyalist!

But Amazon Fashion isn’t just for me, it’s for the whole family!  In the spirit of gift-giving season I’ve compiled a list for you to reference for every member in my family from my husband to my pre-teen step-kids all the way down to the twins.  For your own holiday shopping I suggest starting at the Amazon Deals and Sales and working your way through that first.  It’s a great way to find new and exciting products for great prices and you can even search different price points (under $50, under $20) within each category (men, women, kids, baby).


For My Husband


For My Pre-Teen Step Kids 

For Aspen

For The Twins 

For Me

I’m always on the search for great deals so please let me know what you find, too.


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