Why I Love Using Huggies Pull-Ups® for Aspen

We have reached that very exciting time in Aspen’s little toddler life: potty-training time! I have been looking forward to this milestone after changing 1,000 too many dirty diapers!

I knew Aspen was ready when she started to become interested in toilet paper, when she started hiding to “do her business”, and when she started recognizing that she was wearing a diaper and mommy and daddy were wearing underwear.  That’s why Huggies Pull-Ups were the obvious choice: they act like underwear in all the right ways!

Pull-Ups are great at making Aspen feel like a big girl (Jimmy and I show her our underwear, just like hers) but let me let you in on a little secret – they are just as effective as diapers! When she does inevitably have an accident, Pull-Ups contain the mess and even allow me to undo the sides like a traditional diaper. But when she does keep a dry Pull-Up she can pull it down to her ankles just like underwear; this makes her just about the proudest toddler on the planet!

I always knew Huggies Pull-Ups would be the “big girl pants” we would transition to when potty-training. What I didn’t know was how much more fun it would make potty-training for Aspen! Right now I am putting her on the toilet before her noon nap and before she goes to bed. If she goes then she can pick out a sticker (she usually picks puppies and sticks it on her hand!) and put on her “big girl pants” aka Pull-Ups. Then she runs around the house saying “Big girl!” to anyone who will listen.

And just like every other toddler in the world, she is enamored by her favorite tv characters. When we get a new big box of Pull-Ups she loves playing with the box because Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins are on it. She takes her little doll and holds it up to Doc McStuffins on the box, and when she’s sitting on the toilet being patient as she does her business she likes to look at her Pull-Ups and talk about “Minnie and Mickey”. The whole thing makes my heart smile.


Pull-Ups hasn’t only made potty-training easy, they’ve made it FUN. I can’t wait to make the same memories with Hayes and Hart in a couple years!


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