How I’m Staying Calm During Quarantine

Okay, let’s face it…things are not easy right now. This is a difficult and uncertain time for all of us, but we can also see it as a time to unplug, looking within ourselves, and just slow all the way down. Just like everyone else, I have my moments of feeling anxious and uncomfortable about the current state of the world, but I have found a few ways to help me remain calm. Now that it looks like we’re not going to be done social distancing anytime soon, I figured I’d share how I’m getting through this quarantine. Keep reading for how I’m spending time at home and why it’s helping.



I truly believe in the power of meditation. I’m all about setting a healthy state of mind for myself, especially while self-isolating. Lately, I’ve been doing a daily meditation with Ryan Blair (you can find him on IG: @realryanblair) which you can do too. The sessions are 25 minutes long and it’s such a refreshing way for me to start my day. All faiths are welcome to join Ryan’s daily meditation! There are also plenty of meditation apps available in your smartphone’s app store, and if you’d like you can always check out guided meditation videos on YouTube. (I also use Churchome on occasion, the little prayers can be as short as 4 minutes.) Trust me, this type of balance is something we really all need right now. All I do is sit in a comfortable spot or on my yoga mat and then I get right into it.


Whenever I want to sit down and really focus on something, I turn to reading. It’s a great activity for canceling any outside noise or distractions and kicking your feet up and enjoying a good book is always relaxing. I allow myself to really escape in novels. At the moment, I’m reading Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty, which is about nine strangers spending 10 days at a health resort and it’s more challenging than they (and the readers!) would ever think. It’s getting its own TV adaptation starring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.

Digitally Detoxing

Every now and then I need to step away from my phone and social media in general. Right now, the internet can be a pretty scary place and it’s okay for us to take a break from it. Instead of getting myself in a hole with constantly reading the news or deep-diving into any negativity, I just put my phone down and focus on anything but that. Whether we’re in quarantine or not, I think doing a digital detox is beneficial to everyone! We’re only human.


Meal Prepping

Planning meals ahead of time is a great way to help the time pass. While some of you are stepping into the kitchen and putting on your chef’s hat, some have turned to meal delivery services. I’m a big fan of Home Chef because the meals and recipes fit my lifestyle and diet. You can also tweak and customize the meals to your liking, which is an option that a lot of meal delivery services don’t have! They’re delicious, quick, and easy to make when you don’t feel like cooking from scratch. Also,  I really like to use these Tupperwares and these food labels . 


I’m sure that just like everyone else you’ve seen an influx in puzzles as of late! Seriously, puzzles are all over my Instagram feed, but I’m definitely not mad at it. There’s something relaxing about sitting down and completing a puzzle, along with a sense of accomplishment once you’re done! I love it. I actually just bought myself a popsicle puzzle that I can’t wait to get started on! This is a fun activity for the whole family to do and with this extra time on our hands, we can all try a few different ones.


I’m a huge proponent of dating yourself whether you’re single or not.  But for all the single ladies out there, getting any physical action is out of the question right now BUT loving yourself is not.  Exploring your body and getting to know what you find pleasurable is a great masterdate but there’s also nothing wrong with doing the deed… solo.
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