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Alright so I did a thing… I got SO sick of looking at my crazy, bed-head hair every morning so I finally took action and decided to try something new with my hair.

I tried 3 new easy and fun hairstyles that any beginner can tackle. I did the blow-out and party hair in the same day (BUT you can just one or the other). And the last video shows how to find your natural curl without heat products… for being the most natural it was *shockingly* the most time-consuming! However I LOVED how it turned out.

I have linked everything for you guys, too, in case you want to follow along 🙂


Time commitment: 12 minutes for medium length, fine, thick hair.

Takeaways: This is the easiest style on this blog.  It takes first prize!

Here’s what you need:

  1. The Revlon One-Step Hot Air Brush    –  This hair tool is EPIC and easy to use. I give my thoughts in the video but overall I loved this. 
  2. Monat Thermal Protector
  3. Hair Clips
  4. Fluffy White Robe (optional 😜)



Time commitment: 10 minutes despite your hair’s length and thickness.

Takeaways: Once my hair is dry (you don’t have to blow-dry it, this is the perfect style for between washes) I do something I like to call “Party Hair.” If this kind of looks familiar to you it’s because I’ve actually blogged about it in the past 🙂 It’s really my go-to fun/fancy/going-out hair that’s easy to do and doesn’t take forever.  So watch this whole video to see how to DIY!

For Party Hair here’s what you need:

  1. Eden Hydrating Serum
  2. Square Brush
  3. Curling Iron
  4. Hair Clips
  5. Hairspray 



Time Commitment: 15 minutes to wash and prep, HOURS (maybe 8 or more) to dry in a plop on your head (do it overnight!)

Takeaways: This is the healthiest style and the easiest way to bring life back into your hair. This takes the #1 prize for quarantine hair health!  I followed the Curly Girl Method from a Youtube tutorial, but here’s the step by step breakdown:

1. Final Wash – When you start with the method, you have to make a final wash – here you wash the silicone out of your hair and for one last time, you use hard sulfate in a product.

2. Cleanse Or Co-Wash – There are three types of cleansers to use when following the curly girl method. Co-Wash, Low-Poo, and No-Poo. I use Pantene Deep Hydrating Co-Wash

3. Condition – This is usually where you find silicones, so it’s really important to check the ingredients when purchasing your conditioner, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. I use Mani Moisture Coconut Oil Conditioner.  Then I use a Detangling Comb.

4: Squish To Condish – The principle behind Squish to Condish is that conditioner and water should work in unison to hydrate the hair, because water is the hydrating and moisturizing factor, the conditioner is just a medium to get water into our hair.

5: Style – Make sure that whatever gel you use contains no silicones. Some people use nothing but gel, while others like to use other products. I use Renpure Coconut Styling Creme.

6. Wrap Your Hair in a Hair Turban using a shirt or towel. This helps to scrunch up the girls while they dry.

7. Dry – Your hair should try naturally but if you need to, you can use a hair dryer on low.  It’s important to leave the hair partially damp, so the hair doesn’t become damaged or overly dry.

8. Scrunch Out The Crunch Once the hair is dry, it will be stiff or crunchy rather than soft. To soften the hair, repeatedly scrunch the hair to break the casts.

9. Voila!! You have naturally curly hair 🙂



  1. Hi Meghan and staff,

    I don’t want this posted. Just wanted to say that #7 should say dry instead of try.

    I love this blog. So inspiring and also fun! I used to watch RHOC and I always thought Meghan was too nice of a person for her husband. So sorry about the divorce but good for you for being able to find yourself and know that knowing how to “love yourself” is key to complete happiness. You need to be the best version of yourself to be able to be the absolute best for yourself and everyone around you.

    Sending tons of blessings for you and your babies!!

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