How To Make The Most Of Your Quarantine

Alrighttt so we’re all undeniably really going through it. I mean, this is probably one of the weirdest times we’ve ever experienced so I think it’s only natural that stress and anxiety levels are high and that we’re all in a place of deep uncertainty.

For me, YES, I’m trying to see the silver lining in all of this (more family time, more time to reflect, more opportunities to practice self-care, etc.) but I would be lying if I didn’t say that this time has been super challenging.

SO, I wanted to write a quick little blog about things I’ve been doing , wearing, and using in my household that has helped me to make the most out of my quarantine experience. I hope this helps you, too!

Comfy PJ’s

Cozying up in cute and comfortable pajama’s have *actually* brought me so much joy. and I LOVE when all the kids are in their own matchy PJ sets. It’s the little things right now and I’m not even kidding when I say that when all of us are in PJ sets it makes me feel like I have my sh*t together (anyone else!? lol)

Adult PJ’s

Little Girl PJ’s

Little Boy PJ’s


I’ve always been a candle girl but quarantining has literally made me NEED candles. I have them all over the house because 1) it smells good and 2) it reallyyyy calms me down.

Reading My Kindle

There’s *actually* never been a better time to read all those books we’ve been putting off. Tbh, as a single mom in quarantine alone, it has not been easy to just sit down and read, but whenever I do get the chance, I pick up my Kindle and get in the zone. It’s so nice because I can just sit up in bed and read without having to squint my eyes or without having to turn on extra lights. The Kindle has made it such a dream to read.

Weighted Blanket

Like I said, our stress and anxiety levels are most likely through the roof, so to make the most out of my quarantine, I bought myself a weighted blanket and it’s incredible. It just feels like I’m getting a really long hug. So grateful for this one!


The other night, I did a Golden Girls puzzle and I’m not kidding, the next day I went to go link it for you guys on my Instagram stories and it was completely sold out. SO I found a different Golden Girls puzzle that is available so that you guys can have a little healthy distraction throughout your day.

  1. Meghan I just saw in Jimmys Instagram story that he tested positive for the virus. Concerned how you and the kiddos are? Stay safe.

  2. I truly admire how you are protecting your children from the toxic situations you are dealing with. I also admire how you are able to focus and not let this destroy you. These people will get their karma. God protect you and your babies. I hope the other ex wife will band with you because her children seem to be on the back burner too during his latest conquest. His life is governed by evil spirits. Never let your guard down.

  3. Could you send me the link to the trampoline you bought for your children? Thanks so much.

  4. Do not relent ! Leopards don’t change their spots and why would you want to go through it again – don’t !
    This world is crazy right now but it’s temporary

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