I’m Sad.


I don’t want to write this but here I am, writing.  Now Page 6 and US Weekly can get those quotes they want and you guys can get the truth.

I found out the same way you guys did: in the tabloids.  I never left a voicemail for the other woman.  I called Jimmy and he confessed to me that he had exchanged lewd photos with this woman over the course of several months and a physical relationship never existed.  He paid her off to protect me so I’d never find out.

Yet here I am writing about it.

Do I believe him?  I don’t know.  Because I don’t trust him anymore.  Physical or not, he still had an affair and he admits this to me.

I’m a simple girl.  I wanted a solid marriage.  I’m as loyal as they come and I wanted the vows we made when we exchanged our rings to be acted upon.  Now my wedding ring symbolizes fraud.

I refuse to be humiliated by this.

Marriage is hard, we’ve been through our ups and downs, I’ve talked about it openly.  A relationship takes two but it doesn’t take two to cheat.

I did nothing wrong, I don’t deserve this.  I did nothing except be pregnant with our twins and try to have a healthy pregnancy.  So what is so broken in him to propel him to do this to me? To us? It wasn’t one mistake, one lapse in judgement.  I saw the texts – each one represents his decision to throw our marriage in the trash.  Why did he self-sabotage?  And who sends nudies?  Doesn’t everyone know better than this in 2019?  What drives someone to self-destruct in such a way?

I don’t care about my stupid massive house, I don’t care about my new car, I don’t care about my diamonds.  What does any of that mean when I can’t have the most basic needs met?  It means nothing.  Smoke and mirrors.

I love him.  How can I turn my feelings around so quickly?  How can one person decide to utterly ruin me?  It’s not fair.  I sob so much my face stings from the salt from my tears.  I am exhausted.  My poor kids aren’t getting their devoted mother.  And it’s only been 36 hours.

And all of this could not have come at a worse time.  Again, something I wasn’t ready to share but here I am sharing it: we are worried our son, Hart, might have a neurological disorder.  It’s been the most trying last couple months of my entire life and we still don’t have answers.  Sometimes I leave the house after the kids go to bed so I can drive around and ugly cry in the dark with no one around.  Now I have this to deal with: my one true love betraying me in the most disgusting and public way possible.

I feel sad.  Oh, do I feel so sad!  I feel abandoned.  Lonely.  My best friend, my number one person has lied to me.  Who is he?  Do I even know?

In the days of digital media what are we if we don’t have our reputation?  Every job is dependent upon an unsoiled reputation.  What was he thinking?

I am a victim, but I am not defined by this. I need space to heal.

Ultimately, I have hope our marriage can recover.

I do not fault any other person except my husband.  There are so many people out there with bad intentions and it’s our responsibility to ignore and rise above.  One slimy person doesn’t make another person cheat.  And there are a million more slimy people to take “slimy person #1’s” place.

Marriage is a choice, every. damn. day.  On the days I hate him, on the days I want to run from him, on the days I get approached by some hot dude on instagram luring me with trips or money or whatever the hell else the slimy people do.  So yes, marriage is a choice on the bad days.  And on the good days marriage is easy and beautiful.

No one said it would be easy, I just didn’t think it would be this hard.

  1. My heart feels for you! Your beautiful family will prevail, whatever the outcome. Thank you for your openness. You are one of my role models! Much love Meghan

    1. Wish I could just give you the biggest hug and we can cry together while binge eating your favorite stuff to eat then go to a place and release all your anger and just break a ton of stuff or light it on fire. Your choice and I’ll totally go along with it ha ha ha.

      But.. on a more serious note. Thanks for opening up. It must be hard to have your private life all out in the open. Thanks for being so real and raw about your feelings and the situation. Sending you lots of positive energy for your son! As a mother, when something is wrong with your child and you can’t just snap your fingers and fix it can be a horrible feeling. So hang in there and eventually you will get your answers. As to everything else…. you know you are a great wife, you don’t need no scrub messing it all up.

      Sending you so much love!

      1. My heart breaks for you and your fam. All I can say is.. I am praying for you all as family, praying for healing, hope and forgiveness. Take it day by day, trust that their is ALWAYS light at the end!

      2. I wish I could just give you a great big hug and tell you it’s gonna be ok. It’a going to suck for a while. Make sure to take care of yourself. Go stay with babies at a friend or relatives house for a while to get away from the crazy. Do things that make you happy. Hang in their my friend. Prayers and love headed your way

        1. This same thing happened to me last week. I was rocked to my core. I thought we were so solid and never dreamed it would happen. I know your sadness. I’m so sorry. I hope you can find the strength to heal your heart. Much love

        2. Hmm…you presented yourself as very narcissistic and pushed him into having kids he did not seem to really want!
          Sorry but it does take TWO to cheat, one to push the other person away causing them to look elsewhere for the needs to be met that are not being met at home!!
          I despise women that cannot see what they did to contribute to the situation. Jim should have just dumped your ass before he let you bully him into having more children that he did not really want! You put him in an unattainable situation. He had a mental affair NOT a physical one!! You cannot really be that stupid as to ask “who sends undies, its 2019”, that’s right its 2019, ALOT of people do it!
          Instead of just blaming Jim for everything, why not look in the mirror long and hard and look past your narcissism, and see how your behaviours and attitude and treatment left something unfulfilled in jim that he looked elsewhere. Yes he is responsible for his mental (NOT PHYSICAL) affair, he should have just dumped you long before you bullied him into having more kids!

          1. Wow, just wow! Judgmental much? I hope those closest to you don’t see this side of your personality. Imagine if you’d trash someone you’ve never met, someone who openly shared a personal struggle with you, and then let you trash their life, imagine what you say to those you are comfortable around.
            I hope you never have to experience her pain. I hope you never let a strangers words cut you deep. I also hope she never sees the hate you have in your heart!
            I’m sure your world is a lonely place. I hope you find the joy your are obviously missing. Maybe one day you can find some joy and compassion for others.

          2. Spoken like a true infidel, someone who’s cheated and can’t be trusted and must blame others for their shortcomings. When one partner cheats, it is THAT person who is to blame. Period.

      3. Hang in there girl and concern yourself with you and your beautiful family, dont let your personal life be on display for all to judge, especially the press and all the he said she said BS, just say, no comment, or the press will tear you and Jim apart and that’s exactly what this tramp wants and is getting. Mums the word.

        1. Ha! This is how a sham marriage plays out. You were in it for the attention and the money.
          Now in your desperation, you’ve brought three kids into your scam. Sad indeed.

      4. You’re beautiful and strong. Stronger than all of this. This is hard….you have to do the next thing. Every day. One day this will all be behind you it will mean you survived. Beautifully.

      5. How brave, real and vulnerable of you to be so candid. You have expressed yourself so eloquently and collected. I am so very sorry this has happened to you, but you seem to be approaching it healthily and honestly (openly too, even when you do not have to be and owe NOTHING to the public). Hang in there, pray a lot and keep being you – a good and loyal person. Everything will unfold and heal in time as it should – you and your family WILL be OK one way or another. I am praying for you and your family and your son, Hart. One day at a time…

        1. I am so sorry you’re going through this. Ignore the mean, snotty comments from haters.
          It hurts, but you know what you have to do. Be strong for your babies. You have it in you. Dig deep.
          Remember to take careful of yourself. I recommend therapy. For you. Find a good therapist and that will help you stay strong I’ve been through this and it’s not easy. My opinion about Jim is that he not self-sabotaging. He’s so used to being fawned over and fame, regular life isn’t enough for him. It’s not about you. Don’t take it on.
          Take care of yourself, stay strong. Prayers for you.

    2. Feeling your pain and betrayal. You said it. I know it. Been there. So very very sad and disgusted that another one of us has to go through this crap. Don’t try to make sense of a non sensual situation. You will go through all the phases but know you did nothing wrong.

      1. This. Exactly this. The worst part is trying to “make sense” of it. There is none to be found. Also, as you already said this reflects not on you, but sadly on him. He chose this for himself and in turn you were merely in the path of his self loathing and self destruction – from that I wish all betrayed hearts could be spared, but life’s not fair. Head up sweet girl. You will get through this. Sending you all of the love.

    3. Philippians4:6-7
      Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

      Praying for you. Be wise in those you listen to and surround yourself with. God’s got this! And you will be stronger and wiser.

      1. You are such example of love. The big picture is Jesus will return one day and that’s the only time everything will be perfect. Humans suck and we are in desperate need of our savior. He will give you strength, it’s nothing you did and you can’t fix it but the way you love and forgive (daily) heals you.

        1. Meghan my heart aches for you and the children…tears are flowing as I write this. I truly believe you are an amazing & strong woman,great mother. You certainly dont need the upset & betrayal at a time when your baby has a problem! I’ll be praying for Hart and praying for God to give you peace,wisdom & strength through this emotional upheaval. I hope you’ll keep sharing the Joy’s of your life, your children, with us! We all live you & pray for the best for you. 😍😍 much love from St.Louis

    4. 💗Take a deep breath. One step, one minute, one hour and one day at a time, this all will pass and the reasons for the bumps will become clear. Hang in there, you are not alone.

    5. I’m sorry Meghan. I agree with everything you said, except one thing. He didn’t pay her off to “protect you”. He paid her off to protect himself. Don’t let him write that narrative. Under the circumstances nothing he did was for or about you. You deserve better but only you know what is best for your family. Best of luck.

    6. Meghan, my heart is breaking and the tears won’t stop. I have been with my husband for 28 years, 5kids and 12 grandbabies. It has been 6months since I found out about my husband’s indiscretions. I still don’t have all the answers and you can only do what you want to do. My prayers are with you sweetie and may God give you the strength to move on and feel whole again.

    7. I’m so sorry, Meghan. I found out my husband was having an affair just days before we celebrated our 20 year anniversary. The other woman messaged me and when she didn’t get a response, she FB messaged most of my friends. She blasted him and insulted me on social media…the kiss of death. I never had a chance to deal with this privately. I chose to forgive him and we have been in counseling. I’m four months in and I’m hopeful but it is hard. It was our oldest child’s senior year of high school and like you, I feel like I haven’t been the best mom I would’ve been. Prayers for you and your sweet family. I’m inspired by your confidence that you did nothing wrong because I have blamed myself so many times. You’re so on point that it was our basic right to have a faithful marriage. We did not deserve this! Thank you for sharing your story. It will help so many. Best wishes to you…you deserve a happy life with a faithful husband.

  2. My heart is with you, I am so sorry that you have been forced to address such a personal situation in the public. You are brave for writing this.

    1. Meghan,
      You my dear are an amazing wife and mother. You will get passed this, get counseling for yourself and your marriage. As for Hart, God gave you this child for a reason, and he doesn’t make mistakes. You will also get through this also.

      God has a purpose for all things, you may not understand now, but trust in him.

      I pray you and your husband can get through this. What you decide to do is your business, do not let anyone judge you or your husband.

      Hugs, love, and prayers

      1. I feel so bad for you and your children. He is the one that is broken and I don’t think he can be fixed. Just try to protect yourself and your kids, please. He broke the vows not you, and nothing you could have done would have changed the outcome. You deserve loyalty and most of all respect. Do not settle for less than you deserve. All the best

        1. Meghan, this is the most disrespectful thing a person can do in a relationship & I’m sorry you have to deal with it publicly. I hope you start seeing him for what he is & has been, before you met. You are a smart, beautiful woman & a wonderful mom…focus on yourself & your children. Healing will take time, take care of yourself 💖 you deserve much better

          1. I agree. He’s cheated on every wife. It’s a shame they both put the wrong things to the front …fame, money, arm candy….

    2. Praying for you girl! This is so hard.. I’m crying with you and I don’t even know you. The only thing I know is that the pain doesn’t last forever. You can do this!

    3. Meghan, I’m so so sorry that you’re going through this. Please consider going to a marriage counselor to help you work through this. You can’t do it on your own. You Are under so much stress now with the uncertainty of your precious son’s health and just dealing with day to day parenting. Now, add this abhorrent behavior of your husband, can put you in so much despair that you need help to work through this. You’re a tough woman and will survive. Rely on your family and friends to help you as well. It takes a village to be supported by loving people who want the best for you. You WILL get through this. Now that your fans are praying for your continued strength and guidance during this very upsetting and dark time. Sending love and hugs to you and your precious babies.

      1. Agree 100% – therapy therapy therapy – if you BOTH have the same end goal of staying together – & you BOTH give it your everything – you will get thru it and possibly come out even stronger as a couple!

    4. I am so very sorry that you have to take this on because you deserve better. You are strong but when you are not find someone to take over and be weak. Care for yourself until your strength comes back. Facing this head on is incredibly brave and one day your children will know what an amazing, strong, committed, brace mother they have.

      1. Meghan- sorry for what has happened it’s just awful. I am reaching out because I heard your son may have neurological issues. I want to help you and get him back on track as soon as possible. You may think I am crazy but my own son was vaccine injured and presented with neurological issues and motor issues as well. We are seeing a functional medicine doctor/naturopath doctor. Healing his gut with advanced TRS spray (one spray daily) genetic testing.. he has MTHFR genetic SNP which severely slows down his detox pathways, and we do supplements and probiotics. Obviously had to stop vaccinating him. In addition, we did cranial sacral fascial Therapy, PT/OT and tons of speech therapy. The more you can do before three the better! My son was allergic to all foods and now we have “outgrew” all but one, also severe eczema occurred which we are still working on. But please seek alternative advice! I know California is impossible with vaccine laws but your kids health is your number one!!

        1. I’m sorry for your sons illness but please don’t blame this on vaccines. Antivaxers have gotten us in the trouble we are in today, they put everyone at risk.

        2. Wonderful advice Breanne! So glad to hear others speaking out. We can deny and bury our heads but it doesn’t change anything. I know many that have taken this advice with amazing outcomes. Keep speaking up all the facts are out there if people will research and not let the cognitive dissonance get the best of them. It’s hard as hell to have to deal with a possible sick little one in the midst of personal heartache, but there are steps to help as you’ve said. Prayers for everyone!

        3. Yes you are crazy. Only on the anti-vaccine BS! Diseases that were once eradicated are coming back but EVERYONE in jeopardy because they were led to believe vaccines caused problems that are simply not true. SOME may be allergic to a vaccine, just like some are allergic to milk. To believe everyone should stop vaccinations is criminal and very reckless! I’m sorry your child may have been allergic, but he would be in the less than 3% of vaccinated children. Do not spread reckless information that will kill other people’s children. Deal with your own “beliefs” individually and don’t enroll your children in any public education. It’s not fair to expose the rest.
          Your information an therapies is so good and so helpful! I pray every single helpful therapy available will help Hart as well as your child. To have a sick child is heartbreaking. For that, I am so very sorry. It sounds like Hart’s cane at some point during gestation. He will have awesome care I’m sure because Meghan and Jim are awesome parents and love their three children SO much. Oh, he’s in trouble, but I have no doubt that he loves his children and Meghan very much. Satin is a horrible factor in every corner and Jimmy made some terrible mistakes. I do think if he would have wanted to have a full blown affair with total sexual activity he would have. He could have. He could have flown this woman all over the world to meet up with him, but he didn’t take it to that next level. It’s more like a pornography addiction, unfortunately the pornography had a dialogue between the slime and Jimmy. Thank heavens he had even a tiny bit of discretion to not let it go any further.

    5. Be weak, be sad, be angry, be lost. In the end this will make you stronger. Let your emotions come and live them & feel them truly. When the time is right and you truly feel like a partial human again find forgiveness! Not for him, definitely not for him but for you. Then make your decisions. Be true to yourself and be strong once you’ve grieved this moment & take the time you need to feel it.

  3. I am So sorry for what you are going thru. I’ve been thru a cheating spouse. You are incredibly strong to share this publicly and I hope Those awful magazines and social media trolls let you grieve and try to heal and repair your marriage in peace. I have Followed you from the RHOC days and you are always so honest and real and strong. This is God giving you some obstacles but I’m praying for you and hoping that your sweet baby will be okay and that you and Jimmy can repair your relationship. Keep moving forward and know that many of your fans are cheering for you from afar!

  4. I’m so sorry Megan. From the bottom of my heart. You’re so strong for being transparent. You did nothing nothing wrong. I hope you can remember these things when things are tough. There’s no answer on how to go forward. But you are in my prayers tonight and your son. And your family. Sending all my love.

    1. Megan I feel so bad for what you are going through. You are a very strong woman. I’ve seen in on The Real Housewives and I’ve seen it in your post. I love the way you present yourself. Your the real deal. I agree you have been taken advantage of and you deserve better. Take time and don’t pay attention to the hater’s. Only you know what you need to do and no one else. Your a beautiful woman and I hope your able to get pass this. Take care and know you do have people out here who love and support you 😘

      1. Take a break..spend some time with your children and pray. Is love enough? Being betrayed by your spouse is almost impossible to forgive. Give yourself time to heal. Your family, friends and fans are behind you all the way. He needs a good smack upside his head.
        Praying for Hart ❤☹…such a precious child.
        Stay strong…

    2. May God lead you on your road to forgiveness. Meghan love yourself and move on with or without Jim. YOU matter most. Your self worth is not defined by a man… Your babies need a strong loving mommy YOU CAN DO THIS. You will survive. So cry your eyes out and let go of the anger at your pace NOBODY walks in your shoes. One day at a time. Baby steps is all it takes. You are a strong woman BE BRAVE

  5. There are no words. I am just sorry that you are hurt and going through this. You are 100% correct in everything you said. Marriage is work , hard work. I have been married for 23 years and have 2 beautiful boys. Look into your faith and allow your friends and family to be there for you. You will get through it. Maybe not today, tomorrow or next week. But you will find a way. God does not throw at you anything you cannot handle. You got this.

    1. Meghan: Jim has always treated you like absolute dirt, and you know it. It was a shock to the system for all of us to see how callous he is towards you, how uninterested. You were simply too young to understand that people are NOT supposed to act this way, that there is ZERO ‘normal’ about it. Now, you know better. Even in the throes of this hideous betrayal, look how mild his phony ‘apology’ is. This is unbelievable.

      I think you understand now that you need to BELIEVE what people show you.

      Please leave him and never look back.

      1. Where is your empathy for someone in such pain? The only one treating anyone “like dirt” is you. Be supportive or be quiet.

        1. Who the hell are you to me, and how is it you get to tell anyone how to react? Back off. I stand by my comments.

          1. @Lola, I commented something similar, too. As a viewer of RHOC, I felt he was checked out IMO. Maybe, he’ll finally wake up upon getting all the scrutiny. It doesn’t feel good to be JUDGED, POKED AT, “investigated”…but here it is..all out for the world to see. I hope she does was best for her and her 3 children. You know? My opinion don’t matter to her but its mine.

        2. You’re such a strong mom + a kind, genuine person. I don’t have advice or anything to add really other than I wish you and your children all the best and you definitely didn’t deserve this. One time I misunderstood a comment you made about formula and your explanation was so kind. I totally had misunderstood. You field so much criticism from strangers you have been so kind to share your life with sometimes I can’t even imagine how hard that pressure is. You’ve always remained graceful and acted with class and dignity and really I’m just so sad reading this know that lots of people care and are there for you

      2. You’re right Lola we were all shocked at how standoffish and snarky Jim was to her. We expected a loving person because of who Megan is.

      3. Who Meghan is? She’s a gold digger who wanted a famous rich hot older guy——you got what you wanted with all the consequences

        1. Anna Lynne-Must speak up on this one- you are 100% incorrect, Meghan is NOT a gold digger by any stretch of the imagination. Please bring your FACTS to the table and I hope everyone disregards this comment. Meghan was already a very accomplished woman before she met Jim. She is from an exceptionally old money family who got their money the old fashioned way by earning it. Meghan had a very high paying job in the medical sales field earning into the hight 6 figures. Her brother and sister are very accomplished – not to mention she has relatives here in St. Louis who are prominent and respected attorneys. She is a smart cookie and she did not marry “UP” she had already had it. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch covered her in a full page article if you wish to actually educate yourself before you try to destroy someone you don’t even know.

      4. I completely agree with you. It was uncomfortable to watch him disrespect and simply humor her conversations, all the while eagerly waiting to get out of town and back to his job in St. Louis. He never appeared to be “engaged” in their marriage. I felt sorry for her because his dismissive manner to her was blatant.

  6. You got this girl,! Rise above you are strong and God will never leave you he will guide your thoughts and help you always. Now, take care of yourself so you can be there for your kids, sending you blessings!

  7. Your testimony touches me to the core. I believe there are so many reasons a person may cheat. Not all of them mean they dont love you. But does that even matter. You are strong, Im not sure I am capable of that level of forgiveness. My heart is with you💜

  8. You are strong, you are brave, you are honest. It’s not going to be easy but do what you need to do how you need to do it. Love and hugs to a beautiful lady xx

    1. Meghan, my heart breaks for you. You are a wonderful woman, with a heart of gold. I pray that you take time to heal and do what is right for your family. I hope that you have a tremendous support system to comfort you and love you. I cannot even imagine your pain. Your bravery and honesty at this time is a true testament to your character. Many prayers for you, Hart and the rest of your family.

  9. You’re beyond strong and I’m praying for you and your family! You got this. With every struggle comes a blessing.

  10. I know how you are feeling, been there before. You will need time to heal and trust again and he needs to be patient with that and also fight for you. So if you two truly love each other, you can overcome this in time and come out stronger in the end. Praying for you and your family!

  11. You are brave and super woman/mom. Don’t let this take you down. Focus on your healing and kids !!!

    1. When I was 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I found out my husband had been doing the same thing. Of all of the traumas that I have been through including losing my mom at six years old and skin cancer in my early 20s, this one has been the hardest to heal from. Although it has been over two years, I still have my moments. Thank you for describing the feelings that are so difficult to explain and I hope you find the healing you need.

  12. Thank you for this post. As someone who has gone through the same thing this is touching and beautifully written. I was holding back tears at work. You are brave and strong. Let yourself ugly cry and listen to all the angry music. I hope your heart heals over time.

    I choose to stay and admire your attitude as well. Love is sacred. And you deserve the strongest of loves. Take care of those wonderful babies and yourself.

    1. You will survive and come out on the other end of this even stronger! I will pray for you and your family every chance I get. Hugs. 💛

    2. Why did his other 2 marriages fail? I heard the voicemail and it sounds like you. Sorry for you and your children, but unfortunately this probably isn’t his first indiscretion while married to any of his wives.

    3. This triggered PTSD. My husband of 19 years had an affair with my best friend.
      I wanted to fix it but I knew I couldn’t live life looking over my shoulder. I left.
      It was the worst and the best thing that ever happened to me. You are free now. You know, you know. Spread those wings and soar above this. Freedom is intoxicating. You did nothing wrong. Don’t be a victim. Be a survivor. Sending love and strength. Go live your truth.

  13. I read this on my 17th wedding anniversary as my husband who has struggled with addiction abuse for years is now living with someone else as I keep our family going. I have filed for divorce because now is the time to put ME and my girls first. I get your pain and am deeply sorry 😞

  14. You need to decide what is best for you and your family and if is giving him another chance. My advice marriage counseling. This is not an easy situation. Their is no solution or a way to make the trust, security and even the love not be in question. Doll is one thing you never do is blame yourself . Do not be sad be strong.

  15. So sorry for you Meghan. Loved watching you on Tv and have been following you on Instagram. I sure it hit you like a ton of bricks but you are STRONG!!! You definitely need to give yourself the time to cry and think and feel. You have every right to feel the way you are feeling right now. My heart breaks for you, but you have the loving hearts of your children, family and friends with you. Take deep breaths and know you will survive this. And as cliche as it sounds, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. Just know you have a lot of people praying for you and sending you lots of love and support.

  16. So sorry you’re going through this Meghan. My heart truly goes out to you and your children. You’re so brave for addressing such a personal issue publicly. Best wishes always. Xx

  17. Meghan, You are strong! You got this. My baby has a neurological disorder. It is stressful and worrisome at times. My little boy is 20 months now and is nothing but the light of our lives. He is doing great. You will smile again!! You will get through this. God does not give you more than you can handle.

  18. I’m so very sorry for your pain. I love your Instagram post And your family. Your a strong woman and you will come out of this stronger. I have an adult child with Asperger syndrome and a genetics disorder so I I’ll be in prayer for Hart.

  19. I’m so so sorry. What I see is a loving plugged in Mom and a devoted wife. Keep your head held high and pour your love onto your children. It will work out the way it’s supposed to. Praying for Hart and all of you.

  20. My heart breaks for you. Thank you for being so open and telling your truth! I learned through the Grief Recovery Method that telling your truth will help to rid yourself of your hurt, pain and grirf(anything you want different better or more). I don’t have the magic words other than speak your truth and feelings, don’t let them pile up!! Thinking of you!!! Cheryll

    1. My comment will probably catch some heat.
      …Jim Edmonds is a slimeball for doing what he did. Not Only was text messages involved nude pictures was involved and to make it worse a masterbating video. Meghan you are one beautiful person. At no time should anyone EVER have to go through this…and in the public eye nothing can be worse. I have watched you on tv and followed your Instagram and find you to be such a devoted mom and I hate to see such a beautiful person have to hurt this bad. On another note…once they cheat the odds of them doing it again is pretty high (proven fact) Now you have to make the decision on what your next step will be and I can guarantee what ever it is we will all be here for you!!!! 😩💖💩💔👣🐍

        1. @Angela, “uneducated”?? Look who is judging. Not everyone will give a hug, cry with you, and play victims advocate when you have hardships and that’s okay too! Some people will give straight up honesty as difficult as that may be. What Jim did was slimy and scummy and low-down!! He DOES have a history of cheating on his other ex-wives!! Meghan shouldn’t call herself a victim. She should become strengthened by adversity not victimized by it. I pity him for throwing away a good woman. There is no harm in calling things out no matter how ugly. What he did was foul!

  21. I admire you and all you stand for!!! You are a amazing mother and wife and I feel for you, but ultimately you will do what you need for yourself and your family. I think it’s disgusting how these tabloids exploit innocent people…. you deserve better!!! Hang in there Girl, you got this😊😊😊

  22. I had this happen to me. My girls where older. I wanted to keep my marriage together, so I forgave. Then it happened a 2 nd time. My oldest daughter discovered it on his old phone he gave her.
    Again I / we worked through it. With help this time. I thought we where headed for recovery this time. And 2 years later he left me for another woman. We are divorced. I feel your pain all over again. I am so sorry you are going through this. Stay strong. You’ll know what’s right for you and your family. I was exactly like you. Wanted the same things in my life and marriage you wanted.
    Reading this really hit home. I’m so sorry.

  23. Meghan,
    I am so sorry this happened to you. It did me as well. I moved to Scottsdale and thought he was my world, so it was worth the move. It sucks in the worst way, but you dig deep and remind yourself IT WAS NOT YOU! You nailed it , something is wrong with HIM. No matter how GORGEOUS you are or amazing a person you are, it is Jim that is missing something down deep in his DNA that would do this. I know he loves you, mine loved me. But he could not stop himself from hiring high
    end call girls, drinking Crystal off of them…as the pics I found showed. Or spending extravagant amounts of money at 5 star hotels for a night of God knows what. But HE did this…not me and I survived. You will. Too. No, mine was not in the media, but it was hard nonetheless. He made the mistake, you do not feel ashamed. Your beautiful children will be better in the long run as you will now be an even better mom to them. He hurt you to your core, but you have 3 amazing gifts now that will be there for you foever… whether he is or not. You might not think you will make it through this today, but I promise with prayer and family YOU WILL! AND you will be thankful it happened as you will be an even more amazing person and Mom because if it. Us midwest girls are tough. I am from Tulsa, OK. YOU GOT THIS, XOXO!

  24. Im so sorry Meghan. I agree. I have been through that with my first marriage and realized so quickly how one person throws it away for themselves. He chose to disrespect you and continued to make that choice. I always told people marriage is you in an underwater cage with your spouse going shark sighting. The sharks will always be there, slimy and ready to devour your life. Do you stick with your partner and enjoy your safe life protecting each other? Did your partner let a shark in to devour you? Did you both leave the door open and let people in for a feeding frenzy? Your husband is your protector.. images or physical… never matters to me. He didnt protect you from the sharks when you always did for him. I hope you can get through it but in my experience I always resented the other person even when I thought I was over it. Im sad for you. God bless you and the beautiful babies you have made through all of this.

  25. You are such a strong woman, not only with words but with actions. You hit this thing head on and did not try to sugar coat it, make excuses etc. You will heal, this will be put behind you one way or another. Keep it together, you are doing awesome. I’ll remember you in my prayers these next few weeks 🙂

  26. I know you don’t know me, but I’m praying for you and your family. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I can tell from your post, you’re a VERY strong woman. You can and will get through this.

  27. Meghan you have 3 beautiful children Aspen, Hart and Hayes!!!❤ You don’t need this man to make you happy, move on and make the best life with your kids. Men can be so gross, they never have enough!! Jimmy had a beautiful wife who loved him and gave him three beautiful children but that wasn’t enough for him. You don’t need that huge house or the other material things. Be good to yourself and the kids and move on! #cheaterswillcheatagain We all love you so don’t be sad❤

  28. Megan
    Your marriage and your family are worth fighting for. Do yourself a big favor and reach out to the trained and skilled professionals that can help you and Jimmy through this…one day this will be so far behind you and you will be proud, happy and thankful you sought guidance from the right resources. We are human and not infallible. You’re hurting and I will take a leap here and say so is Jimmy. 😘

    1. Oh Meghan you are no victim, this is simply karma returning the favor to you for cheating with Jimmy while he was married to his second wife. You knew his character and chose to marry him anyway. I guess your ego was so big you thought it wouldn’t happen to you. By the way you do too care about your new car, building your new mansion and all the diamonds you have because you brag about each one of these things on Instagram! You need to snap out of the pity party your in and get real. Of course he had a physical relationship with this woman plus many others. Of course you knew about this back in October because it was YOUR voice on the voicemail and the words you said were totally YOU! Once trust is broken you can never get it back. You will be miserable always wondering what he’s doing and he’ll get pissed trying to prove he’s not. If you really want self respect and trust find a new man. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  29. I commend you wholeheartedly for writing this for all of your fans out there worrying about you. This is no ones else’s business, yet, it is because here we are in 2019, where everything is public, and even more so for you two being in the public eye day in and day out. This blog proves you’re human, and you are going through the emotions. No one can tell you what to do, as you will figure this out. I listen to Jana Kramer’s podcast, and have followed her for a long time. They discuss this all the time considering what she went through. You will get through this, and whatever you decide, you have support from fans and your amazing family. Cry, be mad, whatever, but thank you for sharing this. I can only speak for myself, but I assure you there are tons of us out there worried about you, and beyond thankful you wrote this to check in.

  30. Meghan you are a very strong lady I’m sorry you are going thru this…sending love prayers and positive energy to you and those beautiful children

  31. I’m sad for your situation too. I hope you can find peace. You are a braver woman than I to hope the marriage survives as I would never be able to trust my husband again. My mind would go crazy over every late night he was working etc.. especially since he was caught and did not tell you about it due to his true regret. But I’m not you. I hope things go well for YOU and YOUR kids. However this story ends, I hope you count your many blessings to help lessen the sting of this betrayal.

  32. Oh Meghan. I hope no matter what you choose to do there is resolution at the end of the journey. I’m so sorry you have to go through something so hard so publicly. Sending love from Canada 🇨🇦 xoxox

  33. Love you for sharing your true, raw feelings. Sending love hugs and positive vibes. Hart and your hear abs family t are in my prayers. Noelle ❤️

  34. My heart goes out to you and your beautiful children. You’ll get through this with your head held high.

  35. Meghan, I have been following you for years. I have cried reading this as I have watched you go through your ivf journey and your struggles. My heart breaks for you! I will be praying for your sweet baby/babies and you!! You are beyond gorgeous and a wonderful mom!! Anyone who cheats on their pregnant wife is a monster and you most certainly don’t deserve it.

  36. So sorry! It’s so hard to go through. Opening up about this to so many people must not be easy, but hopefully you’ll find comfort and support from doing so. You’ll know what best for you and your family. Sending you lots of love

  37. Oh Meghan. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m sorry you are hurting right now; you don’t deserve this – no one does. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable. Hopefully this will help others in similar situations. You’re an amazing woman, mother and wife. Never ever doubt your worth. Thinking of you xxx

  38. i’m so sorry sweetie, I hope you take the time to heal. forgive if it’s what you want to do. marriage is hard, and sometimes it sucks. a lot of the time it sucks. keeping you in my thoughts- stay strong for those sweet babies and hug them close. at least you have the benefit of leaving if you want to- if my husband cheated I don’t think i could leave because we rely on him financially so much. I put up with more than I should because of it. you are in the position that if you don’t want to put up with this- you don’t have to! remember that. you. are. worth. more!

  39. I am so sorry to have read this and you are so brave to have written this. I can’t begin to imagine how you feel or offer any advice. I don’t know you or your life. All I know is I’ve followed you from the first I saw you on the real housewives of OC all the way from the UK. I love your Instagram and think you are amazing. You are a fabulous mother and wife and don’t deserve this sadness in your life. You will get through this. All my love from the UK 🇬🇧

  40. Meghan,
    My heart goes out to you. You are a wonderful woman. And I am just heartbroken for the circumstance. For you to come out to be so real and spew your heart to anybody who would read this is amazing. And unfortunately because of your celebrity status, you have to. And it Shows a woman of tremendous strength. I really hope that you guys can heal your marriage. I hope that Jimmy has a repentant heart and truly feels horrible for his actions. And not because he was caught! Incredibly embarrassing and something that could be thrown in the face of your children for lifetime due to social media. Whatever you Choose to do. Is your choice. If he’s repentant, you’re not wrong to stay with him. God bless you, I feel like I’m your friend just from watching you on the show. And living in orange county just brings it even closer for some reason. Weird, I know. I wish you nothing but the best. And I really hope you guys sort this out for the best

  41. My heart breaks for you. I am so sorry. Life is hard. But love is forgiving if you want it to be.

  42. I am so sad for you. I really thought he was smarter. So stupid and unnecessary. The fallout is so hurtful.

  43. I’m so sorry Meghan.. I know the pain and sadness you are experiencing .. my husband did it to me.. yet here we are 35 years strong.. it takes time to heal , time to trust and mostly time to grieve what you had. You will not have that again.. because the trust was broken.. but we made it through with counseling and time.. God bless you and those babies .. its had trying to be everything for them at this time .. give yourself some time to yourself.. turn off the noise of social media.. I love your story.. don’t let this one moment in life redefine who you are!!! You have this!!

  44. Oh Meghan! Stay strong 🙌🏼 You will get passed this. Prayers to your family and your Son. Hope you get answers soon.

  45. I went thru the same thing Megan. It’s been two years and I still have it in the back of my mind. The same with my husband. It was texts and phone conversations after I’d leave for work… or while I was taking our children to school. I felt INSANE when I found it. Sick and shaken. I understand temporary insanity now, totally get it! Keep your head up, it does get easier. I chose to stay by my husbands side but I’m still afraid. I trusted him with everything in me!!! And he totally betrayed me! I don’t know if my anger will really fully go away… or I’ll be able to trust him like before. It really did break us. And I kept blaming myself! Bullshit! I didn’t do anything but maintain our home and work full time. I’ll keep you in my prayers Megan!

  46. Meghan, I have been in this exact situation. Truth is you cannot heal your marriage unless he takes responsibility that this IS cheating. He keeps saying he didn’t cheat, but whether it’s a physical, emotional, or lustful relationship it is cheating. You also have to allow yourself time to go through all of the emotions you will be angry, vengeful, sad, lonely, feel like you love him, hate him, and angry again. I always tell people give yourself time before making your decisions bc right now you arent in the right frame of mind. He has to allow you to do and feel whatever you need to in order to heal. If he can’t let you be angry or curse him out then he isn’t ready to be a man and take the blame. He also needs to give you full transparency, every detail and the 100% truth. If not, then something else comes out even if it’s a minor detail you will go through all of those emotions again. Take your time and if he can’t respect it and love you through it then it won’t work bc you will always hold those feelings and never be able to trust again. He is NOT the victim he is portraying and that’s unfair to you. You are also not to blame and shouldn’t feel like you haven’t done your part in this marriage. Praying for you as you heal.

  47. Oh honey. I am so sorry. You are a very strong woman and the answer is yes it can recover from this but that is up to you. Know your value and your worth. I am so sorry

  48. Dear Meghan
    This is your call. Honestly you have to take time to think. It is nobody’s decision but yours.
    Take care xx

  49. You CAN get past this. There’s no doubt he loves you- somehow men are able to compartmentalize things like this and think it’s not going to hurt you. He didn’t DO THIS to hurt you, he did it out of selfish, thoughtless, disrespectful irresponsibility.
    Well, he DID hurt you. And now he has to suffer the consequences, grovel at your feet for forgiveness, and expect that you will question his every move until you don’t. And that “until” isnup to you. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes letting go of fear. And most of all, it takes love.

  50. You are an amazing woman.
    You are a strong woman.
    You will get through this and your family will be better for it, whatever that looks like. I will be praying for you and your sweet children. God bless.

    Fellow St. Louisan

  51. Meghan, don’t give up on your family. Call Linda at the Relationship Center. She’s Gottmann trained and will help you no matter what you decide.

  52. Oh I feel for you! I think we all ugly cry at some point in our life – I cannot imagine going thru this when you are famous. I truly believe our heartaches/ breaks make us stronger if we let it. Trust God and He will guide you thru this – and then you will have peace with your decisions. ❤️ From Mississippi

  53. My husband cheated on me with my best friend, while we were building our dream house. I had 3 little kids under the age of 3. It was the most heartbreaking, devasting, time in my life! I was betrayed not only by my husband but my very best friend. I chose to forgive him and move on with my life! What I mean by that is, I chose to forgive him and not punish him for the rest of his life for making a mistake that I know he punishes himself about! Everyone makes mistakes! we just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! You will get through this. I know exactly how you feel! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, that other women don’t respect other women and that men are who they are! Much love to you!

  54. You are a strong woman and you will overcome this horrible pain that has descended into your life. Take one day at a time and hopefully time will heal.

  55. Sweet Meghan,
    I have been through similar to what your going through. Of course, being in the public eye I can only imagine the additional humiliation that you are suffering. It feels like death! It has been over 9 years since it happened to me and my family. There are days when it feels like yesterday that what I thought was my life was utterly destroyed. I chose to stay in my marriage and my husband sought help for his demons. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In NO way is this an excuse for his slimy behavior or the slimy person who was well aware that he was a married man. However, it was an answer. Acting out inappropriately is an action of an underlying issue. You are right and it is not your fault! DO NOT let anyone tell you any different!!! Please take care of yourself and your beautiful family.


  56. Fuck fuck fuck!!!!!! I’m so sorry Megan!!! Same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with our second child…I miscarried. We divorced. He was in a “non physical emotional” relationship but I didn’t believe that rubbish. You are lovely and a wonderful and fun person and Mamma. You deserve THE BEST. He fucked up! He’s old as FUCK! What’s his problem!!???? Chin up. Only stay if he makes you feel like he can’t live without you girl. Do not compromise. ❤️

  57. Meghan, I have watched you on the show. I have seen your heart, and I am so very sorry this happened. I know that feeling and it sucks. The hurt, betrayal. I hope you can work through this! God Bless your family

  58. sadly megan I dont think anything is forever but our children. it doesnt superise me because married women think/ feel their hubby’s would never, guess what ? They f… do.
    Next step: A pattern of lies turned into a fake insecure life, my 2 cents. I’d rather u never make a fool of me again ✔

  59. You are so brave to have written this. I can see pain but also pure honesty and I respect you so much for that. You are an inspiration. Stay strong. Rooting for you and your family. Marriage is so hard. I hope you and Jim can overcome this for your beautiful family and come out even stronger. Hugs!

  60. My heart just breaks for you and your family. It’s so sad when our trust is shattered for the one person who is supposed to be our hero; our protector. I’m sure he doesn’t have the answers you so desperately want right now. Mine never did, but I forgave him (for myself) and sent him on his way to find whatever he thought was missing in our marriage.

  61. Meghan,
    I recently went through something very similar except my husband did cheat. We had a 3 year old and a 6 month old at home. We had been married almost 7 years and together almost 15 years. We had many ups and Downs but I could never imagine him doing this to me and the children we planned together. Everything we planned together was gone. I remember the stinging feeling of the tears. I remember driving around just so I could cry not in front of the kids. Everything I hoped and dreamed for our future was gone.
    I urge you to dig deep inside and figure out what is BEST for you and your kids. Take your time. Pray on it. Talk to family, friends or anyone who can give you insight.
    My thoughts are with you.

  62. This too has happened to me, we survived but it takes time My heart breaks for you Stay strong. I’m sure he loves you. I will say a prayer for you. ❤️ We have been married 26 years and have been thru it all. I know what you mean. The nice car. The nice house does not mean a thing Love can not be bought but I do like those things. Hehe. This can only make you stronger. Sending love

  63. You are a strong woman. You need time to heal. Jimmy needs time to prove himself. Time heals all. I pray you both find your way back as a family. You are really very atrong.

  64. Be strong for your children. I love your honesty and no bullshit attitude! I’m sorry this happened to you but I also say leave, go now, leave because he won’t change. He is s narcissist, they don’t change . He may cry, apologize over and over but he is on s fourth marriage for a reason.
    I pray you find peace in whatever you decide! 😘

  65. You don’t deserve this. I’m so sorry. It is hard enough to deal with this in private. I can’t imagine dealing with this publicly. You are beautiful, kind, and strong. My prayers are with you.

  66. I’m so sorry Meghan! When I saw this I thought it was just a joke! You guys have looked so happy! You’re such a wonderful person! Keep doing you!! And your kids! You’re a good mom! 💙💙💙

  67. I’ve always liked you. I think you’re a good, loving person. I saw that in the way you cared for your stepdaughter and his ex wife. I’m actually sorry this happened. You don’t deserve it.

  68. My heart is broken for you. I’m sorry you were forced to share when you weren’t ready but thank you for being honest about the realities of marriage. It is a choice each and every second of every day. It’s hard. It’s hard to not be a total bitch for no reason or to be annoyed by the slightest of things- underwear on the floor, the smacking, these simples things really put me on edge. But, the easiest thing should be being true to your spouse. For nothing else other than you just care that damn much about them and your family. I will pray for you that you will find peace and happiness- whatever that is for you. With no judgement from others.

  69. Amazing you can share so openly and honestly, give yourself time and space, be kind and gentle with your heart and your emotions

  70. Been there, and we recovered! Its hard work, my husband confessed…dropped to his knees and met with my preacher and we built back up from there…that was 10 years ago this October!
    Not always easy, he had to prove himself and I can honestly say…I love him more today than I ever have. We are all saved by Grace, true repentance and love!
    I pray the same for you, your husband and your family!
    Ps…I’m a fellow missourian..down by Branson!

  71. Hi Megan.

    I hear your hurting heart & im so sorry. I’m sorry that this happened to you. I’m sorry you feel like you have to explain it because you’re in the public eye. I’m sorry for whatever lies ahead. I’ll be praying for you and your family and babies for some peace and joy in the days to come!

  72. No one truly understands the devastation of being cheated on in a marriage unless it happens to them. It destroys your world, your truth, your trust in not just your spouse but your life. I applaud your honesty and openness because believe it or not, you are helping many many women who are in your same position thinking they are alone. My advice is concentrate on your children because as a wise person once told me, they are all that matters and that is the greatest love you will ever feel. I tried to stay in my marriage but for me I just became sadder and sadder till I realized if I didn’t get out it would impact my children and that I couldn’t tolerate. Fast forward, I found the love of my life-a man of kindness, honor and integrity who makes me laugh every day. He showed me that “real” love exists and I thank God I didn’t spend my life wishing for something that would never be. I hope you trust your instincts no matter what path you choose. Best of luck to you and your children.

  73. What a jerk!!! I always wondered why he had so many kids…… (and so many different wives).

    Again, what a jerk!!

  74. Hi Meghan, everyone is quick to bash him and call you weak/dumb if you stay. Don’t listen to any negative comments. You are naturally a person full of love and light. Don’t let this BS ruin your heart and your ability to shine bright. Your heart ache will heal in time and you will become strong from this. Focus on 10 good things about your life and constantly remind yourself how amazing you are, because you are. Your kids are a blessing, and on days where you want to give up..look at them and they will fill your heart with love. I have 2 sets of twins and I thank God and the Universe for them.

  75. Men have such huge egos and probably because you were making his babies, he felt neglected since he wasn’t the center of your attention.
    None of this is your fault. It’s a problem with men in general.
    Good luck to you and your precious family!

  76. I am very sorry for your heart. I too have been betrayed by my husband (who I planned on being with forever) in the worst possible ways.
    After 20 years, Our marriage could not be saved and here I am almost 8 years later alone…my kids are now grown,happy, and successful which is all I wanted.
    Remember these words..This Too Shall Pass
    Best wishes for you and your family.

  77. I love how open and vulnerable you are. You didn’t have to share this with your fans, but I’m glad you have. Thank you for being so honest. I hope you find peace in your heart and you heal from this. I hope your marriage can move forward from this. You take your time and focus on yours and your babies being. I support you and your family ❤️ Much love

  78. I am so sorry this happened to you and whatever you decide to do don’t make that decision in haste or hurt! Get counseling it does wonders for sorting things out and getting to the root of things! I have been married for 28 years and it’s one of the hardest jobs besides being a mom I have ever had! Love is a choice not a feeling many people confuse that today! I choose my husband every day and I expect the same from him! You deserve to be chosen every day by Jimmy! Hugs and prayers for your son also.

  79. This is the most honest and heartfelt post I have ever read! Please know that whatever happens, you WILL come out the other side a stronger version of yourself.

    However, there will always be two versions of your life, before and after. Just know that your most important job is to take care of you so you can take care of those babies!

    Let yourself be sad, grieve the loss of the man you thought you married, then, put your big girl panties on and figure out if it’s a marriage worth saving and only YOU can decide that, no one else gets a vote.

    Wishing you Peace and Wisdom.

  80. This is brave and transparent and I respect the shot out it. Keep your head up mama and take care of you!

  81. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this- I have recently been through something similar, except it was physical. It’s been hard because I had no one to relate to and the emotions are so hard to work through, ups-downs-ups-downs. Judgement from friends for staying, judging myself for staying. It’s a hard and such a sad path to endure…. flash backs of the messages between them, wondering how your partner could lie to you. I feel for you and I really appreciate you sharing this. This is the first time I have been able to relate to a woman and I hope you know you are not alone here. I’m so sorry for you and I hate that anyone has to ever endure the pain of this situation. But I really appreciate you being so open, it is so brave of you.

  82. I’m so sorry Meghan! Don’t let people influence you in anyway on how to deal with this. Take it day by day. If you work together you can get through this together. It will be hard and you’ll have great days and bad but fight for it and you’ll be ok. I promise.

  83. You are an amazing Mum. You need to be strong and looks after yourself and your boys. Sending you a hug.

  84. My heart is breaking for you and I do t even know you. You have articulated your feelings so honestly and I just want to hug you, scream with you, be angry with you. My Mama heart is so angry for you! But I know you love him, it was so clear. So cry, be mad, accept the hurt and eventually accept his apology and hopefully, for you and the kids, you will recover and the trust will return. You are amazing and your kids love you. And you are going to be better than ever. But take your time. I’m praying for you. XO

  85. You hang in there with your head held high.
    Unfortunately, men do sometimes think with their small brain. No matter what you decide it is your decision. Trust is earned and lost, but it can be reearned
    ( if that is even a word).
    Not sure what is happening with your son. Keeping him in my prayers. I work at then#1 children’s hospital, Boston
    Children’s. If you ever need a referral free to reach out.

  86. I am so mad! I don’t know you- but No one deserves this! Walk the fuck away and take everything! You have friends that will need to fill the space. You will move on better. Don’t stay and say its ok rationalizing it. Remember this feeling, u will need it when u feel weak. F him and f that!

  87. This was brutally honest and it will be appreciated. Bad things seem to happen all at once and I’m sure you feel broken into a million pieces. Triage your pain, get some good therapy, and take care of yourself. We are rooting for you!

  88. This exact same thing happened to me ……3 times! I kept forgiving and forgetting and then it was the last straw, i told him to get out and it finally hit him. He goes to therapy now once a week since January. He’s a completely different person. We’ve watched tony Robbins videos together and read books (love language is one of our favorites) worse thing I’ve ever been through in my life. If you need an ear, message me back @amyhope47 on Instagram. It’s always nice to have someone to relate too & im truly sorry you’re going through this. You seem like a strong woman and you have a beautiful family! Sending positive vibes your way 💞

  89. Megan , take time to heal so what’s best for you ! Done listen to what anyone else says. I’m praying for your son. Please take time to heal and take care of yourself.

  90. Oh Meghan, I am in tears having just finished reading your blog. Your words, though gut wrenching, are so moving. You are a beautiful person, a wonderful wife and an amazing mother. I follow you on Instagram and have continually been blown away by how fantastic of a mother you are. Hold on to your babies. Hold on to your family and remember you’re not alone. You don’t know those of us who only know you through your celebrity, but we are praying for you and your family. And where two or more gather..

    .Hang in there Meghan. You are worthy. You are beautiful and you are loved. 💞

  91. You are amazing. If your public truth is any testament of who you are, amazing doesn’t even come close to describe you. My heartaches for you, remember this: god gives you only what you can handle. You will get through this, learn from it, and be an even better person on the other side. The people who have your heart are lucky to have someone like you- Don’t forget it, and don’t ever question it. ❤️

  92. I have so much respect for you for being so honest. You could have ignored the gossip but you rose above it to show what marriage is really like.

  93. This too shall pass. You will be stronger and find gratitude in yours and your children’s health. In the grand scheme of life, a mans’s purpose is sometimes only for procreation. Xo

  94. Aww sweetie I’m so sorry. I always How you were and still are a real person. I know strangers opinions are just that but I honestly felt he never fully appreciated you when I saw the two of you on the show. Your beautiful! You deserve to be happy and not to deal with this. It saddens me he did this to you ESPECIALLY with social media and how EVERYTHING gets out these days. You have beautiful children you love u no matter what ugly cry face you have. I’m sorry your dealing with this. Hugs

  95. I hope you don’t mind me writing to you on your blog page.
    I am so sorry to hear and read this. I don’t know you personally but feel I do from seeing you on TV and following you on Instagram. Your right. You don’t deserve to be going through this. You seem an amazing and a good person.
    You do need time to digest what is and has happened.
    I hope your husband is truly remorseful for his actions and deep hurt and pain he has caused you and understands what he has done to you and his beautiful children.
    Only YOU can make the desicion to stay with him.
    Marriages are worth fighting for if this is his first mistake. Only YOU can know the answer.
    You need time to heal and space to think. I hope you get it.
    My only advice to you both is to talk. Talk. And more talk. Be truthful about EVERYTHING…. Lay it all out on the table. And start from the truth and rebuild your marriage.
    I hope in time you heart starts to heal and you get your sparkle back.
    YOU WILL ….
    much love Jan Daly. Xxx

  96. That was the most honest blog I ever read, thank you for sharing your truth, especially when you don’t have to it’s not our business, and you did it so beautifully. Life can be so curl and hard some times but have faith this to shall past and i pray you and your family
    Come out the other side stronger and better then before. Everything you said was 100
    Percent right. Lots of luck

  97. Meghan!
    I’m so sorry this is happening to you – you do not deserve it. I hope that you can take solace in the fact that if truly there was nothing physical, just very bad decisions. I pray that your marriage survives and that you both can support & love those beautiful children you’ve brought into this world.

  98. I just read you blog and felt compelled to let you know that I’m so sorry you are going through all of this!

    They say that the Lord doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, but during times like this you want to scream “uncle”; “I give” ~ Hold on tight to your faith and this too shall pass


  99. I’m praying about it for you… Many people overcome even the worst such as this. It will take plenty of time, you take all the time you need. If you choose not to stay with this man that is up to you he will always be the father of your children and that you can make happen. It is between the two of you And only the two of you. You did the right thing by sharing this because you both are public figures. Better that you tell it then for all the people to make up their own stories. God bless 🙏❣️

  100. Sending you good thoughts, love and peace at a difficult time. You are so strong and brave to share your story and only deserve love and support during this time. I know I’m just a stranger, but I believe good thoughts from anyone can go a long way. More than anything, I hope you find answers for your sons health. I can’t imagine the pain and anguish that is causing you and to have to worry about this during that time is unimaginable. You do not deserve this and you will rise above. You are strong. You are supported. You are a beautiful mother and role model to your children.

  101. I’m praying for you Meghan that God can give you wisdom and grace to be the mom your kids need and to protect your heart from growing bitter. One thing that helped me in a really dark place in my 32 year marriage was listening to a pod cast called “Grace to You” every morning while I got myself ready for work. It bolstered me up and got my head thinking about God and my relationship with him. Make God #1, kids and yourself #2 and #3 is Jim. He needs to cherish you and he isn’t doing that.

  102. I’m so very sorry. Focus on your kids. YOU ARE A FABULOUS MOTHER!! Prayers and strength to you.

  103. You and your children did not deserve to be treated so horribly. He has internal problems that he needs to get help for so that, if anything, he can at least have a relationship with his children one day and be able to look them in the eye. He made the mistake of believing that he and his name make him above everyone and everything. Get some help Jim.

  104. Please do not let this mishap define who you truly are. Often times, more than none, men put their needs, sexual or not, above everyone else’s. It’s NOT OK. You have every right to cry, and to be sad. Your babies need their mama, but you need time for you. I wish you all well and hope for nothing but the best for you and your family.

  105. My heart is breaking for you. Take care of your babies. Heal your heart in your time. Sending love.

  106. You don’t deserve this, I’m so happy you can see it isn’t your fault. Don’t let the grief consume you. Your beautiful children need their mamma. I hope he takes full responsibility for his actions and works hard to regain your trust, if he doesn’t it’s his loss. You’re a beautiful person inside and out xxx

  107. All of our hearts go out to you, Meghan. Know that their are positive thoughts out there for you!

  108. This too shall pass. You will feel whole again, with or without him. You need time to heal and figure out if you can ever trust him again. If you cannot, that is ok. You are a strong lady with a good head on your shoulders. You will be ok. Lean on friends and family. I promise you will be ok. There may be some sort of hidden blessing in disguise that you cannot see now but will become clear later.

  109. I am so sorry! I had no idea about any of this, until I saw your Instagram. How devastating. My heart is with you.

  110. So sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. Sending you positive energy and hope that everything works out.

  111. I am so sorry for your pain. Fight for your family. Jim needs to fight for his family even harder. I’ll be praying for your son. And I’ll be praying for your broken heart. You are strong. You deserved to be cherished, adored, and perused. Don’t settle for less.


  112. Oh my sweet sweet Meghan! I am crying as I am reading this! You’re are one of my absolute fav housewives and you’re such a good person. You deserve none of this and my heart is hurting knowing you’re so hurt. This is not your fault, this is his and hers. She’s a slime cunt! I hope it’s revealed who she is so we can all cuss her out for you! Nothing more nothing less. Just know that we love you and wish the best for you. All those morons who are saying horrible things right now should be ashamed of themselves! I am going to bat for you and calling all of these atrocious human beings out! You deserve the world. Wish I could actually be there for you 💜

  113. Just know that you are not alone. That helped me. Knowing that so many other women have gone through the same thing and came out alive (and thriving), gave me hope that I too could get through it. I hope the best for you and my only advice is to remember that you have no deadline on making decisions for your family. Take your time to heal, however long it takes.

  114. I’m just so sorry, Meghan. That’s all I can say. You are a beautiful soul and you’re right. You DON’T deserve this. I’m sending love and hugs❤️😘

  115. this man always gave me cold dead fish energy on the show but you always showed yourself to be exactly what you wrote above. you were committed to this relationship, loving, and kind. any man would be so lucky to have a wife like you but a broken person like that will NEVER recognize that.
    i wish you would leave him, you dont need this. but i respect your choices and wish you the best <3

  116. Wow, you took the words out of my mouth. This is my story. My heart goes out to you. I went through a similar situation a few years ago. It’s utterly devastating. I’ve never been the same. It definitely changed me. It changed us. I was so confused and didn’t know what to do. There’s no right or wrong. You dont have to decide anything right now. Take it day by day. Went to therapy. It helped. He was the sad, damaged one, in desperate need of another woman’s validation. He ended up needing and getting more individual therapy. You can get through it but it will be hard and take time. There’s hope. Cry, scream be angry- let it all out as often as you need to. There’s no time frame for healing and getting through something like this. Everyone is different, every couple is different. Just know you’re not alone. I’m rooting for you and so are many other people. You’re beautiful, strong, smart, driven and an amazing mother. Don’t let this break or define you. Sending you love and prayers.

  117. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your family. Take some time to heal and love those babies they need their Mom and you need them. This makes me very sad and I only know you thru watching RHW and following your insta. Please know you are loved ❤️ And yes I don’t know Jimmy but the woman in me wants to slap
    Some sense into him how could he!??? he had it all a beautiful devoted wife and children 😢

  118. I have been where you are. It takes time. If he is really sorry he will prove it to you and over time it gets easier but you are never the same. You have to start over from here or end it. Its not your fault, you didn’t nothing wrong but he did. To blow up a family over this the hardest thing ever. Either way its hard. Thank you for sharing and I am really hopeful you will work on things.

  119. I am so sorry Meghan. People screw up…My husband kissed someone he had been talking to at the gym for months when our kids were 3 and 1. Humiliating. It took a solid 2 months to stop waking up thinking about it. When you say “sad” I couldn’t agree with you more. I kept repeating that in therapy, “but I’m just so sad”. But then we moved on and got stronger than ever as partners and parents. It has nothing to do with you, it’s his issue and you were the one affected by it. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Take time to yourself and reflect. And ask him every crazy question until you’ve found everything out you needed to. Hang in there <3

  120. This is a act that happens more than we know. Men and Cell Phones! They sneak and get fulfilled until they are caught!
    No it may not be Physical but in the the moment of self gratification they feel it is.
    Men get bored very bored. Now they can be in a car, hotel room, bedroom etc anywhere while not with the Spouse and they seek this trill.
    I have to tell Meaghan it will always continue, I promise😩

  121. As a fellow twin mom and St. Louis mom I enjoy following you on social media. Sadly we also have cheating spouse in common as I have been where you are and know the terrible emotions you are dealing with. My husband began his cheating both emotional and physical when I was pregnant with my own twins. I did not learn about it until several years (and women) later. Mine was also revealed very publicly but in no way at the level you are dealing with. My heart truly aches for you. I will tell you that my children, my friends and my family have helped me work through it but even though my husband has since taken his own life, you better believe it still makes me cry or fills me with anger on any given day. Hats off to you for hitting it head on. Prayers of strength for you and your sweet babies.

  122. I feel for you. Stay strong and hold your head high. Remember, no one lives your life but you.

  123. Hugs!!! I’m so sorry, I feel you as a mother who has a kiddo who had issues too. Is stressful and worrisome. Stay strong, you’re an amazing person

  124. I am so so sorry!!! My heart aches for you but you are strong… You do what’s best for you and your kids… I am sending prayers for Hart that answers are found and im sending healing prayers to you!!

    You deserve happiness

  125. Meghan,
    I have been where you are, the only difference is my life wasn’t on page 6 but in a one square mile of a small town. This happened when I was pregnant with my triplets which I lost 2 of from the stress. My husband and I went through years together me vomiting after having sex with him. I will tell you my one triplet that survived is 21 today and I am more in love with my husband today then when the other women knocked on my door. Have faith in you, your love of Jim and God will get you through. I promise.

  126. You are beautiful in every way and a wonderful mother and wife… He does not deserve the purity of your love and your devotion. Although you have everything you are so humble and grounded .To be very honest if he loses you he will lose the best thing he ever had… Marriage is sacred and a covenant between a husband and wife and he has broken that.. Stay as strong and true to yourself as you are. God Bless!!

  127. This makes me so angry! Remember you deserve better! Once a cheater always a cheater! If he was truly in love with you he would/could never do this to you and his beautiful family! He has no self respect! Kick him to the curb you and your babies deserve a completely devoted man/father! He is pathetic

  128. I am so sorry for all your heartache. I experienced this throughout my marriage and my marriage was not as strong as yours. My prayers are for recovery and growth. I am sorry for your son’s tribulations. There is an AMAZING child neurologist at Cardinal Glennon that I would risk my children’s lives with. His name is Dr. Waseem Baig. Please feel free to tell him I sent you. He will give you hope and answers, and honesty.

  129. His actions demonstrated a complete lack of respect for you and your marriage. On the other hand, I think he wanted to get caught. He’s not stupid. He knew the consequences. There’s a possibility the life he has isn’t the one he truly wants. A man who is happy would never betray or sabotage what he has……just something for you to think about. You deserve better. You deserve respect. Stay strong, beautiful 🙏 ❤ ❤

  130. My heart is broken for you !
    My Question is……where is his heart now…Is it with you? Can you ever forgive and how does one trust again? Idiots do make mistakes. I hope he will spend his life making this up to you.

  131. I’m so sad for you. You deserve more! I’ve been through something similar with inappropriate texts but thank God no photos or lewd comments. You are such a super and loving mom. Do you and take care of your babies. He needs to fix himself before you can trust him again. Much love from TN.

  132. I am so sorry for all of this. You and your family do not deserve any of this. Take it day by day, hour by hour. It is about you and your beautiful children.

  133. To be this vulnerable, transparent and honest in such a public way takes an immense amount of strength and courage. I have mad respect for you for doing this. Use that strength and courage to hold yourself together for the sake of your children.. That’s what has gotten me through some deep grief myself. You can get through this, I’m absolutely sure of it! All my best to you, sweet lady.

  134. You have every right to feel betrayed! Let it out so that you can begin to heal. Your husband made those choices out of selfishness and lust. I don’t believe for a second that months of media exchanges didn’t’t lead to physical but that’s for you to decide. Like Dr Phil says, where there’s one lie, there’s 10 more behind it. You are not to blame. A cheater is always a cheater. It’s in their DNA so to speak. I truly hope you have enough love for yourself and the children to get through this and learn something positive out of all of it. Much love to you. Very sorry for your anguish.

  135. I admire your honesty and bravery Meghan- I can’t imagine how hard these words are hard to say out loud. I hope that you can find comfort in knowing you are an amazing woman, devoted mother, and a beautiful person. All the best for Hart- he is lucky to have a mamma who will make sure he receives the best possible care! Wishing you all the strength and love you deserve in these coming days.

  136. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I think your honesty with what you need will help your marriage not only survive but be better than before. One day at a time.

  137. When I saw the article in US Weekly my heart broke for you. Marriage is a choice every day you are correct. My only advice for you is to get your power back – the thing that makes you you – the thing that helps you regain your control and power in your life. The thing that will give you The ability to tell him to hit the road if you chose, or to help you find your way back together. You are being hit from a lot of different directions but you have to know you are strong and powerful to deal with them. For me it was going to the gym and getting stronger. I promise you once you get your power back you will be so excited for whatever awaits you. Praying for you that you find peace and see hope in the future.

  138. My heart hurts for you and your babies. I so enjoy watching your stories and your children growing up. I am so sorry to hear about Hart. You are a beautiful strong woman who will do what’s best for you and your children. Make sure you take care of yourself too. Lean on your parents and siblings. It seems like you have a wonderful support system around you.

  139. Prayers for you and your family. Stay strong and hold her head high. You.did.nothing.wrong.

  140. I support you dear. You don’t know me, but there are a lot of people out here ho love and support you. I hope it helps

  141. ❤ to you Meghan…just you…as a mother and grandmother here in Norway is it impossible to understand what you are going through now…just wanted to tell you that you and your kids make me smile every day due to Instagram…
    You are a fantastic mom and wonderful in your self😘🤗 So sorry about Hart😪
    Take care about you self a couple of days Meghan😘 The kids are well taking care of I think…
    Love from me😘❤

  142. I’m so sorry your the sweetest loving mother and person and I was hoping your marriage would be as beautiful as it started for the rest of your life and to think your Husband best friend would do this my heart hurts for you and your babies and I pray that you will heal be positive that everything will be ok with Hart it’s all we can all pray for hugs and Prayers ❤️

  143. My heart goes out to you. You both can rise above this, even with this your marriage is strong. Don’t let the devil tell you anything else. I’ll be pray for you and your son! I can imagine because I too have a sick kid. He’s been on Chemotherapy since Feb 2016. Look at Jana Kramer, they went to counseling and have a beautiful strong marriage today. You are talking about it and that’s the first step to healing. Hugs Mama!

  144. Meghan you need to remember one thing this is in no way your fault, there is nothing that you did or didn’t do this is something within himself and himself alone. I am so sorry for your pain and hurt.

  145. I’m sad for you and those babies…I know the feeling all to well when you aren’t the only one that it feels he’s betrayed. As a mom and wife I know you feels he’s let the family down as a whole. God says this too shall pass and I pray you find a way, whatever way that is to find trust and be happy!!! If your do believe in God give it to him and pray through it!!!

  146. I am so sorry for you and children . I’ve been married for 50 years and it is not easy but what u are going through I have never experienced .Good decent men do not do this please make sure this is only time or is it only time he got caught.the old saying he’s thinking w his dick. He will try to make u the bad guy so he doesn’t have to feel like a jerk. I don’t know u other than the beautiful pics of u and children on Instagram . Everything happens for a reason and it may be that someone else is out there that will show u how u are to be loved.I wish u the best.

  147. Oh man…..I’m so sorry to read all of this.
    I can say and I truly believe, God doesn’t give people more than they can handle.
    You have three beautiful children and two great step kids.
    I am the mother of a daughter with special needs. I blamed myself for the longest time, did I do something wrong? I didn’t take care of my pregnant self well enough…it’s all mental games. I have a child with special needs because I am strong, I advocate for her, I teach her to advocate for herself, I search out the best special ed intervention for her.
    I just received her report card in the mail, she is on the honor roll again. She will be a freshmen in high school and is a counselor at summer camp this year.
    Megan, there’s a reason you are the amazing mother to those babies. You’re strong and are a beautiful mom.
    Peace and love to you.
    You will get through this for you and for your kids.

  148. Prayers for you and your sweet babies! I know couples that have over come infidelity and are stronger today! Stay strong Momma!

  149. Girl you are strong. I think your a fantastic person, wife and Mother. I appreciate you standing up for yourself. I am so sorry this has happened to you and your children. Shame on him for putting you through this. I truly hope you can work this out but if you can’t its okay. When trust is broken in a marriage it’s the hardest thing to get back. With work, love and patience I truly hope. I will be especially praying for your Sweet baby Hayes. He is beautiful boy. I also will pray for Hart & Aspen as well. You have such cute kids I truly enjoy you sharing them with us when you don’t have to.

  150. I just prayed for you! Like earnestly! I pray for your broken heart. I love marriage and just like you everything it stands for. I lost my husband (age 49)of 30 years last year to colon cancer, he loved life, he loved me and he fought so hard for our marriage. I, again like you, don’t understand why one cheats but I do serve a God that knows our needs and hears our cries and wants to comfort us!
    Again just know I’m praying, sometimes it’s the only thing to do!
    From one Missouri girl to another! 💙

  151. *hugs* I am sorry all of this happening to you – it seems that you still want to fight for your marriage and that is something that is your decision and should not be criticized or speculated upon by anyone – only you know whether or not the fight will be worth it – if so, then please, get the counseling you both need – and yes, marriage is HARD work – do what is best for YOU – you have beautiful children and their needs must always – always – come first – I am so sorry your son is having troubles as well – my prayers go with you, in both these battles – please know you are not alone in this – be strong and remember to be good to you – just hold on, dear one, whatever may come be strong through it, do not place blame at your feet and do not allow anyone to tell you how you feel or should feel about it all – deep breath – have faith – much love and prayer – shamrock

  152. You are so brave to share this with the world. You WILL rise above this troubling time. Stay strong and graceful….don’t worry about the hideous individuals spreading ugliness….karma will take care of them. Your three beautiful babies need you….focus on that!
    -Rachel Hart Howard

  153. I just happened upon this blog and I am so very sorry to hear this. Nothing he did was because of you.
    An escape perhaps, a selfish time, mid life crisis, whatever.. it does make you question everything. Maybe he doesn’t even know why he did it.
    You will move on with grace and dignity because it’s his mistake not yours.
    Hold your head high.
    Take your time.
    Get away by yourself
    You don’t need to rush to solve a problem that wasn’t yours to begin with.
    Good luck to you..

  154. Keep your head up and protect your family, you can recover and have a stronger marriage but he needs to do the work and decide once and for all that he is a man of honor and integrity something he has not been yet…you spent his 1st wife. These aren’t his act kids…there us a reason for that he is NOT A MAN, yet he’s a boy who likes to hunt not a dad and a husband yet…he is weak and selfish and self centered he needs constant attention, like a child …to stay with you he needs to become worthy…HIS WORK HAS JUST BEGUN…you owe I to your kids to make it work, they all deserve an intact family ..God bless you with strength and a forgiving heart but he needs to earn your love going forward…I am so sorry, no one deserves to be betrayed in this manner…you’re an amazing momma…and your courage is admirable chin up gorgeous hold thought to your family

  155. Oh, Darling Girl,
    The betrayer of your heart is always the one you need the most in these times. Which makes it suck more. Take your time, drive, ugly cry, yell, whatever you need to do. Will be praying for you, the kids, Jimmy. Saying extra prayers for Hart to. From one MoM to another. You’re so right about the cheating and the person and marriage being a choice. We’ll be here holding space for you while you take the time you and your family need. Hugs and love.

  156. Dear Meghan,
    I’ve been where you are…it’s crazy when you turn on the TV or look outside & see that the world hasn’t stopped amidst your tragedy! It IS tragic…it’s worse than awful. The only thing that changed was when he found Jesus & I let Jesus heal my heart. It was a life changing event! Nothing you could ever have done in your marriaage would drive Jimmy to cheat, except him CHOOSING to cheat. Don’t beat yourself up. Get your babies & force yourself to go to church. Get plugged in w/your children. God will take care of the rest! You be strong!

  157. You are beautiful inside and out. I love that you realize that it he that you are hurt by, not the other woman. I am sorry you are hurting. Hang in there, time is what you need💗

  158. Praying for you and your family. God can restore everything to you that the enemy has worked so hard to destroy. Find your strength in Jesus. “God is close to the broken-hearted and rescues those who are crushed in spirit.” psalm 34:18

  159. Meagan, hold your heads up high and do what is best for you and your kids long term. This happened to me many years ago and I felt like I didn’t know who I was married to. After the divorce I found out. I was glad I got out and it hurt like crazy. Ten years later I married s man with morals, ethics and intelligence. It’s been twenty years and it gets better every year. A person is who they are and if it’s not who you can trust, get out and do your best. You have family to help with the kids and you are young with lots of time to have the life you desire. Best thoughts are here for you no matter which way you go and when you do.

  160. Meghan, I’m so so sorry you are going through this & especially your children. I wish I had magic words for you to feel better but I don’t. All I can say is in time things will get better. Just continue to love on your beautiful babies & don’t forget to take time for yourself. I will pray for God to give you strength & for healing.

  161. I am so sad too. I feel your pain and your anguish. I have been in your shoes, keeping together a family, and a child that needed me to be her advocate in health. I understand your heart is shattered, magnified by the dagger of public viewing. You deserve to take care of yourself. Happy people don’t judge. Honey, one day at a time. You don’t have to figure it out now. Take a moment to breath. Take a moment to know you are loved and supported. Hold on Meghan .. each day will hold something new… new awareness, new pains and new blessings. Trust me- it will be alright.

  162. Meghan,
    You are a mother to these beautiful children who need you. This does NOT define you or who you are. I am praying for you to heal your heart, stand up tall, take control of where things will go… to be there for your kids. Each issue will be resolved with you as the guide in your heart, you know what you need to do and when to do it no matter what it is.

    You did not do this. He did and is fully responsible. You will go through ups and downs. Be true to yourself now that is more important than ever. You will be finding out who he is. What he has done and where things will go. You have people in your life who will protect you and make sure you are safe in this journey.

    Peace and love to you. Your children will be fine. You will find the answers with your child who needs some answers.

    Keep the faith and stay strong. Lots of Love and light to guide you.

    Stefany G

  163. So so sorry… it is the ultimate betrayal. Cry, scream, whatever.. just feel the feelings. In the end YOU did nothing wrong. Repair and healing will take time. Lean on your family, sweet babies and friends.
    From one Nerinx Marker to the other.. hugs to you.

  164. So sorry of course I don’t know you but the few times I have seen you on TV I liked you ! You see real and down to earth and a great stepmom and mom . Hang in there !! Maria in NC

  165. My heart goes out to you. You’re a wonderful mother, and i believe that your marriage can heal from this. I dont know if youre religious, but God never gives you more than you can handle. Were all rooting for you.

  166. I’m sorry Meghan. I’m so so very sorry. I truly admire you and all you do. I love watching your interactions with your children. I love you. I wish I had magic words that would make this all go away but I don’t. What I will say though is if you love him then fight for him but make him fight for you. Then fight together for your marriage. Because it’ll be worth it in the end. Sending you much love and the biggest of hugs. Xoxoxoxo

  167. Keep your head up Mama you’re doing great. Trust yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you how you and your family choose to heal and deal from this.
    Every family, marriage and relationship has their shit and ups and downs. You can and will come out of this. Take it one day or even moment at a time and be gentle and kind to yourself. ❤️❤️❤️

  168. So sorry you are having to deal with this. No one deserves it. You can survive this. Will you ever trust him again? No, but your marriage can survive it. You are in my heart and prayers.

  169. Meghan, I’m sorry for the pain you’re going through now. It is not your fault. There is nothing you done on your end. It is much easier to give up on your marriage but it’s your desision. To be in the public eye is 100% worst & feeling judged.
    I’ve been a fan of RHOOC & I’ve always enjoyed your story. Just hold your head high & Do what you feel is Best for you & your family.
    Just know that everyone will not judge you or give you “their” opinion on what you should do. That’s your choice. Love & Hugs❤💜

  170. you can save this marriage; it can be done! you both of course will need counseling as it is near impossible to do on your own. he will need to go to therapy to work on himself to be able to be the man you deserve. and I’m sure he loves you enough to try. it isn’t easy, it’s damn hard, and it takes patience and time. lots of time. but can be so worth it. you love him and he loves you….you can do this!

  171. I hope you see what the world may have seen years before. The time you were on the housewives may have only shown 5% of your reality but it showed him being 100% uncaring for you and your feelings. People don’t change. And sometimes it’s a hard lesson to learn when there may have been neon signs before.

  172. You are brave to open up to everyone about these painful experiences. You show a lot of character. I hope everything works out for your family.
    Your kids need you more than ever. Stay healthy! Stay strong! Make him help you and make this up to you.
    Sometimes pressure and stress can make people act out in ways that can even end up surprising themselves.
    An escape , a break from reality. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Don’t let anyone redirect or influence you about what you know is best for you!!
    Good luck! And God bless your family and special prayers your son.

  173. Nooooo..im saddened with you! I’ve loved you from a far and think you are so awesome. You will do great and just give yourself time to hurt,be sad,mad ,etc. I will keep you and your family in my continued thoughts n prayers,
    With love ,
    A loyal fan

  174. I’m truly so sorry your dealing with this, even sadder than the idiot news people feel they have to shRe your pain with everyone in the world. Sending prayers for you your son and everyone involved in the hurt this is causing your family. 🙏

  175. Wow, just wow. I never comment on blogs, but this post has stopped me in my tracks. I SO appreciate your truth, rawness. I can utterly feel your pain. I’ve been through infidelity. It’s a scary cycle. Sometimes time does heal. Sometimes the cheater feels so powerful they believe they will never be caught. However, public shame, humiliation, and true fear of losing a family can cause some people to change their tunes. All I can say is you have many people behind you, applauding your grace. You have your beautiful children there to remind you that you are stronger than you think. And you have your integrity intact through this mess. Big hugs…

  176. I’m am so sorry you are dealing with this. My heart hurts for you. Marriage is hard and takes a lot of work. I strongly believe you two can get through this. I seen marriages succeed after such things. Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Don’t let the world make you hard. Your Children need their mommy. Trust in God and all things are possible.

  177. so sad for her when a woamn gets pregnet she is going tru enough and needs her husbands support . she didnt get pregnet alone they are his kids too .also women dont feel very attractiev during this time and to fidn out out he was cheating is a blow .i watched the show when she was on the hosuewifes and she ahd so much love for this man and i noticed he wasnt always very nice to her. all she wanted was a good man and a good marriage .i hope they can either work tru this or seperate some nice man out there will appreciate her she is a sweet person. judi

  178. My heart breaks for you. I hope you are able to take the time you need to make the best decision for you and your children. I chose to stay in my marriage after finding out about my husband’s infidelity. It’s a very long, hard, and exhausting road. And five years later, some days we struggle, some days we thrive.
    As for your sweet baby, only positive thoughts, vibes and prayers your way! Being a Momma with no answers and no way to “fix” your baby is a nightmare. I only hope you are able to walk out the darkness soon.❤

  179. You are such a strong person Megan. I did not know what an awesome person you were until I read this….You were as candid as possible. I respect you for stating your truth for everyone to understand and see and for speaking about Hart. It says a lot about your character. It’s says a lot. It says you are honest. It says you are strong & powerful and u wont hide from the truth. God bless you. Crying is the best therapy. So go and do it. You are not the first and u will not be the last to go through this. You can do this💪💜

  180. I’m not the type of person that would normally leave a comment, but I’ll just want to tell you how poignant and well written this is – and brutally honest. This is happened to me and it’s taken many many years to get over and frankly there’s a part of me that will never get over it. My only advice is to stay strong and take care of yourself and your kids. Getting some time and space away from him might be a good idea. Sending some extra strength your way and know that this too shall pass.

  181. Truly one of the most open and honest posts I have ever read. It’s probably what I would’ve wrote myself. I hope your son is ok. I’m sorry you’re hurting and I’m so sorry it’s playing out in public.

  182. So sorry your going through this. Keep strong, pray and stay true to you and keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong. Keep being that great mother you are to those beautiful kids. Wish you the best and sending healing energy your way.

  183. Meghan,

    This is difficult, but you are strong. What this entails is pushing through the anguish, hurt, embarrassment and standing tall. I always hear, “be like a Palm Tree, they bend but never break.” So bend on your friends and family, but don’t break.

    You have 3 littles who may not understand, but know that there is some confusion. Be strong as you can for them. Cuddle a bit longer, give a bit more kisses. Kids are way more intuitive than we know.

    I pray for positive results for Hart. I pray for you all.

  184. It is too soon Meghan. I don’t know what made me read your blog, only because I usually don’t read blogs. But, I do follow you on Instagram. I am 57 years old, and my husband is a high profile business man in our area. We have certainly had ours ups and downs. No decision has to be made anytime soon. You owe it to yourself to feel whatever you need to feel. Our issues were public as well ( not on your level of course). My advice, that you certainly didn’t ask for, is take time. Rely on family and girlfriends. Cry cry cry. You will know when it is time time to wipe those tears and straighten that crown! This is between you and your husband. No one else. Answers will come when the time is right. Good luck😘

  185. You got this. Take it one day at a time. My husband cheated on me 4 yrs ago and to this day we are still together. I chose to forgive him.

  186. I’m so sorry to read this. My ex had an affair – an all out affair. We divorced. And one thing that made me strong was remembering he was WEAK – it wasn’t my fault. He had been my only person ever through high school and college and I feel your pain. I had two children when we divorced. He never came around to see them. 21 years later, he doesn’t know his two grandchildren! He is living in the same awful house with his new family that he started in 21 years ago. He had to declare bankruptcy this year. Meanwhile we all moved to a warm southern state where it’s sunny year around living a wonderful life. So while it is devastating to begin with, you will survive. You got this girl!

  187. My heart breaks for you. The worse feeling ever feel in the pit of your stomach. Take some time to process and then take time to figure out the next phase of your marriage. It won’t happen overnight but it is a process and one day the trust will come back because the live is still there.

  188. Your husband is the one broken…not you!! HE needs counseling to find out WHY his ego needs to be stroked by women. You, my dear, need counseling to figure out how you are reacting to this heartwrenching betrayal…..not just privately but publicly as well. YOU cannot fix him! Set boundaries for you and your children and let him fix himself. You are not his mother or caregiver! He needs a whole lot of soul searching and IF he truly loves you…..you will know. Like you said…the big house and diamonds do not provide happiness unless you’re sharing your life with that special someone. God Bless you and your family 💖

  189. Cry every tear you need to cry, scream into a pillow, go in the shower and hyperventilate if necessary. I hate that you or anyone should endure the result of adultry. IT SUCKS!!!!! No other way to say it…and you just need to walk it one day at a time. Even without your husband, you seem to have a good support system in your friends, family and even your social media family! Lean on them…use them to heal! I promise some day it will not hurt as bad. You can forgive, but you will never forget. But for today, tomorrow, and maybe even a month from now..don’t worry about forgiveness. Just focus on Meghan and those precious kids. I have continued tofollow you after RHOC because i love your REALNESS! And don’t stray from that..you can overcome this whatever the result is. But for TODAY..just one step and one day at a time.

  190. Meghan
    Hate that your going through it. Honestly did you not feel it??
    Seriously, yes marriage is A Choice. And So is Cheating.
    I stayed with my husband, first time for the children sake cause I too wanted & believed in the family & raising children in a Christian environment family.

    Reality bites. I even was going to adopt my husbands baby that she was having.

    After 10 years of marriage the affairs didn’t stop the cheating continued.
    Our marriage didn’t.
    I stayed divorced almost 10 yrs. Married again after 7 yrs here it comes again.

    You know when. You ask the question what’s wrong?
    When you already know the answer.

    Filed right away divorce #2
    Devastated at being a failure in my family that’s the way they looked at it.

    We ended up getting back together but as soon as you trust again you’ll feel something tug at you.

    Be aware of your surroundings sweetie
    Don’t trust anyone when it comes to your husband.
    Jim does have a bad rep for a reason.

    After 4 marriages & when s woman is pregnant 🤰 that’s the time we feel the most amazing things but not the man
    He is selfish I’m not here to bash Jim.
    I’m strictly committed on what I’ve experienced.
    What I see
    We have women’s intuition for that reason your radar was up. You chose to not go there.

    Your a warrior woman for what you’ve done to be a family & have children.

    Best of luck with your beautiful babies
    Prayers for Hart 🙏

    Much Love on your path ❤️

  191. Meghan you’re one brave woman. What you are dealing with is so unbelievably cruel. Please stay strong for yourself and your beautiful children. This is your husbands issue and he dragged you and your precious family into this unbearable situation. Please reach out for support just for yourself. I’m pulling for you sweetheart, sending lots of love and prayers. 💕

  192. Thinking about you Megan stay strong keep positive you can pull thru this. Your such a good mommy focus on that only for the days ahead until you figure this shit out. 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  193. I had no idea this happened. Maybe I live under a rock. You have a great head on your shoulders. I’m glad you are not blaming yourself. It has nothing to do with you. He really messed up. I’m so sorry this happened to you and your sweet little ones. They may not know, but they know mommy isn’t happy. That’s the worst part. Stay strong and keep being you. Your strength is your real beauty.

  194. Thanks for sharing your story and I want to encourage you that is a moment in what will be a beautiful life. Your family has been through very much in a short amount of time and we all deal with these challenges in different ways. It is often easier to disassociate, hide, hate, escape, but we grow the most when we face these situations. I believe your husband to be a good man, I don’t know him of course, but instead of judging, offer compassion and support. Try to be open to what he may be struggling with that has prompted this unfortunate behavior. Anyway sending my support and prayers to your lovely boy and strength to get you through this time .

  195. Thank you for being so honest and raw about this. I too have been there. You are 100% right, this does not define you. Marriage is hard and you have to work at it every day. People give up easily or are easily tempted. Stay strong! You are beautiful inside and out. Prayers for you and your beautiful baby boy!

  196. Omg. WTF. You have been agn amazing mother. I truly didn’t think he wanted more children from your days on rhoc. You cared for his ex wife during jet battle with cancer. He seems very self absorbed from just seeing him on your IG et al.

    I thought I recognized something with your little guy from the beginning. Prayers for nothing but the best for him.

    I pray your days become easier. Time to take care of yourself first always. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

    Let people help you.

    Big hugs and prayers and peace in your life.

  197. My heart breaks for you, for your family! Through all your posts, we can all see your strength and the love you have for your family – Jim and your children! Thank you for always being honest and transparent! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers!

  198. You are so strong and can get through this. I’m not sure I could trust my spouse if he had sent nude pics to another person but it is your decision if you decide to stay. Prayers for strength and healing. You are an amazing mom and will figure out whats right for you.

  199. Prayers to you and our family. I pray you both can get through this and become stronger. Believe in yourself and what is in your heart. XO

  200. Take all the time you need to heal for yourself and your kids thank you for being so authentic and powerful with your words … hopes and fears you didn’t have too you could have put out a PR statement and his but this took strength because you are right you did nothing wrong you are not and never will be a victim your a hero remember that .

  201. Aww Meghan this breaks my heart. I only know you following you in Instagram and watching you when you were on RHOC. My daughter is almost the same age as Aspen so it’s fun watching your IG videos they crack me up. This has to be so hard and it made me tear up reading about this. My husband and I are having issues in our marriage too ever since I had our daughter. It’s seriously a struggle everyday to make it work and it’s not easy that’s for damn sure. It’s hard work! But try and stay strong and keep your head up. You look like you have a great family and this is the time to lean on them for support. It’s not going to be an easy road but you will some hoe over come this it’s going to take time to heal from it. Stay strong and know your fans have your back.

  202. I have never read any blog, or posted any comments on any of the “real house wives”, but this, this is as real as it gets. Love you Meghan King Edmonds. Sending you love and strength in this difficult time.

  203. I know how your feeling , I’ve been where you are now , shock , hurt , numb , angry , sadness , its like a loss a terrible loss like someone has died because in a way the person you married , love , adored has died in a way , because this isn’t him its a stranger , where for God sake has my husband gone the one that stands before me I do not know ! ,,, marriage is hard hard work , I’m not in your shoes I don’t have the big big house or the money , I have been married for twenty years we have very little money we struggle and struggle , life is hard , my health has been bad , I was a alcoholic, I was a bad person , but I turned a corner gave up , 3 yrs dry , my marriage has suffered greatly and he turned to another woman , I was broken so broken , but as I believe in marriage and vowels , we worked and worked at it , I forgave him , if you both love one another you must not give up , you must both work and work at it , and Megan you will in time forgive , time is a great healer , you must both talk , be open and honest , but he must also know what he has done is WRONG ever so wrong , may God bless you and your family I hope your heart heals it will take time but you will get there ,,, Beverly fincham

  204. Praying for you Meghan! I agree – your marriage can recover and be better than before. Hang in there! Cheating isn’t a deal breaker. It isn’t fair and it hurts but you can heal together. Jim has a lot of work to do (individually and as a couple) but he can do it! I’m puking for you guys.

  205. You got this! You’re a strong woman! I miss watching you on RHWOC. You’ll get through. Praying for son and your healing.

  206. I felt compelled to reply to your blog post today. Thank you for your honesty. It is very brave of you to lay it all out there and be so vulnerable. Marriage is so hard. I always tell people I have had many peaks and valleys in my marriage. Some real lows and some real highs. You have to decide what is best for you in the long run. Whatever you decide you and your babies will be fine. The hurt and pain is the hard part. Wishing you all the best and prayers for your sweet little boy.

  207. I cannot imagine what this feels like, but you are strong and you will do what is best for you and your family. Hang tough, God only gives us what he feels we can handle… as hard as that might be to understand.

  208. He fucked up. Take time to breathe. You did nothing wrong. He is lacking something in his ego he needed fed, don’t blame yourself. Take time to breathe, if you choose to , you can get past this. It will take time, don’t listen to the haters , you do what your heart tells you , go to counseling if you want , he really should be going , it’s him that is lacking and self loathing that made him do this. Sad… take time to breathe . We got you . Love you Megan .
    Ps. I so love following your adorable children on Instagram, you rock this mommy thing! I’m 55 mom of 2 adults now , hats off momma!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  209. I’m so sorry to have to read this. I love you guys both so much and I hope you can make it through. I feel for you sweet girl. I hope and pray that everything works out. On the upside he came clean didn’t try to deny it or push it off. You are a strong woman and you will overcome this. ❤️

  210. I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this and so publicly at that. Screw the tabloids trying to make stories out of things like this and bug you for comments on something so hurtful and sensitive. I wish you all the best and your strength will carry you through.

  211. I am really sorry for you…it is humiliating and no one should have to go through this much less publicaly…Lay low, be away with your children , it will blow over…you really deserve better…

  212. Oh sweetie, my heart hurts so badly for you. Your plate is most definitely full. You need some space. Time to think. I lost my beautiful 24 year old son 2 1/2 years ago. Losing him, put everything in perspective for me. The death of a child is something no one could ever imagine. Some days it just doesn’t seem possible that he is gone and then the reality sets in, that he will never walk through my front door ever again. That I will never hear him say, hi mom. Life is too short not to forgive. If you want your marriage, than fight for it. Your life and the ones you love, is so valuable.

  213. I am so sorry Meghan. You nor your beautiful kids deserve this. My heart goes out to you. I am praying for you. Hang. In there. God Bless

  214. Hi Megan,

    I’m so very sorry that this has happened. You do not deserve it.

    If you decide to stay with him, you must move forward somehow and not dwell on the past. That is really difficult to do, some may say impossible. But you are strong. You have your 3 beautiful babies to give you strength.
    Hopefully Jim has realized how lucky he is to have you.

    Take Care,


  215. I am so deeply sorry that he did this to you and those babies. I’m praying for you to heal and move on , however you chose to move forward. 💚🙏

  216. Meghan,

    I’m so sorry that you are going through this. You’re going to be ok no matter what. Keep your chin up. You’re not alone.❤️


  217. I’m so so sorry you are dealing with this. It was good to get it out. You make a good point. He needs to see a counselor, to find out why why why he would risk everything for something so stupid. It’s some kind of guy thing but damn it you dont deserve it. Please make him see a counselor then you guys go together. I am sorry. But you can recover you can move on . Maybe you’ll never trust the same again, but thats not your doing….its his.

  218. This broke my heart. I’m so sorry you have been put into this horrible situation. If I remember from the show, you have a big and tight knit family- lean on them.
    You have a lot of people you don’t even know who are rooting for you and are hoping for your happiness- in whatever form that comes.

    Good luck and take very gentle care of y our extremely bruised heart.

  219. My heart goes out to you ♥️Be strong and my true saying is when one door closes another opens so make sure you never lock that door.

  220. Awe my prayers go out to you Meghan. I can feel your pain- my ex was messaging women on the internet so I understand the betrayal. I don’t know what your religious beliefs are but look to a higher power for peace and hope. For me- I read, read, read different books, I would google whatever I was feeling to read articles on betrayal and avoidance and cheating etc. just to try and get some understanding on a situation that made no sense. Peace may not come for a long time but focus on you and taking care of you. Keep crying it out! None of this is your fault rather it’s his shit that he needs to work on and figure out. You keep staying faithful to yourself and those babies and everything will work out in your best interest. Sometimes terrible things happen so something more beautiful can come from it. During the most painful times is when growth can happen. I hope that you can find peace and hope admidst the pain your walking through. You don’t deserve this but time will heal. From one mama to another… XO

  221. I’m sorry.
    You have a huge decision to make.
    Can you live with and have a happy life be a happy person for your kids with him around?
    Go to the ocean Atlantic or Pacific to a house on the beach for the entire summer then decide.
    I’d go to the Atlantic coast. It’s simpler there. And good doctors for kids in Boston.

  222. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. No one but you can decide what choice you make. People will say leave but again it’s your choice! I hope you two can work it out. You have 3 beautiful babies who need both of you. People make mistakes and sometimes they are ugly hurtful mistakes. I know a couple people close to me chose to stay and they are making it work through lots of counseling but they did it and have stronger marriages by doing so. I will keep you in my thoughts! ❤️

  223. Oh Meghan…so wise at a young age. You are so right in directing your feelings to the one YOU know and have put trust in. Forget about the scum out there in the world for it is only scum. You are surrounded by wonderful family and friends, lean on them during this time of need. Hold on to your words and write them down (maybe not share) but if you feel better sharing….share away. Pray, pray for your peace and strength. I unfortunately speak from experience. The pain is disgustingly deep…puke level pain. It feels like he emotionally raped you, took everything you had and dumped in the trash, like it meant nothing. I get it! BUT, I believe you can rebuild if both of you want to rebuild your relationship. It takes FAITH, counseling, and precious time. I will pray for you. PEACE! (Went to St. Gabe’s ’75, my mom was good friends with your grandma-bridge group)

  224. I love how YOU told YOUR story so the tabloids can be shut down with all the untruths. You are a good person who does not deserve this in life but don’t let it define YOU. I have faith that you and Jim will work this out and both become a stronger couple on the other side. It won’t be easy and will take time but let God help lead you. Many prayers to all your family.

  225. You have a beautiful head on your shoulders. You are entitled to your sadness. I’ll pray for you and your family.

  226. I’m so sorry to hear this, and hate that you have to endure this publicly. But you will get through this, and will come out the other end a better, stronger person–whatever the outcome. You are such an amazing mom, focus on that! Money, houses, cars all come and go, good/solid/valid relationships don’t. Focus on who is there for you during your most difficult time, and take as much time as you need to get through this.

  227. Beautifully written. I feel your pain and feel terrible for you. God bless you and your family

  228. Praying for you and your babies. And for him to find out why he did this and not to repeat. My heart hurts for you.

  229. Meghan hang in there things will get better….concentrate on your children they need you more….Have been there so I know what you are going through….It takes time but you will get stronger….You and your children are in my prayers….

  230. Oh marriage is hard as hell. Forty yrs later it does get easier. Hang in there you can forgive and the bad memories do fade-away a little at a time.

  231. Oh Meghan! My heart breaks for you and your family! I hope with time you and Jimmy get back to your happy place and that your son Hart gets well and doesn’t have this disorder. Even though I have never met you, I have seen you in the public eye, watched you in TV, are you are so open, uplifting and an inspiration for all women. Stay strong beautiful!

  232. Hang in there. I hope you can work things out if that’s what you want. Congratulations on the babies.

  233. Megan,

    My husband and I went through the almost exact situation in 2016. It took a lot of work and 14 months of counseling to get to the bottom of the real issue in our Marriage. We did it though and are marriage is better for it l. It still is work every day but we know we love each other and we start there. I can feel your anger as mine was 3 years ago. I applaud you for wanting to try and recover from the this. I know all to well the strength you’re going to have to find to do it. The sun will shine again. I watched RHOC and follow you on social media. I think you’re a great mom and wife from the outside looking in. Hang in there!

    Lindsey Lobenstein, Wisconsin
    sweetrn32 on insta

  234. Hopefully he can figure his shit out and you can heal. Prayers for your son… and your neck! That’s a lot all at once.

  235. She made broken look beautiful
    and strong look invincible.
    She walked with the Universe
    on her shoulders and made it
    look like a pair of wings.
    Ariana Dancu

    I’ve been there. You aren’t alone. We will overcome.

  236. Meghan, I am so sorry you’re going through this. Please know you are not alone. Right now may seem like the darkest time of your life. I’m here to tell you it can get better. But it will take some work from both of you. I’ve been in your shoes, in this situation. It was 14 years ago, but today our marriage has never been stronger. I think, for me, although terribly sad and hurtful, my husband’s transgressions brought forth an understanding…a lesson…a teachable moment. Our communication opened up through the pain. We became closer. It took a while to trust again. It’s not immediate. Lots of tears and anger, but if you both love each other, you can get through this. I know I’m a complete stranger, but I am a woman and a mom who has felt your hurt and cried your tears. Peace to you. Hug your babies. Be with friends and family and let other women raise you up. My heart goes out to you. ❤

  237. Meghan i feel ur pain, i was in ur shoes 8 yrs ago! Its not something that u can shrug it off, it takes time!!!! U might get passed it but i found til this day when hubby is off, i get that sinking feeling again. I dont think men know , like really know what we do in our day, kids, schools, groceries, pay bills, laundry, our regular jobs and if we get a few spare minutes, we still dont do enuff!!

  238. I feel your pain, anger, confusion etc. Ive been right where you are. At 6 months pregnant with a 2nd daughter that we tried for my ex husband cheated…with a then 18 year old coworker. My husband was the manager of one of the stores his family owned. We were in the middle of remodeling our 1st house together. So I did what I thought I was supposed to do to keep my family together. I stayed. I fought. I fought for him to stay to keep a father in the home for my girls. For 5 more years I fought. Then after more cheating was uncovered I left. I fought. He didnt. He caved to self entitlement. $52,000 owed now in back support. Im in debt $50,000 with debt and student loans so I could fight for a better life. I fight. Every day. My kids now have abandonment issues, ptsd, anxiety. I fight still. My kids are now 19 and 16. Parents who cheat will never change. The ones who do are rare. Cheating in any format destroys not the cheater but those closest to them. I drown. Ive contemplated suicide from feeling the very low of lows. But then he wins. Everyone says get over it. Move on. Hes not going to change. But how can people tell you that? They arent you. They dont feel as I do. They dont get it. Ive done counseling. It helps but I havent healed and i dont know if i ever will. Im still 11 years later fighting. Internally. I wish you nothing but internal peace. Be blessed you have those 3 precious beings who will always make you smile. The money and fame mean 0. Your children mean everything. Its the one thing you can thank him for…….God bless 💜

    1. I hope you can empower yourself to move forward for you and your children’s sakes. Life can be beautiful even during struggles. Don’t let his weakness take that beauty away. There are so many people that would give anything for one more day with their loved ones or so many women that would love to be able to have a child to raise. Look at all of your blessings and work through your struggles.

  239. My ❤️ hurts for you. I wish the best for your family. And your boy is in my prayers! So sorry Megan

  240. I’m sorry to hear about this Meghan (if you see these comments). Also sorry to hear about the potential health issues of one of your precious boys. I’ll keep you & your family in my prayers.

  241. I am so very sorry for your pain. I am sending you a big hug because it sounds like you really need one. You have every right to feel sad because what you are going thru is very sad. I am sorry your husband made the stupid choices that he did. They were incredibly STUPID! You alone can decide what you want to do. But right now, your precious son needs your attention and I am so sorry that you and he have to go thru this awful time. I will pray that he comes out of this happy and healthy. Best of luck to you. You will be in my prayers.

  242. I’m sorry to hear this. I wish you the best. You seem like an amazing mother and wife. Whatever you do, it will be right for you and your kids.

  243. Meghan, I was you 28 yrs ago. I had small baby and I found out my husband cheated me. Before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnsncy.
    When I was trying recover my labour he was fucking someone else.
    After yrs of marriage.
    I have always admire you in the show. Your loyalty, your strickness, your truth, the way you think motherhood.
    via show I m sorry, I did not like your husband at all.
    He did not treat you well. Not nice. Not lovingly.
    But I saw your efforts how much you tried. All the time.

    I dont know how is your life now, but pls believe me, If you have any doubts from him, any wonders inside you, listen that voice.
    I know you want to keep family together, sometimes its not worth it. Not, if you suffer, if you always be abandon, left alone with your needs and dreams. Treated as now.
    Pls listen that voice. Many times we woman want to believe in love. We want to cure man with our love. But it never ever succeed if man is like Jim.

    I dont see any real love his behavior. He treats you nasty. Belueve all these women who say same.
    We see it outside.

    Some marriages are not ment to be lifetime. Im sure you will find that man who look you with love in his eyes. Dont waste you life.
    And kids… they will always see the truth. Do you want your sons grow up seeing how men treat women? Or you daughter seeing how women malest by men?
    Despite my words its you who deside. We women feel the truth inside but we dont listen it bc kid and hopes.
    Listen yours now.
    Love angelina

  244. Girl yes! Coming from a woman whos husband has cheated, but used the “ it wasn’t physical” excuse it doesn’t change the pain. My husband has been married 4 times and I had hoped I would be the last. Unfortunately it seems these men tend to always run when things get hard or their ego isn’t stroked hard enough. They turn to the filth willing to jump in and be the new toy. I hope you are able to work through it and if you aren’t I hope you are able to move on. I pray that Hart is healthy and you are strong. You are amazing and powerful!

  245. I too suffered betrayal! Our marriage survived, but it took time! A LOT of time! But now, we are stronger than ever!! I’ll be praying for you!

  246. Praying for you. Praying for your family. It’s not going to be easy at all, but I trust in you to do what’s right for you first, then for your family. Sending love your way ♥️

  247. I know exactly what you are going through. My husband had an affair 3 years ago and I haven’t been the same since. I wish I could be a stronger person. I wish I. Did not rely on alcohol to get me through the bad days. Thank you for sharing your story

  248. So well written! You are so beautiful inside and out, you will get through this and grow from it. You deserve the world, and those kids do too! Praying for you.

  249. It takes one day at a time to heal. Whether that is with him or without isn’t a decision you have to make alone. Counseling helps. Depending on your religious beliefs will tell you if you need a pastor or a licensed professional. Take your time. Don’t rush it. Writing helps. Whether it’s blogging or Journaling, it helps. Prayers for clarity.

  250. Been there honey! Take the space and time that you need to heal. Cry if you need too! Yell if you need too! Take care of you!

    My husband and I sought counseling after an infidelity and it took time, but God is helping to repair what’s been broken. I will be lifting your family up in prayer!

  251. Hi Megan I’ve been through this as well. It nearly broke me but I’ve watched you on the Real Houswives your strong, fiesta you will find a way.
    Just take some advice look after yourself
    Jenny UK

  252. I watched you since OC Housewives. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this hurt and sadness. You have been greatly betrayed. You’re a good person, wonderful mother, wife, step-mother and friend. You’re a strong woman. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will heal from this trauma with time. I went through a trauma too twelve years ago. I recovered, and God has blessed me. I put Humpty Dumpty together again. It’s up to you how you want to go forward. I would seek professional help to decide. Pray, cry and know that God is with you.
    Your baby boy will be ok. You’ve got this. 🙏🏻

  253. I am sorry you are going through this. You stated your feelings perfectly in this blog post. The big house, new car, and money does not mean a thing if your life is based on a lie. I hope Jim makes the choice to 100% commit to the marriage, you, and the children. The beautiful life you two created together is too good to give up on.

  254. I went through the same thing! And someone to me ” it’s your life whatever decision you make for your family it’s tour decision, nobody else will live your life only you. ” Hope the best for you and your family. Also hope everything getts better for your son.

  255. My heart breaks for you Meghan. I will pray, I am praying for you now. You are strong, beautiful and deserving! This is not on you but in him. God has you in the palm of his hand. Focus on your children and on our creator. He has a perfect plan for your life. Hold on…you got this! 🙏🏼

    First time I have ever sent a message to someone I don’t know but I felt God led. God bless.

  256. Omg gut wrenching – you don’t deserve any of this and I pray you will get the strength – the strength to forgive if even possible; the strength to leave if need be and the strength to get through the difficulties with your son. Your friends and family and all your bloggers will be here for you – one day at time – one step at a time – with love

  257. I understand your pain. Betrayal on any level is hard to understand. No one can tell you how to feel or what to do next. You are a strong woman, even though you don’t feel strong right now. Trust in your marriage has been broken and only the two of you can figure the way forward. Please know that you will be in my prayers. I apologize for intruding into this situation.

  258. Hi Meghan,
    Reading this entry literally ripped my heart out for you. I am SO SORRY.
    I want you to know, I HEAR YOU, I SEE YOU, I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
    I was married to a man for 23 years, I have been divorced for 7. I recently became aware that he has been stealing from me for all 7 of those years, deducting amounts from my Alimony for ‘bills I owed’ & trying to sell our marital home out from under me. I feel as though I have NEVER KNOWN this man at this point, so I GET IT.
    I admire your honesty, strength & resilience.
    You WILL get through this. You will come out a SURVIVOR & you will THRIVE.
    Take good care of yourself & remember, Self love is the most IMPORTANT love in your life.
    Blessings to you & your beautiful children always-
    Nicole Buckner

  259. Sweet Meghan- That was raw and hard to read. And I’m just a “fan” not directly impacted whatsoever. So I can’t even pretend to know how you deep the wound is. I do think you will come out of this stronger, better..just different. Tackling this head on and not sticking your head in the sand will get you to the solution.

    Hang in there! I’m sending positive energy your way and a prayer or two or three.

    Dixie Van Landingham

  260. I just want to hug you. I’m so sorry. I hope everything will be okay with Hart. Marriage is tough but that is unacceptable. I hope you’ll be able to find your happiness again, however you choose. I’m praying for you.

  261. Meghan, we are with you beautiful, sweet lady. This does not define you in anyway but reflects your courage and strength. We love you. Your family are in our prayers. I hope Jim realizes how very lucky he is to have you and spends the rest of his life trying to deserve you.

  262. I feel so bad for you right now. My heart is just breaking for you because I have been through the same thing and it is so hurtful. Being cheating on is something you never really get over. You are very brave for sharing this and for dealing with the tabloids head on. You are so right that you have done nothing wrong!! Always remember that. He made the choice to make a bad decision. Stay strong and do what your heart allows you to do.

  263. So sorry Meghan- you’re strong enough to handle all of this. One day at a time as they say, keep your head up.

  264. Dear Meghan,
    I am so very sorry that this happened to you. You did not deserve it.
    When my husband and I watched RHOC a few years back, before you were pregnant, upon seeing how your husband interacted with you, his constant dismissal of you, his annoyance of you, my husband mentioned that there would be zero doubt in his mind that he was already cheating on you or would be soon. You can’t tell me you did not see this behavior as well. Again, YOU did nothing to deserve it, but there are definitely tell-tale observations. Please be aware and protect yourself in the future.

  265. Sometimes people just suck. They suck out of weakness. Be sad, be mad. Just be what you need to be for this moment. Shitty way to test your strength but you will be stronger in the end. Take care of you.

  266. My heart aches for you… people say I can’t imagine what you are going through… and they can’t. Only those of us that have had to live through it. My husband cheated…. while we were going through a very stressful legal trial of his doing, with a toddler at home and I was pregnant for our second babe. Our son was born needing immediate surgery and 5 more to follow, he stayed “for me” until the surgeries were complete then continued on his way with the slimy one. I made it, one day, one minute, sometimes one breath at a time. There is no advice to give, just keep breathing because I’m telling you some days that’s all you will be able to accomplish. Just breathe❤️

  267. Meghan I am so sorry to hear about this! You do not deserve any of this. Coming from someone who has been cheated on before, it is the worst feeling in the world. But you have been a role model of mine since your days on RHOC. You are strong and reliant! I know you can get through this! There is always light at the end of the tunnel.. keep your head up!

  268. My heart hurts for you. I have been broken like this before and can only say that you will come out of this – changed – but you will see the other side. I pray for you.

  269. You said it yourself. It’s only been 36 hours. Give yourself some space and time to heal and reflect on how YOU want to move forward. I am sorry you are dealing with this. Hugs and good vibes to you.

  270. My heart aches for you! Thank you for being so vulnerable and always using your platform to help others. No one can tell you what do or how to feel. The right thing is what is best for you and your beautiful family as none of us walk in your shoes. We can be hear to listen, learn and support you in a positive non-judgmental way. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  271. How dare he embarrass you like this. Thank you for your honestly. Will pray for you and your lovely children. You have matured into a wonderful mother, too bad the same can’t be said for their father. Shame on him!!

  272. I’m so sorry. You don’t deserve this. Trust is a very precious thing. I hope you can find it again in your husband.

  273. Ive been here sister. You arent alone. Your words are beautiful and so true. There is hope, I am living proof. Hugs, kisses, tears and prayers to you, beautiful daughter of God!

  274. It’s ok to be feeling all those feelings . Your doing a great job and are a great mom and wife . Whatever you decide to do it will be ok I do know this !
    Thanks for being so transparent through your difficult situation . It’s nice to see transparency for once! Keep praying and moving forward don’t stay in that same spot and if you decide to stay together and forgive don’t hold him in that same spot day to day because that will do nothing but destroy your chance of true happiness! All the best to you and your family . Sincerely , Tara

  275. I’m sorry bout your Heartbreak! U really don’t have to heal u can forgive and b at peace with it, but reality is things r never the Same!!! How could one do that with such a Beautiful caring Wife, what is it he was After? Such a hateful thing to Do! We love U ♥️ Dont take No Shit!!

  276. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOUR ARE AMAZING!! YOUR ARE DESERVING OF ONLY THE BEST!!! YOU Meghan Edmonds LOOK IN THAT MIRRIOR AND SAY I AM WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!! Your babies know your hurting as well as those who love you the most. It isn’t fair that you and your kiddos have to deal with all the pain. Jimmy needs help in someway, BUT you need to realize truly that it is ALL him….. NOT YOU!
    Please now that I will be praying for you, the situation at hand and for your adorable son. May GOD bring you peace of mind and you feel his comfort and warmth at all times.
    Xoxo – mom of 5

  277. I’m sorry you are having to go through this!
    You are right, it isn’t fair!
    If you don’t have a psychologist that you can meet with weekly all to yourself, find one!
    Seriously I know they will help you figure out why someone would chest in this manner.
    From my own experience of severe abuse in my childhood and up to age 28 (I’m 58 now),
    I know that before I started with the best psychologist ever (my opinion), I had no idea why I would self sabotage. I’m not giving him a “ get of guilt free” card. However, I did things not knowing why or even how to stop.
    Thankfully, now married 28 years, I’ve managed not to cheat and am learning why I wanted to in my last marriage.
    You are a wonderful woman and mom!
    Please start with helping yourself and find a psychologist you can trust and connect with.
    It’s not always the first one you meet, but there are great ones out there!
    Also, look on Youtube and check out Kati Morton.
    I watch her station in between visits to my therapist.
    Hang in there!

  278. I’m so sorry ‘ life can be very hard ‘ but you didn’t make the bad choices ‘ he did ‘ We are all here to learn ‘ we grow the most in Pain ‘ if your husband has pain ‘ over his bad choices pain of what he’s done to you ‘ his entire family ‘ he may eventually grow from it
    My advice is once the sting of it all isn’t burning as much ‘ like it is today ‘
    Get into therapy together ‘ and get to the bottom of yours and his feelings ‘ unfortunately so many men feel the need to behave in crazy ways ‘ without even thinking of the harm it can do ‘ yes they are both guilty ‘
    But you need not be his mommy asking him why ‘ let him find that reason on his own ‘ we cannot fix others they must fix themselves
    just focus on your beautiful kids .. and take one day at a time 💜 prayers for you and your little one ‘

  279. Marriage is work every.damn.day. As someone who’s marriage has been to hell and back and survived I know if you put the work in yours can too.
    Just put one foot in front of the other!
    Sending love and prayers!

  280. Stay strong for your beautiful children. I’ve been through it pregnant after struggling for so long to conceive. I will tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let yourself cry and feel all the feels and you’ll get through it. Your a mother, we always come out on top <3

  281. Meghan I’ve never respected you more. Yours is the first honest and honorable disclosure I’ve ever seen. And you place responsibility right where it belongs. Hold your head high for yourself and every other woman who has been in your shoes but was too afraid to stand up against wrong.. you are a hero!!!!!

  282. So sorry Meghan. I understand very well how you feel. Wishing you the best … healing, clarity and wisdom to make the right decisions for yourself and your family, at the right time.

  283. I’m so sorry you’re going through this heart wrenching pain, especially when you ha e little children to care for. God bless you and may he give you strength and perseverance, during these trying times. I really hope things work out for you, in the best personal way. And when I say you I mean just that! It is you and your life and your children that deserve the most utmost care. Take this time to concentrate on your life and your future ahead. Make time for your children, even though you are silently suffering. God will guide you in the right directions, just ask him for his help and he will give you the answers you need to move on, whether it is with or without Jim. No one deserves this kind of treatment. Think through this carefully and try not to put blame on yourself. You have done nothing wrong! You are a beautiful and intelligent woman, who has been mistreated and deceived. You need to know in your heart that you will be ok, with your children, family and friends. Eventually, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will have the confidence to walk through that tunnel. You will find yourself again. God bless your son and may things go well for him too. You are all in my prayers.

    Tammy McCarron Elsner

  284. I’m so sorry this happened to you, my heart utterly hurts for you. Yes, healing will take time , and whatever you decide people will always judge but you must be strong and have faith & trust in the Lord. I will be praying for you and you’re family.
    God Bless you during this time ❤️🙏🏻

  285. I am so sorry Meghan, I don’t know what it is that makes people think the grass is always greener and to do such things. My god if you have a stable home and a spouse and children that love you, listen up, it’s not going to get better than that. I don’t know why people always need to search for more when it’s been proven time over and again that it never really makes them happy. I will not tell you to leave or stay, that is none of my business nor anybody else’s, the decision you come to will be the one that’s best for you and your children . And as a mother of twin boys myself, one of whom has autism, I do understand that roller coaster of emotions too. I will pray for you, I will pray that you remain strong and get where you need to for you and your children.

  286. Strong words Meghan. I’m really proud of you for sharing this and being so vulnerable. I think a lot of women will take this to heart.

    Much love from Nebraska

  287. Oh Meghan, I’m so heartbroken for you. I don’t have the words to comfort you or let you know how much I care, & so many other people too. It’s so hard at any stage of life but with three sweet babies & health issues for your little guy, it’s just too much. Bits of advice to help you get through this: Accept help and care from friends & your family. Take care of yourself & try to keep food down, it may be hard. You may want to stay home & hide (cry) but if need be, see your doctor for help when you feel emotionally overwhelmed. I hope you can get back to the love you shared & get back on track but either way, you are strong & smart & will land on your feet. Hugs, prayers and positive thoughts ❤️ & Baby hugs really do help. Susie

  288. You will come out of this stronger than you evee thought you could possibly be, I can promise you!!!!!! My husband cheated on me while I was in the hospital with my premature son in the neo natal unit!! We survive for our children…that’s what makes us mothers

  289. Megan,

    You are an amazing woman and mother. You did nothing to deserve this and that is the most heartfelt, open and honest response a person could share. And it’s a feat to even be able to share it. You will be sad for a time, but your wounds will heal. I hope you can forgive him but that should be the last thing on your mind right now. Focus on those beautiful babies, and we will all pray for you all and that Hart is healthy and will be alright. God has a plan. You are a strong woman. I hope you can find some peace in this mess.

    Good luck!

  290. You are strong. You can over come this. Your an amazing mother. Whatever is going on with Hart you will overcome. No matter what we all support you.

  291. Hi Meghan, I’ve been through this and with much hard work and Godly intervention were able to reconcile. If you need to talk please reach out ❤️ Praying for you, I feel your pain.

  292. Praying for you! You do what is right for you and your kids and DO NOT let others tell you your decision is wrong. No one has walked in your shoes no one knows your heart no one knows jimmys heart. Humans fail but there is hope and there is forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you give up on your marriage it also doesn’t have to mean you stay. Don’t make any fast decisions about the future and except nothing less then you deserve. You are a strong smart person who will do what is right for you and your kids whatever that is. Healing takes time it can be done. Give yourself that time

  293. Big hugs to you. Xxx
    What do I know about marriage, I’m divorced?!!…
    Time does heal tho, if you love one another fight for it xxxx

  294. Meghan I loved reading this. Your response was perfect. I am much older than you and more his age and I have been with a lot of narcissist acting men. Just remember your worth and what you deserve. I saw how he spoke to you on camera and felt bad for you. However I have been with similar men and make excuses for them. I am not saying leave him, but at the end of the day always know your worth and what you deserve!

  295. I commend your bravery to share your feelings at this time. I pray for your son and your family to heal from all of this and I hope your husband try’s every damn day to win your trust back. Either way you will survive and continue to be strong . Tomorrow is a new day and each will get better after that . Do what makes YOU HAPPY in the end .

  296. Wow. I’m just absolutely speechless. You’re a beautiful person both inside and out!! We don’t know each other but I’m currently going thru the same thing!! Say whatever you need to say, don’t hold back. He needs to take it and accept responsibility. Stay strong sissy!! 💗

  297. Hugs!!! I was put in a similar position a few years ago when my husband decided to confess to me inappropriate behavior he had On a business trip. Do I really believe nothing happened? I can’t say that 100%. I feel like our relationship is a great example of a piece of paper that you tear the corner off and then tape it back on , it might look OK but there still that rip in it. I love him with all my heart we’re still together but it makes me sad when I think about it also. I was sad for a good year or more. I still get sad thinking about it. Just wanted to say that I understand and I’m sending hugs your way.

  298. I am so sorry that at a time in your life where you should be enjoying every single second, you have to deal with this situation that you did not create. As hard as it may be try to keep your time and thoughts occupied with your three gifts. Do not give away this precious time. These years with your babies fly by and can never be turned back. Everything else will work itself out and if not at least you made the very best of every second with your kids and you will have no regrets. Stay positive and focused it will pass. Keeping you in my prayers.

  299. I lived your sad reality. It happened to me when I was pregnant with our first child. I stayed – hoping, praying, believing it COULD change. At 45, 26 years and two more kids later, and many, many, many affairs later, I finally left. My adult children tell me they wish I had left early on. They were hurt and embarrassed over and over, and still. I wish I had left after the first time. These men don’t change. They cannot change. It is not in their dna. Leave. You have family and friends who love and value you. There is a man in your future who will love and value you. Leave. He’s one of the slimy ones. They don’t change. I’m sorry you’re sad and I ache for you. Leave. The next time will be worse. There will be a next time. You’re 100% right, you don’t deserve this. Your children don’t deserve it. Leave.

  300. Wow! You’ve expressed yourself in the most eloquent way, and you deserve all the respect in the world. Your words…man oh man – they resonate in such a profound way. You are truly a class act. It will get better, and whatever the result ends up being, you/the relationship/both will be stronger for it. ps – of course you won’t be humiliated by this – there is nothing whatsoever for YOU to be humiliated by. Your soul is entirely in tact – you are a beautiful human (inside and out).

  301. I am so sorry Megan. I watched you and adore you. You are a truth seeker. You are strong, beautiful, and very smart. So happy to hear you knownthis really is aboutnhim and not you! Keep crying if you have to. Do whatever it takes to make it to the other side. Take your time, you will figure out the relationship. Love those babies ❤️ Ps I have been there

  302. Meghan, I am so truly sorry about what your husband has done to you. Just remember you are a beautiful human inside and out and loved by so many! You’re an amazing mama and your kids will forever love you and Look up to you in more ways than one. You are not defined by his actions. Although, it is 100% ok to be sad and be hurt- you’re allowed to grieve and take all the time the need you need to be able to heal at your own speed. There’s going to be a light at the end of this tunnel. I’m too going through a difficult time, but I promise it gets better! Keep your head up girlfriend!

  303. I’m so sorry for you. I went throug a very similar situation and know how difficult it is for you. My heart breaks for you and all the other women in this situation. It’s been 12 years for me, yet when I read your blog it feels like it was yesterday. Hold your children close and allow yourself to grieve. Sending you my love.

  304. Meghan my heart is with you! Your words are also what I needed to hear. “Not defined by this”. My husband cheated after I gave birth in the same way. Via text with a ex. Almost 3 years later I still don’t trust him, I got very depressed but we are still together. You are right marriage is work every damn day and now you will have new work. To try and repair and forgive. You are so strong and I am always inspired by your wonderful heart, words and gratitude. You are a fantastic loving mother. You are enough and wonderful just as you are. You are brave for sharing and posting this just know your true fans will help hold up your heart during this time.

  305. Whatever it is that you ultimately decide for your marriage and family, I hope you do it knowing your full worth as a woman, mother and wife. You are so brave to be sharing this all publicly and stronger than you realize now. Take all the time you need now to heal and lean on your supporters, that is what they are there for. Time away from your kids now to focus on the issues will lead to a stronger Mommy that will once again be able to fully focus on them. You deserve peace and happiness too.

  306. Hi Meaghan! When I saw something about this on Facebook I didn’t finish reading it because I thought it was fake. I’m sorry this has happened to you. I went through the same thing your going through. I found out when I was cleaning house and went to move my husbands computer. He had forgot to log out of his email with his girlfriend.

    It’s hard but if you both want to fix what happened it can work. Don’t let him or anyone tell you what to do or how to feel. This is up to you.
    I’ll be praying that you somehow find peace with what happened.
    Take care,
    Rhonda W
    Clearwater florida

  307. Stay strong as you are, but allow yourself to feel sad, too. You deserve whatever you want to feel. Your babies still have their wonderful mother, even if you don’t feel as yourself for now. Don’t beat yourself up about that. They are young and they’ll feel your love no matter what. Lots of love your way. Thank you for sharing to mothers who can relate.

  308. Thank you for sharing. I too am going through similar and it is not easy one bit. Betrayal is wrong. I am as loyal as they come! And my one request to my husband is that if he ever felt the need to betray and cheat..leave! Don’t do my heart wrong like that. The worse part of our story is she was my friend, our sons were best friends. That all ended and I can’t explain to my 10 year old why he can’t see his best friend. It’s a living nightmare. This is no reflection of you and who you are. Stay strong, those babies need you. I’m praying for your healing heart. I’m not one to comment on “famous” peoples stuff, but this touched me in a way I can’t explain. Just today I found more stuff my husband has done. It’s so hard. But we are woman, we are born strong. And their wrongs will only diminish their self worth, while ours will grow over time. ♥️ I hope this comment is private and for your eyes only. Lol!!! Hang in there!

  309. You are very brave for posting this and you are absolutely correct. You did nothing wrong and do not deserve this. Stay strong and focus on you and you
    r adorable kids! Dont be concerned with anyone else’s negativity!!

  310. I’ve been there and the pain doesn’t go away. It only makes you stronger. Your words were beautiful and you will make it through this. Prayers for peace and strength.

  311. Meghan, I cannot begin to Imagine what you’re going through. I’m sorry.

    I obviously, do not know anything about your little guy. My son is Autistic, diagnosed at 4YO. It was beyond hard for us to admit he was delayed, and on the spectrum. However, I’ve devoted every day to making sure he gets services, and anything he needs to grow in every aspect.

    Therapy helps immensely! Throw all of your remaining strength and energy into your children. especially your little guy that needs whatever service or therapy to help him grow in every way!

    Hugs to you!

  312. Once a cheater, always……………………….If he cheated during your PREGNANCY, NOTHING will stop him in the future. Shame on him. It’s really disgusting that he would do that to you. You need to leave him. He’ll never earn your trust again and without that, you two have nothing. So sorry but it’s true. He doesn’t deserve you or his kids.

  313. Meaghan I feel for you and know that it will get better. Hope the best for you and most importantly your babies. I got to like you when you were on the RHWOC. Wis you the best

  314. Oh, I am so very sorry for you Meghan! Trust is very easy to lose and very hard to regain. I will pray for your beautiful little boy, I will pray for your marriage and I will pray for your family! It is completely unfair. You are absolutely right that marriage is a choice and you did absolutely nothing wrong and you don’t deserve this! Stay strong for your three beautiful children and for yourself! You are an amazing woman and I sincerely hope this turns out the way you want. More importantly, I hope your precious baby is ok!

  315. Wow. Meghan. That was written so well and from the heart. I’m so sorry that this happened…..my therapist told me a long time ago when I was dealing with something similar: u may not feel like eating, but just make sure u keep drinking water… Hahahah. Silly but true. Good luck.

  316. Meghan-

    I am so sorry this is happening to you!
    Bless you & your babies!
    You got this!
    Whatever your path- you got this!
    Don’t let his actions crush you!
    I have 6 Children- 3 Adopted with special needs, it can be hard but at the end of the day we get through it and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



  317. Stay strong mama. Allow yourself to heal in your own time x Nothing hurts more than being deceived by the one you love but you can both repair the damage over time.

  318. My heart is so heavy for you. I feel the pit in my stomach for you. I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say to make it better ( total stranger or dear friend) except that I am so sorry.
    Try not to drown in the emotions. For your own sake and the sake of your kids. When the going gets tough I am terrible at this – my emotions get the best of me. Just try to be aware of it. You and Hart and your family are in my prayers.

  319. Meghan:
    My heart breaks for you, as i share your pain in both my Ex cheating on me after 25yrs of marriage and also had been through medical crisis with two of my daughter’s. My eldest almost died on the OR table.
    This destroyed me. I am a simple person too, taking care of my girl’s, working & just living life. Yet on Christmas eve at my sister in law house i found out through my Mother in law with my husband sitting right there that he wanted a divorce. Out of the blue, literally blew me and my kid’s away!
    Next day he confessed that he had met someone and as time went by more info just kept coming out.
    In a split second your life is ripped apart. Nothing means anything anymore.
    I couldn’t feel anything i was numb.
    My Thoughts and Prayers are with you now and always❤🙏
    Just know that only you can make that final decision on your marriage.
    Don’t get caught up in the haters or the one’s that say stay for the children.
    Do what your heart tells you feels safe and right!
    I don’t know why men feel they need to do these sort of thing’s, if they only knew how it destroys our trust..faith..our very being in other’s. God Bless you and your children! My Prayers are also with your son & the doctor’s that they figure all of this out🙏🙏

  320. I know exactly how you feel.
    My husband did something so unimaginable I never thought he could do.
    My good old boy, my prince…
    A lady of previously divorced, domestic abuse in the first marriage, porn, drinking abuse, whored me out to his friends & family. I have triggers- now over 52 going thru menopause, lack low drive over the last few years, I caught my husband watching porn for close to three years. He words, I thought it would bring us closer, it would help us in the bedroom? I found three yrs worth of history on his computer 💻. How is that gonna help me or us. Especially times when I’m not home, or working in the yard, or out running errands, or in bed by myself? Men are selfish pigs. That want self gratification, bottom line it’s sex sex sex.

    1. And don’t forget !!! You are a wonderful wife, mom and stepmom. You are a terrific example to many women !!!!

  321. You deserve so much more. It isn’t that simple though and none of us have a right to judge. You have so much more to consider than yourself, you have your children and whatever is best for them and yourself is what you should do. Stay strong mama ❤️

  322. Meghan, I am praying for you. Praying for clarity, peace, and renewed confidence—whether in your stance, yourself, or your marriage. The rawness of your writing is vivid and I hope time brings you comfort.

  323. Wow, that got me in the feels. Stay strong. You deserve nothing but the best and you will rise above this. 💪🏽

  324. You are a strong woman and mother. That was beautifully written and I hope your heart heals and you get to a place that you are happy again, whatever that may mean.

  325. I have been in your shoes, except my husbands was a physical affair. It was the worst thing to go through. My 23 year marriage did not survive. But I will say this if he is willing to give you everything YOU need to work through this, give him that chance. You will most likely never trust him again but time does help that. Men are weak, it’s not an excuse but I know that they are. My heart is broken for you, I know this pain and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    You are in my prayers.

  326. Meghan,
    I wish I didn’t know exactly what you are feeling, but I do. I never understood what the word SORROW meant until my husband betrayed me not once, but twice, and for two years at least. We have five children so I swallowed my pride and lost myself in trying to make it work. It was mortifying and exhausting. Long story.
    My heart breaks for you. He chose to let some stranger disrupt your bond and penetrate into your safe family bubble. This was the hardest part for me. You may be able to forgive with time, but you will never forget and will never fully trust him like you did before. If I can offer any advice it would be that this is YOUR life and YOUR journey. Follow your instincts. I kept everything a secret and went it alone. It wasn’t healthy. If you have good people in your life who support you that’s great but use your therapist. There are things you will need their guidance on as you try to process and work through all of this. Especially with the added concern for your son.
    You seem so wonderful and I am sending positive vibes and will pray for you, your son and wish you peace! You will find your way.
    PS Find a silly comedy show or something that will make you laugh a little. It really is the best medicine! (May I recommend Schitt’s Creek?)

  327. Meghan, so sorry to hear this.
    The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit –
    Psalms 34:18

    Matthew 11:28-30 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

  328. Meghan you are truly in my thoughts and prayers. This is so much for you right now. Hoping your family is helping you if nothing else, to clean the kitchen or just give you time to rest. You are strong, you are smart, and you are human. There is no need for you to keep up any social media stuff for a long time- we all have you and your heart in our positive thinking, and positive prayers. ❤️

  329. My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant. We had a 1 year old daughter and I was carrying our second child when I caught him. It destroyed me. It literally changed my dna. I cried for years as a broken person. I think because I had no idea that something like this was possible. This was 22 years ago and although I’ve moved on, I never really recovered.

  330. I am so sad to hear your pain, you truly don’t desythis at all. He should look at you and pinch himself in disbelief. You are an amazing wife and mother. The fact that he has someone next to him that is so loyal and beautiful makes me so mad! I know you have children and you want to make it work but it’s very hard to build the trust back. I wish you peace and strength in this hard time. Please keep us posted, sending you lots of love and blessings 💗💗💗

  331. Praying for Hart most of all! I have a child with an neurological disorder and believe me I know the all alone ugly cries. Deep breaths and focus on helping your baby get all the early intervention he can!

  332. Unfortunately Beautiful soul, its called arrogance (the Bill Clinton kind) . I pray for you, your children,,your entire family going forward. I’m a prayer warrior,I’m on this ✝️🙏…….Kathlyn Poncino

  333. Hang in there mama ♥️ Thoughts and prayers. Also for your little one, that alone is way to much to bear.

  334. Omg Meghan. My heart literally aches for you. I went through something similar (just emails no pictures ) but we are older and have grown kids . First I have to say your article is wonderful. What you wrote is just so clear and spot on. You have such a great head on your shoulders. Long story short, I moved out for two years but we kept seeing each other and I moved back in. Whatever you decide to do is your decision and yours only. Don’t listen to or read any garbage out there ! Take one day at a time I always think of Kathie Lee Gifford and what she went through and how she handled it. With grace and class. Showing exactly what you said : it’s not your fault , you did nothing wrong and you deserve the best . I’m praying for you and your children. Go to a good therapist if you’re not already. Just to have a 3rd party to talk to. Hang in there ! You have wonderful parents and siblings that are so supportive too. Wish you all the best xo.

  335. Pray for strength and take it day by day right now. My husband did same thing. The pain is unimaginable.
    Focus on those beautiful babies and don’t make any major life decisions for a while. Wait until the pain subsides, however long that takes.
    Look after yourself, talk to a therapist, councillor or some one who can guide you through this life struggle when you are ready.
    You will be happy again, it will take time and healing. And pick your own road, once you are ready to go forward down your new life path
    This world is wonderful, and you will see that again, I’m sure as you are a strong person. Sending you strength and healing prayers

  336. Prayers and positive thoughts. My ex husband did the same but more when I was pregnant with twins. One twin passed away. All I can say is stay strong for those beautiful babies and time will heal. I gave up the house etc everyone is different. I pray that God will guide you.

  337. You dont know me. I follow you cos you are YOU. I am thinking about you. Wrapping my heart around yours.

    Hart has a strong mummy. What ever comes his way he will be able to deal with his what hand life dealt, cos of you.

    Its okay to be hurt, sad, dazed and fuming mad. Each feeling brings us closer to the next step of accepting what has happened. Dark days will come and dark days will go but you have your rainbows to bring back the sunshine.

    Much love xx

  338. Healing is definitely a process and I’ve followed you though your journey with IVF (both times) and noticed Jimmy’s absence physically & emotionally.
    I didn’t put much merit into his disconnect from the situation as you have said many times “that’s his personality”, I trusted and believed that to be true…it was believable as everyone is different.
    My heart breaks for you, as I read your blog, my eyes filled with tears for you. I believed in you as a couple, and still do.
    You’re absolutely still raw over this and a lot of damage has been done.
    You can either choose to save your marriage or move on, on your own and grow from this.
    Either way: YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!
    There is still a lot more crap that you will have to go through to get on the other side of this issue, but: YOU’VE GOT THIS!
    When all is said and done: YOU’VE GOT THIS!
    So be Sad, Mad, Grieve it to your final core!!!
    Only you know what to do, and damn anyone who judges you for it.
    I pray for you and your family as you go through this difficult time.

  339. I am so sorry you are going through this.. just terrible.. my prayers for you to find some sort of peace and guidence.. look to God and just keep your beautiful children in your arms…❤

  340. I feel for you so much. As a woman who has experienced her husband having an affair, it is like no other. The betrayal is like no other. After 7 years post affair, I still think about it. I still hate him some days. We work at it every single day. I hate that you have to deal with this publicly. I didn’t want to tell my friends and family, let alone half the world! NOONE understands your position more than you. You are strong and brave, but don’t hesitate to lean on those close to you. You can take as much time as you need to decide what is best for you, whether you decide to stay married, or feel it’s too much and you have to part ways, that is your choice and no one else gets an opinion on that. You have 3 beautiful babies who need you and that is your focus. I wish you all the peace you can handle. It’s going to be a roller coaster, but just take it one minute at a time.

  341. Just wanted to say you do YOU, for you & then your children. They need a healthy mom, among many other things. Jim has to fix himself should he choose to do so. You cannot make that decision for him. It’s all about YOU. Sending you lots of positive juju from NorCal. 🙏🏻💗💗💗 You got this.

    – Cara

  342. Meghan, I don’t know you. But I’ve always liked you. I live in STL too. We’re all rooting for you and your kids. Hopefully you’re rough road ahead will lighten soon. Keep your head high.

  343. Meghan. Push for your marriage ! If you have proof there was no physical relationship. If you are not sure or he won’t tell you the truth. Take time to heal. With or without him. I am so sorry I will be praying for you

  344. Men are stupid creatures. How is it they have so much power in the world when they are such idiots!
    Focus on your kids and you. Grow them into respectful humans who don’t behave like that.
    He has to work his arse off to earn your trust again…but it will take time.
    You’re a great mum though…believe it.
    All the best from New Zealand!
    : )

  345. For whatever it’s worth you are right it doesn’t take two to cheat – he needs to figure out why he would do this. You remain strong and do what feels right for you and your family absolutely nobody has a right to comment. Love and hugs in this hard time. 🙏🏼

  346. I’m so sorry Meghan. At least you know. I was married to a high school athlete, entertainer , musician. He confessed to being like all men. He cheated the entire 43 year marriage. At least you know now. Fly free!


  347. I am so sorry. I too went thru something similar. My son was in children’s hospital for a solid 2 years off and on and his father was cheating on me with someone who was known as “the whore “ of our town. I found out I made him leave as I couldn’t look at his face . It took 2 1/2 months before I let him come back to the house and that was because my kids wanted their dad. It took baby steps but we survived it. Do I trust him now, yes 5 years later I can 100%. The fact he did this when I needed him most and our son needed him most I can’t get over. He knows my punishment was and still is he will never receive a blow job from me again or anyone else. I needed a lifetime punishment for that pain and he has it! We are as strong as ever too.

  348. I’m so upset for you. All I can say is maybe you need some time away to heal and work out what happens next.

    Me and my husband split for 10 years but I’m happy to say we’ve been back together now for 8 years and are planning to get re-married. The first marriage last 21 years and we have two children. Don’t give up, just take some time out and figure out how to overcome this awful situation. It’s not the end of the world, yet it feels very much like that right now.

    My heart goes out to you Megan. Stay strong, but if you feel weak, then let yourself be weak for a while, then strength will return. Weakness isn’t all bad, it can make you stronger, sometimes bad things happen and you must let your feelings happen. We are allowed to have all sorts of emotions, after all we are human beings. Don’t beat yourself up – be sad today, but pick yourself up tomorrow and work it out.

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but if you need a shoulder……..

  349. You have many frienda and fans who are fully supportive of you. I can’t imagine going through this, not to mention being in the public eye. Thank you for being open and honest. I think that is the best way to crush any rumors. We all feel for you and hope the best for you and your family!

  350. Surely this didn’t come as a surprise to you. My goodness are you dumb? I’ve been saying for years that he is cheating on you, especially when he goes on his business trips. He will be moving on to wife number 4 any time now. Hahaha you idiot!

  351. I am so sorry Megan. I can’t tell you how to feel but your blog is amazing. So true so right. I am shocked I can’t believe in this day and age he could be so dumb to think you would not find out. I wish I could give you a hug. I can’t imagine how hard it is to go threw this. You are an amazing person and you loved your family as you should but didn’t deserve this. I don’t know why a man is not smarter than even think it was ok for a moment or months. Why don’t they have more to lose than they think to not cheat. . Why do men get weak. Women don’t deserve it. You are an amazing mama to three beautiful babies and I know how hard it would be to even function While your heart is broken. The trust is something that it will take years to get threw it. . Take your time try to heal and figure it out. But now put yourself first. Lies and abandonment and dishonesty is all your feeling. Hope you have some help with your babies to have moments to yourself. I will pray for you everyday. Till your heart heals. Take care Debra Taber

  352. I am so sorry you are going through this. I don’t know you but you are determined and strong, or so it seems. Listen to yourself. Take the time you need to recover. And figure out what’s best for you/kids. Reach out to your friends and family. Forgive. Be happy. I am in St. Louis and am sending positive vibes to you. Wish I could give you a hug. 💝

  353. I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now. I can’t imagine the thoughts, feelings and anger that you are feeling. I hope and pray for you, your kids, and Jimmy. I admire your openness about your relationship and your courage to put it out there! Much love to you!!

  354. Girl,
    When I saw the article, I just felt sick for you. Every statement you wrote above was so truthful and open. You’re far more kinder than me. I know you’re hurting and the initial reaction is to crawl in a hole, but you are correct, you did nothing wrong. I pray for your hurting heart and your fragile marriage. I pray you can forgive and make an honest decision regarding your life. I wish I had magic words, but I do not, I will just pray and wish good will for you. I’m sorry 😔

  355. I wish I could remove this life shattering pain you are having to endure. You never really know anyone until they prove themselves under fire. I’m almost 70 and betrayal will always bring down the “ perfect” relationship. Please love yourself and your gorgeous children. Demand the truth. Take Care!

  356. Words cannot express how sorry I am for what you are enduring, but your courage, grace and dignity are evident and truly an inspiration to those of us who have endured the same thing.

    Sending you so much love and strength as you are faced with such a challenge, especially as you are dealing with Hart’s health issue. I will keep you in my prayers and have faith that all will be well, and you will rise and be an even better version of the lovely person you already are!


  357. I’m so sorry for your pain, especially when it’s made public! I will keep you in my prayers sweet girl! I do care and know there are many people out here that love and respect you! Love and hugs to you and your precious family!❤️

  358. Sending you love, strength, courage, and anything else you need to pull through. There is a place beyond this hurt, on the other side of the pain and anguish, that you will reach with time. Stay strong, and know that so many are rooting for you, and are there in spirit to lift you up.

  359. I am
    So sorry for what you feel. Life is not always as we think it will be- your heart and your words are the truth. Marriage IS a choice- and as time goes on whether you choose to stay or go with Jim- it’s a choice and he must make it as well. I am overwhelmed and amazed at your honesty and strength- just know you are a hero to so many who are so afraid to be honest about what lies behind the “smoke and mirrors”. You are wonderful. Chin up. You inspire me. Thank you.

  360. You are brave, you are strong. You did not deserve this. You are 100% correct about choices in life and we must rise above. In a marriage you choose not to have an affair. Temptation is part of life, it’s what you do with it that shows your true devotion. Thinking of you during this time and wishing you the best. You are a great wife and an awesome mother.

  361. I’m so truly sorry you’re going thru this…I’ve been cheated on too and it was awful and it took me time to forgive but I certainly did not forget. He’s apologized a thousand times but it did not make my heart feel better. All I kept thinking is why, why would he do that to me and to us. Two years later I feel it made us stronger and it made him realize how the grass is never greener on the other side. Hang in there, it’s so hard to get over it and you will be sad for a while. But it helps to talk it out with him and your closest ones. Sending you lots of prayers xo

  362. Take your time to do what you think is best. Turn off the comments section. No one walks in ur shoes. Been there, stayed and though he didn’t change so grateful I took my time so I would not have any regrets. Had to look at my babies and truthfully tell them I did every single thing I could to keep their fam together self care as much as u can- face cream, lots of love on urself ♥️

  363. There was something about him that was unsettling the first time he was on air with you. He showed a lack of support or attention to you. I am not shocked or surprised by his actions. I am sorry you have been hurt so badly by his selfish inclinations and that everything is exposed for all to see.

  364. Meghan , I have been there. I am not a “celebrity”. We were living in a small town. Everyone in my church knew my friends , family. I went into a deep depression .
    Hold on to your babies. Pray for strength . If Jim is willing to work on your marriage . Try to keep your marriage intact.
    Trust is so hard. But leaning on God will pull you through anything. God Blesss.

  365. I am I awe of you. And although I can’t relate, I can feel what you’re feeling because you are so great at putting it into words. So many are rooting for you although you are feeling so alone. I am sending you strength and comfort. No one deserves this. You will get through it. I believe you know this. Hugs.

  366. Big hug Megan please take care of yourself too. Mom’s forget to do that. I pray you son is healthy and they find out what is going on with him Tracy – XOXO

  367. In shocked. I am praying right now for you, your family,and your marriage. I hope Jim can make this right. I wish someone with the right words can comfort you. In the end , I can only depend on God. He is our Savior. I personally pray for my marriage to God and let Him transform him. We can’t control our husband. He is the father. Give it to Him. Have faith. It may sound foolish,but prayers work!! Huggies!!

  368. You are brave and strong and beautiful. I give you so much credit for putting this out there…not easy to do by any means. Do why is best for you and your kids. Much love.

  369. I am so sorry this is happened! It’s so sad . You have a beautiful family, amazing parents and siblings. Please rest find a good Christian church and heal. GOD loves all of us . He can heal your hurt , and HE can heal Jim who doesn’t love himself and they that live maybe Jim can charity you the way you need ! Take one day at a time for you , heal and don’t let anger get the best of you that you become bitter like Vicky your much to amazing to let that over come you. Your a wonderful person . This is about Jim and his ego that needs to be checked once he removed the self hate he has for himself he will treat others better. Unfortunately the Baseball life sets these people to be untouchable however they often kill things along the way and they need a reality check..
    heal sweet Meghan

  370. Your strength and perseverance are remarkable and empowering! I cannot imagine the pain you feel and how you hurt to the soul from this betrayal. All I can say is I am sorry. I know it does nothing for you but I truly hate this for you and your babies. Take time for you to clear your head and heart so you can get back to the best version of yourself for those beautiful babies! They love you as mommy UNCONDITIONALLY!!! Feel your feelings, masking them of hiding them will just prolong your pain! Those babies love YOU!!!

  371. I am in the same position at this moment, though my husbands affair was mostly emotional. I have been going through it. The crying eventually stops. You begin to heal, but you aren’t the same. I pray you have peace.

  372. Meghan, I’m so sad you are going through this. I’ve been there and made the “hardest” choice, I stayed and decided to make my marriage succeed. Some days I question everything and some days are wonderful. Wishing you peace and happiness. Prayers for your family.

  373. Sadly I’ve always thought Jim was your “slime-ball #1”. Take your kids and go to a healing place with love and support. Your kids just need you. Forget him. Call an attorney. Move forward. You are raising a young woman, show her how she should be treated and show your sons what they should never do to a woman. Be the example your husband is not.

  374. My husband did the same to me.. it’s been two years since I found out about the slimy one in his life. She was a “friend” of ours a bartender it’s unreal the defeat and betrayal you feel. You do you! Keep your head held high.. thank you for sharing your story. I know it’s not easy it’s almost a shameful feeling you get when you have to admit this and it wasn’t even your mistake.. Prayers for you and your sweet children..

  375. Your message breaks me because I know what it is to feel abandoned. It’s so lonely and I am hoping you can find some solace in all this. Maybe it’s just with your words but you are letting other people out there know they are not alone and sadly we all might go through something like this. It’s awful, it’s underserved, it doesn’t feel good but time will help you cope with this pain. Stay strong, ugly cry when you need to and be a great mother to your children. Rooting for you and hopefully you can heal from this trying time in your life. Thank you.

  376. I am so sorry you’re having to go through this…I truly feel for you. No one deserves to be lied to, humiliated or made to feel like they aren’t enough. What happens will happen, but just remember that better days will eventually come and you WILL make it through no matter how it turns out. You have family (luckily now, nearby) that will have your back no matter what decisions are made. Hold close to them. They will never let you down.

  377. Meghan
    I am praying for you. You will be ok. You are strong. You are bright. You are a survivor. I am a teacher and the grandmother of 2 special needs boys. You will be ok. Hart will be fine….I promise. He may not be the Hart you envisioned but he will be the Hart he was created to be. He will bring joy. He has a purpose. Look for it every single day. It’s up to your husband to make this right….if he can’t….then you need to do what’s right for you and those precious kids. Keep your chin up.

  378. I’m sad now too. I am married too. Last summer my husband of 17 yrs had a flirty thing with a woman who picked up his card at a party. It was all via text. We have two beautiful girls. How could he do this? How could your husband do this? The betrayal is real. But my eyes are opened to these crazy woman who have ZERO regard for marriage. Men are weak but these bitches are ruthless.
    I don’t trust most women and that is sad.
    Hugs to you Meghan…. love from Canada

  379. Every. Damn. Word. I have felt it for the last 5 years. I was a true and faithful wife for 10 years. A dozen deployments. A special needs child. And I’m still told it was my fault. If I was a better wife or better mother. It’s a lost blessing marriage. And I am forever ruined by the ideal of forever. My only advice, do whatever it takes to be the mother your children need. Unfortunately I work ridiculous hours and over time to take care of mine.

  380. Stay strong! Make sure your sons are not raised that way. I think even if it is 2019, a lot of men still do what they want to do. They need therapy but they don not want to do that. It is sad! I wish they were raised kinder

  381. My heart goes out to you. My sons father cheated on me as well when I was pregnant. The pain and humiliation and depression are only understood if you go through it. I would sit and cry on my floor when the baby was sleeping in the crib and pray to God that I will be strong enough to overcome some day. That day came when my son was three. I packed up and left. Never look back I would sit and cry on my floor when the baby was sleeping in the crib and pray to God that I will be strong enough to overcome some day. That day came when my son was three. I packed up and left. His cheating on me broke me in a way that just cannot be healed. I pray for you and hope that things work out for you the way you want them to be. God bless you and your children

  382. All I can say is, hugs. I hope you have a strong support network to help you through this. This doesn’t reflect on YOU at all. I’m also dealing with some unknowns with a child’s health and it’s…gut wrenching. I can’t imagine what you are going through.

  383. Thank you for being so transparent. I went through the exact same thing and I still struggle 3 years later. You have put my exact thoughts into perfect words. I hate this for you and I’m so sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you find peace in this.

  384. What a difficult time for you . I am so sorry. I have a therapist friend whose husband was unfaithful. She said, for her it took five years to move past the pain. They have enjoyed nearly twenty years of marriage since. It was hard work. It is not for everyone. You are beautiful and thoughtful and regardless of your decision, life will bring you happiness again someday…I will pray someday means soon for you.

  385. Be sad, Meghan. We can’t heal until we first feel. God bless you and your family, and best wishes to Hart. Stay strong.

  386. I, too, have twin sons and there may be something wrong with my 17-year old Anthony. I’ll pray for your Hart if you’ll pray for my Anthony. Stay strong.

  387. Girl, THIS. My husband met a “slimy” woman on deployment who he began an illicit email relationship with. I couldn’t figure out why he was being so mean, so hateful towards me upon his return. I didn’t know if it was because if his experience while overseas—I’d never been through a deployment before—so I doubled up on my acts of love, grace, and compassion hoping he would experience healing. It didn’t take me long to find the messages and Lord did it sting. I’m still working through it with a stellar therapist almost 3 years later. We’re still together, he’s growing, but it doesn’t mean I’ll stay forever. When do I get to experience grace? Sure, “hurt people hurt people” and I know he was acting out of pain and self loathing when he chose to betray me, but at some point… man up. Be a decent human. It’s not that hard.
    I just want you to know… you are not alone. His actions reflect on him alone. And don’t let people shame you for your decision, whether it’s to stay or go. You have people rooting for you and your marriage if that’s what you choose. God bless.

  388. Meghan,

    You write about your pain so eloquently. I applaud you for your willingness to be vulnerable and not “put on a brave face” for the press. My heart breaks for you. I pray that in the coming days, you will still be able to feel some joy and smile with your children. Stay brave. Hugs from NY

  389. We all support you. Sending you love and healing during this difficult time. You are a strong woman and will rise to the top. ❤️

  390. I understand all to well! Exact same thing, we are still married but a level of trust is still broken. In the end it is still your choice to stay or not. He may need counseling as to why HE chooses to act this way. You have my all postive energy to help. Main thing is to understand YOU did not cause him to act the way he did!

  391. I am so sorry you are going through something g so hurtful so publicly. I have followed you through your ivf Instagram because I have gone through it right after you & you helped me so much. Wishing you & your family the time & space to process & heal.

  392. No. Marriage should not be difficult. I’m so sorry that you feel this way. It should not be an uphill battle. Don’t settle for this as your reality. Cheating is not an accident. It’s a deliberate choice.

  393. Beautiful stated. I commend you for speaking out and speaking so freely from your heart. Let your heart and instincts guide and with time, you shall heal and have more answers.

  394. Get off of social media and focus on what you want and what you believe. Don’t give a shit about what anyone says or believes. Do not be embarrassed because this has everything to do with him and not you. He needs to work on his character. He MIGHT turn out much better after this.

  395. I’m so very, very sorry & sad for your situation. I hope there are people around you who will hold you, comfort you and just “listen” if you need to vent. Lastly, I’ll pray for your heart, that will not become hardened or cold.

  396. Wow, I am in tears and goosebumps reading this. Reading about your basic need – to be loved by the one you have devoted your love to in return. The basic need of authentic, real, honest love. Something you have given to someone else. It is not fair that took that and shamed it.
    Reading this I want to tell you that you are strong, amazing and will get through it. And you will get through it, it won’t be wasted. You deserve to ugly cry, us gals need that and for whatever reason we never feel that it is just okay to cry. So cry and be sad. You are not alone in those feelings.
    Trust is a earned – reading you do not trust him was so powerful. You have been beyond disrespected, if you are in the public or not.
    Thank you for so eloquently sharing what you are going through- even though it was forced. There is such strength in this. Please continue to respect yourself, your kids and your belief in what marriage is to you.

  397. I’m so sorry, Meghan <3 I hope whatever you need to have happen does and that you can move on in whatever way works for you and your children.

  398. You are beautiful and I believe every word you wrote wholeheartedly. You are loyal. You are devoted. You want your family. Thanks for being so raw.

  399. Beautifully written. No matter what choice you make. Weather it is to stay in your marriage or divorce it is yours and it is the right one. It is ok to still love him. It is ok to hate him. Whatever you feel it is ok. Do not let judgement of othes push you to make a decision. No one knows your marriage but you and your husband. No one knows what is best for you but you. It appears you have a strong support system. If this is correct allow them to hold you up when don’t have the strength. I so wish you were not in the public eye. That you could have the privacy you deserve to find your way through this. I am sending positive thoughts.

  400. I’m pulling for you Meghan. I’m praying for your babies and for you, whatever choice you make going forward. You don’t owe us anything, do what’s best for you and yours. ❤️

  401. Meghan, Every single thing you said is RIGHT! Bravo for addressing this as you did! You are intelligent, beautiful inside and out, real, a great mother, a great wife and can unquestionably have a great life with your children without Jim. If he wants to fix his marriage he has to fix himself. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed. This is his fail not yours. Hold your head up, be strong for you and your children and move forward purposefully as you always do. I will pray for you. I will pray for Hart. No matter what the problem is you will deal with it well as you deal with other problems. Worrying accomplishes nothing. Don’t give it your time. Be very kind to yourself right now. Be your own best friend. Trust me. I’ve been in your shoes also with three babies. Tomorrow is a new day! ♥️

  402. I love you! You’re amazing & I’m so thankful to have worked with you! My heart hurts for you in this time ❤️ If you need anything let me know!

  403. My heart breaks for you. I hope you and Jimmy can find a way to save your marriage. You have a beautiful family and he’s an idiot. I pray that Hart is okay and there is nothing wrong.

  404. I’m from Australia and barely know your public figure, but read your article because it’s a situation I found myself in, My slim had a 10 year affair with his ex… devastated, sad, lost, sick.
    Not sure if you are into pod casts but I found them quite healing when I wanted to escape, but the silence killed me. There is one particular that could help, it’s called “healing broken trust” helped me understand, not quite except for me, the thoughts of my slime.
    I’m not part of a promotion campaign for them, just gave me insight

  405. I M so sorry this happened to you and your children, I know it’s not easy it happened to me also when my kids were young and I was busy being a Mom. I tried not to let my kids feel my pain but I know they did. It can get better with a lot of time. He has to be willing to work on his marriage and your trust! Trust is what takes the longest. It is so hard to gain it back once you lost it. I hope things work out for you and your marriage ! You are not alone! Good Luck and continue being the best Mommy that we all see!

  406. Hang in there!! Marriage is tough even on the good days. Hugs and prayers and please know there’s an army of women/moms sending you support!

  407. I never comment on IG or people I follow that I do not know and who knows if you read these. I follow you and watch your stories about clothes and your beautiful babies. I have twins too but they are ten now so I love to see yours so little. I just wanted to write that I am sending you good vibes and I am so sorry for what you are going thru. Praying for your baby and praying for your strength. You are stronger than you know. Remember that. Namaste

  408. Very sad but men are stupid, you deserve better. That Prince Charming is out there for you…I don’t and never did think your husband was that man for you. God bless and don’t be sad, your alive heathy with beautiful healthy children. Xoxo

  409. So sorry, I’m sure your Hirt and broken hearted . For the sake of those babies I hope you can recover and he realizes what he has done and changes. I have never been through this but I’m hoping and praying you will find a way out of the dark.

  410. Meghan I know exactly what you are going through unfortunately. Marriage does take two to make it work every day all day 24/7 365. I had been married to my husband for 20 years with 2 grown kids and grand babies on the way and had no clue that things were not golden. We are still together and on 30 years now. We struggled, mostly me, but we finally got a new start. I know you want and deserve the best for you and your kids and maybe with separation and time and some hard work you can save your marriage but remember maybe not. Prioritize in the moment day to day because when you have kids it is hard to balance life in general but with the unknown for your son it makes it harder. Only you know what is right for you and your kids. Take time for yourself and don’t feel guilty for it because you have to be the best you for your kids also. You seem like a strong and very intelligent woman. You got this and no matter what just be true to you and your heart.

  411. Im so sorry you have to go thru with this & at the same time Hart is going thru a bad time. I truly hope he gets better and live a healthy life.
    On the other thing we always wonder why cheat if you are with someone. Leave them if you’re not happy but don’t cheat. You need to be sad & angry right now but in time everything will be better with or without Jimmy. If you decide to give your marriage another chance go to counseling and do everything you need to do to make it work but if it doesn’t work don’t let it take you down bc it wasn’t you who did something wrong. Wish you a lot of strength and a big hug.
    Xoxo Carol friend from Puerto Rico

  412. I’m so sorry for your broken trust, It is the worst kind of betrayal. I have Friends and family who have forgiven and been able to move on- but I know it can’t be easy. Prayers for you and your family.

  413. I’m so sorry sweetie you didn’t deserve this I’ve been going through the same situation for eight years but you know what I put myself here I allowed myself to be walked on and cheated on no more and that’s what you have to say❤️💔💋

  414. Shut up. You’re insane if you think this is the first time this has happened. You’re kind of annoying. He just needed a break. No need to air your dirty laundry and humiliate yourself further.

  415. Hi Meghan,

    I’m not a crazy super-fan, but I’ve enjoyed watching/reading about your journey over the last few years.
    Native St. Louisan, Cards fan, 48-year-old mom of triplets. (Had them when I was 36, they are now 12!)

    Married 2 times- once for 7 years from age 24-30 (no kids). Ended because of infidelity on his part…but in the final analysis, we both played a roll in where things went wrong. He won the prize for the most radically stupid.

    2nd marriage from age 34 to 48. He’s a keeper. (triplets)

    My reply would be more of a series of questions that you probably already know the answer to…but from the little peek we get to see into your life, this is my observation/question(s).

    1. When you all first started dating, was Jim “love bombing” ? Did he do that to all of his dates/wives?

    2. Is Jim a narcissist? He comes off that way. (His actions)

    3. You are the work-horse in this family. I’m sure he can be an amazing dad (and husband!)when he has the time. But it’s obvious that his schedule is demanding and he travels a lot. Leaving you to take care of 90% of the everyday stuff, issues, appointments, appearances etc.

    4. Have similar cheating situations happened in his previous marriages? Once a cheater in any capacity, always a cheater.

    5. I feel like male-celebs (local and national) are so prone to this behavior. Power, money, attractive. You know this better than I do!

    6. I don’t think you are too young or too dumb to have known the potential here. I believe you are super smart, super brave, and an amazing spouse and mother.

    7. If he has the whole package, in you (I know – no one is perfect), what’s the drive to mess around, especially with someone (slimy #1) who is known for this kind of thing? THAT is STUPID and DESPERATE on his part. So, why?

    It will probably take years for you to leave him, because it’s soooo hard to leave when kids are involved. It’s sooooo disappointing, embarassing and heartbreaking when a spouse does this. When “forever” turns into… meh, it sucks.

    Just know, that you girl, are squeeky clean, and did NOTHING to deserve this behavior. Don’t waste a minute of your life on “pretending” it’s going to work, while secretly he is dismissive, pouty, and unwilling to make a change. In the immediacy, oh yes, save the marriage, he’ll do anything, right? Therapy together, therapy alone…whatever it takes. 6 months from now….1 year from now….does it look like the same effort?

    You’ve seen that meme/quote: “Your apology should be as loud and meaningful as your disrespect was….”

    Also, Jim went a LONG way to cover this up. To protect you? Come on sister, it was to protect him and MAYBE the heartbreak of the older kids who can read tabloids.

    Those are my thoughts. Don’t stay too long. I understand the need to try to work things out, believe me, any woman who has been through this has to make hard choices. Some of those choices are impossible for outsiders to understand. Do what you need to do. But in the back of your brain, start formulating the exit strategy. Don’t waste your life on a man/relationship that doesn’t value YOU or your children.

    Here’s how a real professional defines some of the things I mentioned. Gotta love Quora.

    Love Bombing is external and observable

    Narcissistic “Love Bombing” is a description of a series of actions that are aimed at getting someone else infatuated with the Narcissist. One can think of it as an externalization of an internal intention. “Love Bombing” is a choice with a goal in mind. It involves showering the other person with over-the-top compliments and attention.

    Note: I am using the term “Narcissist” here as shorthand for someone who had made a childhood adaptation to a home situation that resulted in the set of issues that is more formally called “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

    Infatuation is internal
    Infatuation is an internal feeling, not a set of actions. One can be secretly infatuated with someone, without ever letting that person know.

    Infatuation + Love Bombing
    It is also possible for someone to be both infatuated with someone else and then “Love Bomb” the person in an attempt to get them to feel similarly. In this situation, the Narcissist has real feelings towards the person that they are “Love Bombing” and is hoping for a fulfilling relationship to result from their pursuit. They are not intentionally lying to mislead the object of their affection.

    Love Bombing without Infatuation
    Some Narcissists coldly use “Love Bombing” as a way of getting sex, affection, and a sense of winning. In this case, they are not infatuated with the person that they are “Love Bombing.” They are simply using it as a seduction tactic to get Narcissistic supplies and sex. In essence, they are lying about their feelings.

    Punchline: Narcissistic “Love Bombing” can be done as a result of infatuation, but it may also be used in a coldly, manipulative manner that is intended to mislead the other person.

    There is a very interesting and relat