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I’m no hair expert.  Sure, I get by, but I can’t french braid my own hair to save my life.  (Plus my arms get way too tired from all the effort.)

But I finally found a hairstyle that looks cute all the time with minimal effort.

My short little layered bob is slightly longer in front,  looks great in a low ponytail, looks great straight, and looks great with my go-to curl.  It takes me 9 minutes to style my hair from dry to finished – literally anyone can fit it into their day.  Scroll down to the bottom to watch the step by step process to achieve this look:


Here’s what I use:

Curling iron -$35

Brush – Wetbrush (it’s gentler than a regular brush) – $7.50


Alligator Hair Clips – $9


Hair Spray by Bedhead – $12


Shine Spray by It’s a 10 – $13



If you find that you’ve missed some strands then add them into a current curl and recurl the whole small section.

If you have frizzy areas at the nape of the neck, or framing your face or ears don’t worry about them, just leave them.  You don’t want to fry them anymore and they will blend into this style.


Best tee ever – $12



  1. I LOVE your hair!! I’ve been trying so hard to pull this off with a straight iron, but maybe need to go with the curling iron!!!

  2. Hi Meghan, I was wondering, you said in your video that when you started curling your hair that you didn’t wash it that morning. What if I wash my hair that is very fine and thin, every morning, do I have to put some kind of product in my hair before blow drying to achieve the same curls?

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