Three Ways Alexa Simplifies My Life

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Amazon Echo with Alexa is a part of our family. No, she’s not a pet, or a person, or even a car, she’s our family’s electronic assistant and has been for several years now

As a mom to three babies under three, you all know my life can be a little crazy at times. If you watch my Instagram stories it’s not unusual to find me in my robe, feeding two babies while a third one is climbing on my head. Ah, the beauty of parenting! But it’s all completely worth it, and Alexa helps me to control this chaos and keep my life in order. For instance, …

 1. When I’m in the kitchen I’m able to use Alexa to help me with several things at once. When I’m making Christmas cookies (my fave are oatmeal chocolate chip) I can ask Alexa what ingredients I need for my favorite recipe, and then I can ask Alexa to set a timer to bake the cookies as my hands are tied up holding the cookie sheet. This all can happen while I’m listening to the Christmas music I asked Alexa to play to get in the spirit of the season!

2. But let’s face it, rarely am I in the kitchen alone without at least one baby.  So, when I’m feeding Aspen (and probably doing something else like baking those cookies I mentioned) I can ask Alexa to check in on the nursery camera so I can check on Hayes and Hart. This way I can tell if I need to wrap up what I’m doing to get them or if I have a few minutes longer to hang out with Aspen…

3.When the babies inevitably do wake up and I have all three of them up at the same time, I can ask Alexa to play some music to occupy Aspen while I feed the babies. Thank goodness for Alexa and her skills!

Over the past several years that we have used Alexa, she’s only gotten smarter and more helpful. Now we are to the point where we have an Amazon Echo in almost every room in the house! Because we can accomplish more in a shorter time span than ever before it allows us to really make the most of the extra moments we get to steal away with our kiddos.

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