Rock your socks off!

I can’t decide if socks are boring or exciting.  They most certainly aren’t a fashion obsession of mine but at the same time I’m very particular about them.  As I pondered the perplexing nature of my relationship with socks I had an epiphany: we all feel this way!  We all need socks and want them to feel good, so what are the best?

Well, here ya go!


1.  The 24/7 Sock – $15 for 6 pair

Your every day sock with the perfect amount of cushion.  It won’t make your feet sweat but they are heavy enough to walk shoeless around the house and be comfortable.  This is your every day go-to.  And at just over $1 a sock, it’s worth the investment.









2. Cheeky Message Socks – $8.99

I mean, these are just FUN!  Yeah, it might be Saturday night and I might be lounging around the house in my comfiest sweats, but that doesn’t mean I’m not ready to WINE!  So please, “If you can read this, please bring me wine!”  (And get your own clean-crafted wine here!  It’s all I drink!)














3.  Treat Your Feet Socks – $16.99 for 7 pair

No really, these are spa socks through and through.  They are so soft like those heavenly blankets at high-end spas and then you fall in love and promise you’re going to buy one and turns out it’s like $300.  (Oh wait, that’s just me?)  Well, anyway, do your wallet a favor and just buy these socks instead.  And the pastel sock selection is just plain soothing.















4.  Winter Sock Staple – $21.99 for 6 pair

I live in these socks with my boots.  If I wear socks that are too short they get lost in the boot, but if they are too thick my foot gets hot or the boot feels too tight.  These are the perfect middle ground.  Durable, soft, cute colors, they are the overall boot go-to socks.















5. Spice up your legs! – $11

These are just FUN!  They are knee-high black socks with iridescent rhinestone/diamonds dispersed all over the sock in a show of VA VA VOOM!  Wear them over the faux leather Spanx I keep recommending that you purchase, wear them with a mini skirt, or wear them over your jeans (like I did) to give that denim a hint of pizazz.  For this price it’s worth a try.








6. Sunday Socks – $9.99 for 4 pair

What’s lazier than a dog on Sunday?  These socks!  So fun and so cute.  I wear them with regular shoes.  They scream “I’m fun!” and “I don’t take myself too seriously!”








7.  Mom Uniform Black Socks – $14.99 for 6 pair

I live in my black athletic socks.  Black is just dressy.  Today I took my kids to the chiropractor and I threw on a black sweatshirt, black leggings, black sneakers, and of course black socks.  And in my mom-uniform-mind I absolutely looked put together.  Black fools everyone!  (And read my description for #1, the 24/7 sock, because they are essentially the same except different colors.)













8. Peek-a-boo Socks – $12 for 3 pair

These are different from the ones above!  They are much lower… for when you want to look like you aren’t wearing socks but you don’t want your feet to stink (or your shoes), these are the answer!










9. No Show Dress Socks – $9.00 for 4 pair

If you’re opting for the dressier shoe – like a loafer or a pump – these socks are your best friends.  They are the liner between your shoe and your foot so that you aren’t wafting a room with your “foot scent” as you pass.  Stay clean with these!













10.  The Ultimate Slipper Sock – $9.99 for 2 pair

Talk about comfort!  With no-slip-grips on the bottom you tease your feet into thinking you’re wearing slippers but they’re really socks.  Or are they socks that are really slippers?  Either way, they feel hella good.



The Baby Zone!

And now for the baby girl socks you’re always asking me about!

These are the knee-highs Aspen wears ALL. THE. TIME.  They are knitted and come in the best colors.  And you can’t beat the price of a little over $2/pair


These are the cutest little socks that go up about mid-calf and have little bows on the side.  For two bucks it’s a no-brainer.


These are my absolute favorite socks for Aspen.  I have several pairs of white ones for her and she wears them every day.  They look great with everything and add that girly flair to her outfit, even with baby Chucks.


And shop the rest of my outfit here:



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