New Years Resolutions – With a Twist

Every year when January first rolls around I think about what I can do to make myself a better person.  There’s something so invigorating and inspiring about the new year, it’s a chance to reinvent yourself and start fresh.  I think it’s healthy to imbibe in New Years resolutions to challenge yourself to be the best person you can be.

1. Lose weight. Ah, the stereotypical one.  But how about we just be healthy?  I started going to a personal trainer once a week and I just added a group class.  So now I’m working out twice a week.  Yesterday I made a smoothie.  Baby steps!  And I always feel better and more motivated when I look the part (and especially when I’m being held in – very tightly – by some smoothing workout gear).  You gotta start somewhere so why not look the part?

(These leggings are basically a less expensive version of Lululemon; I LOVE the Nutribullet for smoothies; these hair ties keep my thick hair under control without pulling it out; Asics are the best trainers; Under Armor socks are the best for working out; and I can’t stop talking about these Spanx pants because they are EVERYTHING.)


2. Spend more time with your family.  This is a big one for me.  My time is getting spread thinner with the addition of the twins so I’m making a huge effort to be mentally present when I’m with them.  Unplugging at meals, walking the dog as a family, planning out the week (in addition to sharing a digital family calendar), and game nights.  Old fashion family engagement at its finest will make everyone happier and more fulfilled.

(I wear Hayes or Hart in this exact carrier EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. – it’s the best; I have these tee shirts with these exact sayings; the double Bob is on my list to get because I’m obsessed with the single Bob; Apples to Apples is a genius game and this one is good for kids; Pie Face is a hit; the calendar is a must-have for every fridge; and the message board can either have an inspiring or witty saying or just “Don’t forget to wash your hands!”


3. Organize your life.  If this sounds broad it’s because it is but it’s exactly what I’m doing.  When you’re organized you’re more efficient and that’s a fact.  I’m working on getting routines in my life: for instance I’m starting a designated nap schedule for the twins, I’ve implemented a chore chart for Aspen, I organized all my make-up and hair supplies, I lay out my outfit and the kids’ outfits the night before, and I try to plan weekly meals.  I am even packing for trips more efficiently.

(Packing cubes are amazing; this baby scheduling book is genius; I just started using this exact chore chart for Aspen – it’s PERFECT for toddlers; we’ve been through multiple of these twin schedule keepers; we organize all our laundry and it helps lessen the mess; you all know Jimmy is obsessed with vacuuming and, well, this is the one he uses and I have to admit, it’s amazing; and this toy organizer is cheap and gets the job done.)


4. Cook more.  I loathe the last minute “What are we doing for dinner?” question!  No one has any idea what they want, people start to get testy, and the end result is usually underwhelming.  With the help of a slow cooker and a planner to organize my grocery list I’m planning my weekly meals out better.  There’s something so homey about the aroma from a kitchen at dinner time that beats the smell of grease and plastic from takeout every time.

(This copper skillet is completely non-stick and all I use; I love cooking from recipes and if they are easy I’ll actually make them; our company, K Hall Designs, makes incredible candles and this one smells great in the kitchen; we have this insta pot but now I need to learn how to use it; I also have this slow cooker and it’s so easy to use; I’ve recently learned how to make a mean filet mignon by searing it on my stove in a wrought iron pan then transferring it to the oven in the same pan and using my meat thermometer  (If your interested in more info on this I’d be happy to do a tutorial!); and this veggie wash actually helps preserve the veggies to last longer.)



5.  Save money.  Such a novel idea!  But that has been a challenge with my postpartum body.  I’ve gotten creative about purchasing great looking items that don’t break the bank and I can mix and match.  I want to feel good about my outfits while I’m working on getting my body back as opposed to wearing some ill fitting rags until I get over my weight loss hump.  As for saving money elsewhere, we’ve switched to using cloth rags in the kitchen as opposed to paper towels and we’ve reviewed all of our subscriptions and cancelled many of them (I’ve kept Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Dropbox.  I’ve cancelled the Nest, Massage Luxe, and random phone apps I didn’t even realize I was paying for).  Starting somewhere is better than not starting at all.

(I love these jeans, they fit incredibly well and look great and I don’t have to spend $200; these tees and sweaters are great staples, too; these are the rags we use in the kitchen; I live in these shoes; my girlfriend wrote this insightful book on how to get the job you want; I use piggy banks for my kids to collect their money instead of spending it; and I use this credit card holder for my cell phone so I don’t have to lug my purse around everywhere.)


  1. Love your suggestions and tips! Also the links to buy what you are talking about. Thank you!

    Meghan, I just bought an Air Fryer that is Paula Deans. I have not used it yet but wondered if you have one or thought about the healthy cooking you can do in it? If you want to see a video of it you can at

    Look forward to more insights!

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