27, 8, and 8 months: A Cross-Section

Jimmy has recently left for spring training in Jupiter, Florida and whenever he leaves town I begin to reflect on where my life stands with my kiddos and how it’s evolved.

I must say, life right now is pretty easy.  The twins are on a schedule (although they are about to drop their third nap), they interact with others and are learning so many fun things.  Hayes is crawling, Hart is rocking on his hands and knees, Hart says “dada”, they are both getting tons of teeth, they “talk” and smile at each other and they are both mama’s boys.  They have both graduated from their helmets, eat baby food three times a day.  Aspen is pretty attached to me but she is SO SOCIAL, curious, and loves preschool and any kind of activity.  I am so proud of the people my babies are developing into.

Because all three of my babies are changing so rapidly so does my gear.  Here’s a list of my top 15 MUST-HAVES right now:

  1. This super soft and cute hoodie.  I wear this every time it’s clean (that’s a real struggle).  It’s loose enough to even get by without a bra but cute enough to wear to brunch with your girls (with a bra, please).  And comfy enough to wear without leaving your house.  And most importantly, it can withstand millions of spitups, formula spills, baby food splatters, and millions of washes without balling up or looking bad.  Best $28 you’ll spend on your wardrobe.
  2. These sweatpants to complete the look for $26.  They can be highwaisted or folded down and they are joggers so they are tight at the ankles and roomy everywhere else.  Mom indoor uniform pants for the win.  And black because it’s fancy, duh.3. A washable rug I learned how big of a necessity this was when Hayes puked all over it.  Into the regular washer and dryer it went!  And I found it for half of what I paid at only $69.  Worth every penny and goes with any decor.  Additional colors, too.

4. This magnetic high chair by 4Moms.  I love that Aspen’s plate can sit still on this because it’s magnetic.  Yeah she can lift it up and throw it if she wants to but if she knocks her bowl or plate it won’t fall and splatter on the ground.  The height settings are adjustable so I can have her join us at the counter or at the table.  I ended up cutting out the straps in her high chair eventually but I use them every meal for the boys.  The straps are adjustable and safe and the high chair is a breeze to clean.  You can even take out the gray part and clean it.  Expensive at $239 but worth it.

5. If you don’t already know about these magnetic footies for $33 then thank me now because these will change your life.  Go ahead and save yourself time and buy them in every size.  Your mind will be blow by how quick diaper changes can be.

6. The good ‘ole trusty sleep sack for $21.  Sure, it’s used for safe sleeping when your child is too young to use an actual blanket, but let me let you in on a little secret: it’s a crib trap!  Yep, that’s right.  Your child can’t separate their legs well enough to learn how to straddle the crib and climb out.  So basically this item is a baby trap.  You’re welcome.

7. Aspen’s sleep sack for $42.  When I tell you sleep sacks are God’s gift I’m not lying.  Sure, Aspen is a full blown toddler but I am a fan of crib confinement until age 18 and the way to do it is via the sleep sack.  This company (Slumbersac) goes up to size 10!  TEN YEARS OLD!  They get us!  *she wears a sleep sack every nap and at bedtime, she loves it

8. I used to think wood teethers were for hippies until my twins stopped fussing.  This one is silicone and wood and easy for them to grip.  The wood feels better on their teeth than those frozen baby teethers, too.  Test it for yourself.  This one is $14

9.  This is the baby version of the famous sophie teether.  It’s solid (no room for mold!) and the babies love it.  $16

10. Reversible foam play mat for $80.  You can turn it on the cute side when there’s visitors and on the car track side when your kids want to play.  I’ve had a handful of these playmats in my several homes and this reversible kind is the best.  

11. Baby Uggs – I’m dead!  these are SO CUTE.  I love them for the boys because you don’t have to put socks on them and they keep their tootsies so cozy and warm.  Plus they are Uggs and something so ugly can be so ridiculously cute! $44

12.  Mom slippers from Ugg.  These are on sale for $69.  I have worn Ugg slippers for years and I finally got some “fancy” ones so I feel cute when I actually haven’t washed my hair for 4 days or gotten out of sweat pants for 6 days.  So treat your feet, ladies!

13.  This baby jumper is so much fun!  Aspen, Hayes and Hart all have had (or HAVE if we’re talking about the twins) a ball in it!  My house is old and doesn’t have door jams that work for a regular jumper so this one works for me.  Plus I can move it outside on nice days and when the twins grow out of it they have covers to turn it into a tent!  $139

14. Dr Brown’s baby bottle holder.  Hart couldn’t/wouldn’t hold his bottle.  I complained about it on social media and someone told me about this.  It’s silicone and slips over your bottle and guess what – HART HELD HIS BOTTLE!  I only have to use it for a few days and now he holds his bottle by himself.  SO WORTH the $4!


15.  This baby jail is the bomb for $74.  Yours won’t look like this because I put at least two full sets together (which isn’t recommended by the brand because they are worried about stability but works for me because I don’t leave them unattended.)  It even has a door that Aspen can use.  

  1. The baby jail is a real gem! We just put it by our plants to block them off and close the gate by the kitchen, because my daughter is almost 3. And I love that it has all of those colors on it and is easy to wipe if need be. Great blog!!

  2. Would you please share where you got the amazing wall art for your nursery? Take what you need…. It is so perfect. I would love it for my 3 little girls. ❤️

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