The Best Spring Dresses: Blog #2

I tested out SO MANY spring dresses that I couldn’t narrow it down to just one blog!  This is my second blog so if you haven’t read the first one you’ll definitely want to see it, too.  This blog has some higher end options but I have included a couple extremely affordable finds at the end.  (The “easter eggs” if you will!)  And I’ve included a lot of different dresses for different occasions – knock yourself out and happy SPRING! (And scroll to the very end for links to all my accessories including some great earring buys!)


  1.  Johnny Was: Floral Maxi (aka flowiest dress ever!) – $355

I absolutely LOVE this dress!  It’s loaded with material and then some… and it’s beautiful.  Incredibly well-made and feminine.  My favorite thing about this dress is the way it moves with you when you walk.  It’s truly a standout!  I’m wearing a small and could wear an extra-small.  Theres a cinch-tie under the breasts to give more shape to the dress but overall it’s very forgiving and easy to size down.  Wear it with high wedges.  Johnny Was does it again with this creation.

Click here to purchase the dress


2.  Flirting With Florals – $81

This dress is by one of my favorite Amazon brands: Ella Moon.  It’s short and flirty in the most demure way possible.  The sleeves are slit but have a tie to keep them together – so make them as billowy as you like.  The fabric is layered and well made and have a slip built-in.  This is a great day-to-night dress to grab lunch with your mom then an outdoor concert with your man.  I recommend this one as a one-dress-fits-all-occasions.

Click here to buy the dress


3.  Johnny Was Orange Floral Dress – $275

This is an easy and fun lightweight option that’s easy to pack, throw on, and go.  It comes with an orange slip to make this an even easier, breezier choice.  I love that it’s bright and bold in the colors but so light and easy in every other way.  I love it because it’s a departure from the usual black and works as a dinner dress or as something beautiful to wear over your swim suit.  Click here to purchase.


4.  Johnny Was Gauze Tassel Dress – $248

Here’s another great option for a lightweight dress that’s easy to pack and wear.  I love a great gauze dress because it’s so easy to dress up or down.  You’ll need a slip to wear it out (click here for a slip for $16) but it’s worthwhile to make it versatile like I’ve done by pairing it with a baby pink Gucci shawl.  Without a slip throw it on over a swim suit on vacation.


5.  The Layer Cake Dress –$22


This is such a fun layered gauze dress.  It’s easy and forgiving – great to wear to dinner but simple to wear to run errands (Yes! Even to run errands!).  I found this dress at Ella B Boutique in Jupiter, FL (call them by clicking here)

Or get a printed look-alike for $22:


6. Johnny Was Sawyer Lace Midi Dress – $380

This dress is so beautiful.  It feels like something a bride might wear to her vow renewal on the beach (but not in black!).  The lace is so dreamy!  It’s not as delicate as it looks which is the best of both worlds.  There’s beautiful tassels at the ends of the waist ties to add more detail.  It’s simply stunning! Click here to purchase


7. The Buy of the Century! – $32

THIS is the dress!  (It’s very similar in style to the first Johnny Was dress in this blog.  Obviously there will be notable differences in quality as this dress costs much less.  But for the price and quality, this is a bargain!)  I bought this in a small but could wear a smaller size so size down.  It’s shorter than the Johnny Was dress and has less fabric so it’s more lightweight.  This dress comes in a million colors and prints as well as sleeve lengths and dress lengths.  Here’s some of the links you should check out for a $32 and under dress:




  1. Tassel Earrings – $16 for TWELVE PAIRS! 

YOU GUYS tassel earrings are so cute and so cheap!  You get the aqua tassel earrings that I’m wearing in several of my pics PLUS 11 other pairs!  Give them to friends or keep them for yourself but this purchase is really a great steal!  Click here to purchase


2. Marble Earrings aka Kendra Scott lookalikes – $16

I love the marbled look!  They are lightweight, too!  Click here to purchase.



3. Baby Pink Gucci scarf – $510

Click here for the Gucci version 

Click here for the $9 Amazon Prime version


4. Aqua beaded earrings (similar to mine) – $9

Click here to purchase these in aqua and gold for $9


5. Louis Vuitton Empriente Bag – $1795 (used)

6. Louis Vuitton Bag Charm – $295 (used)



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