The Best Spring Dresses: Blog #1

I’ve been buying, trying on, and critiquing spring dresses for weeks and I’ve finally narrowed it down to the best.  (But stay tuned because there’s going to be two blogs on this because I fell in love with so many!)

I’ve linked all the dresses but for the shoes and accessory links (and bargain links, too!) scroll to the end of this blog.

Happy Spring!



Look Great And Forget About The Rest – $28

I love this dress to throw on and forget about the rest.  You know that girl who walks into breakfast the morning after a big night and her hair is the perfect mix of effortless, messy, and pretty all at once?  Well this is the dress version of that hair – and comes in SEVEN colors.  It’s slouchy in all the right ways, forgiving in all the right ways, and effortless/classy in all the right ways.  Plus it’s only $28. (And shop here for my Avery Rose bra with beading on the straps that was made to be shown off!)

Shop the dress here


Casually Demure – $24

The high neck surprised me a little bit in such a casual dress – but I love it because it dresses up a simple black jersey dress.  It’s extremely flattering and I love where it falls.  I’m tall so it’s tea-length on me but for most people it’s definitely a maxi-dress and for the shorties out there you’ll be able to pair this with some high wedges.  I’m wearing a small and it runs true to size (which means it’s a little baggy on me because I’m between XS and small sizes but for a casual dress I prefer this fit).  Plus it comes in FIVE colors and for $24, WHY NOT? (Here’s the shawl that’s easy to throw on as the evening cools off, or scroll to the end for a better deal.)

Shop the dress here



The Dress Of The Moment –  $24

I still can’t believe this dress is only $24.  I linked it on an Instagram story and almost instantly a handful sold through my link… and for good reason.  This dress is a scene-stealer.  I wore it to a wine tasting event with these  black stacked Valentino sandals (scroll to the bottom for the link) which I ended up needing to change to my trusty Adidas Sneakers (click here for the sneakers) and it looked cute both ways.  The side slit adds an unexpected element of sexy, which is hard to find in a dress that is basically just a very long version of your favorite t-shirt.

Shop the dress here


Add Sparkle To A Chilly Night –  $69

I ordered a few long sleeve dresses to try and this was the best fit by far (I sent the other ones back).  Finding a good sweater dress is difficult because it need to be somewhat fitted but not too tight (especially in the underarms and chest area), you don’t want it to stretch out too much, and it can’t be too warm.  This one feels a little bit sexy, a lot conservative, and a lot comfortable with a great fit.  This particular dress even has some metallic thread in the red color-block that seals the deal for the “fun factor.”  At $69 it’s more than the rest but now I know why: because I ordered several that cost much less and the subpar quality was visible to the naked eye – this one is extremely well made and still a great price.

Shop the dress here


The Fancy Kind Of Picnic –  $37 – $128

The sleeves on this dress are comparable to a Disney princess – they are full, billowed, and flouncy – completely unexpected in an off-the-shoulder dress.  The dress is longer than your average “short dress” so it feels like the coverage that’s missing on the top is balanced out with the longer length.  The fabric might look cotton but it’s rayon. (Read: that fancy/silky/ gritty feeling fabric, but don’t worry, the dress is lined.)  If you can nab this dress for $37 do it without thinking twice, but if your size is the $128 size make sure you have one dinner and one graduation to wear it to and you’ll be happy you bought it.

Shop the dress here


Lengthening and Understated – $69

I wanted to end this blog with the winner of the Spring Dress Award.  This is another sweater dress but this is one that is the epitome of Spring: it’s cool enough outside to wear a light sweater dress, but warm enough to go sleeveless.  This dress needs to be a Spring-time staple.  It’s lengthening (I’m tall and it makes me look even taller) and when it falls below the knees it becomes just a little bit classier.  The color-blocks are muted and remind me of crayons that’ve been used to gently fill out the stripes.  The fabric is clingy but not tight and flattering enough to wear without shaping undergarments.  At $69 this is a solid sweater dress to live in your closet for years to come.

Shop the dress here


The Sandals – $78

I’m wearing black Valentino Rockstud Sandals with a stacked heel that you can buy here for $1045.  But you can buy a pair that looks just like them for between $42-$80 here.


The Shawl – $19

I’m wearing a shawl by All Saints that is no longer available but you can get a similar version here for $52.  Or get this one that’s almost identical to mine on Amazon for $19.


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  1. Love your blog. You seem so down to earth. Appreciate the great finds you share and the pics of your kids.

  2. Hey Meghan,
    We were in line for the same bounce house together a couple weeks ago at Clayton family day (Shaw Park). I wanted to help you out until my daughter took off the other direction. Literally, we stood behind you. I had no idea at the time until I saw your picture. If you ever want a friend (with or without kids) to hang out with pure and simple (and fun). Email me!

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