Baby It’s Cold Outside!

It’s that time of year when noses start to run down and heating bills start to run up… er… I mean it’s when we can gather around a cozy bonfire in our snuggliest coats and make jolly memories over hot cocoa! Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

For those of you lucky enough to live in the “snuggly” climate this time of year it’s time to think about winter coats.  The expense doesn’t need to be as heavy as the coat itself: lucky for you I’ve tried out some of my favorites to share with you.  And they are all on Amazon Prime so you will get them two days from today!

  1. Not-So-Basic Packable Jacket – $39

This super easy throw-on-and-go lightweight jacket is the perfect staple for your fall and winter wardrobe.  Lightweight enough to wear inside your car in between trips to Target and school, but heavy enough to brave an outdoor soccer game.  It comes with a little carrying pouch so you can squish it up into a tiny ball and stuff it in your purse – I kid you not.  For this price I’d just go ahead and buy two.  I’m wearing a medium and I’d say it fits true to size.  If I wasn’t a sweater lover I’d probably be ok with a small.

2. Warm Me Up and Make Me Look Good – $66

May I introduce to you the elevated puffer:  The “did I just run into Starbucks or did I just exit my private plane in Aspen?” coat.  Versatile enough to wear with weekend sweats or a weekday work outfit.  It’s just a little bit sexy in the way it give you some shape and that’s hard to do when it comes to puffy coats.  This one is a keeper.  Add it to the cart.

3.  Canada Goose’s First Cousin – $47

You guys – I’m going to just say “you’re welcome” in advance for this bad boy.  You know those uber popular Canada Goose coats?  Of course you do.  If you don’t think you do, you do, just trust me.  Well this does everything Canada Goose does but for $47!  When I went to write this blog I was blown away (again) by the price.  The quality is exceptional, the coat is a true winter parka designed for frigid temps, and dang don’t I look good?!  This is a medium and is roomy but I love the way it fits so purchase your true size.  The faux fur is a luxurious and practical touch, the wrists have soft fabric to seamlessly transfer to your gloves and there’s about a million pockets for all of your gear needed to scale Everest.  (Because I know that’s what you all have planned with your purchase of this coat.)

4.  The Trusty Vest – $39

Don’t I just look so cool casually throwing my hat in the air?! That wasn’t posed AT ALL.  And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Ok so I admit, I’m a bit of a vest addict.  You never have to worry about the length of the sleeves and it gives you just a little bit of added warmth.  It’s kind of like sleeping in your bed with your arms out and who doesn’t love sleeping in their bed (for starters, Drake loves it.  Anyone catch that joke?) I digress.  I got this in a small and it gives me the perfect snug hug over my sweater or under a lightweight coat.  And this one is packable as well so you can shove it in the little bag that comes with it and stow it away in your purse.


5.  Updated Grunge – $38

This coat might just be too cool for school.  It really has captured that 90’s grunge trend and updated it to 2018: it’s oversized (I’m wearing a medium and it’s big.  Size down if you want a more snug fit.), has a billion pockets you’ll never use, and the shearling hood is soft enough to make your Ugg boots jealous.  The 87 (I’m exaggerating) zippers double as a fun fidget toy.  Oddly enough it feels military-inspired to me but I think that might just be because I opted for Army green (or is it the cargo pockets?).  This is a big win for throwing on over workout clothes and running into the gym or meeting up with girlfriends for dinner at your fave Mexican restaurant.

Other items:

Jeans – Levis, $69

Sweater – Cable Stitch, $59

 Boots – The Fix, $129

(they look just like these Chloe’s but $1,200 less!)







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