I’d Give You The Shirt Off My Back

Y’all, I’m blessed.  I have an incredible family who loves me, a supportive husband and partner, healthy children, and a roof over my head.  I work hard and I am compensated for it.  I never have to worry about paying my heating bill or wearing a heavy coat when winter comes.

Some are not so lucky.

And that’s why I will give them the shirt off my back.

I admit, I get caught up in the gluttonous practices of shopping too much and purchasing ridiculous items, but I am making a commitment to myself to do better.  In the past couple months I have donated more to charities than I have in my entire life and whenever I see someone on the street I try to hand over a bottled water, a granola bar, or a $5 bill.  (I do not want a pat on the back and I feel funny even mentioning all of this, but I hope – and believe – that by sharing my deeds that maybe you will be inspired do so as well.)

This time I got a little more creative in my giving.  Remember that coat blog I did a few weeks ago?  I purchased a bunch of coats on Amazon, whittled them down to my favorites, wrote reviews and linked the coats for you guys to purchase yourselves.  That was time-consuming but fun and I love doing things like that for my readers.  But now I have all these coats that I don’t “need” – but you know who needs them?  A lot of people.

So I took all the brand new coats I bought and I donated them to a coat drive.  I literally “gave them the shirt off my back” as they say, but paradoxically it was more of a gift to myself.  Giving to others is so incredibly fulfilling and really puts into perspective all of the abundances in my own life.

As we move into these frigid winter months I encourage each of you to challenge yourself to do the same.  Let’s all give a little piece of ourselves, our hearts, and maybe a coat.

Here are the coats I donated:

  1. Packable Down Vest – $39
  2. Packable Puffer Jacket – $39
  3. Long Down Cotton Parker – $35.78
  4. Collar Puffer Jacket – $35.60
  5. Oversized Parka Puffer – $31.60


Here are coats you can purchase and donate:


  1. Double Breasted Wool Coat with Tie Belt –  $39.60
  2. Suede Leopard Coat – $23.50
  3. Lite Hooded Jacket – $79.98
  4. Waterproof Ski Jacket – $84.99 


  1. Water-resistant Packable Puffer Vest – $20
  2. Lightweight Packable Puffer Jacket – $29
  3. Heavyweight Snowsuit – $35.42
  4. Hooded Trench Coat – $16.99 


  1. Lightweight Packable Puffer Jacket – $29
  2. Sherpa Lined Duck Jacket – $40.99 
  3. Padded Puffer Jacket – $46.95
  4. Water-resistant Packable Puffer Vest – $20


  1. Hooded Down Vest – $12.99
  2. Windproof Jacket – $29.99
  3. Expedition Parka – $52.56
  4. Fleece Jacket – $24.49


Here are links to coat drives all over the US:

  1. One Warm Coat
  2. Burlington 
  3. Salvation Army USA 

I donated through Kurt Warner’s Winter Warm Up and dropped my coats at Operation Food Search.

Start your own coat drive here: https://www.operationfoodsearch.org 


  1. HI I loved you on the HOUSEWIVE and thought you were the most sane one on there..LOL
    I am s So glad you achieved your dream of becoming a mother..:) call:636-443-5983 if you ever need a babysitter..:)

  2. I hold a coat drive at my work every year, and we donate them to a local women’s shelter. It’s amaing to see how excited everyone gets about participating.

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