I’m Going on a Vacation

I’m embarking on the longest trip I’ve ever taken without my children since they’ve been born.  Thirteen days!  Do you know how long that is?!  It’s practically two weeks!  So we’re just gonna call it two weeks… why?  Because every judgemental Karen likes that best.

Yeah, yeah, I already have a salty tone, and maybe you do too.  But I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of haughty bystanders feeling entitled to an opinion.  And I’m even sicker still of aforementioned bystanders feeling elitist enough to share it with me.

And I’m actually not even talking about you because you, my dear follower, had no idea I was taking this trip until five minutes ago.  I’m talking about my most trusted and respected friends, family, and other necessary Negative Nancies I’d prefer not to have involved in my life but alas they exist… loudly.  

Does anyone ask any single dad why he went on a trip with his girlfriend? (And no I’m not talking about my ex, I’m speaking in the aggregate so just relax.) Hell, let’s take it back a notch: Does anyone ask a MARRIED dad how dare he (with his wife and mother of his children) leave his precious children for two weeks?  Doubtful.  But I’d put money on Mommy Dearest getting interrogated by her closest coffee colluders while whispers of “how dare she?!” echo in her nightmares.

“What’s wrong with her?  Do you think she ever even wanted to be a mom?  Why does she care so much about her social life?  I could never leave my babies for that long – they just need me/I need them/I’d miss out on things.”

Give me a break.  Two weeks is a drop in the bucket first of all.  Second of all, is the oxygen a bit thin up there on your high horse because you are acting delusional.

And thirdly and possibly most importantly, you are not me.  

Let me expand on that “you are not me” part:

I’m a single mom.  The rug was ripped out from under me as I tried to build a traditional life for my family (in a non-traditional career).  I hate dating.  It’s exhausting.  But I want to find a partner.  I want to have fun with my friends — because having fun with a husband isn’t in the cards right now.  I want to feel sexy and adored on a beach in a tropical location.  I want to feel free from the responsibilities of raising three children with some help from sitters (do you know what this is like?  It’s not like having another parent – not AT ALL.  If I’m around, the kids only want mommy to tie their shoes or pour their milk or show off how they can twist their wrist 80 times in a row.  And there’s three of them within 18 months of each other.  Two in diapers.  One with Cerebral Palsy.  And all three in preschool which means 3 hours a day of school time – and that’s only 3 days a week.) I want to be able to build a new partnership without thrusting the poor man into the responsibilities of step-daddy toddler world after a few dates.  And I LIKE balancing my life with fun, freedom, and vacations.  There.  I said it.  I LIKE IT.

It makes me feel rejuvenated and whole and I thank my lucky stars that I have the means to peace out for 13 days.  

It makes me a better mother.  

“Woah woah woah that’s counterintuitive,” you say. 

… or perhaps you think I’m indulging in a veiled guilty-coverup-excuse.

Whatever, I don’t care, because it’s the god honest truth.

I don’t live your life, you don’t live mine.  I don’t judge you and if you want to judge me I’ll be waving at you on the other side of the high-vibe glass wall as I frolic off into the (literal) sunset without the baggage of anyone’s judgement.  And – spoiler alert! – I’m still gonna miss my kids like hell and this doesn’t make me a hypocrite or complainer.

Phew.  Ok I feel better.  

On that note, namaste (and aloha).  

  1. You are an amazing mother and person: leave all the Karen’s’ and Nancy’s’ and whatever name we are using for the male counterpart …. I think they should be Rogers’ behind and go and have a wonderful much needed well deserved vacation. #livingyourbestlife.
    🇨🇦 ❤️ You!

  2. Amazing speaking your truth . So much respect for you from one single mom to another , never apologize for taking care of yourself it’s called self love

  3. Love isn’t diminished by distance- its strengthened. There would be a lot more happy people if they knew how to feed their soul. Have fun, refresh and get a tan☺️.

  4. Omg I feel ya!!! I’ve been a single mom for 11 years!!!! 11!!!! Never having spent more than 1 night away from my son until 2 years ago I went on a trip with my boyfriend for 7 days…I felt all kinds of judgement! But I had an AMAZING time with that small amount of freedom. I FaceTime ‘d him every night and he was FINE!!! Better then fine because I left him with my parents, it was like a cool vacation for him too!
    Haters gonna hate!
    Enjoy your vacation!! And who gives a rars ass what people think! They are just jealous that you are confident in your mothering enough to leave them. And jealous of you getting ME time!!

  5. You deserve the vacation! Single mom-ing is no joke and the dads all get to come and go as the wish. Enjoy your time away. Your kids know how much you love them!-that is what matters 💗

  6. Good for you!! Don’t let the begrudgers get to you…they’re just jealous!! You’re a great mom and your kids will be fine and appreciate you even more when you get home. Safe travels. Enjoy.

  7. Some times it helps to write things down when you are full of anger, it makes you feel better. You have done a marvelous job and deserve happiness. Though misguided, your family and friends want to protect you. Now, delete these comments and carry on.

  8. Cast the first stone… shit, my parents took vacations when I was a child. They’d leave me and my 3 siblings with family. I’d get hurt, earaches, black eyes and mosquito bites, and I loved it. You think, maybe these judges aren’t as brave as you? Have fun, aloha and ohana

  9. Good for you!!! You can’t be the mom you are if you don’t rejuvenate yourself. It is often hard for moms to realize that “my time” is just as important. I am ashamed that other moms are playing the shame game. You do you and have fun in the sun. Not going to lie I am a little jealous tho. 😂😘

  10. Have a wonderful time! I was a preschool teacher for 35yrs and I can’t even count how many times I convinced parents to get outta town! Especially single mamas, who really are super heroes.

    I ended up doing a whole lotta overnight care jobs due to my convincing (once for 17 days) Knowing parents were being replenished with a vacation was WAAAY too important.
    You’re a good mama clearly. Ignore the haters xo

  11. My parents traveled a lot without us as kids and honestly I think it was a good thing!!! We all grew up to be just fine!!! Keep doing you boo. You’re amazing and you deserve this and more!!

  12. I think it’s wonderful that you are going!!! You deserve it! I never thought you would end up single , even tho that husband of yours seemed like he didn’t want to do the whole kid thing again, I never thought he would actually leave you to do all the raising! I hope he at least sees his kids! You enjoy every minute of this well earned vaca. !!!!

  13. You go girl!, I did the same thing, raised 2 kids on my own, I see, hear and feel ya,!!!!! Have a blast!

  14. Never apologise Megan everyone needs to feel like themselves for 5 minutes (or 13 blissful days) without children’s hanging off them for every waking hour. You go have fun and wave a finger to all the judgemental Karen’s out there that can’t keep their mouths shut 😘

  15. This is so spot on and perfect. I never comment on such posts, but as mom of 3, and twins , once had 3 under 3 at age of 36 and 39 ( they are now 18 and 21!) moved away and left a very promising career, your well being and happiness is everything as a mom !! Good for you, and shame on those friends and family who can’t support or be happy for you!

  16. You go girl!!! Leave those judge mental Judy’s behind! Such a double standard. It doesn’t make you love your kids any less- in fact you can love them MORE when you’re taking care of yourself too! Have a fabulous trip 🙂

  17. Enjoy every minute, you deserve it and your children will be there when you return and always love you! The end!

  18. All moms deserve a break now and then. Enjoy yourself! Yes, you’ll miss them, but think of how good it will be to see them again!

  19. You deserve every bit of a vacation . People who are negative and judge are most likely Jealous people . You are an amazing Mom and spend all quality Loving time with them when they are with you . Go have Fun and do whatever you want when you want .

  20. I love the salt!!!! And I love you even more now💖😆 Have a great time and I’ll wave HI to the haters with you😄

  21. You deserve it and honestly everyone needs a little me time (away from kids/spouse) once in a while!! Have fun and ignore the haters!!!

  22. Have a great trip! You deserve it guilt free. Being a mom rocked my world (2 boys 15 months apart) please have a ball on the beach girl!!

  23. Have a great time. You deserve it. Aloha! The only thing I worry about is you announcing you are gone, and your house will be robbed. I’m a worrier grandma.😐

  24. You do you girl!! I love your perspective on this and I say eff the haters! (Maybe not eff them, since they are friends and family, but it’s not nice to critique you for taking some ‘me’ time)

  25. Enjoy your time!!! I too am sick of all the negativity. Have a great time, relax and have fun because you deserve it!!!!

  26. Go and enjoy girlie! Your kiddos love you and know how much you love them. You are an amazing mother ans will continue to be amazing. Enjoy!

  27. Thank you for writing and sharing this! I am a single mom of three, but am so much more then that as well. Have an awesome time 💕 from MN

  28. Every mom deserve a reset as a mom to 7 from 21 to 4 my youngest two are 10 months apart and I have to say in order to be all in with my kids 24/7 I need a time out Vaca or whatever to just focus on myself so go you so happy you’re getting this opportunity have fun soak up the sun and all the negative Nancy’s will get over it maybe they’re just jelly lol ❤️

  29. I love you so much for this! As a single mother of one I feel you in every aspect! Way to go Mama! If you don’t take time for yourself, you can’t be a happy Mama for those precious babies!! Have fun, love life and be happy!!

  30. You seem like such an amazing person. Enjoy your trip and mute the people who judge. This life is not a dress rehearsal, so live it to the fullest. Your kids will be just fine and when you return they will love you up! Have a blast!

  31. I’m going to swear and I’m not even going to apologize for it!! F*** ya sister you do you!! I raised two kids myself 9 months and 1 week apart. Zero help from the donor and zero help from the negative nancys who wanted to judge if I did anything so I am all about this and I hope you have the best f****** time possible!

  32. Good for you!!! Me too is important, whether your are single or married, have kids or don’t have kids. I have been taking vacations without my child probably once a year since she was born. She is 13 now, and yes I miss her terribly. And yes I worry about what I might miss, but at the same time I am teaching my child that self-care is important, not that she is less important. You totally hit the nail on the head with your comment about no one but YOU living your life and you are not living someone else’s life. In a world of crazy right now, parents should be lifting other parents up, not guilty tripping them. So I say, go on vacation, have fun, enjoy the non-kid schedule while you are gone and enjoy being Megan, not just Mommy!

  33. If you don’t take care of your children’s mother, no one else will. And just like on the airplane, when they tell you in case of a sudden loss of pressure, put the oxygen mask on you first and then attend to your child—it’s sound advice. You can notdo your best and be the loving mom you want to be if your are exhausted mentally and physically. Everyone needs some self care. You go girl! Then love on those babies like the wonderful mom you are when you get home.

  34. This is literally my most favorite blog post I have read in a long time! Enjoy your trip!! You deserve it! Aloha!

  35. The fact that people shame mothers is disturbing. We should all appreciate and uplift one another on this journey. Mothers and fathers have very special jobs and we all do it differently. Just because you wouldnt do the same thing doesnt give you the right to judge others. Maybe it makes them feel better or maybe they are jealous and cant admit it?
    I appreciate the parents that can’t leave their kids for whatever their reasons are BUT, I also appreciate those parents that take the “me time”, do the trips and dont feel bad for it (moms, dads, and couples)!

    You go mama and enjoy your trip!

  36. Absolutely fucking love this. I’m married and feel guilty just leaving to Pilates or getting anything done for myself. This does make you a better mom! You’re happier and able to mentally get back in mom mode when you come back. Have a great and safe trip!!

  37. You go girl! Everything you said was spot on. You are an amazing woman and mother. Go enjoy some time without being pulled in 3 different directions at once. You deserve it!

  38. Girl! My family gets my girls trip. I’m teaching my daughter that it’s ok to have Mommy time and be independent. I am successful in my job and she sees that too. So what you are doing is teaching your kids to be ok with “me” time. You deserve it! It’s good for them to see Mommy happy and the vacation is good for a hard working Mom, such as yourself. You are doing a great job. It’s hard when those closest to you make you feel wrong, but they are not you. No one understands you better than you. Dust it off an have an amazing time. From one Stl mom to another!

  39. I haven’t had a vacation in 14 years. ( hubby doesn’t like to travel ). I am a great example of what you become if you don’t travel and vacation!!! Don’t be like me. LOL. Have fun and enjoy!!!! The double standard sucks!!!!!

  40. Good for you and enjoy every silent moment of it 😊. Every single parent needs a break whether it be one hour or one month or anything in between and you know what, your kids will be just fine.

  41. Meghan-
    Screw the haters! Live your best life, and keep it moving! I am jealous that you are getting away to a warmer climate. Enjoy every single second of your time away. Time away and vacations will make you a better momma to those babies of yours. If the negativity continues when you return, tell them to kiss your nicely tanned ass!

  42. Men can do anything, leave their kids to go to work, nothing said! They even call it “babysitting” when alone with their own children!! Two parents go off on a kid free vacay, they need the time, its good for them!! But, no not a single woman!! Girl I feel you!! You have the time of your life!!! Your business is your business!!

  43. Meghan enjoy yourself! You are entitled to a break
    All mums are!!
    I’m currently in Kmart cause I thought I was gonna crazy with my 3 kids and 2 new puppies and I needed an escape lol

  44. Love this!!!! Have the most AMAZING time & enjoy every second!! I’m a mom to a perfect little fur baby, work 60+ hours a week, trying to launch a passion project http://www.nakedcooking.us – if you want to check out a cute recipe…& there are days dream of just escaping for a few days! You worked hard & deserve a break – safe travels & stay fabulous!! ❤️🥂👙

  45. You are a GREAT mom and deserve a mini vacay whether it be a weekend or a month! Do you girl! Aloha Pumehana

  46. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself! It’s hard being a single mom! Enjoy your trip! You know the kids are well taken care of so don’t worry about that! Do these trips while you can! Put on your grass skirt and shake it!

  47. Not sure why you feel the need to explain yourself or justify your vacation! ITS YOUR LIFE! Enjoy the bel out of it❤️ Being a single parent is very hard and very rewarding all at the same time – but most of all it is EXHAUSTING!
    You need your own time to unwind – regroup- be a woman..NOT just a mommy! People that judge don’t matter & People that matter don’t judge!
    HAVE THE BEST VACATION— have a shot for me🥰

  48. Dear M, I don’t know you but I follow you on instagram and I think you are a FANTASTIC MAMA.. My Daughter is in a similar situation and it is not easy. You try so hard and it shows in your happy and well adjusted babies. Keep up the great work and have fun on your vacation. You deserve it. Aloha, Carmella Cochran, Arcadia California..

  49. You need to do you don’t feel guilty you deserve a break it easier for dad to be away don’t let the guilt eat you up because if you do it has been a wasted 13 days enjoy from just a girl in ky….funny I kinda of followed thru a lot of things have fun be safe….

  50. Well said, enjoy your vacation! god knows if I could do the same I would 😂 everyone needs a break once in a while, specially with little kids. Those people that judge you are probably just jealous they can’t go too😂

  51. Stop listening and responding to these people. You are fueling these Karen’s by always responding to their negative comments. They know how to get a response from you in a bad way . If it’s truly good vibes only then respond to the others who are just simply saying “ enjoy” ❤️ 😎

  52. Meghan, you have every reason to get away. Especially if you have folks to watch your lil ones. I can only imagine how you’re able to cope with your life and career. Oh yes dads have separation anxiety too. It’s good that your kids are young enough to not understand that you’re going to rejuvenate yourself. I hope it was helpful and welcome hone.

  53. Good for you!!!! I hope you enjoy every minute of your vacation. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. (Especially as a single mom) Would any of your haters expect that a Dr., Lawyer, teacher, etc . would never take a vacation?
    I have been a mom for 17 years. (4kids). I do girls trips, my husband does guys trips. Sometimes we do a trip just the two of us. It is needed to recharge. I can’t figure out why so many people are judgmental and nasty.

  54. I fully support this decision and say bravo to you for taking some time for yourself. Enjoy that trip girl!

  55. I love this. Single Momma here too and my mantra is healthy Mom, health kids, healthy home. It’s 2021 and the double standard and the Karens need to wake up. Enjoy your trip, love your time to yourself, miss your kids a bit and then order another beverage!

  56. Kudos to you. You don’t owe anyone anything. Especially an explanation of what you do/don’t do. People are frustrating and annoying sometimes. It’s funny – when I watched you on housewives in the beginning I did not like you. But since I’ve been following you on IG (my daughter told me how cool, funny and “real” you are) – now I love you. Shame on me for prejudging you earlier. You “get it” and you are just trying to maneuver in this world and do the best you can with what hand you’ve been dealt. Stay positive and real always. It never betrays you. And have a damn good time in Hawaii—drink lots of pina coladas. Your babies will be fine and you will be refreshed when you return. Mommy breaks are not only good – they are the best therapy ever!

  57. If anybody needs a vacation away, it’s definitely a single parent! Good for you for taking time for yourself and recharging. Enjoy Hawaii!

  58. You go Girl, never feel guilty about taking time for yourself, It makes you a better Mom and person. Enjoy, you deserve it. You are a wonderful Mother. cheers to an amazing relaxing and fun time.

  59. My kids were my everything,(they’readults now) but I lived for my vacations and my girl’s trip. I needed to remember ME!!! Do not feel guilty, you can not deplete yourself and the give 100%. Now go, relax, be you, enjoy. Come home refreshed and ready to take on mommy duty! ALOHA!!!

  60. I hope you enjoy every single second in your tropical paradise, everyone of us deserves to be loved, to relax and take a deep breath and to have a second of peace in this crazy life ❤️

  61. Have fun and don’t worry about people who don’t matter!! Heck I wish I could have gone on a two week vacation alone when my kids were little. It’s not a contest. We all love our kids but we are also allowed to have a social life. I am assuming they are staying with their dad so I don’t see what the issue is here. Your letting people into your head and I get it. Have the best time!

  62. Amen but another way to look at this is folks close to you, know how devoted of a mom you are and feel like you will really miss them badly being away that Long. Maybe. I don’t know. Anyhoo, have fun girl. It’s all gonna be fine.

  63. Enjoy every minute. I have two children and a husband and if I had the funds I would be doing the same thing!!!

  64. You go girl ! From what I can see ( from following you on Instagram) you are an amazing mother. You are present with your children . Just because a mother might be in the same home with her children does not mean she is present . With Tv, iPads , or just plain not paying attention. You deserve any lil bit of respite you can catch . Being a mom is a FULL time job , your not going to stay away from calling them and talking to them . It’s good for them to be away from you as well . The people making comments are not in your shoes , you don’t need to explain yourself , the proof is in the pudding. You smiling , happy children are the proof of a happy healthy home . ENJOY!!!

  65. Good for you! Your right women are held to a different standard than men when it comes to doing that. Hope you have a ball and get some sun, rest and peace of mind.

  66. Enjoy your time away. Mothers need a break once in a while too. A chance to refresh, reset, and clear your thoughts. Have a drink, put your feet up, soak in the sunshine, and watch the sunset. Setting aside thirteen days is good for your mind, body, and soul. It will help to recenter and rebalance you, and you will be better because of it. Don’t let others make you feel a certain kind of way because you want to take care of yourself. I am a mother to six, and I take trips with my girlfriend for me. That does not make me a bad mom, a selfish mom, or anything else; and it certainly doesn’t for you either. From one mother to another, take care of yourself, your children will love you for it!

  67. Single mom of 16 years. And I’m the kind of single mom where there is no single dad at the other end. It’s been only me for 16 years. I’m here to say this, take the vacation and and ditch the people who give you shit for it. It took me way too long to realize how good it was, for me AND my son, for me to go away. Take the vacation, date the guy, find yourself and don’t, for a single second, feel guilty. Or let other’s opinions bother you. You do what is right for YOU and your children. Somehow we have got it in our heads that moms and especially single moms, should never do a damn thing for themselves. I’m so happy to see you taking the time you need. Aloha!

  68. I have been a single mother for 15 years and I applaud you!!!! Take the time to re energize and have some YOU time and when you come back you will be the best you for your kids. Screw anyone who doesn’t support you and worship the warrior you are, enjoy, laugh, feel sexy!!!!!

  69. Enjoy !! Have a mai tai for me….or 3! 🤣🍹🧉 Self care makes for a much better parent!! 😎

  70. This is so damn powerful! Amidst a sea of gray, sad conformity you are a bright light. Your perspective, insight and candor are eye opening and stirring. I hope you get an even bigger platform to stand on. You really should have your own talk show.

  71. She sure seems to need lots of breaks. She gets her time for all her little trips when dad has the kids. Soooo often? Single mom? Isn’t there always help in the house? And who pays for all of this? Her trips and treats? And I’ve never seen someone who gets rid of sooooo much clothing and accessories just to replace it all. Frequently. I’m just super curious how all this works. The kids are adorable and well taken care of. But sacrifice is definitely part of motherhood. Single or not. She definitely has a different perspective on things. And doesn’t miss a trick.

  72. You’re amazing! Don’t ever change you. Funny, I learned of you because of your ex… I’m a huge bball girl. I like you, your beliefs and your heart more than I do his, and when I say huge bball girl I mean LOVE my Angels. You don’t or haven’t played on their team but you are a true Angel. We are a lot alike, love with all your heart unconditionally. Ppl beat you down with words but they don’t change your mind. Kind of bites us in the ass. You’re still brave enough to be you. Nothing but respect. Keep it up

  73. Love, Love this. I’ve been following you since Housewives and found you after you left. You are Beautiful inside and out and I love how you take care of your babies and all that you do with them. And your right, YOU NEED TIME OUT FOR YOU so that you can continue taking care of them. Have fun and Try to relax 😎🙏🏽
    (PS) This is coming from someone who loves kids, but has known.

  74. You go girl! From the single mom I totally get it. You are in a different position than I was then but I do go on mini excursions without my kids. And you will always have mom guilt. But people who have never been there have zero right to tell you how to do it. At end of day they answer to same God as we do. So I care a lot less about what they think and more about what I think and my kids think.

  75. You are awesome and shouldn’t have to explain yourself for one second! GO and have fun and be YOU!!!

  76. I have been a mother for more than 30 years. A single mother for the majority of those years (still single at 52). I have three INCREDIBLE adult children (30, 21 & 19). I mean seriously amazing, well-adjusted humans. And I have balanced it all with fun, friends, vacations and wine along the way. HAVE A BLAST and don’t look back. You will be a better mom for it, I promise!!!!! XO

  77. You are amazing! Anyone who judges a mother for wanting to be a WOMAN also is the one who needs to take a longggg hard look in the mirror. You can love your children just as much as those asshole Karen’s by investing in yourself as much as you do your littles. You do you!

  78. Omg, love this! I’ve been a single mom for the past 6 years now, with his dad moving on to be married and care for his other kids more than he does my son. He’s left out in a lot of things due to his wife hiding him from her family. It’s a lot to deal with but I’m just like you, when I want a vacation, I’m going to take it because I well deserve it. Major props to you hun, with 3 kids, you are a strong, independent woman who your kids will look up to and be more proud of you for continuing to push through and show them that it is do-able. Take the trips, have fun, and live life! Every mom deserves it because in the end, we know we won’t ever give up! They’ll look at you more for what you have done for them, not the time you left to catch a break and have fun. Don’t care what others say, you know what’s best for you and your kids. Keep pushing momma, you got this and what any one else says doesn’t matter!

    Have a wonderful trip and have fun!!

  79. Enjoy your vacation. I am only envious that I don’t have the financial means for a vacation and probably won’t for a long time.

  80. You hit the nail on the head! No one really question men when they leave for any amount of time away. Mom’s need breaks as well, and will benefit the kids as well seeing their mom happy! Enjoy your trip 🏖

    I’ll just be hating that I’m not on vacation as well 🤪

  81. Girl! You do you! As long as you’re comfortable that your kids are well taken care of is all that matters! Yes, there will be guilt. But you’ll be a better mommy when you get home!

  82. I think you are fabulous inside and out. You deserve any and all breaks from being a mommy as much as you feel necessary. You said it beautifully – you are not me! AMEN. it’s hard for jealous people to see clear. I also believe that HURT people HURT people! You are not hurt. You are thriving and it’s a blessing to see you enjoy yourself. I honestly have no idea how you can do what you do! You are a magical momma!!!! You are a hero to all that truly get it!!!! Hope you have fantastic time in Hawaii!!!!! Aloha 😘

  83. I love this “real” look on you! I also was not aware that you were such a talented writer, I enjoy your patterns – write MORE! Like a book about the housewife and the mid-life crisis ex-jock! Just kidding! (About the title, not the book idea)
    The truth is, taking time and “resetting” yourself, allowing yourself to feel adored and like a woman (because you still are one!), DOES make you a better MOMMY! Your patience, your nerves, your body systems,,,, they all need a restart once in a while. Have the best time and every time you smile or laugh and your mom-mind starts to play the guilt card, you turn it right around and say out loud “THIS IS GOOD FOR MY CHILDREN TOO!”

  84. You’re amazing! Do it mama! I have a husband that’s a very “hands on dad” and I still lose my mind so, from one woman to another, one mom to another, please give yourself grace and do what makes you an even better version of yourself, because gosh darn it… Those sweet babies love you and need you. And, you my dear, are an inspiration!

  85. Go girl!!enjoy holidays!
    As you said -no one knows your life and how difficult can be!
    But most of all-well done on doing it!not too many women have balls to admit they want to do it or do it at all!
    Ps.amazing blog!!

  86. You know I always enjoy following you and the daily updates on how you manage to bring the wonderful life and new adventures into your Children’s life !! It’s easy for your EX (dick) to get this great big house Which means basically you’re fending for yourself and your kids I have admiration and respect for you it’s not an easy situation to be in ! unless someone has been in your shoes they will never ever understand what you go through on a daily basis I know from experience in a different way. When people don’t under stand or respect you for the positive aspects you bring to your children’s lives get rid of them you don’t need to explain to anyone go out there and find your happiness enjoy your amazing trip! 🥰👙👗👠👒🕶🦈🐋🦀🦞

  87. I love the new I don’t give a shit what you think Meghan!! Good for you mama, if it’s available to take a trip and recharge so you can be all that you need to be for the kids, have at it! Have a Mai Tia in my name, Cheers!!
    Love your insta BFF,

  88. Meghan- I think this is GREAT! Enjoy your trip!!! Sounds heavenly! Agree with all you said above! You have to take care of yourself to be the best mama you can be to those adorable kiddos! This trip is only going to make you an even better mom! I don’t know how you do it with the critics out there. You are one tough girl and great mom! Don’t ever doubt that for a second! 😘😘

  89. Hey girl 🌸 thank you for being brave enough to do what’s right for you! All the naysayers are just jealous that they don’t have the guts to do what your doing and ofcourse you’re gonna miss your little peanuts like crazy!!! All parents mom or dad should be treated equal and realize that we all need to pause sometimes to fill our own cup so we can fill our children’s. It does make us better parents. It’s not like we’ve been through a pandemic or anything lol. You go girl and I hope that I myself can learn from you and learn to take care of myself better. Hugs and kisses your mom friend natasja

  90. Being a MOM is the toughest most amazing title we have.. next to Nana! You need time to refocus and remember who you are! My husband a zillion years ago was stationed in Turkey and my Dad said hey you wanna go?! I’m like Dad my kids are 5 months and 1 1/2.. I can’t go. He’s like you have an opportunity to grow, and adventure in a place not many have been. I was torn but I had a wonderful Mother and Aunties that jumped in and took care of our precious gifts for 13 days… seriously! Cheers to you for standing up for yourself! Enjoy your trip! Bring memories to share with your munchkins, they will love it!

  91. The haters need to realize eventually their kids will grow up and leave the nest and they will regret not enjoying life and living life around their kids. Mentally it’s good for both mom and kid’s. The fathers have no problem leaving for weeks because they know mom will take care of everything.

  92. Have a blast!

    Also, i’ve been meaning to ask you this quick question. My daughter and her boyfriend are going to be in St. Louis at the end of the month to pick up their new puppy and they’re also celebrating her birthday. Can you recommend a nice hip foodie restaurant for 30-year-olds?

  93. Girl, enjoy your trip! Momma of 3 here too, and there is nothing worse than mom shaming. Have no guilt, have fun, soak the sun up and make memories. Because underneath the mom title is still a you and you deserve to have fun! Cheers!!! 🌴☀️

  94. Insider tip: go to either Costco or Walmart to buy your coffee and chocolate covered MacNut souvenir gifts for your fam and friends!

  95. You go and have a blast. You are entitled to do whatever makes you happy. You deserve happiness

  96. Meghan first off DONT LISTEN TO ANY ONE BUT YOURSELF. Everyone deserves a break and a life. It because you are Mom of 1 2 or 3 kids doesn’t mean you can’t travel without them!!! Trust me the kids might miss you but they also need a break from you from time to time. I believe it healthy for everyone involved. I hope you have a great time relax and enjoy yourself. I think you have bounced back amazing with all that you have had to go through. You go girl do you for 13 days and do it big you deserve it!!🌞🌈🍹🍾🍷🍸

  97. Kudos to you! You deserve it! Why are you letting them even get to you with their opinions? Don’t give them them satisfaction. Live your life your way! Your kids look happy, healthy and clean🤣 that’s all that matters . You are correct when mom is rested and in the right frame of mind you are a better mom. 🥰🥰🥰

  98. You go girl!! Enjoy your time. My ex lives in a different country to his kids and he chose to be with his girlfriend and her son during lockdown rather than in the same country as his kids.
    I am DONE! Luckily I have a boyfriend that is happy to spend his child-free weekends with me and my boys. It’s not ideal for a relatively new relationship (we met in July last year) but we’ve had the convo that this is not forever and hopefully my boys will get to see their father more regularly.
    It’s exhausting and my boys are 11 and 15, cannot imagine how it is with littlies.
    Anyway just wanted to say have a fabulous time, do NOT feel guilty at all. Your kids will enjoy the rejuvenated, happy and sparkly Mum that will come back to them.
    ENJOY! 😘😘

  99. Have the BEST time! Everyone deserves a break occasionally and the haters are likely just jealous that they can’t get away too.

  100. Good for you! Recharging your batteries is important 👍🏼 Sad that you have to explain yourself to those that don’t understand. You said it best “you are not me” do what’s best for you. Also I think your an awesome mother! Having 1 child is a lot of work & you have three toddlers…. that’s a hand full & a blessing. Have fun!

  101. Glad you’re traveling! You deserve it since you’re with your kids most of the time. You’re right about people not making Dad’s guilty of traveling when they have children as well. Double standard I’d say. Enjoy your life, your young, embrace your youth because it goes by so fast! Enjoy Hawaii and it’s splendor!

  102. Your so amazing! you are an amazing mom and such an inspiration to me and many other moms. You do it all ALONE! You are right you can have nannies around but they only want you. Guys can always go away with no notice but for a mom it’s the biggest deal. You will be a better mom when you come home rejuvenated and so excited to play with them. Enjoy your trip and block out any negativity.

    Keep blogging its so helpful to us moms.

  103. I was a single mom for 10 years rising Two kids by myself , no child support or spouse support. Two jobs and guess what I’m with you … go enjoy life
    My kids are older now and I am remarried … don’t pay attention because people would talk not matter what you do
    So go girl HAVE FUN

  104. 100% with you Meghan!! Go have fun! You deserve it and everyone should take time away from their kids, especially US mothers!!! Enjoy! Love you! ALOHA!

  105. It’s good for both you and the kiddos to have separation at times. They need to know that mom leaves and comes back. They need to learn how to navigate on their own. Mom needs to recharge too. It make us better Moms.
    There’s FaceTime to do with the kiddos.
    So ENJOY and recharge. Every mom deserves that.

  106. Have a wonderful, relaxing trip. Don’t look at your phone. Pray, eat and love. Much love from Scottsdale, AZ

  107. You go girl and enjoy, freaking double standards on women! This is 2021 when will it stop? 🥰🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  108. I love you and I hear you! I’m a married mother and my closest friends still give me attitude for wanting to go away alone. WE NEED OUR TIME TOO. Hallelujah

  109. I love this!! I’m happy there are others out there that feel the same way and want to do this!! And… bonus… you are actually teaching your kiddos that their lives matter as adults too! Have fun and enjoy! You deserve it… hell we all deserve it!

  110. I say have a great time and soak some sun up for this fellow Mighty MO girl!!! And for the record…I feel moms are much better moms when we take care of ourselves. We deserve relaxation & rejuvenating!!!

  111. I’m please have a very good time! Drink pina coladas and have a second the beach, then maybe sex near the beach and let any guards down and throw the guilt away. You may be a Mom but you’re not deadb have fun??

  112. Beautiful!!!! I wish you had been around 28 years ago. What an incredible inspiration to all single moms. You go girl!!!

  113. Go Girl!!! Have a Blast!!! You’re a great mom, not that you need to hear that from me. You KNOW you are!❤️ The haters need to Fuck off! Yes, This Gramma just said that!😂 Hope you have a Blast!!🎉💫

  114. I love this, and you are spot on. And not only did you try to have a traditional marriage with a non-traditional career, I’d say that it was 2 non-traditional careers. Your kids are fine for 2 weeks without you, they are loved! And why they remember as they get older is that their Mom was always there for them and she was happy!

  115. You’re a wonderful mommy to your kids. If you don’t take care of yourself you cannot take are of them. Have a safe and fun vacation. Know that you deserve it. No guilt.

  116. That is the most awesome honest piece I have read in a long time. I’m not a parent nor ever been one but I do know that grown ups need to be grown up once in a while. You go be you and have a kick ass time!

  117. Being a Mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had. I’ve got 2 kids that I’ve largely raised on my own. One thing I’ve learned that people are always going to judge no matter what. If you’re dating, it’s too soon. If you chose not to date, as in my case-they say that I need someone in my life. My point is, I’m comfortable and happy, as a result so are my children. You do you, if you’re happy your kids will be happy. Children learn what they live!

  118. Enjoy! In the scheme of their lives, your children will not even remember these 13 days. They will remember all the times you were there when they were hungry, sick, and tired. Not this brief time you took for yourself. It’s only 13 days for heaven’s sake! It’s good for them and you. Love, a 53 year old mom of two grown fully functioning adults.

  119. Completely single mom here. Kids 100% of the time and one with major medical complexities. If I had a chance for even a night to go out and feel sexy and breathe I’d do it!!
    You go live.
    Dont even waste your breath on the folks in the crowd who can judge but you couldn’t pay to walk in your shoes!
    Single mama strong!
    Have some fun for me!!

  120. Yassss!!!! We single moms get judged for everything we do! Enjoy your vacay! You so deserve it!!!!

  121. You know what!? That’s amazing. I have three kids under 5, we are going to Florida tomorrow and I’m not going to post it on social media because PEOPLE ARE WEIRD. I went to a wedding in Europe for 10 days when my oldest kids were 1 and 3, that was hard but soooo worth it. Just you do you because it’s well deserved

  122. Have a wonderful time Megan . You are a fabulous mother and the hell with all these neg remarks . You got the perfect attitude and hats off to you for stating your opinion , not that it’s any body’s damn business . Just love you .

  123. Enjoy.
    I get it.
    Never concern yourself with other people’s opinions. Stop trying to please.
    Just breathe.
    Enjoy the moment.
    Stop searching.
    Awe. Quiet

  124. You go girl !! Have the best time ever . You are the best mama ever and we all need a little break. It makes us come back refreshed and even better .
    Also you just gave me a great idea for a cute outfit to wear on the plane this Monday to Florida .
    Yep . This mama is taking a trip. No husband no kids .
    Just me and my mama.
    Anyway, have the best time .
    Haters are always gonna hate
    Can’t wait to see pics

  125. Wow was that was refreshing! I’m a single mom…same boat with the outcome of marriage, only older children. I still to this day second guess and have the “mom guilt” (it’s REAL btw) every time I get away for the night/weekend/even a day! I still continue to do it though despite anyone’s opinion. Took me awhile to get here.. the people who judge have never walked in your shoes. Someday in some sort of way, they will feel what you’re feeling now and remember it was them that brought those feelings upon you.
    I’m a strong and loving mother, and so are you.. without caring for your own soul you wouldn’t be able to care for those three beautiful ones as amazingly as you do!

  126. This article is awesome…and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. You do you girl…and enjoy your sexy body, cuz most can’t…and we are only young once. Your babies love you, and 13 days is never gonna change that. You will come back recharged and happy all the while missing your babies. Have fun girl…have fun!!!
    You nailed this article…I never liked you more😉❤️

  127. Enjoy you well deserved vacation with absolutely not guilt! Because Mom’s, single or not need to take a break!!!!

  128. No time like the present to give zero fucks about what others say or think. Recharge those batteries

  129. Go on vaca!! Do NOT feel guilty! We mothers all need a break sometimes. Have fun. Drink one for me!! 😊

  130. Enjoy yourself, don’t give any of the negativity a second thought.. just relax and enjoy the sunshine! I’d be going too if I could!

  131. Good for you! Every parent needs the chance to recharge – and as a single parent myself who raised a daughter (who is now 25, a college graduate, well adjusted, kind human being) – I needed to get away too – and my daughter did just fine! Enjoy!

  132. Please believe me, I’m not a negative Nancy. Hey Megan, Nancy here 🙋‍♀️. I have followed you since you joined RHOC and all I can say girl is that you are an amazing woman/girlfriend/sister/daughter/selfmade woman and last but the best an awesome mother. Seeing how your children are so happy and we’ll adjusted and you never show them the heart break or tension or the evilness of being betrayed. Crying in the closet so they done see it. I would be more upset if you didn’t go. Aloha means “from the heart.” And this is from my heart. So Aloha.

  133. Omg yes 🙌 you are so raw amd real. And what you deal with every day is EXHAUSTING
    any mums with toddlers will agree !
    Peace out and turn the negativity of , blow it away
    And ZERO mum guilt ! X x enjoy 😉

  134. Meghan I hope you have a wonderful time! I hope it’s Maui! Was there for 10 days a few yrs ago! I felt AMAZING EVERY SINGLE DAY! Hawaii does that to you!! Have soooooo much fun!!

  135. Aloha!!!! You go mama!! Have the best time!! Soak it all up! And come back refreshed. NOTHING wrong with that!!

  136. Good for you, and most of us woukd live to be able to do it too!! No matter what the reason, when you need a break, you need a break. And after the past year weve all had, its totally understandable. Enjoy every moment of it, take lots of pics, enjoy the sunshine,and have a drink!!
    Cause you totally deserve it!!

  137. Omg

    You do you

    Go freaking try and truly have some relaxing fun.. hell maybe some vacay love!! Hehe 😜

    Haters gonna hate

  138. You go girl ! Far too many people think it important to state their opinion . Judge harshly and assume you need to hear what they think is right . Your children will appreciate you more and you will miss them alit
    Mom’s never get a break even on a vacay , you know the self guilt trip …no man has ever felt .
    Friends need to support and you never should have to explain a thing . Have a wonderful time

  139. The fact that you had to justify and spell out why you need this vacation is sad. Your kids need a mother who cares for her own mental and emotional health to parent effectively. What person would doubt that you wont miss them madly, shop more for them than yourself and have beat yourself up before embarking on the vacation a million times and contemplating not going at all. Have the best, crazy,free time. Mother’s all over the world support you, and the ones that don’t are critical fake martyrs. Greetings from a mother of only one soon to be 21 year old in New Zealand who lived for girl’s weekends a few times a year, has a husband, and still would have lost her mind without time out.

  140. I’m happy for you!!! I couldn’t imagine how you do it as a single parent with 3 kids. You need a vacation.. You need to relax.. You be You and be proud of the Mother you are!! They don’t live in your shoes.. they don’t see the stress and times you may have a meltdown while you are in bed at night and have to do it the next day. Have a Great Vacation and I am glad of you for speaking up!! P.s.. You need some real friends and family ❤️.. Take Care

  141. Enjoy every minute of your vacation!!! You deserve it!!! Who knows maybe you will find that special someone.

  142. You do you. People that judge that harshly are just jealous. I would give anything to leave my family for 13 days or alone time. Maybe you need to check how great these friends of yours are. Why aren’t they supportive instead of judgy? I think COVID has made peel feel like they are allowed to say things and judge people out loud. Honestly since this has happened people are just total freaking assholes. “Oh you went to the store and didn’t wear your mask from the car to the front of the store, you are a reckless murderer”. Fuck off karen

  143. Oh wow well said Meghan . I couldn’t have put it better myself. If I’d have had the chance to do what you’re doing omg I would have so so done it. Toot sweet 😅 you’re an amazing person in so many ways you go girl and enjoy every single minute……just a tad jealous though 😅xxxxx

  144. Love your fuck offpost! Have loads of fun in Hawaii! It’s one of the best places to heal. Enjoy. You deserve it mama! Namaste bitches is one of my favorite sign offs ❤️❤️❤️

  145. Have a wonderful time. May the sun shine every single day. Thank you for sharing your children on IG. They always make me smile. You work hard every day and I bet while you are away, your children will be in your heart every single day. Have fun, rejuvenate and your children will be glad to have happy Mom back home in 2 weeks. Ride the waves. 🌸🌸🌸✌🏻

  146. Single mom’s work is incredibly hard….Physically and emotionally. So glad u reminded everyone that you are also the mom of a special child and look at the research and dedication and energy you put into Hart’s early intervention while still loving on your other 2. He has done amazing. You have done amazing. All three of your children are thriving….. You go and have a gorgeous relaxing holiday that is so well deserved 🥰

  147. I’m glad your gonna do you enjoy your vacation just because your a mom don’t mean you can’t have a life.

  148. Love, love, love this!! You are absolutely right, you do you girl and have a blast. Your babies know their mommy loves them and you’ll return a better mama!

  149. You do you BOO !! Wonderfully said!! Every second of everyday continue your journey in whichever way you need and desire …BTW you are no good too anyone else unless your good too yourself first!!! Those babies require their Mom to reboot rejuvenate and sooooo do you …Have FUN in the SUN 🌞 😎

  150. Have fun and enjoy yourself! I’ve been a firm believer in taking time for yourself. I was a single mother and looked
    forward to time just to myself as well. You need to be healthy in order to be a healthy parent! Take lots of pictures!

  151. Enjoy your absolutely well deserved and long overdue vacation. Yes you’ll miss your babies and yes they’ll miss you but this is a good thing for ALL of you and it’s needed! A healthy balance is wonderful for all of us. Can’t wait to see pictures! Enjoy!

  152. Enjoy it.

    I have never understood why women feel so obsessed with ONLY being mothers, and with bullying other mums.

    Confident well-adjusted children need to know their mother is a confident independent woman in additional to being their mama. Else we raise generations of dysfunctional co-dependent adults who think their worth depends on one particular relationship.

    It doesn’t. You are a great mum and you have been through an abusive marriage.

    Holding you in the light. x

  153. I’m 59 and raised 3 independent successful adults! I’ve always taken time for myself with my husband of 35 years and also without him. Don’t be side railed by people’s opinions, even the ones you value. I think time away from our children as they are growing up is good for them and definitely rejuvenates us mama’s. Single dad’s who have visitation every other week or weekend would never be chastised for going away on their “off” time. We as mom’s don’t have the liberty of “off” times, so we must take what is much needed recharging time for ourselves.
    Enjoy your time away , you will definitely miss them tremendously but know they are well taken care of and relax. Haters are going to hate no matter your choices and sometimes our nearest & dearest just don’t understand.
    You’re doing a great job 🙌🏻😎

  154. Go……..and for Gods sake, enjoy yourself. I wish that I had the means when my children were young (40 years ago).

    There is nothing wrong with what you are doing and wanting.

    And…..quit feeling like you need someone’s approval.

  155. WOW, after that venting. You don’t need a vacation. You need a cup of coffee and the trilogy of 50 shades of Greg. Love ya. You go girl.

  156. Have a great time, it’s certainly deserved!
    One thing I’d like to say, my “bonus” dad came into my life when I was 11…your kids will make the man in your life a “bonus” dad (like it better than “step”). Just a thought! 😘

  157. Good for you. Bravo. Wish more mothers would realize —you will be a better mother if you don’t live every moment FOR your kids

    I raised 7 kids. 3 of my own. And 4 of his. Full time custody of ALL 7

    I never ever lived my life for my kids. Or right now I’d be in a mental ward.


    So go enjoy. And tell all the Karens to be more like Beths. Lol

  158. Meghan,

    Bravo! I get it, I get you. I am a single mom to 6, by choice (clearly I’m insane) thru Foster care/adoption. The toddler years can suck the very life out of you as a mom, a woman, a Person for Gods sake. As a person if YOU need 13 days AWAY from your tiny persons, hell go for it, even better take 14… live on the edge. My point is I get yours. The judgement of the world, especially from other mothers is a special kind of hell on earth and sometimes it’s hard to turn it off. Add the volume of the public eye to it, Im sure the noise is deafening.

    So go, enjoy, drink a cocktail or 12. Smile at the handsome lad on the beach and soak up any attention or non attention you want or need for 13 solid days. All my best…Aloha

  159. I was a single parent to a severely disabled daughter and I found my person. Or rather he found me. He’s out there. Your special person. Best wishes on your journey.

  160. I just love how real you are and I may not no you personally but from your ig account an follow parts of a show your are a great mom to yours kiddys an being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world we all deserve a break anyone who says different is jealous an resentful enjoy your break your kiddos be there when you home follower all the way form Ireland ❤️❤️

  161. Your Beautiful !! Those so called friends who are giving you a hard time are not your friends. Friends encourage and lift you up! Of course it’s hard leaving your babies but sometimes it’s good to get away for a little bit to remember who you are outside of being a mom. Much 💖💖 and well wishes from Texas!

    Cheryl Klaus

  162. Good for you Meghan! You deserve a vacation.! Hell we all do! I’m glad you’re getting the chance to go and relax! Always cheering you on!

  163. Enjoy every minute. I am assuming your kids are with family and will be dearly loved. Have a blast and in their lives 13 days is a drop in the bucket. My parents would watch my daughter when my husband and I travel and we even left the country. Thank goodness I did that as he passed at a very young age. So grateful for those special times.

  164. Good for you meg! I agree entirely. If anything, above all else— it’s fair game to judge you and badger you for wearing a mesh mask and being so brazen with your covid etiquette.

  165. First of all, you are a great writer! You should write a book! Second of all, you nailed it! From what I can see as a looky-loo into your life via Instagram you are a hands on, super engaged and involved, attentive, caring, loving, I can do anything, I will do anything for my kids, I’ll cut a bitch for my kids parent! I can only imagine how hard it is to hear the negative backlash from your trusted circle. I’m sorry. You don’t deserve that. You deserve support, love, friendship, a shoulder to cry and laugh on. After all you are a mom to three tiny kids who suck everything waking minute out of you. From what I can tell, you are killing it as a mom. In fact you are making some of us look bad because you are killing it so hard. Perhaps your friends are just jealous that you have it locked down! At the end of the day, this is your life to live. At the end of it all you don’t want to look back and have regrets. Do you! Live your live for you! And keep on killing it!! Oh! And HAVE A GREAT TIME ON THAT VACATION!! don’t forget the sunscreen!!

  166. Whoever is judging you must be jealous because they’ve never taken time for themselves and hate you for that. If you don’t take care of yourself you are hurting your kids in the long run. They need a happy and healthy mom and that sometimes means spending time away from them. So sad to hear your closest friends are giving you grief. And you definitely don’t hear men receiving the same ridicule! Have fun!

  167. Single mother of three here. Could t agree with you more. If I take a weekend with my boyfriend (who has been around for 5 years and has taken on the role of father since my kids father passed away), there is a judgement that doesn’t exist if he were the actual dad and we were to take a weekend away. You are absolutely correct that there is a judgement of single mothers and I have never been able to wrap my head around it. We didn’t ask to be in this situation. But we deserve to live a life just like anyone else. You do you. You work hard for those kids. You get to take a breath. Just know that there are people who get it and support you.

  168. Grandma Dana here, i went through hell and back for five years of a crappy situation, waiting for my husband to get his shit together! I would’ve loved just a weekend kid free! So no judgment here! Go have fun and rejuvenate! Nobody has the right to judge unless they’ve walked in your shoes, and even then i question it, nobody reacts to parenting stress the same way! Enjoy and post some pics!!!

  169. You act like you’ve been stuck at home with your kids and never had a break! Give me a break! You are so self entitled Meghan. Not only do you travel all the time during the pandemic and got Covid because of it you get breaks when your kids see their father. There’s a reason your family and close circle of friends gave you a hard time about this trip where as all of these sheep followers that are so easily gullible to your words of manipulation because they don’t pay close enough attention to your life as your family and friends do to know about your frequent travel, Miami, Vegas just to name two off of my head. Stop playing the victim. Why do you need strangers’ affirmations to make you feel better? When you stop being selfish is when true love will come into your life. When you are so focused on yourself there’s no room for anyone else. You have more privileges then the average single mom. It would be nice to see you own that and stop being the victim all the time. The sheep kissing your butt are only telling you what you want to hear. The truth your family and close friends and even what I say may hurt but reflect on it and see if there is any room for improvement.

  170. Well said. Very true. You will miss your kids desperately. You will MOST DEFINITELY return a better, more patient and loving mother.
    Acknowledging your gratitude that you have the means to take this trip shows class. Many of us do not. You deserve it. So if you can do it. DO IT !
    Decompress. Scuba. Sleep in. Be SEXY! Lay around. Have cocktails with umbrellas! Do it all!! But most of all remember you’re on kid time. ( it’s like dog years)
    1 night = 7
    So essentially you’re gone for a weekend. They’ll never remember this when they are grownups
    They will remember having a stellar Mommy ❤️Hugs❤️
    Ps. Random note. Lived in St. Louis for 2 years! My middle munchkin was born there! 😊

  171. I understand what you are saying… But think about it. You do care what people think. It’s represented in writing this blog. Otherwise you would just live your life and not feel the need to explain your side.
    Be happy and feel free to do so without explanation.

  172. Good for you! I’m doing the same thing soon and I have 3 kiddos and 4 dogs. I don’t give AF what anyone has to say about it at all. I’m going solo, alone on a wonderful much needed trip and I’m going to enjoy every single second of it. Aloha indeed!

  173. Good for you!! I saw bravo to you….sorry you have people in your circle that judge you like that! It’s probably jealousy – go have fun your kids ultimately need their mom happy it’s what is best for them too❤️❤️ Enjoy those sunsets 🌅

  174. Kick it and have a guilt-free blast while doing so! Your kids are your kids FOREVER and are your Numero Uno 24 hour “job” for the rest of your life. When you are on duty you rock it! Every other job builds in vacay time so take yours and enjoy with complete abandon. Of course you’ll miss your bébés but that’s good for everyone. You’ll return and be shocked that you could love them anymore than you already did! Bon voyage!

  175. Girl, you have a blast, you deserve it. Screw the haters!
    Fathers never get questioned! And why do men say they are baby sitting their own children???ugh! Enjoy every minute!

  176. Enjoy your vacation!! You deserve it! I have 4 kids and my ex-husband isn’t the most reliable guy. Sometimes I’m beyond exhausted and desperately need a break. I used to feel so guilty doing anything….I wouldn’t even leave town when he had the kids because he always needs something. This is NO way to live. You are putting yourself first….and that’s what makes you an amazing parent! You know what you need to be happy and healthy! ❤️

  177. Although I’m not “technically” single (but shit is heading that way), I love you and you speak my language. Screw all those assholes. Parenthood is no damn walk in the park (don’t even get me started on how stressful a walk in the park is with littles) and a damn break for your sanity is 1000% necessary for the soul. It’s fucking hard and doing it alone is even harder. Enjoy that vaca!

  178. You’re kinda like Alec Baldwin telling people to F off when you involve them in your life. Be more private about your comings and going and you won’t need to shame people for reacting. I personally think it’s perfectly ok to get away. Better to go than to check out emotionally. But if you put your troubles out there be prepared. Never post you’re gone until you return. Then engage the mob.

  179. U do u don’t worry bout the negative nellys out here. Like u said u need to refresh .. sometimes we all need that me time. U have ur kids well taken care of.

  180. Yes! To all of it!! Thank you for putting into words what I and so many others have felt. The double standard is the real and it’s bull shit. Enjoy every minute of your vacation❤️

  181. Yesss!!!! You do you! In life someone will always,always have something to say no matter what. Mind over matter. Those who matter…. don’t mind. Have a blast.

  182. You keep doing you Meghan!! For anyone to say you’re a bad mom is wrong. Having been a single mom, totally understand the “me” time. It does make you a better mom. The kids will miss you as much as you miss them. Go enjoy yourself and have a blast!

  183. Good for you Meghan!!! Watching you on the real housewives showed how much you loved Jim. It saddened me when I read what had happened. And yes, you deserve a wonderful vacation! My husband died 1/13/20 of 9/11 related illness. We still a 16 year old daughter that is on the spectrum and a 11 year old daughter who hates me since her Dad died. Then dealing with COVID, it has been hell. Trust me, if I could go to the beach without the girls I would be gone!!! Have fun!!

  184. I love it!!! I don’t think I could of said it better. You’re a good mom. Enjoy and ignore the haters.

  185. Even if you don’t miss your kids like hell, it’s ok. You’re absolutely right that going on this vacation makes you a better mother. My husband and I went to Greece for two weeks and left our 3yr old and 1yr old at home with family. I had SO much guilt. But, that was a year and a half ago and still the best time of my entire life. I use that amazing vacation as my mental getaway in these tough times. I go through those pictures and am taken back to such a beautiful time. It helps me be a better mom even now, a year and a half later. I came back from that trip with a new lease on motherhood and realized I was so depleted and exhausted before that trip, I literally couldn’t be a “good” mom. And I didn’t really miss them like hell. I mean, I for sure had moments, especially when I knew they were going through their bedtime routine etc at that moment, but mostly I just enjoyed myself and the present. Which I hadn’t been able to do in years. You do you.

  186. Sorry shouldn’t have forced the issue of having children when it wasn’t in the cards for you to begin with.

  187. OMG……THANK YOU!!!! I want to do this, I’m an exhausted, single mom of a teen and 2 dogs who have anxiety and I haven’t had a vacation in YEAR and man, I want to! So, I’ll just pretend I’m in Hawaii with your posts…ENJOY the bell out of because you and every hardworking, independent, single parent (even married parents) deserve a break, it makes us feel human and recharged!

  188. Meghan,
    I admire you for what you do … I know some that dont have “nannies” and I knew a few that nanny slept with Daddy !
    You ( in MY opinion) was to young & adventurist for your husband , He got you because he was washed up & because he could ~ my opinion all along .
    Now to you going to Hawaii & DIVING I think is so great something real – the Ocean and living sea creatures you can share with your kids, use this as teaching moments . Who knows maybe someday your children’s first dive will be with you , their step-dad and AT That same spot ?!
    Enjoy a much deserved vacation , dont do “traditional “ I did and now Im disabled and would give anything to see Hawaii , Pearl Harbor, set on beach at sun up & sunset with my husband of 45 yrs. It was OUR dream vacation … my husband was certified diver too, I would have give it all to give him this experience!!
    Dive Safe & Swim peacefully.🏄‍♀️🤿

  189. Yessss Girl, do you. I am 45, mom of 5. Had my 1st at 16 and last at 36 and have zero idea what it feels like to have time alone or even with my husband. So I envy the shit out of you. F@@# the haters.

  190. This is everything!!! I love that you are willing and able to go on a holiday. Absolutely you deserve it as a mom. Any mom does..single or not. We are better moms for it and until other moms realize the benefits of taking a little holiday outweigh the perceived (yes perceived) cost you will likely have naysayers forever. Let’s face it…kids love change and interacting with other people. Their minds seem to explode with new opportunities. And some of those will come when parents are not in the room. Enjoy your holiday!

  191. Amen sister!! I am so behind you!! You do you and self -care is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, LOVING gift we NEED to GIVE ourselves. Thank you Megan for speaking your truth and showing the rest of us that it’s OK to take time away. You’re amazing – much love and enjoy the moments my friend! 💕💖

  192. Jeepers, what a joke! Most people are just jealous. I’m over judgemental people. I went for three weeks to Europe from Australia over Christmas when my son was 10. Take that you jealous bi@$&es!

  193. I love this! My motto is ‘better a sane mom who is present than an exhausted shell of a mom’. Moms need to do what they can to protect their mental health. I can bet you are a more attentive mom when you are well rested and feeling good❤️ Ps: I only have one and I tip my hat to you – three, I can’t even imagine😳. You are doing an extraordinary job!

  194. I’m so happy you got to take this break Meghan.Your health and well being is everything, and you cannot raise your children in an effective way if Mamma is burnt out! As you said you have the means to do this….perhaps it’s other’s envy that makes them try to judge you.? I hope your break away renewed your spirit and soul and you found a new piece of yourself along the way.I know everyday your kiddo will be on your mind and you would have been in contact. Some people are just STUPID and JEALOUS . I always remember a saying. “Jealousy makes you ugly”. I spent my life being jeakous of no one because I know that having money can bring more trouble and responsibilties than havine no money, Never lose your spunk Meghan…it makes you the shining light that you are.Bless you.

  195. You are awful! You took a baby bird nest out for an animal to take to eat because she didn’t want to deal withthem! And let your dog terrorize a baby squirrel while the mom panicked? I hope your kids learn compassion because you have NONE!

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