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A baby’s first haircut.

A girl’s first ponytail.

The first time you dye your hair.

Hell, just cutting your hair.

These are milestone moments in our lives – whether it happens to us or someone else – we all observe these moments with a shared sense of wonder and nostalgia.

Because hair defines us.

Since the beginning of civilization this concept has permeated every culture. Hair can tell us your religion, the trends to which you ascribe, or even the degree to which you conform or push the envelope.

As a girl growing up in a traditional Catholic family my hair was my own piece of me. I had it cut short.

“Please do that stair step stacking thing, I don’t want to look like a boy.” I tried to explain to my hairdresser at 10 years old that I wanted that classic 90’s hairdo we now refer to as a ‘Karen” style. I must’ve not described it well because I looked exactly like a little boy. Once at Girl Scout camp, I even resorted to wearing a long piece of masking tape across my shirt that said, “My name is Meghan and I am a girl.” Just in case the Jojo Siwa-sized bow on the top of my bam-bam ponytail left any room for doubt.

Throughout the years I dyed my hair. First with sun-in (remember that stuff?!) with my older cousin while visiting our grandma in Phoenix over Easter one year. What a coming-of-age thing to do.

Throughout my early teenage years I’d walk to the drug store and buy whatever box of hair color looked good to me at the moment: red, blond, dark brown – I did not discriminate. But it discriminated against me because my hair never quite turned out like the model on the box. Funny how that works.

The first time I got highlights was with a hair cap. It tugged on my hair and I lost so much that I still wince in pain and horror thinking back to the heaping pile of forced shedded hair on the floor.

When I was in my late 20s I got my first extensions. That was so fun and also hard to wear my hair in my signature high ponytail.

I decided to dye it pink once. Then purple. Then ombré purple+pink. The high-ups at Bravo gave me a strong nudge to force me to get it back to a normal color before we filmed the reunion. I thought that was rude and changed my hair anyway. Fast forward from 2015 to 2020 and you can find pink hair spanning the Housewife’s cities and owning a definite presence on several reunions. Funny how what was ridiculed just 5 years ago as “too odd” is now celebrated as “cool.”

Today I go SCUBA diving in freshwater and saltwater, I sweat through all of my hair at hot yoga, and I get it pulled by kids and ponytail holders.

Personal expression has its consequences. My poor hair has endured it’s life cycles of damage then reconstruction as I’ve tried every at-home AND salon product on the market. But finally I found a great-smelling, top-notch product that is not only saving me from these pitfalls of hair disgrace, but is also affordable.

I’m no stranger to a luxury product but I also don’t think that just because a product is affordable that it’s inferior to others. And finally… FINALLY, I’ve found that with PANTENE. Not only do I use the PANTENE Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection regularly, but I also use the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment to protect my hair before I go diving (I’d been looking for a product to do this and I’ve been pleased-as-punch with the results). It includes pro-vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and protective antioxidants, which are just what my hair needs after a day underwater. If you’ve ever tried to brush your hair after swimming, you’ll understand why I love taking the Miracle Rescue Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray (a hair detangler spray to prevent hair breakage) along with me when I dive, too. The Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot is a must-use for regular maintenance and to avoid those miserable, damaged hair days between abuse – I MEAN self-expression. So if you’re like me and late to the game of finding a great product and Ready For More hair self care, well, you’re welcome. And not to mention, this collection, specifically the Deep Conditioning Treatment and Intense Rescue Shot, can repair extreme hair damage and bring the shine and softness back to your hair just like an expensive  treatment would, except you’re saving $60! You can shop the collection online and in-store at Target 

So continue to push the boundaries because wild hair don’t care… especially when it looks fine af.

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to remember this product. I’m all for healthy….but love a good color to cover up my greys

  2. I have recently using Pantene..and using the little tube of changer! LOVE PANTENE! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I must admit I’m a bit of a hair snob, but will certainly give it a go. Thanks for sharing, I’ve had many of the treatments you wrote about too😂😂

  4. I use the Pantene Gold Series 3 minute Miracle Conditioner and I love that Im not pulling and tugging on my hair it’s so easy to comb out! I like the Hair Shine by Garnier I can’t find the Gold Pantene Hair Shine anywhere! I love the Rusk Hair Shine but it’s too expensive so until I can find the Gold Series Shine and also the Rescue Shots 1x per month!

  5. Pantene was good, until they reformulated and now it burns my scalp. But I’m actually glad they did because it led me to a better brand that has way less damaging chemicals and no silicones. Though I don’t think silicones are awful, I do believe that they can prevent moisture from getting in and mask hair damage but provide no good benefits for hair. I’m trying out the Native brand, and so far so good. It’s still too soon to. Know for sure, but I want my hair to be healthy, not just look healthy, which I think is what Pantene does. For me it’s going to be sulfate, sulfonate and silicone free . No more harsh chemicals.

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