KEEPING UP WITH THE TWINS with Huggies® Little Movers

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I knew this day was quickly approaching and now here we are: I officially have two little movers in my house!

Hart has finally mastered the art of sitting up and pivoting on his tummy to get toys, and Hayes has mastered the art of crawling (he loves getting in the dog’s bowl), standing (I found him standing while using his high chair as leverage this morning), and trying to climb (over his brother, out of his crib are top faves). As these boys test their physical limits I’m trying to stay one step ahead of them and keep them safe and contained! Diaper contents included – this is a top item that cannot be overlooked as they start wriggling and writhing all over creation.

My little movers wear Huggies® Little Movers because they are made for babies on the go. They have double grip strips which have really come in handy when they are trying to roll over during diaper changes: once I get one side of the diaper strapped on I know that it’s not going anywhere, even if Hayes is doing some weird contorted move to try to get away from me in whatever possible way!  Plus the snug fit waistband and the contoured fit ensure that diaper contents are kept where they belong while Hayes and Hart explore the world. Because parents have enough to worry about at this stage in the baby game, I don’t want to worry about my baby’s diaper.


As for safety, we transformed our formal living room into a playroom by pushing all of the furniture to the corners of the room, purchasing two huge “baby jails” and combining them, and throwing down foam mats to help cushion their inevitable falls. I have gymnastic mats and other fun things for them to safely climb on and around as well as lots of stimulating toys. We spend most of our time in this room – even Aspen and Girly Girl wander in and out.

My little movers are only getting bigger, stronger, smarter, and so much more fun! I love watching them grow and evolve as little people and Huggies® allows me to stay focused on having fun with my babies instead of worrying about how to choose diapers for my babies as they grow.


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  1. Hi Meghan,

    I saw a feed on the internet about your son Hart who has special needs and the progress he is making!! I am a special needs teacher
    with 25+ years of experience in different programs and age groups. I specialize with children who have other health impairments.
    In my career it has always been a pleasure for me to work with these children and their families. They all are warriors and keep
    pushing on in order to become the best they can be. Life is a miracle and a blessing and we need to be grateful for what it brings
    us. The earlier that these children and their families receive help and support the more progress they make. I use to live in Orange
    County with my husband but recently moved to Arizona. I continue to consult with school districts and individual cases. I wish the
    best for you and your family.

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