Nursery 101: How to buy a crib, twin edition

The cribs were the first item I went to purchase with Aspen and then with my twins.  It sets the stage for the entire decor of the room so there’s so much pressure to pick the perfect aesthetic.  Aspen had a large room so I picked a round crib to go in the middle, but I needed to be more mindful of the space since I’d have two cribs with the twins.

Aspen’s original nursery in St Louis featured a round crib from Restoration Hardware with matching dresser but for our Newport Beach nursery I chose a crib from Newport Cottages.  I loved it so much I bought another Newport Cottages crib for our Idaho home so when it came to the twins I started looking there first.  I love that everything is made from solid wood, handcrafted in the USA and made to order.  It just makes it feel a bit more special and personal for my perfect little bundles of joy.

This time I chose to go with a neutral theme for the boys’ room.  Jimmy and I are in the process of building a house so I wanted to build the nursery using as many items as we already had on hand.  Newport Cottages just came out with the Artisan Collection and the Sienna Oak finish worked with some items I already own and slides perfectly into the neutral decor I was trying to achieve.  Once this was decided the rest could come easily!

I used a daybed from Aspen’s room and just changed out the pillows.  As Aspen gets older she’s using her room as more of a play space so moving the daybed out to make room for play was a no-brainer.  (I was really proud of this large scale repurposing!)  I bought a few pillows from Home Goods to spruce it up and it was all set.  I stuck the daybed in between the cribs to break up the space under the window while giving us a functional area to sit.

Next I picked out the bedding: pure and simple white was my decision.  Easy peasy.  Add a crib rail to protect my beautiful cribs from teething baby gums.

Added a couple shelves in the corners for a sound machine and succulent accent (hopefully I can keep it alive but I’m already keeping two humans alive so the succulents are taking a back seat on the survival front.)  Accented the cribs with a cloud and stars mobile (yes I know stars don’t hang from clouds but they do in the mobile and it’s beyond adorable!) – cribs complete!  I must say I’m uber pleased with the traditional, simple, bright and cheery aesthetic I achieved all from getting inspiration from the finish on my cribs!

I also bought a dresser from Newport Cottages to complete their room, again, because I love their quality.  It has that deep wood smell and feels strong and sturdy which is so hard to find in furniture anymore because it seems like everything is imported and made in bulk.  The style I chose will grow with them and so will their cribs (they convert into toddler beds and then into twin beds).  I know this for a fact because I already had a dresser from Restoration Hardware that matches their room almost perfectly!

A lot of you have asked about the railing/staircase in the bedroom.  Some of you think it’s a loft bedroom, but it’s not!  So here begins the story of a family growing so fast we’ve grown out of our home: the twins have taken over our master bedroom!  Our home was built in 1920 and is kind of choppy with its additions over the last 100 years so you’re really going to have to put on your thinking  caps to imagine what I’m going to try to explain: we turned a screened-in-porch on the first floor into our master closet, we added a back stairwell to go up to our master bedroom, and we knocked out a door from the master bedroom to what we turned into our master retreat/tv room, and our master bathroom is off the retreat.  If any of you are still following, congratulations!  Either I’m an incredible explainer or you are exceptionally talented at decoding my writing (I imagine the latter is the case).   So we moved our furniture out of the retreat, turned it into our master bedroom, handed over the former master bedroom to the twins, and added a curtain where the knocked-out door between the two rooms once belonged.  So to recap we have a four bedroom house with five kids and three adults (our nanny lives with us), hence why we are building a house! (And also the end of a really long story about why there’s a stairwell in the twins’ nursery.)

I am so pleased with the way their nursery turned out especially since I didn’t put a ton of money into it and I originally didn’t want to put a lot of thought into it either.  But once I decided on the cribs and dresser my creative juices started to flow and I couldn’t stop!  I love getting inspiration from the first piece!

Photo Credit: MOVI Inc.

  1. Where is the teepee clothing rack from?! So adorable. Would be the perfect final touch in my son’s room.

        1. Lorena Canals makes a version of this rug! Don’t know if it’s the same one but looks very similar.

        2. Just google alphabet rug. I’ve seen one at bed bath and beyond for 200. There’s a baby blue version also.

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