Poop Talk: And Other Diaper Milestones

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Not only do I feel like I’ve been pregnant for the last 2 years I feel like all I do is change diapers.  Like many of my fellow mamas out there I’ve reluctantly become an expert at all things diaper-related and thanks to Huggies I haven’t had to waste time switching brands or worrying about the performance of my diapers.

First of all I have something to get off my chest: what’s the deal with how much parents care about poop?  Yesterday I was telling Hayes’ chiropractor how often he poops and what it smells like, today I was concerned that Aspen’s poop looked different than normal, and I keep a daily journal of when the twins poop – GROSSSSS.  But more than I care about tracking poop I care that it’s contained!

When Aspen was born I had no idea what kind of diapers I wanted to buy so I went out and bought newborn sizes of all the top brands, the bargain brands, and the natural brands.  I performed a kind of “blind taste test” (now that I type that out and I think of the connotation and how it relates to diapering I’m effectively repulsed, but stay with me here) and chose Huggies as my brand.  Initially I liked that the newborn sizes had a cut-out for the healing umbilical cord so I didn’t have to fold down the top like the other brands.  Plus Hart has a sensitive bottom and I liked how the Little Snugglers doesn’t have any added chemicals or scents and is hypoallergenic for his sensitive hiney.  To top it off there’s a color changing line lets me know when the babies are wet.  And rounding out the convenience factor for this busy mama of 3 under 2, I can buy them on Amazon Prime so I don’t even have to leave the house or worry about lugging a massive box of diapers to my car in 90 degree heat.

As Aspen grew I naturally stayed with Huggies.  She started sleeping for longer stretches in the night and I realized I needed a new diaper for overnight leaks – those nighttime potties are NO JOKE, I think her diaper weighs half of her total weight in the mornings.  With Huggies Overnites it keeps all that liquid where it’s supposed to be and not all over her sleep sack and crib.  And lately with her huge influx of words she’s started becoming interested in “poo-poo” (there it is again! I can’t escape the poop!): if Girly Girl is going poo-poo, hiding when she needs to go poo-poo, and sometimes running to the potty to go poo-poo on her own.  I’m hoping sooner rather than later we can transition to Pull-Ups for when we start potty training in full force.

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