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Having a brand new postpartum body just in time for summer can make pool time a little tricky for mama.  We know that our bodies won’t be this way forever and that we created the most beautiful gift but it still makes putting it all out there feel a little daunting – to say the least.  I bought a bunch of affordable swim suits to suit all shapes and sizes so you can save your money on buying an expensive suit next summer when (correction – if) you get your body back!  (Disclaimer: All of this advice is worth nothing if you don’t go near water this summer because you are ashamed of your body.  Comparison manifests unhappiness and unworthiness and limits your joy.  Relish last minute moments of running to the pool with your kids without worrying about your bikini line or your midsection, life is meant to be lived!)

  1. Sexy high waisted/backless $24

I feel really sexy in this suit.  There’s rouching in the belly so it hides some flab and so does the black color.  The criss-cross top didn’t feel extremely supportive for my giant milk-filled ta-ta’s (34DD) But it did keep them in place even when bouncing around so I think I was just not used to the criss-cross fit at first.  The bottom is a little more of a high rise so you can’t get away without doing a bikini wax first.  I got this in a medium and I think it’s the perfect fit for me.  So if you are prepared to prepare for pool time with a wax this is the way to go.  And for $24 it’s worth trying out.  Shop it here.

For tummy control/plus size: shop this same suit here


2. Fancy print! Deep v-neckline $27

I really love this one!  When it came in I thought it looked like it has a really long torso, and it does!  But I really think it’s to be more forgiving for our big-hipped mamas.  I have small hips and I could use a little more love this fill out this suit.  The bottoms come down low so no bikini wax, no problem!  The top is super supportive for large breasted moms and I love that this suit comes in sizes up to a XXlarge.  See the tie in the back? That is my favorite part, it makes it fit perfectly on the boobs.  The print looks crazy but it’s not, it’s super forgiving for any flabby parts and looks like a sexy top if paired with jeans.  This was a great way to spend $27!  Shop it here.  And don’t be afraid of the pic that pops up!  It’s a great suit for normal mamas!


3. When Life Throws You Lemon’s Monokini $25

I la-la-la-la love this print and the tongue-in-cheek meaning behind it – because when life throws you lemons make lemonade! …Or just wear them on your monokini!  Like I said in the previous post, I love that there’s a tie in the back on the boob area, this provides the ultimate support.  And don’t be fooled by the high-waisted description, it’s actually a very modest rise and you can probably get away without a bikini wax.  The midsection is nicely camouflaged, too.  I got this one in a small and although it fits I’d feel more comfy in a medium, especially in the boobs.  This suit comes in tons of fun prints, too.  And you can’t beat the $25 price tag.  Shop it here.


4.  Deep Red Hot Monokini $25

This is the same suit as the lemon monokini above but in a bigger size (medium).  Overall this is my pick for best postpartum swim suit!  I love the fit, the way my butt looks, the tie in the back to support my boobs, the bikini and side boob coverage, the price, the color, and the selection.  Like I said this suit comes in a plethora of fun colors and designs.  A definite winner.  Shop it here.


5. Feeling like a 90’s lifeguard one-piece $23

The 90’s are back!  Everywhere you’re seeing this style swim suit – I think of Instagram models partying in Vegas at pool parties.  So of course I wanted to try a mom version of this craze and I found it!  This has a conservative rise – unlike the Instagram models’ – yet still looks like you got it goin on.  The stripes are fun and playful, but the boob support is intermediate – not great but doable.  It’s not going to hold you in but the stripes do slim and conceal. Hey, you gotta take the good with the bad.  Overall this is a great one to have in your repertoire especially if you’re feeling fun!  I got this in a medium and it’s perfect.  Again, the price of $23 is a hit.  Shop it here. 


6. Two-piece option – oh my! by Elliage $150

I’m getting a little crazy here with a full-blown bikini but I had to give options to the super fit post partum mamas out there.  And I surprised myself!  I think I look pretty darn good in this modified bikini!  I still have a dark linea nigra (that line you get when you’re pregnant) and the twin pregnancy left me with a very obvious umbilical hernia but this suit disguises both sufficiently.  The tan parts of the bikini are mesh so it gives the illusion of a full blown regular bikini.  Even though I’m wearing a large in the top it still doesn’t fit like its supposed to: the mesh part is supposed to be completely under the boobs and almost touch the top of the bikini bottoms.  I’m just so tall (5’11”) and my boobs are so big that this doesn’t work for me, but that’s ok!  It still looks great!  The bottoms are modest (I got a medium) and non-wax friendly.  Although this suit will set you back a pretty penny at $150, it’s a great option for when you’re feeling good.  Shop it here.


7. Peachy stripes SPF 50 bikini by Swimzip $70

A little aggressive on the two-piece but VERY forgiving!  This is a great option for a mama who wants to cheat the bikini system.  The bottoms are no-wax-no-problem friendly and the top has a ton of coverage and support for milky boobies and comes with a removable strap for the bare shoulder. I’m wearing a medium top and bottom and probably could use a small bottom although these fit pretty well too.  It’ll set you back a little more at $70 but the best part is that you can buy the exact print for your little girl as well!  I’m such a sucker for mommy-and-me everything!  Shop the top here and shop the bottoms here

Matching mommy-and-me swim top and bottom for your little mini-me! Shop here


8. Tried and True Speedo $54

This is the ultimate mom suit!  You don’t have to worry about a bikini wax AT ALL, theres rouching in the belly to hide any flab, the black color makes it even more flattering, there’s tons of boob support, and the suit overall feels like it’s just holding you in.  Speedo is definitely a swim performance brand and you can tell the second you put this on, they just know what they’re doing.  I recommend all mom’s to have one speedo in their collection for emergency pool days when you weren’t planning on pouring yourself into a swim suit.  I still look cute, feel cute, and feel confident in this suit and at $54 it’s definitely worth it.  Shop it here. And I love that it also comes in plus size and at $44!  Shop plus size here.


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