High End Diaper Bag Review

These are my favorite diaper bags, plain and simple.  I’ve used each of these a fair amount and they’ve all been through the ringer.  This is not an exhaustive list but it’s MY honest list! But – full disclosure – I only reviewed the crème de la crème of diaper bags. Comment and let me know if you’ve had the same experiences as me!

Prada black nylon shoulder strap

Pros: Fancy, stylish, lots of compartments, easy to clean

Cons: Expensive, no backpack option, black interior makes it hard to find things

Winningest feature: It’s Prada


Rachel Zoe

Pros: Huge, stylish, massive amounts of compartments, insulated compartments, can be shoulder bag or backpack

Cons: So huge it’s hard to fit in a stroller, can be inconvenient for quick trips, white base gets dirty even though they say it doesn’t

Winningest feature: Two zippered insulated compartments large enough to fit multiple items (for instance a sippy and a packet together in one compartment)



I have used two options, the BFF and the Be Right Back, and this review covers both

Pros: perfect size, lot of compartments, easy to find items, entire bag is machine washable, lots of patterns to choose from, backpack option

Cons: I’ve had my zipper stick on the BFF once but not permanently

Winningest feature: virtually indestructible and machine washable (I wash it often)



Itzy Ritzy Boss Bag

Pros: Stroller straps so your bag can fit on any stroller (like at the Zoo), durable rubber bottom, great compartments, backpack

Cons: Can get bulky

Winningest feature: Easy to access side and front pockets


Best Overall: Jujube BRB (and you can buy your toddler a Mini Be to help you and match you!)

  1. Agreed! Considering the Rachel Zoe for summer and because my “baby” is now 2–I sort of need the bad to transition.

  2. I have both the BRB and the Boss Backpack. I don’t think that the Boss Backpack gets bulky at all, it really must depend on how you pack it!

  3. I have the Be Right Back and the Gadikat Dani backpack. Both of them are great. Backpack much easier to carry when hands are filled with other things.

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