How I Use Echo Spot To Help Me With My Holiday Shopping

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I might be the world’s biggest fan of Amazon, ok well that may be an exaggeration but I know I’m at the top. Amazon is just SO EASY and neither I nor any of my friends have time to pop in and out of stores trying to find the right gift. Enter the Amazon Echo Spot – this is how Alexa helps me simplify my holiday shopping so that I can truly enjoy the holiday season amid the hustle and bustle.

You know how sometimes you think of the perfect gift idea for someone and then when it comes time to purchase something for an occasion you’ve forgotten? Not anymore! With Alexa, you can create a list and title it “Gift Ideas” (or whatever you want!) so that when it pops in your head you won’t forget. I know this year I won’t be forgetting to purchase that used baseball knit beanie for my stepson that I thought of months ago.  

Another thing I love asking Alexa to help me with is reviews on products I don’t know a lot about. For instance, when I’m listening to music on my Echo Spot and a line from a Christmas song reminds me that I need to purchase some mittens for Aspen, I can ask Alexa “What are the best-selling mittens for girls?” And then order them!

Now that I’m not breastfeeding anymore we are going through TONS of formula with the twins.  I have my formula on automatic shipments with Amazon but sometimes I need more. It’s a familiar sight to find Jimmy or me asking Alexa to reorder our formula for us, and two days later it’s at our front door!

The things Alexa can do blows my mind constantly. She has seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives to the point where we can’t imagine life without her (I mean, I’m even referring to her as a person!). She’s been especially helpful during this holiday shopping season, but after that, I know that I have my stepdaughter, Sutton’s, 10th birthday in January! It never ends! Next thing I know I’ll be asking Alexa to search for the nearest bakery for me to call to get Sutton a cake!

Echo Spot now on sale for $99.99 ($30 off!)


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