I’m A Mom Warrior Not a Mom Worrier

Over the past few months I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people asking about my twins’ helmets, why Hayes goes to physical therapy, why Hart has an eye patch, etc.  I’ve gotten requests to write a blog about how I handle all of these things and how I feel about them.  But I haven’t written one… until now.

“Why should I write a blog on something so normal?”  is the question I ask myself.  But is it normal?

I had three kids in 18 months, I don’t have the luxury of dwelling on problems.  I do notice inconsistencies or abnormalities, I do address and treat them, and I do move on.  And I think of myself as proactive – not reactive -which, to me, means I can mitigate and balance mommyhood more efficiently and effectively.

With more kids comes more problems, this is a fact of life.

All three of my kids have had helmets.  Aspen and Hayes both had torticollis from being lodged in the same spot in my pelvis and Hart from being an early, crowded twin.  And here’s what I think about them wearing helmets: they look cute, they smell horrible, they make it difficult to kiss your baby’s head, they actually do help cushion some head bumping moments in the crib and on the floor, and that’s about it.  I never got sad (or even came close to being sad) or thought “why me?” (By the way, “why not me?”)

Hayes’s torticollis didn’t improve on its own so we had to do outpatient physical therapy.

Hayes got bronchialitis as a side effect of his RSV (that the whole family contracted) and had to do breathing treatments.

Hart had a bilirubin light.

Hart tested positive (turned out to be a false positive) for a congential adrenal disorder.

Hart’s eyes are crossed and I was most recently told that if they don’t improve in 6 weeks he will likely need surgery in order to prevent permanent damage to his ability to perceive depth.  (And this is after the incredible and marked improvement he has had from seeing a chiropractor every week.)

But you guys, my kids are healthy!  And we are all so happy!  I roll with the punches and say a lot of prayers.  Because I am a mom-WARRIOR not a mom-worrier.

  1. Wow! This is exactly what I needed right now. I have my first baby (he is 9 months) and I am definitely the “worrier”. My little man got a helmet, has had a rough winter with illnesses, and is anemic. I am very proactive like you so I have been a frequent flyer at the pediatrician. I should be grateful and change my outlook— become a mom-warrior! Thank you

  2. Yes!! Mommy warrior! I get it too. Though, only have one little guy. He has oral motor issues (which was a lot of gagging / choking, and difficulty with certain foods like purées falling out of his little mouth) has had two rounds of OT, we had an allergy scare with walnuts, and reflux. I am a working mommy and just have to roll with it. Get the help we needed, and keep moving. He was meeting his milestones and growing (I am not sure how with as little solid food the kid eats). I am sure I am judged for how he eats and what he eats, but no one walked in my shoes being his mommy and knowing what was best for him but me. I am his momma and I know what we need to do and what is a concern. You are amazing and such a breath of fresh air as a mom. I love all of your moments!

  3. Meghan! Your doing the best you can, and your are doing an amazing job!!!!!! You really didn’t need to explain $hit, but I’m glad you did I’m sure many of your fans had the same questions. Your babies are beautiful and look SO happy!! Aspen is the cutest little thing ever!! Keep on rockin mom your doing a great job!!

  4. Your amazing !!!!
    Just know that xx
    I admired you in rhoc for being real , and i have fallen even more for your charm since having kids , i always think why do celebs want to act like their kids are not normal like every single other kid out there, but you dont do this at all , your children are precious and your a FABULOUS mother !!!
    Kisses from uk xx

  5. I think you are an exceptional, beyond capable Mother-Of-The-Year! You seem to take it all in stride and roll with the punches- God has blessed you with three beautiful babies and you dont take any of it for granted- I adore your blogs and pics, and stories and sharing- you’re a beautiful wife and Mother and I would hope your husband treasures you, Meghan. Keep on keeping on and let th good times keep rollin at the King-Edmonds household~ 🤗
    Love from this Indiana Gramma

  6. I have teenagers now so not in the toddler phase anymore but All girls with one set of twins also. What an excellent blog and outlook on being a mom and life in general! Spot On!! You should market Mom-Warrior if it already hasnt been! It is a Perfect description of what a hard fought but rewarding trip being a mommy is! Carry on fellow Warrior!! 🙌🏽🏹

  7. Love this post, Meghan. I need to be more of a warrior and less of a worrier. My 8 week old daughter has recently been diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia and has to wear an obnoxious, bulky, body-swallowing, shoulders-to-toes harness 24/7 to attempt non-surgical correction. I sobbed for 2 hours straight and continued to cry A LOT for the first two days after diagnosis. Seeing that she’s quickly adapted has made it easier for me to adjust to our new normal. Babies (and older kids) are so resilient! I wish I could be as tough as her, and you! Your post reminded me to keep working on that. Much love to you and your beautiful family. xoxo

  8. Check Hart for convergence insufficiency at a Behavioral Optometrist. My son had it,! He also had torticollis. I blame the vaccines I gave him. He later developed SPD, and speech apraxia, he has overcome all of this with lots of therapy, detoxing and vegetarian food. Good
    Luck on your Journey! 😊

  9. Thank you for sharing this, I needed to hear it. My daughter who is just 3 1/2 months woke up with a cough and sneezing. I immediately went to the doctor but before I did all that I blamed myself ans the decisions I made that may have put her at risk of getting sick. Like you say, life happens and we just have to be the best we can rather talons being “why me” “it’s my fault” etc… I love that saying warrior not worrier. You’re a super hero and the best mom! Thank you for sharing

  10. You go girl! That’s the attitude…love love! Always count your blessings!!! As a mom of three it’s very refreshing reading this. My kids are older…but that’s the mentality to survive as they get older the worries are bigger. But as long as they are healthy the rest will fall in place!

  11. You are an amazing MOM!!!!
    I was a Warrior and now I’m a Worrier. My sons are now 21 and 19, so now I moved on to worrier full time. Lol
    You’re awesome! I love your posts, make me smile every time. 😀
    Thank you

  12. I love this!! Thanks for sharing and I love the outlook of “why not me?” Great attitude and helps me pull up my boot straps and think “I got this!” #momof5

  13. In some ways you keep me going. Crazy our twins are 16 days apart. I have a boy & girl, I also went through IVF also with Dr.potter who is amazing by the way a little dry but he is good at what he does. I am 33 years old & going through IVF was a hard experience. My pregnancy was amazing I was so grateful I was able to get pregnant in one shot with twins. However my delivery took a turn for the worst I was 37 weeks & 5 days my twins came out so healthy, me on the other hand not so much. I almost die, I lost so much blood & had to have an emergency hysterectomy waking up 8 hrs later not knowing what had happened. Long story short I’m greatful every day being here with my family. I started following when you got pregnant bc my Cousin told me about you she watch the housewives so when I seen we were 2 weeks apart with twins it was fun for me bc the closer you got to delivery I knew I was right behind you. I even took some advice you would post still do. My son has a helmet as well bc of the way he was in my womb it gets crowded in there with two. I love seeing your post bad or good bc I have bad days too & it’s nice knowing I’m not alone. Although you have a toddler as well which I’m sure is so much different. I wish I could have another baby bc I have one more embryo (it’s a boy)but it wasn’t in God’s plan & that’s okay I have my blessings & that’s good with me. Keep posting love seeing them 😊

  14. Yes you are a Mom warrior! No one is guaranteed perfection. People think celebrities have it better or easier, lol. We are all equally human and go through the ups and downs of life. You do a great job showing reality. Thank you for sharing all. You are an amazing Momma!!

  15. Thank you for this post!!!! Have been following your journey as my son turns 5 months next week and I am figuring out difference between worrying too much and just learning to go with the flow and enjoy all these amazing moments! We are also doing therapy for torticolis and plagiocephaly will most likely need helmet as well! But your posts and all your positively has honestly helped me so much! You are a rockstar! Love you and all your courage for sharing your life!

  16. Your kids are so so cute. Look into vaccine injuries, some of the things your kids are displaying seem like vaccine injuries to me. Hugs

  17. I’ve always wondered about the baby helmets, not with yours specifically, just in general. Thanks for sharing. You are rocking mommyhood, enjoy it. Mine grew up too fast! I have To say your blog on Aspen in the airport and LA was side-splitting funny! Thanks for the giggles!

  18. I had the same condition as Hart. I was a 2 lb premie and had to have muscle transplants in my eyes, and this was back in 1973!!! Apparently my case was one of the first. But, my point being, I turned out pretty ok If you ask me. While I couldn’t pass the depth perception tests to become an Air Traffic controller in the Air Force, I still served our country for 20 years in the medical field. Many blessings to your family!!! I love your attitude.

  19. I went through MANY of the same things when my twin nuggets were little. Two helmets, two kids in Physical therapy, two hospitalizations for RSV, one eye surgery, one picky eater, and thousands of trips to the doctor! Your post was the perfect reminder of how far my6 year old twins have come, especially since we are in the thick of some behavioral struggles with one. Keep up your great attitude and keep up the great work! Thanks for helping me reframe my perspective!!!!!

  20. You are an amazing mom! Keep thinking those positive thoughts and keep helping other moms like me feel better about our “normal” everyday obstacles. People put too much emphasis on things that doesn’t really matter. So what there are a few bumps in the road!! At least we have healthy kids!! Love and hugs!

  21. I know my son is 10 months old and he wears a helmet also and is also crossed eye we tried the eye patching and glasses and still not better so he will need surgery by the end of March it may be stressful at times i also have a 3 year old but as long as they are happy and healthy its all that matters… ive seen you instagram and think you are a great mother your kids always look happy and you are a warrior with 3 kids and keep doing whats best for you guys

  22. You are an amazing mom. My son had strabismus and was diagnosed just before turning 2. He wore glasses and went through patching. He had surgery just before turning 3. It was scary and a bit difficult but totally worth it. The eye drops for weeks after we’re honestly the worst part. He was not a good patient.😂. He continued within glasses until last year. He’s almost 12 now and doesn’t need them and his eyes are straight. It works out and you just roll with each bump in the road. Now, I’m trying to survive middle school.😉

  23. My son had to wear a cranial band as well. Wore it for 8 weeks and wow what a diference it made in the shape of his head and his left sided neck stiffness. You’re rocking it! Sweet babies for sure

  24. Megan, I’m a fan! Grew up watching Jimmy in STL and loved you as a housewife on Bravo. I’m also the proud parent of a 3 year old with special needs. She had the helmet, wears glasses, had the corrective eye surgery, along with other surgeries and LOTS of therapy. Myra actually has a chromosome abnormality that is the cause of her challenges. I just want to say I love your perspective on such matters. It is easy to get overwhelmed by these things but we (parents) have the choice to look at things in a much more positive light. And it is wonderful to see you using your platform in this way. Your family is beautiful!

  25. You are such a fantastic mommy and are SO well put together!! I applaud you #1 for even being able to share such an informative blog and also dig into your personal life!
    I have a 2 year old a few months older than Aspen and I’ve reflected closely on your posts, stories, blogs and agree 120% that we need moms like you to feel somewhat normal.
    I work for a medical company specializing in cranial helmets. I applaud you for sharing that information and even so personal as “they STINK”! They sure do, but can work wonders when worn correctly.
    Thanks for being you, for opening up, for letting us moms feel self worth, and for sharing just how darn hard it really is having children.
    I’d LOVE to write a book labeling it “What My Mother Didn’t Tell Me Before Kids”. 😂

  26. Your kids are adorable and love seeing your stories! Can I ask one question about the adrenal disorder testing for your son… what kind of doctor did you see for that? My husband and I both tested positive for CAD but can’t figure out who to go to get my kids tested (OB, pediatrician and family practice have all said not them and I’m stumped). Thanks for any advice!!

  27. Thank you for sharing your life with us.. My daughter was born at 30 weeks 26 years ago. She has a mild form of cerebral palsy. On top of that she has strabismus and has had 3 eye surgeries to straighten out her eyes. She didn’t walk on her own until she was 3 and still uses a walker today for safety. I was like you, just dealt with one thing and moved on. Emily went on to graduate high school and college with honors, studied abroad in Italy, had an internship in London and now lives and works in NYC. She also started NYU Graduate School in January. I think if we stop and worry about every little thing we would be a mess and our kids would be a mess. Keep up the good work, you are doing everything right!

  28. Hi,

    I’m sure you have weighed all your options for your little ones. May I just suggest eye therapy. My son had eye therapy for depth and tracking issues. Although he was much older in 2nd grade when we figured it out and honestly didn’t even know it excited. Good luck to yiu, your kids and family are beautiful

  29. I love your confidence in motherhood. Power on sister. We need more warriors in the world and less worriers.

  30. Thank you for sharing. I’m currently a mom worrier….but I’m working hard to become a warrior. You have beautiful kids!

  31. Hi Megan. Two babies under 13 months. Same issue with my children. Both had torticollis and both had helmets. However, I noticed you had originally chose cranial tech for aspen. Why did you change helmet companies on your twins? We are currently on helmet 2 for my youngest. We also go to physical therapy. My oldest graduated a few months ago.

  32. What a great attitude, Momma!! Your children are beautiful, blessed and obviously very loved. God bless you all! Christine Ray (my IG happens to be called @warrior_4_life) 👍🏼

  33. I feel ya… my first and only was hospitalized for ten days and almost died at 12 weeks from a severe blood infection (doctors still don’t know how he got it), and as a momma (and a prayer warrior) you just gotta roll with it. I work full time and travel for work and you can’t worry about every little thing when you’re gone 5 days out of every month, you just have to trust God and let it go (as Elsa would say)!

  34. I can relate to everything you are juggling so much. I had 3 in 16 months. My oldest was born December 2016 followed by the twins in April 2018. I now have 3 crazy boys! It’s tough but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing.
    Both of the twins have torticollis and we also have helmets and do biweekly physical therapy. One of my boys has a heart condition and required a procedure at 2 days old but he’s doing awesome. My other twin has food allergies which we are learning to navigate. So lots of appointments!
    People often say they don’t know how I handle it all. I do it because they are my kids and that’s what you do. Plus, just like you said, my kids are healthy. Everything is manageable and I’m very blessed for that. I also have an amazing village of people including my parents, mother in law, sisters, and babysitter.
    It’s a tough job but I always wanted to be a mom and it’s the best job in the whole world.
    So cheers to you from one warrior mom to another!
    PS – I’m happy to hear your kids helmets stink too😜.

  35. I love that you are real. I love that you were a housewife on a great show. You are a person. With kids. Who have real kid stuff. My 6.5 year old had a helmet too. His head was big. It was gonna be as round as I could make it. He was stuck under my rib cage and breech. He also had Torticollis and had PT. You relate. That’s what it is all about. You are married to a famous baseball player but you relate. I love your blogs and posts and someday hope to randomly run into you in STL some day. I like about 1.5 hours away. Please keep being the awesome
    Person you are!!

  36. You rock ❤️ SO many moms get on a soap box on the daily and complain about how many diapers they changed or bottles they washed…. news flash we all do… you took some lumps in studs and grace and rolled with it as best you could. You are awesome.

  37. I think you are a terrific mother of 3 young children. I also admire your spunk in handling all of the negative comments. These people are just jealous !!!! Continue what you do. You ARE a WARRIOR!!!!

  38. Wow! What an inspiration you are! I need to adopt that philosophy… be a mom warrior, and not a mom worrier. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my 1st child, and at 39 years old, I’ve had tons of thoughts and fears that I need to just learn to let go of. So, thank you. Thank you for helping this momma by reminding me to be a warrior instead of a worrier!!

  39. That was the best blog! thanks for explaining what torticollus is. I’ve seen lots of kids with th
    The helmet and I was stumped. You are doing a great job, three kids at once is hard work!💕💕❤🌼

  40. I love you! Our son also had a DOC Band. Thanks for using your platform to help educate people. I can’t tell you how many people thought I dropped him or that he was in an accident because they had no idea what a “helmet” was for. Thanks again!

  41. Hi Meghan, Fantastic post – I so appreciate your view on the warrior vs worrier, something I am working on daily and your post is simply inspiring! I see someone else also commented on vision therapy. It is something I had no idea about until I started doing research for ways to correct my daughter’s amblyopia (one eye turns in because she is more farsighted in that eye) which also affects her depth perception and 3D vision. My daughter, who is 6, has been in vision therapy for a year and it’s helping significantly. It’s a huge commitment and a lot of work for her, but I would do I all over again if I had to, as surgery would have aligned her eyes, but her eyes and brain would not be “talking” together to gain depth perception, open her peripheral vision, etc. If you end up having to look at the surgery, I encourage you to have a consultation with a behavioral optometrist first to see what non-surgical corrective therapies and treatments may be available for Hart. I read your article a few days ago and just couldn’t shake not sharing this with you- who knows, you may already be aware of it but I had to share just in case!

  42. Mommy life is a lot, yet very rewarding. A little bit of advice from a mom of 2. An 8.5 year old mini me and her little brother that is 7. My son is vaccine injured, coming from solely a mommy’s heart research, research, research what goes in to your babies. I was a mom that trusted everything my pedi said and didn’t ask questions and God if I could turn back time. Your babies are precious ❤️

  43. Wow, I’ve been following you on Instagram and haven’t really had a chance to peruse your site regularly. You are an amazing person. As I read your stories, it reminded me a lot of the times I’ve had with my kids when they were younger. I had almost the same issues and other challenges but I agree, our kids are healthy and it’s just a part of life. My kids broke bones and were always in the ER. At one point, I thought Child Protective Services would call me and wonder why but they were just being kids. My daughter broke her whole arm while playing at the playground at bible camp when she was probably 6 or 7. My son had hematoma from jumping from the sofa and falling cause he slipped over my pilates exercise ball. I worried but had to move past all these challenges. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your stories.
    Marilyn from Orange County

  44. Wow Meg I never realized or learned this much about u until now, I always watched u on the RHOC but your an amazing mother. And honestly in reading this you’ve inspired me to now be a mom warrior not worried, thank u!❤️ Ps I’m 25 w pregnant with my second girl!!

  45. Today I read your most recent blog post with sadness. I feel for you Meghan. You are like me. A strong independent woman who is mostly a single mom raising twins (plus your darling girl of course). I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling and your sadness. But I have read your blogs since the twins were born and you are doing an awesome job. Don’t doubt yourself. You are their mom, their soft place, their everything. I wish you love and light for your future. and you will get past this. Hang in there!

  46. This is the kind of parenting we need more of. It leads to great kids and therefore to becoming adults who know how to handle life and it’s inevitable problems! Great job Meghan!

  47. Thank you for sharing.

    I, much like you come from a place of strength to whatever it takes to find cure, treatment for my daughter Aspen Marie. She is now 21 that has a congenital life threatening disorder (Peroxisomal Assembly Disorder). As you said, “I’m proactive not reactive”.

    I have enjoyed Motherhood through all trials, and tribulations. Reflecting, that was a small percentage and cannot distract from the amazing gifts and joy my sweet Aspen has brought into my life and many others lives.

    Your beautiful journey is just beginning. Thank you for sharing.

    God bless💙💞💜
    Razya Pollock

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