The Twins Are 9 Months Old!

Recently my hair stylist asked me, “Aren’t the twins almost a year old?”

And I responded, “Oh no!  Not even close!  They aren’t even 9 months old yet!” (Mind you, this was four days ago.)

She said, “I mean, Meghan, let’s be honest, they aren’t THAT far from turning one.”

Even though she couldn’t be MORE WRONG because three months is a VERY LONG TIME (Ok, I’ll admit, I’m kidding… but this denial is making my soul happy… yeah, um… so roll with it.)  It got me thinking about the changes they’ve made up to this point.

Most recently we dropped down from three naps a day to two so it’s the first big “routine transition” for them. (I’m big on routine, structure, and consistency.  Within reason, of course.)  Aside from the few days of crabby babies and growing pains they’ve now evened out their two naps to about 2 hours each.  (My cue to drop a nap was when any of their three naps dipped below one hour each.  And my cue to drop two naps and move to one will be when they only sleep about an hour at each nap.)

They are eating like crazy, too.  Aspen used to struggle at finishing an entire baby food jar in one day so I did all the cute and fun eating things with her.  We tried “baby-lead weaning” and it was fun to watch her experiment with textures and tastes even though she hardly ate any of it.  With the twins, we don’t have time for them to experiment like this – there’s two of them and THEY NEED THEIR FOOD whereas Aspen didn’t.  They each eat 3.5-4oz of baby food three times a day and they usually both want more.

They are growing like weeds.  They are both about the same height but Hayes is still about three pounds heavier than Hart.  And they both wear size 18 months!  I just bought them some 12 month outfits for our Florida spring break and some of the snaps are a struggle to connect on Hayes!  Aspen always wore the proper size for her age and could sometimes even wear it beyond that age.  (Except for now when she really needs a size 3T for length but her pretty panties are still size 12/18 months – no joke!)

Hayes is crawling, sitting up, trying to stand up on his own, mimicking sounds, saying “baba” and “mama”, and loves anything Aspen does.  He’s ticklish and smiles when something is silly or he sees someone he loves.  He also loves banging toys against things to hear the sounds it makes.  Hayes is independent, wants to be on the move always, and more interested in toys than people.

Hart is not crawling, barely sitting up on his own (he loses his balance because he won’t stop kicking!), mimicking sounds, saying “dada” nonstop and throwing in a “mama” here and there, and loving anything Aspen does.  He’s super ticklish and easy to make smile.  He is sensitive to new environments and people.  Hart is still a mama’s boy, very interested in people over toys, and looks for his twin brother at all times.

They have a “twin language.”

They talk back and forth as if they are having a real conversation and will laugh at each other.  They eat each other’s heads and chew on each other’s toes (Hayes with his 6 teeth and Hart with his 4 teeth).  If Hayes crawls somewhere Hart will scoot his body to make sure he can see him.

These babies have completed us.

Happy 9 months, sweet Hayes and Hart King Edmonds!

  1. Love reading about your journey. It seems like yesterday you were crying, giving yourself shots to conceive Aspen. And all those cute waking up from nap videos, so sweet. You’ve done good Meg. You’ve grown a sweet family.

  2. So Sweet! I had twin boys in November so I’m a few months behind you. I love reading your blog and following you on Instagram to see what the boys are up to and what I can look forward to next 🙂

  3. Megan they are adorable little guys ! 💙💙.
    Have fun in the sun while you can hope your neck isn’t bothering you to much.

  4. Meghan, if I may ask, where are you able to find panties that smal for Aspen? My niece turned 2 in January and is potty trained but is just now starting to wear 18 month size clothes. Yes, she’s tiny. Lol. We haven’t been able to find small enough for her. Oh, my grandson turned 2 in January too. He wears a size 4T. Pants too long but hey, he’s a big boy. Your family is beautiful. 💖

  5. I myself have a similar situation to you. I have a 3 year old daughter and 14month old boy/girl twins. Life gets pretty hectic with having 3 under 3 as you know. My husband coaches high school basketball so I am home with the babies a lot. It can get super stressful at times when everyone is crying and want your attention all at the same time. Only one of my twins had to have a helmet. We went to Cranial technologies in Columbia, MD and had the most wonderful experience. My son, Hudson, had moderate to severe brachycephaly. He wore the helmet for 12 weeks consistently and it worked like a charm. I hope your little ones are having the same results. 🙂

  6. Doesn’t it go by so fast?! My twin boys will be 1 on the 24th and I’m in such denial. I think because we waited so long and worked so hard (3 IVF cycles) to have them it’s bittersweet. But I’m glad to hear your boys are at different stages developmentally because mine are the same as yours, moving at their own place but it’s hard to not compare. Your boys are so adorable and I love your updates! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. Precious!! I am an Cards fan myself (thanks to my Dad – I am an East Tennessean but he was raised in West TN and he grew up going to STL to see the Cardinals. Needless to say the love has been passed down about 4 generations! 😉 I would love to know where you got those John Johns!?


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