The Twins are 3 months old!

We all survived the fourth trimester!  That’s what they call the first three months of your newborn’s life because they are growing at such a rapid rate and are still so dependent on their mama.  I must admit, the first 8 weeks were a big fog even with help.  My mom, husband, and nanny were my saving grace while I recovered from childbirth.  It took a lot more out of me this time than it did with Aspen plus my two bouts with mastitis and a stomach flu bug didn’t help my recovery – it was ROUGH.

But now I can write this as a well-rested mama: as I type I am proud to say I am sipping on a cappuccino, pumping, checking my instagram for my new business The Organic Wine Cellar, and listening to the beautiful sound of silence as both twins nap away (Aspen is another story…).  I finally feel like myself again!  I’ve broken out of the newborn fog and have emerged – for the most part – unscathed.  I do have some war wounds I must boast about: my belly looks like it had twins, I have diastasis (abdominal separation), my pelvic floor isn’t quite as strong, a couple stretch marks, an umbilical hernia, and breasts the size of watermelons.  Despite these physical changes I look good and feel good!  I have about ten pounds to go in losing all my 60 lbs of baby weight (I’m not working out, I can thank breastfeeding, I produce about 65oz of milk per day).  I just made an appointment to get my eyelashes done (god that feels good) and I stopped wearing nursing pads.  I don’t cringe every time I hear a baby cry and I don’t freak out when something goes wrong.  With Hayes we’ve been through thrush, clogged tear ducts, and torticollis with a likely helmet coming soon.  With Hart we’ve dealt with reflux, thrush, a tongue and lip tie revision, and colic.  We’ve tried countless bottles, gripe water, and colic drops (still do).  They have gone from liking pacifiers to not liking them to liking them again.  They’ve been poked in the eyes, mouth, ears, and belly buttons by their sister and have miraculously survived her torture.  I haven’t written a thing in a baby book, in fact I haven’t even purchased a baby book, and I don’t think I’m going to (sorry, Hart and Hayes, just check my social media archive for any updates you want).

Both babies are smiley, happy, schedule-oriented lovers.  Hart is a mama’s boy, Hayes is chill.  Hart wants to run, Hayes wants to work out.  Hart is long and skinny like mommy, Hayes is long and stocky like daddy.  Hart’s eyes are googly and Hayes can focus for minutes on end.  Both babies recognize voices and smells and love a good swaddle, dark room, sound machine and Dock a Tot.

The days are long and the years are short but I can finally begin to savor these long days.  Cheers to me! Going to sip on this wine to celebrate! (Purchase everything from the twins’ photoshoot here.)


    1. Yes, I have twin girls that will be 3 months at the end of the month. I exclusively pump and my supply is dripping. Any suggestion?!

  1. Wow 65oz a day?!? Go you!!! Do you exclusively pump? I have a 11wk old baby girl and I love to follow you because you are so honest and relatable!

  2. I agree, 65oz is impressive! I’m in the thick of the 4th trimester with a 3 week old who may have colic? Or just needs to mature his digestive system? Who knows but I love reading your blogs because I also think they’re so relatable! Keep them coming!

  3. Hi Meghan, I love your blog! Aspen and your twins are gorgeous! My son (first born, now 8) also had thrush, reflux, and torticollis. The early years were tough, but things are good now. Love your blog!

  4. You truly give off such a relax and rested vibe in this post! Happy for you guys and I’ve enjoyed raising twins alongside you via the internet:))

  5. I have diastasis recti too! My second baby took a toll on me this time. The DR is pretty bad:( what are you doing to improve it? What restrictions do you have? Any mommy advice?

  6. Congratulations on your beautiful boys. I must say pregnancy suits you. I’ve never seen anyone look so stunning after just giving birth, never mind with twins. The photos of you in your pink dress. You look amazing there. Best wish Amanda from the UK

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