Meghan’s Must Haves Holiday Gift Guide

This post is sponsored by: Healthiest Baby, Millennial Currency, Victoria Emerson, Style Edit, TeamiBlends, Nutribullet and J.Dosi

The holidays are right around the corner and I know that sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect gift. That’s where I come in… I’ve created a list of must have gifts this holiday season!

Healthiest Baby

Healthiest Baby is the go-to monthly subscription box for all things fun and healthy from bump to baby and beyond! They have the world’s healthiest products, curate them in endless adorable monthly combos and hand pack them to ship directly to your door.

Every box is filled with 5-9 full and travel sized products with amazing samples – all natural, toxin-free, and eco-friendly – and tailored just for you to your month of pregnancy or age of your little one.  (Last year, I found the ONLY nipple cream that worked for Aspen and me thanks to their subscription box!) You can start the minute you know you’re pregnant and they keep the good stuff coming all the way up to 3 years old!  All of these products and thousands more are available individually in the shop so you and your entire family can “Live Healthiest.”

You can use code GIFTGUIDE for 20% off the subscription boxes or individual products!

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Millennial Currency

Business has been the same for many years. People exchange goods and services for money. But millennials are changing that. Millennials are less focused on the products, and more focused on the experience associated with them. Millennials want to know where things are coming from, the story behind it, what it’s made out of, and who it’s made by. The name of the shop “Millennial Currency” represents this change. This shop was created with handmade products from United States artisans and business owners while sharing the stories behind them.

Specifically, how adorable is this unicorn purse?! Each bag is expertly crafted using only the best leather materials. This particular design is for toddlers and children alike. Each unicorn purse is handmade with love in California by a father daughter artisan team. The quality of each purse is downright stunning making this a unique and magical gift for the holidays.

You can use code EDMONDSHOLIDAY for 10% off your order!

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Victoria Emerson

Check out these gorgeous, hand made pieces! From the original Wrap Bracelet to the trends and colors of every new season, Victoria Emerson is dedicated to making you look and feel marvellous. All of their products are 100% hand made with care and unbelievable attention to detail. Each bracelet has a clasp with closures at 34″, 35″ and 36″ and comes with a Victoria Emerson pouch & engraved Victoria Emerson nickel-free clasp. From freshwater pearls, to semi-precious stones and crystals they hope their products put a smile on your face this holiday season!

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Style Edit

The Style Edit root touch up is my life saver! Especially when I have an appearance or photoshoot but didn’t have time to get to the salon.

Style Edit’s collection of temporary root concealing sprays and powders, let you cover pesky root growth in between salon visits, so you can have a best hair color day, every day. Available in both a Root Touch-Up spray and Root Concealer powder formulas, there’s a shade for every hair color, from the lightest blonde (Their Blonde Perfection range) to the deepest brunette (Brunette Beauty range) or the brightest red (Drop Red Gorgeous).

Style Edit’s unique color adaptive pigments instantly match the shade and shine of your salon color for seamless coverage that washes out with shampoo, but will stay put during a tough workout.

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I’ve loved TeamiBlends products for awhile now and their new Green Tea Detox Face Mask is officially one of my favorite products! Not only does it smell delicious, but it pulls toxins from your skin (and just like pore strips, you can see it actually work)! It nourishes your skin, but isn’t harsh even on sensitive skin, and doesn’t dry your skin out. The result leaves you with the softest feeling skin – just like a baby’s butt!

You can use code MEGHAN20 for 20% off your order!

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I’ve been so excited to start using the NutriBullet and I know you’ll love their products, too! The NutriBullet Balance and the Baby Bullet are my favorites!

NutriBullet Just Got Smarter with the NutriBullet Balance! The NutriBullet Balance communicates with your smart device to build the perfect recipe everytime. Using Bluetooth SMART 4.0 technology, the NutriBullet Balance has a Smart Nutrition Sensor™ that syncs up with the Balance App to send nutritional information in real time as ingredients are added to the cup! All nutritional information is automatically tracked and can be viewed instantly–carbs, protein, fat, sodium and more.

And if you’re a mama like me, the Baby Bullet has everything you need to make a week’s worth of all-natural baby food in just minutes. The Baby Bullet is perfect for making all 3 stages of baby food.

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It’s safe to say that J.Dosi is my go to for any event or appearance. Every piece is simply remarkable! Not only do her designs remind me of Versace meet Chanel, but I’m also proud to call her a good friend.

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K.Hall Studio

Of course, no holiday shopping list is complete without K.Hall Studio! K. Hall Studio brings high quality and uniquely handcrafted home fragrance and personal care goods to the marketplace. Their offerings include Barr-Co., K. Hall Designs, The King Collection, Simpatico and U.S. Apothecary, along with a private label development program and four corporately-owned retail stores in Newport Beach, Chicago and St. Louis.

It is so surreal to have created The King Collection and to watch it grow the way it has. I’m so proud of this collection and that I’m able to represent all hardworking women and mothers. Check out The King Collection fragrances available on the site!

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Sponsored by: Healthiest Baby, Millennial Currency, Victoria Emerson, Style Edit, TeamiBlends, Nutribullet and J.Dosi. All opinions are my own.
  1. First, I adore you on RHOC. Second, I have seen a ghost once (when I was in junior high school). It wasn’t at night either. It scared me. So, yes, I definitely believe in them. As long as they aren’t evil or demonic I think it’s okay to acknowledge, communicate and help them to cross over. Happy Homidays, Megan!

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