Ghost Update

Yes, I saw a ghost.  I freaking saw a ghost.  Tons of you have asked me for updates so here’s the lo-down:

I woke just before midnight on Sunday, December 3, facing the right side of my bed.  I immediately felt someone standing there so I jerked to the left and I saw a little boy. All in the fastest moment of my life I knew he was a ghost, I jumped out of my bed at 100 miles per hour, I sensed that this boy was innocent and curious, I sensed he was startled I woke up, and I started yelling at him.  I was very scared and felt violated to find a stranger watching me sleep.  The little boy backed up as I yelled at him three times: “What are you doing here?! Get out of here! Who are you?!” and he finally disappeared near the back stairwell of my home.  I walked back to my bed and laid down, knowing somehow this boy would leave me alone for the rest of the night.  Girly Girl was laying on my bed perked up and looking at me as if she sees this little boy all the time and I was the one acting odd.  I closed my eyes then opened them again thinking “Holy shit, I just saw a ghost.”

I got down to thinking logically: “It was a ghost, not a person, therefore he cannot harm you.”

“You were sleeping so could it have been a dream?”

“Yes, it could’ve been a dream, except it wasn’t a dream…” so back to rationalizing…

“Did he feel evil? No, so you are safe.”

“You need to wake up early with Aspen so get some sleep.”

How the heck my logical mind overcame my creepy physical reality that night surprises me as I sit here and type.

Here’s some questions:

How can you be sure it wasn’t a dream?

Because it wasn’t.  Never in my life have I sleep walked, hallucinated, had a dream cross over into reality (by the way, I wasn’t dreaming prior to the moment I woke up).  I really got out of bed, I really yelled, and I really saw this boy.

What did he look like?

Kind of like a bad 3-D hologram.  I could see through him.  The colors weren’t vivid but he was in color, also it was dark in my room but since my eyes were adjusted and he was standing right next to me I could clearly make him out.  He was a small-framed boy of about 6 or 7 but he felt like he was 7 or 8.  He looked to be in good health.  He was wearing clothes that didn’t stand out to me as being of a particular time period: a shirt with a small collar buttoned all the way up and normal pants or shorts. I didn’t really focus on the bottom part of his body since I was looking into his eyes.  He had fair features, possibly blond or dirty blond hair that was short and out of his face, light eyes – maybe blue, green or light hazel.  Overall he was a handsome little boy and well put-together in his everyday clothes.

How did he leave?

When I jumped out of bed I instinctively knew he was a ghost and from what I know about ghosts they are supposed to disappear.  This wasn’t happening so I became more scared and more agitated.  I think that maybe he didn’t disappear right away because he was also alarmed, so perhaps it took him a second to gather himself.  He started fading away before disappearing completely near the top of my stairs (we have a staircase in my bedroom and this is where I was trying to push him so he would leave just like a human being would).

Why were you scared if he wasn’t evil?

Because there was a stranger standing next to my bed.  Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.

Do you feel sorry for him?

Kind of, yeah.  Like I want his soul to move on but I feel scared and I don’t like feeling scared in my own home.

Why do you think he showed himself to you?

I’m not sure.  But I do know that I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and as I’ve seen my psychic, Mystic Michaela, over the years I’ve become more intuitive and good at reading energies.  So in this way perhaps I opened myself up to this.  I also spoke with two other psychic mediums regarding this matter, Chip Coffey and Mimi the Psychic of the OC, and all three seem to agree that this boy is drawn to my being a mother and creating a loving house.  (I’d like to take a second to pat myself on the back real quick! Ha!)  Lastly, I’m pregnant.  Apparently by carrying a life that’s halfway in the physical world and halfway in the spirit world it potentially opens you up to all kinds of stuff like this.

Do you think he’s asking for help?

Maybe.  I am thinking about helping him to cross over.

Do you think Aspen has seen him?

100% yes.  She has waved at him and regularly acknowledges a presence that I cannot see.  This doesn’t bother me.

Do you think it was the soul of your unborn baby?

No.  Believe it or not, this went through my mind in the moment I saw him and right away I knew this soul was a stranger to me.  (Although he seemed to recognize me!)

Has anyone else had experiences with this boy?

Yes.  We’ve known our house was innocently haunted by a little boy (according to Mystic Michaela) but when I saw the ghost boy I didn’t connect it right away.  In the three and a half years we’ve lived in this home our light and fan in our master bedroom is constantly going on and off.  It’s like Jimmy is playing a trick on me except he’s not.  Our garage door has opened by itself.  Jimmy has heard someone going up and down the stairs, one night when I was out of town someone got in bed with Jimmy!  He said it was either a kid or a big dog but alas it was nothing but an imprint of a body.  My 11 year old stepson, Landon, who once saw a shadow that spooked him, called me after seeing my series of videos and said he regularly dreams of this little boy and once saw him hiding in his closet.  (We fact checked what we both saw and it seems to be the same boy.) Landon said he wasn’t scared but the boy seemed nervous.  Landon seemed thrilled that he could  finally share his experiences with someone who wouldn’t find him crazy!

What are you going to do?

So far I have been telling him that he has a mommy in the light who loves him so please go to the light.  I lit a candle and blessed the rosaries I put on our bedposts.  I bought a medallion of St Michael the Archangel for protection as well as St Benedict and have implored them to provide protection.  I told him he is not allowed to touch me, show himself to me, or talk to me, but if he must stay around he can continue to do silly little things like change the music on Aspen’s toy or open a door, but that is it (this stuff doesn’t scare me).  I bought sage and will use that to cleanse my home.  I might even hire a medium to help him cross if I feel the need.

After sleeping with all the lights on, begging Jimmy to cut his trip short to come home to sleep with me, getting all Catholic with my rosaries and saying about a million Catholic prayers, I think I got this.  I ain’t ‘fraid ‘a no ghosts. 🙂


  1. I used to live with a ghost but he to was also a friendly ghost, but he was a pervert, I only saw him when I would take a shower , I would just tell him to leave and he would. I lived with 3 other girls, and each one of us had our own experience with him. We would come home to pictures cricked, we would here someone going up our stairs, we always thought someone was home but there was nothing. We never did anything about it, we were in our early 20’s and dumb and in our partying years, but we did find out that a young man passed in that hodelohermann@msn.comuse from the realtor, then we all freaked out and moved.

  2. Check into your homes previous owners. Maybe his parents moved after he passed and hes trying to find them before he passes over.

  3. He needs your help to cross over. He trusts you as a Mom and knows you are the one to help. Do it sooner than later, don’t wait

    1. I lived in a house for 40+ years with a ghost. She drowned in our pool in the early 60’s. Nothing to be afraid of. She would make herself at home never bothering anyone. She was seen by numerous people that came over. Some people just stay where they are comfortable. Sounds like he’s trying to get your attention though

  4. Usually, what I do is ask Who they are and What do they want. Lots of times they will ask for “light” ie candles ater” to help their soul progress and move on. Say some prayers specifically for him. No fear. xo

  5. 100% believe you. What do you know about your home’s history? Do you have a pool? Was there a little boy that drowned there?

  6. I’ve been guided by a man’s voice that started when I being attacked as a ch. I have seen evil vision of black figure on all 4’s over me as I slept. Been touched & slept with.

    1. They also would climb in bed with me, whisper in my ears. I woke up once to something banging on my bedroom door. My husband was deployed a lot so I got to enjoy most of the fun. Something attacked my little dog in the foyer. You could see her doing flips like she was getting kicked. She hid under my bed for days after that night. She would growl at anyone who tried to touch her for weeks.

  7. Evil usually shows itself as a child so that we feel sorry for them and connect with them. They also show themselves to children first because kids are vulnerable. Just be careful and don’t do anything without an expert present.

  8. I believe you, I too have feel and see Spirits and they talk to me, but it’s usually to help someone that I’m talking to! Spirit butts in and shows me or tells me something that person whom I will be talking to needs to know. I’ve had these spiritual friends different ones since I was around 5 years old. I use to be scared of them for I was raised in church these are evil. Now as a adult I’m use to them and not afraid. So no Meghan your not crazy, it does happen! Your just more spiritual intuned then you think! You can help him cross over.

  9. It could also be your spirit baby. Babies soul become fully in there fetal body around 7monthsish so you could be experiencing your babies soul in spirit form still

  10. This gives me chills, years ago I awoke to a little boy standing either at the end of my bed or beside me, on 2 occasions a man appeared at the foot of my bed, with the child sitting or standing beside me, there was always a red glow in the room.
    Sadly, I haven’t slept in my bedroom but a handful of times in the last several years, recently, I was awoken to a fist pushing up on the small of my back. Needless to say I probably won’t sleep well tonight.

  11. Wow, Meghan!! What a crazy thing to happen. Because it’s a child, I’d probably have a Nedium come help him cross over. He’s probably lost and confused, and like you were told, drawn to your nurturing, mothering energy. Keep us posted!

  12. I have also heard that evil spirits show themselves as a child to gain your trust, and a child is more vulnerable.

  13. Meghan, I believe you. Be careful, though… this isn’t the spirit of a deceased boy. The Bible teaches that when we die, it’s like we’re asleep. We don’t go anywhere, not up or down or in between, and we no longer take part in anything that happens in the world. There are, however, evil spirits (bad angels, demons, whatever you want to call them) that take the guise of the dead and departed in order to trick us and entangle us in their web. If you don’t want this presence in your home or around your family, there’s only one way to get rid of it — first, don’t be tricked into believing it’s the soul of a real person (it’s not); and second, know and trust that Jesus is stronger than it and has power over the enemy, and no evil spirit can stand in His presence. If you call on Him in faith, He’ll come near to you. Pray, study this for yourself in the Word, and know that Jesus loves you and your family and doesn’t want to see you harassed (or worse) by an evil presence, and He’ll help you if you want Him to. I’m praying for you too that the Lord will rid your home of this presence. Feel free to email me if you have questions or want to talk. (If you’re interested in a place to start in the Bible, here are a few good texts regarding death: Job 14:10-12; Ecclesiastes 9:5,6; 12:7; Psalm 146:4; Leviticus 19:31. And for encouragement, Psalm 91 is really great.)

  14. I feel like we are more open to the other side when we are pregnant. I had a few psychic experiences with both of my pregnancies.

    1. Def agree to have a Catholic priest NOT A psychic help you. As others mentioned-you might feel safe but proceed as it is not.

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