DIY Hair

Alright so I did a thing… I got SO sick of looking at my crazy, bed-head hair every morning so I finally took action and decided to try something new with my hair. I tried 3 new easy and fun hairstyles that any beginner can tackle. I did the blow-out and party hair in the…

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A Day In My Life During Quarantine

Welcome to… My New Normal. 6:30am The light on the Hatch Rest sound machine/alarm clock finally turns pink (Aspen’s color choice) which is Aspen’s cue she can get out of bed.  (Aspen sleeps with me. Right. I allow it because, well, why not?) Aspen pops out of bed, grabs a new pair of underwear, goes…

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An Open Letter To My Followers

Dear Community, An Open Letter to my followers: It’s hard to believe that my family is on day 6 of self-quarantining; some of you have been at it longer and some shorter but it’s safe (at least we are trying to be safe!) to say we are now all in isolation. Parents, we are ripping…

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“Meghan, you had that cervical spinal disc herniation in your neck but now you seem fine, how did you heal it? Meghan, how did you recover after finding out about infidelity? Meghan, I just found out my baby has a brain injury and I can’t move, how did you go on with your life? Meghan,…

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TMZ Strikes a Star

As I sit at my laptop in my room at Hotel Bel Air sipping on rose after recording a new podcast for Intimate Knowledge, I am really just feeling myself. Like.  Pinch me.  For real.   “What?! Who?! Wait, WHERE??? But WHOOOO?” I internally – and also somewhat verbally – exclaim to the reporter who’s…

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